Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

In the Deadlands, Mike must fight against gangs lead by Muscle and Boombox and confront bandit handlers that live in sandstorms that use cannibals as pets in order to survive and protect the innocents.


4. 4

A sentry walked along the barricade on the right side in a relatively silent night till he heard a metal clanging sound and he walked over to the side, with curiosity written across his face, along the rock ledge till he saw what appears to be a grappling hook and a rope leading down.  He looked over the edge and into the blackness when a dark, gloved, hand reached out and grabbed the sentry by the collar, as he looked shocked, and yanked him over the side and screamed as he fell and a black armored clad bandit appeared from over the ledge.  More hooks flew over and grabbed hold and another sentry ran over from the left side to find out what the noise was but the same bandit saw him and shot an arrow from his wrist and hit the sentry in the chest and he fell back before he could shoot.  Mike quickly looked over his left shoulder, as he heard someone screamed in the distance, while the people in the makeshift encampment danced and ate in the courtyard, unaware of the terrifying danger that is looming towards them.  


    Two young couple went to the side, between two buildings, and started to kiss till a large knife appeared from the darkness and stabbed the man in the back of the head and was pulled away, but before the girl could scream her mouth was covered and was grabbed by her shoulders and feet and was carried away into the darkness as a couple of bandits snickered as they took each leg.  The people continued to celebrate while the bandits in various dark clothing and body armor gathered at the edge of the village, facing the bridge.  A girl went to a drink stall to wet a rag to clean her apron when one of the bandits scrambled up the side of a building and accidentally kicked a piped chimney and it fell off with a clatter.  The girl looked up and saw two of the bandits and she started to scream when one of the bandits jumped from the roof and landed on top of her, knocked the drink stall over, pulled a blade out and stabbed her through the throat.  The rest of the townspeople screamed and ran in various directions as the bandits ran out and stared overturning tables, smashing windows, etc.  A woman grabbed a crying child and started running away till a black hockey suited bandit with a mohawk tackled her and lifted up a hatchet as the woman screamed while holding the child tightly to her chest when a man wearing black clothing ran along the aluminum siding rooftop, jumped while swinging a hatchet and screamed like a maniac as the bandit looked up and saw Mad Mike coming down and in one swing, sliced apart the bandits face. 


    The bandit fell down, covering his bloody face and moaning loudly in pain as Mike brought down the hatchet and smashed/chopped his head in two strokes, sending bloody chunks of brain, muscle and bone in the air.  Another bandit came from behind and Mike turned as he screamed and swung his hatchet and sliced halfway through the man’s neck, spilling blood as he grabbed his own throat and choked on his own blood as he fell and squirmed on the ground till death.  Mike looked at the woman with glaring eyes as she looked shocked and Mike pointed at her and ordered her firm but loud, “You!  Move!” She stumbled up and ran away with the child in her arms as a bandit tackled Mike from the front and Mike fell on his back.  Mike pulled out his combat knife and stabbed him through the center cavity and part of his blade stuck through his back and he pulled it out as he shoved him off.  Another bandit ran up and Mike charged after him and shoved his knife and forearm through the bandit’s stomach and up into his chest cavity before pulling his arm out, covered in blood.  He then saw a bandit on top of a girl with his knife straight up as the girl screamed and Mike threw his knife and it stabbed halfway through his head and he slumped to the side and the girl forced his corpse off and ran away.  Mike turned and ran out into the darkness as a couple of bandits rushed towards him but Mad Mike punched each of their faces so hard that he broke their noses drove the bones into their brains.  He jumped and tackled a guy over a woman, that was being raped, and when Mike got up and threw the bandit over his head as he spun around, Mike snapped his neck.  Mike ran and back handed another bandit off the woman before Mike took two of his fingers and in one thrust, crushed/stabbed both the bandits eyes and the bandit screamed in agony as he threw up his hands, where his eyes were, and blood seeped through his fingers.  A female bandit jumped on Mike’s back and started beating him with her fists and screaming like a wild animal when Mike shoved his right hand up and back into her throat and up into her jaw and tore half her face off, including part of her jaw, before she fell off his back and choked on her own blood.  The other four men tried to run away but Mike took the jaw from the dead female bandit and cracked the back of one of the men’s (that was holding the raped victim’s right leg) skull.  The man that was below the girl tried to crawl away but Mike grabbed him, lifted him cup and brought his back down on Mike’s knee, making a loud snap sound.  He then pulled out his .44 and fired two rounds, making the heads of the other two as they ran, exploded.  Mike went up to the girl that was curled up and shivering and a beam of light his face and as he looked a dune buggy drove up beside them and a voice called out, “Come on!” Mike grabbed the girl, pulled her in and held on as the dune buggy drove off.


    The dune buggy drove through the chaos surrounding them and Mike called out over the noise of the dune buggy’s motor, “Drop me off at my car!” The driver replied, “You got it!” And as they drove on Mike spotted more bandits trying to drag away some kids and Mike pulled out his .44 and fired tow more rounds, one blowing apart a woman’s left shoulder and another taking off half a man’s face.  Mike then spotted his car and he rolled off before the buggy could stop and the driver called, “We’re leaving now, get the fuck out of here and don’t stop!” Mike yelled in reply (over the running motor and the chaos behind them), “No shit!” And Mike ran to his car, opened the door, got in and started the DeLorean before he floored it and the DeLorean sped away, kicking up dirt behind it.


    Mike drove ahead of the encampment for a while before he pulled over off the road and behind a large pile of rocks, hiding his car, turned it off and waited till the morning, all the while hearing various vehicles drive by during the night.  When the sun came up Mike looked around for any hostiles nearby but did not see any that are close and he drove back down towards the bridge.  As Mike approached he saw various vehicles and people crossing it or gathering around to what was the encampment.  He pulled his car over to the side and sat there as he pondered his thoughts, wondering what Boombox and his gang are planning.  He pulled his car over to a large set of bushes in front of his car and he threw the tarp over and set an explosive booby trap under his gas tank that he made as he was sitting outside the encampment for the first part of the night and flipped the activation switch, so if anyone else decides to start his car or steal his gas the bomb will explode by the change of weight.  He took a set of binoculars and loaded his .44 and shotgun before moving towards the bridge on foot.  


    When he was close enough he went up a rocky hill, overlooking the area and he hid behind one of the large boulders as he saw a growing armada of various vehicles gathering around the trashed encampment as they crossed the bridge.  Mike pulled out his blacked out binoculars and looked into the encampment to see a white big muscled man, half covered in tattoos, standing on an improvised podium yelling out to the gathering of bandits with Boombox below him and he occasionally pointed out to the long stretch of road to their left that led further into the Deadlands as he yelled.  Mike then looked at the bridge and saw the ring of explosives at the two support structures, connecting to the bridge, and he traced the wiring to the ledge and followed right, away from the bridge a few hundred yards, till it stopped amongst a large pile of rocks.  He looked up as an idea crossed his mind and he looked back and into and surrounding the village he searched for a vehicle until he found a box like armored, covered SUV and he looked to the right in the distance, then back to the bandit gathering and then to the clear road on the left and he put away his binoculars.  


    At the large pile of boulders, Mike saw earlier, there were two female and one male bandits looking through the rocks while two more stood guard as Mike looked through, behind a dying bush.  He looked to the farthest right of the pile then back and saw they were searching alone and Mike crawled back.  A white female, in hockey black armor garb with spiked grey hair and a necklace of human pinky’s, was looking in between and around the rocks, tapping along in the process and she looked down a short corridor of rocks to their left and two hands came down from above and quickly snapped her neck.  Another female (black) with spiked black hair and the same garb but with a necklace of various bone fingers, was looking through and then she sat back and pulled out a leather bag and started to drink till she looked up and saw Mike standing over her and before she could scream Mike grabbed her hair with his left hand pulled out his knife with his right and Mike repeatedly stabbed her in the face four times before she dropped her water bag and water leaked out as Mike grabbed below her shoulders, lifted her up to hide her body and leaving a bloody stain on the boulder where he stabbed her face when the male bandit called out, “Found it!” Another black female bandit was searching till the man called out and she was working her way back and from behind a boulder a combat knife and arm flew out and chopped her head off in one stroke.  The two guarding bandits went up to where the male searcher was and the searcher called out, “Tell Muscle that we found the detonator!” One of the guards left, making his way to an improvised dune buggy till a knife flew in the air and struck at the middle of his neck, below the back of the skull, and fell dead.  The guard and searcher looked up suddenly and Mike jumped down and fell on top of the other guard and crushed his skull as he knocked the guard down.  The searcher then tried to run but Mike grabbed him and slammed his back to a boulder and pinned him as Mike asked, “Where are they?” The searcher then went from being terrified to shock, seeing his face and the searcher replied, “My God!  You’re Mad Mike!” Mike slammed his back against the boulder and Mike demanded, “Answer.” The searcher nodded his head behind Mike and replied, “Down that road, but Muscle is getting to hunt them down!  They are good as dead!” Mike thanked him and the searcher cried out as Mike slammed his back to the boulder twice before there was a loud snap and Mike dropped the searcher’s lifeless corpse.  He pulled his knife out of one of the guards and followed the wire to where the detonator is and removed the rocks that was hiding it and he flipped a red switch that turned on a red light labeled “Armed” and he looked over at the bridge as a motorcycle gang, a dump truck filled with weapons and ammo and two military hummers were crossing.  Without hesitation, he pulled back a lever and the connecting support structures and the bottom bridge sides exploded and fell with the vehicles and screaming bikers, followed by a secondary explosion as the dump truck (that was hanging on at the bridge’s edge but eventually fell) exploded halfway down, destroying the rest of the support structures and the rest of the bridge fell, leaving a large cloud of smoke and debris and Mike immediately back tracked the way he came and made over to the encampment.


    The bandits either ran over to where the bridge was or looked on either with shock or screamed in anger when a bandit wearing a black hockey mask and mohawk outside the armored vehicle and a white male wearing rags in the top turret watched in shock as Mike stood behind the mohawk man and tapped his shoulder.  When he turned around Mike flashed his knife across his neck and the bandit grabbed his own throat and stumbled to the ground drowning in his own blood.  The turret man looked down and saw Mike throwing a star and it hit him squarely on the forehead.  As he was falling back, Mike hooped on the car, grabbed his body, threw him out and dropped down in the car and kicked a black man in black armor garb in the face, snapping his head forward and fell limp.  Mike then got behind the driving controls and rigged them beneath the knocked out driver and when he started it, he scurried out of the car as it drove high speed to the right ledge, along the side, and the bandits then noticed the armored car and made angry cries as Muscle yelled out, “Get those Civvy saboteurs!  I want them dead!  And go after the rest of them once you kill ’em!” Mike ran away, quietly, towards his car and once he reached it, he immediately shut off his booby trap, removed the tarp, start up the DeLorean and floored it, heading down the road, away from the encampment.  He then pulled the red button and the V8 roared to life and fired flames in the back, making the DeLorean shoot across the desert, like a rocket, kicking a storm of sand behind it.

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