Capturing Romance

A young girl named, Charlotte, was a very unpopular girl at Sesilie High School. One day, when she meets a new guy named Tyler, she starts becoming popular with the help of Tyler. When she becomes popular, a guy stalks her. So, Charlotte ask's Tyler's help to capture the guy who stalks her. Charlotte and Tyler start falling in deeply in love with each other.


Author's note

Love is complicated, love can make you do such strange things, and sometimes being too deeply in love can put you in danger.

1. The Loner and the Popular Girl

The Loner and the Popular Girl 

Like most high school students, they are loners like me. Now, I am the biggest loner. Hi. My name is Charlotte Smith and I am a freshman. This is my first year in high school. Today is my first day of school and of course, it is going to be horrible. At least, that is for me. See. My whole life, I have been that one girl who could never communicate with other people or have friends, since I am shy and weak. It is raining outside which means, I have to carry my umbrella. As I went to school, I looked down at the sidewalk and noticed my reflection in a puddle. A muddy puddle that I almost fell into. Wow. What a great way to start a day. When I got to school, I noticed my nemesis, Chloe Fischer, and her so-called pretty entourage. Chloe has been my nemesis ever since we were both in 1rst grade. This may not seem believable, but Chloe and I use to be best friends until she started becoming a brat. Chloe and I use to do everything together. At least, that's what I remember. I'm not even sure if anyone remembers me and Chloe being best friends back in 1rst grade. When 1rst period started, I saw Chloe skipping class just to smoke some cigarettes with her entourage. I can't believe this is what Chloe had become. Chloe use to be this sweet, smart, and pretty girl but now...she's just this dumb, stupid, and ugly girl who smokes and drinks alcohol. (Never smoke or drink alcohol, because it is bad for you). I ignored my thought and started doing some algebra problems that my math teacher had just put out on the smart board. Suddenly, I saw some teachers out the window of my classroom's door, going out the hall and yelling at Chloe and her entourage for skipping class and smoking. Boy, I definitely don't want to be in the situation Chloe is in right now. At the end of school, I walked home and went to my bedroom. I threw my backpack across the room and fell right into my rickety bed that I hate, and sighed. As I sighed, I was wondering. Who am I.. and...will I ever be somebody?

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