I met a Demon on the Tokyo Subway

I met a Demon on the Tokyo Subway


1. Background of the story

Before I start this story let me give you some background on me and when the story takes place. See when I was younger around 7 years old I lived with my mom and dad in Tokyo. I’m not Japanese but we had to move there for moms new job she got. My father worked as well but at the time he was in danger of losing his job. Mind you he wasn't the best dad either, he never drank or abused me in any way shape or form but he was always depressed and I hardly ever got to see him really. Now as for the demon I meet it happened on the tokyo train well my father was going to “work.” Look back on this story now I’m starting to think that maybe I was going crazy but then again I wasn’t the only one who saw the creature either.

    So the day started out like any other with my mom kissing my head well I was asleep before she left for work and my dad being down stairs making breakfast and humming the usual tunes. Only this time he woke me up a bit later which I found to be a bit odd. “Dad aren't I going to be late to school?” I asked looking up at him confused and still a little sleepy. He pat my head in a way that messed up my hair and smiled a little. “Actually buddy today is take your kid to work day. So you get to skip school and come to work with your dad instead!” I smiled and jumped up out of bed smiling and getting dressed as fast as the flash so my dad wouldn’t be late for his job. “Are you all set kiddo?” I could my dad ask with a more happier tone to his voice. It made me happy to think that my dad was finally getting better.


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