Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

In the Deadlands, Mike must fight against gangs lead by Muscle and Boombox and confront bandit handlers that live in sandstorms that use cannibals as pets in order to survive and protect the innocents.


6. 6

When the rest of the pack drove by, as he laid face down on the pavement, he slowly got up on his right arm and rocked his head up to reveal a bloody nose, a scraped left cheek and multiple cuts and bruises on his face.  He heard the sound of an approaching vehicle and when he looked up he saw his DeLorean pulling up to his left side and the driver side door opened up and Mike spoke to himself aloud, “Looks like that homing beacon works after all.” He made his way over to the car, pulled himself inside, closed the door, reloaded his .44, pulled out his hatchet and “Punk Killer” and he floored it, leaving burning rubber behind.  Mike pulled the red button and at first the V8 whistled and it roared till there was a loud bang and flames fired from the fans and the DeLorean sped across the road and quickly caught up to the gang and as he closed in he pressed down on the horn constantly, startling the other drivers, and Mike pulled out his “Punk Killer” and smacked the back of a biker’s head at full speed that the back of the biker’s head exploded with helmet parts, skull fragments, blood and brain tissue as he fell on the road.  As Mad Mike zipped past the vehicles a hot rod swerved to the right as the driver was startled and slammed beneath a tanker, tearing off the car roof, windows and decapitating both the driver and two passengers and the car was crushed beneath the rear tires.  In the meantime, Mike also knocked two bikers out of the way with his bumper and they fell and tumbled on the road.  Mike put the car on auto-pilot and sat out the driver side window and pointed his sawed-off shotgun at the spiked car and fired both barrels, blasting the windshield on the driver’s side, leaving a smear of blood on it from the inside and the spiked car swerved and smashed a hot rod and the spiked car flew up in the air and slammed into the ground upside down.  Mike quickly slipped back inside when another hot rod armed with twin mini-guns fired along his left.  Mike pulled out a contact grenade and he screamed with fury as he threw it back and it exploded at the front grill of the hot rod and it flipped high in the air, throwing out a white painted bald man (screaming), in the air before the car slammed hard upside down and the painted man flew straight into the poles on top and around another hot rod car cut him to pieces in the air.


    Mike felt a wave of heat and flames on his car as a tanker pulled up beside him with a half a dozen flamethrowers on top and the front of the truck had a triangle shovel on the entire front end as the driver laughed.  Mike pulled out “Punk Killer” and he screamed with fury as he threw the bat out and it just made it through the driver side window and hit the driver on the side of the head.  The driver immediately fell over and the tanker swerved and the 10 wheeler lost its connection with the tanker as it made a sharp turn left and fell on its right side.  The tanker tore off and hit a hot rod and they both exploded, violently, blasting two pickups, with machine gun turrets, away and rolled on the road, smashing into another hot rod with twin mini guns and a pickup with an arrow gun turret, smashed and flipped forward upside down.  A dump truck was hit in the windshield by a flying tire and the truck jerked to the right and flipped violently a few times, throwing chunks of debris and people in the air, screaming.  Muscle looked back and surprised as Mike screamed with fury as he swung his hatchet, but Muscle ducted just in time as it hit a pipe and it blew out steam and Muscle’s car started decelerating.  He pounded on the wheel and his console in anger and the Civvy’s and Mike sped away as Muscle’s followers slowed down alongside and behind Muscle as Muscle jumped out of his car and began kicking it as Mike watched from the side mirror.

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