Velia Samson and The Silver Rings

'Velia Sampson goes to Hogwarts in 2022, in the same year as Scorpius Malfoy. Her constant bullying by Purebloods leads her to uncover many secrets about the past, and suspicious things happening in the present. Along the way she encounters mysterious goings-on and gets wrapped up in Scorpius Malfoys business, which is more than a little suspect. Will she find out what's going on, or be thwarted by people who don't want Muggle-borns at Hogwarts?'

This fanfiction follows the story of a new character I created. There will be ordinary lessons and events at Hogwarts, Quidditch, secret rooms, time-travelling, mudblood related happenings, romance, and silver Slytherin rings!

A/N - This is NOT CANON with The cursed Child!

**I try to update every week**

Original Illustrations by me, Jasmine Green © 2018

{I don’t own any of the places or names used in this text that are original to The Harry Potter series, they were written by JK Rowling}


2. Old Hat



Velia gazed in awe at the magnificent building looming over her. She stepped up the large stone steps along with her friends Layla and Anaand the other sixth years. The castle's appearance still didn't fail to amaze herthginormous turrets and the huge stained-glass windows lit from the inside by the glowing candles floating in mid-air. The whole castle seemed to give off a homeliness and she just wanted to be inside, making spells, curling up by the common room fire and eating exquisite meals in the grand hall. 

The procession of Hogwarts students rushing up the steps was quickly filtering through the enormous oak doors leading to the entrance hall. Velia got hurried along by the movement of the crowd and soon found herself in the middle of the hall surrounded by the warmth and familiar smells of her school. 

'I'm back, I'm really back' She said to herself, so in awe with the magic around her, for it did all feel very magical. 

The tide of black robed children flooded into the great hall which lead off to the right through another pair of wooden doors. Velia journeyed over to the Hufflepuff table with her friends, passing the Slytherin and Ravenclaw tables where many pupils had already sat down on the long wooden benches. 

She looked up at the ceiling and saw the stunning expanse of dark velvety blue, studded with shining white dots and swirling colours. It was bewitched to show the stars and the universe above them at that moment. Velia had heard that it used to mirror what the sky was like, but that when the great hall was half destroyed in the battle of Hogwarts, the repairs included a new enchantment. She thought this was much prettier, as on some occasions when the sky is a plain grey you want to see some colours to brighten the mood. 

As she reached her house table she saw Tally and Caleb, who were sitting and chatting about who knows what. Those two were practically inseparable, and always seemed to have the gossip of the moment. The pair spotted Velia, Layla and Ana, and their faces lit up. 

'Oh, hi guys!' Caleb said promptly moving up a bit on the bench. Velia squeezed herself in the gap between the two, and the others sat opposite, and all the friends immediately started to catch up on everything that hadn't yet been said. Velia felt accepted and enjoyed sitting and talking, so when a bell sounded for the students to be quiet she resented it. That was until silence fell and the familiar authoritative figure stood up. 

The impressive way their headteacher stood above them gave off a powerful feeling that you where safe and that all was well. She was frail in her old age but still remained strong; it was said that many years ago she had survived many stunning spells at the same time. 

Professor McGonagall gave them all a stern look, so that the odd person who was still twittering away fell quiet, and then she began to speak. 

'Welcome back to Hogwarts. I'm sure you all had a pleasant journey, but now let's begin with the sorting of the new students into their respective houses.' She then paused and Velia felt the normal tension reverberate through the hall at the prospect of new members sitting at the tables. 

'Well, we will when professor Flitwick arrives with them.McGonagall stated a little impatiently but with her usual air of humour. The whispers started rushing round the hall making it sound like a hive full of buzzing bees. Professor Hagrid, the enormous half giant game keeper, slipped very conspicuously into the hall, evidently having just brought the first years by boat across the lake. He whispered to McGonagall, which, because of the giant blood in him, meant that everyone could hear him. Velia heard, 'he's just had to calm 'em all downPeeves 'as learnt to be invisible. They'll be 'ere soon.' 

Velia started to giggle. Peeves the resident poltergeist has always found new ways of making trouble, and becoming invisible while terrorising the students would look like a bonus to him thought Velia as the wooden doors opened once more to reveal a group of shivering first years. 

ProfessoFlitwick, the ancient, small, charms teacher with goblin ancestry, headed the petrified group and was carrying a wooden stool and a bedraggled hat. The teacher placed the stool at the front of the hall and rested the hat on it. 

'We shall now have the sorting,McGonagall spoke and sat again at the large golden throne that has seated so many other powerful wizards before her. 

All eyes in the room lay on the tattered old hat. Any unknowing muggle would see this and think what a peculiar sight it was. But all here knew what was about to happen and were waiting in anticipation. The hat moved with a sigh of relief and righted itself on the stool. It opened what was just a crease in the hat, but what was now a mouth and made a noise like clearing its throat. It held its audience for a moment, and then proceeded to sing: 


'For all of those who do not know 

I'm the sorting hat and my song is so, 

I was made to divide the year 

Into four houses so it was clear, 

What great values and aspirations 

Identify students through generations, 

Strong and brave or sly and smart 

Gryffindor, Slytherin with difference of heart, 

Wise and clever or loyal and kind 

RavenclawHufflepuff with difference of mind, 

But united together under this name 

Hogwarts school is full again. 

I can remember not far into the past  

war brought destruction to last, 

The once good student turned bad 

Tried to take over but he had, 

Never felt love or friendship true 

So was beaten by someone very like you. 

This teaches us all that caring and love 

Are values we should all put above, 

Any differences of mind or heart 

And stay United right from the start, 

Now these doors are open again to give 

The gift of knowledge, a place to live, 

We may have been humbled we may have been weak 

But we have opened again and Opened to seek, 

So sit down, 

Put on this hat 

You'll have a place, 

I'll see to that.'


And with the final line sung the hat again became motionless, the hall full of students still captivated by its words. Velia had shivers down her spine, and she couldn't help feeling scared for the first years as they stood there, not knowing which table and which house they would soon be joining. She knew how nerve-wracking it was, the sorting hats words would be ringing in their ears, and they would now be questioning what values they had. Velia could see them getting more anxious by the second, she even started to wonder herself, 'am I in the right house? Am I loyal and kind like a Hufflepuff should be? Do I really have a place here with everyone else?' 

She pushed the silly thoughts to the back of her mind and clapped along with the rest of the school as Flitwick cleared his throat. He started reading from the scroll the different names of all the little first years, and one by one they went and sat on the stool and let the hat fall over their eyes. The hat was shouting out the names of the houses and the newly sorted students went and sat amongst their house. Several boys and girls came and joined the Hufflepuff table, and Velia thought they all looked pleasant enough and liked them instantly, ready to welcome them to this big family. There was at one point a kafuffle with the scroll of names, appearing that Flitwick had read out someone's name wrong, or there was an extra name on the list for some reason – Velia guessed even wizards get things wrong sometimes. 

After the sorting McGonagall stood again. 

'Now everyone has a seat and a new house, I would like to give you all some information about the year aheadshe spoke in her serious tone. 

'New prefects have been assigned, and the first years must note that they will be available for any queries throughout your year here, and they will lead you to your dormitories tonight. I would also like to welcome Professor Reade as your new potions master, after the retirement of Professor Quirke.' 

Velia scanned the staff table at this information and her eyes found the new teacher. He was dark haired and looked clever and kind. She knew he'd be an improvement on barmy Professor Quirke anyway. 

'Also, for the whole school to note, there will be notices in the common rooms for when the Quidditch try-outs will be held, and also any extracurricular lessons you have elected to do. Sixth Years-' Velia's ears pricked up, 'and any seventh years wishing to retake, are able to sign up for apparition lessons later in the year' Velia became excited by this news as she had been wanting the ability to appear and disappear since she was first told she was a witch. 

'There is alsa new subject available for all students, called home economics, which teaches you about running a household and other essential life skills. This class will be taken by Professor Gronnald. Please sign up on the notice in your dormitories' McGonagall's eyebrows showed her sceptical opinion of this new class. 

'And Finally, hope you all have a prosperous year. Now let's begin that year with the spectacular welcome feast. And I hope you can all make the first years feel at home." and at that the headteacher sat again and the plates and bowls that were laid on the table, suddenly were full of food. Velia's eyes lit up as always at the array of things on offer, copious amounts of potatoes, meats, salads, and puddings. 

The noise levels in the hall rose quickly and the scratchings of knifes and forks on plates could be heard. Velia ate a lot, because at the welcome feast you could hardly ever eat too much. 

Soon the whole hall was stuffed with the most delicious food and they were all ready to be tucked up in their warm beds. They all traipsed out of the hall and into the entrance hall, where the Slytherins parted for the left, the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws headed up the grand staircase, and the Hufflepuffs went through the right-hand door. Velia and her friends walked down the corridor, past the painting of fruit and followed fellow Hufflepuffs through the hole concealed by a barrel. They had to crawl on all fours as the tunnel was quite small, but they all were used to it, except the first years who had to have a bit of persuading. 

When they came to the common room Velia cut straight across to the circular door on the left and crawled down another tunnel into the girls dormitories. Her and her friends dressed for bed and flopped onto their cosy quilts, and then fell asleep. Their sleep was dreamless and deep as they recovered from a tiring day, ready for the next, which was certain to be just as exciting. 


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