The Void

Elian Crogan, Ember Tripplett, and Castor Osgood are three not so normally teenagers, each affected by the portal in Elian's parent's high tech basement. Castor is hyper-intelligent, Ember half a plant, and Elian a half ghost that just wants the ghost hunting his parents are doing to stop and his ex-boyfriend Corbin to be his again. Each faces trouble and heartache with their own problems during the last year of their high school life.
What are they gonna do about the Ghost slayer, that wants to kill Ember? Or the vengeful ghost that targets innocent bystanders for the heck of it. And who is the hooded mysterious ghost that keeps giving Elian old relics from her own realm?

Estimated length(Goal): 25 Chapters.
Chapter Length: 4000-5000 Words
Publish day: Saturday (Goal)
Chance of becoming a trilogy


1. Chapter 1

"What's up guys?" Elian threw his arms around his best friends, Ember and Castor. A few inches taller than them, he had no problem leaning down to hold around their shoulders, and guide them towards the school. Many eyes fell on them; most they knew, since they had lived in this town their entire life, a few were just amazed once again by Elians looks. Despite having woken up late for school, and barely reaching the others in time, he still managed to look somehow good. His hair was black - the only one in his family! - and slightly fussy. His T-shirt said something about science, but he didn't really understand it himself - it made Castor laugh so it must have been funny? And his jeans were stained with ectoplasm. Since his jeans were blue as it was itself, it wasn't really a problem, unless he had to go somewhere dark. His shoes were covered in mud from the run he had to take earlier.
"Nothing much" Castor said and shrug his shoulders, still not meeting his gaze from the electronic notebook in his hands. (Elian referred to it as his 'Spookbook'). Castor had always and would always be the brainiac of their little group. It was a true gift, and he made good use of it. Every single minute of every single day was spent trying to make something better. Whether it was his electronic trinkets that were rattling in his khaki green backpack, or Elians ever failing grade. At the moment he was altering blueprints he had found online, with his little stick-like pen in hand. Elian looked down at the blueprints, eager to press with his fingers to mess it up - but knowing Castor, he would just break the bones in Elians fingers. 
"Not much" Ember agreed, and lifted her wrist up to Elis nose so he could smell the newest flower scent she had found. Eli sniffed carefully, before nodding. It was great. 
She nodded in an agreeing manner and smelled it ones more, not noticing the guys looks towards her. To be fair she was sure most were aimed at Elian. 
Her skirt was tulip shaped, completely back, and her top was matching Castors backpack. Since it was summer, she had decided not to wear a jacket - and now that Eli held around her, she regretted it. He was always slightly colder than the rest of them. 
"How 'bout you?" Castor asked him, and turned his pen around before poking Eli carefully on the nose. It left a small blue mark on it. 
"Nothing really, I got up way too late" Elian sighed "That damn portal is messing up my alarm clock again". 
Castor laughed silently, then asked if he should come over an take a look at it later. He was always curious about the Spirit-realm-portals effect on electronics and on people. So far it seemed to only affect people in the growing fase - so adults were somewhat safe. 
Elian, Castor and Ember all three had black hair, showing just how little you need to be near it for it to affect you. It came with other cool abilities as well, but Elian didn't frankly care all that much about those. He wished he didn't have to spend every night in the same house as it. If only his parents had been normal. 
But no. 
Castor smiled at Elian, knowing he was not just angry about getting up late. From his point of view the portal was a hassle, but it wasn't that... dangerous again. As long as it was kept, it should be fine. It was how he got his brain after all. Castor had always been a grade A student, but after his hair changed it just sort of spiraled out of control. He had done all the homework for the rest of his school life: Now it was just building things in his spare time. The international space agency had made a contract with him, forcing him to hand over some of his things in exchange for money - and not giving it away to anyone else. 
They wanted him to come work, but he had declined, saying he wanted to live his normal life out in high school, but when he is older he might agree. He wasn't the only one that was hunted though. 
Ember 'Slayer' Tripplett was wanted all over the world as a serial killer, which apparently only had how they were killed alike. For everyone else it seemed random. Castor and Elian knew though. 
Elian was known in the spirit-hunter society as a 'Ghost friendly model'. His parents hunting ghost had never made him angry or even mad at them. They were not to blame. His parents where. 
The ghost hunter society knew this, and made fun of his parents for it. He ignored it though - he didn't want to go in those circles, so why the hell should he care? 
They walked in and took seat, before the teacher started doing what he should be doing. Elian wanted to get away from the portal, which were changing him, and had changed his sister. 
Both of their parents were brown haired people, but Aidan - his older sister - had orange hair, and he had black hair. And he wasn't the only family touched by it. As he looked around in his class he knew of few others that have had to been touched by the portal - people who had different hair colours growing up. Three girls walked in. Elaine, Andrews and Billie. Billie being the little type he would refer to as 'Tea cup'-type. He had met a few of her type before; He could always picture them with books snuggling up in a window sill, with a cup of tea and a blanket, if they weren't in a giant sweater. Just looking at her made him think of cinnamon tea. Elaine were different, she was the 'vampire duchess'-type. Always in a tight dress, her skin slightly more pale than beach sand, but her lipstick shinning bright red, like she actually bathed in the blood of the innocent. Her hair were blonde, and cut short - anyone debating with her in class would undoubtedly lose. 
Andrews were a whole different story - so small, so cute! Her hair was still growing out, since she hadn't made a decision about what to have it like yet. Her clothes were carefully put on: Light blue jeans with holes here and there, and a universe-coloured sweater, with a too big neck hole - it showed her shoulders as well? Perhaps it was supposed too. 
As Andrews walked by, Elian winked flirtatious at her making the poor girl walk into a table, stumbling almost losing the books in her grasp. Andrews knew - EVERYONE KNEW - Elian was a giant flirt, and nobody really thought much of it. He was regularly late for class for shagging someone a secluded location on the school, not really minding it. 
The teacher wanted to be mad about it, but Castor had thrown a study he had made, saying the only reason Elian was like this was the influence from the portal not only making him more 'siren' like, luring people closer, but also because he needed the contact to stay focused. A year prior they had tried 'no sex' for a month, and Elian was close to going crazy. 
Ember and Castor had both been shocked to realize that he had an excess amount of energy he needed to get rid of somehow, and the easiest and most pleasant way often needed a partner. 
The problem was just that not all was okay with it. Don't get it wrong - Elian would never touch someone if they were against it, and would never pressure anyone to have sex with him, but Elian suddenly had a problem when he was 'tied down' to his boyfriend Corbin, who was much less needy in that department. Corbin have had a 'no doing it at school'-rule, that had Elian fidgeting in his seat for two weeks, before he started using every little break they had working out. A few weeks after they had a long fight, and Corbin had asked that they stopped seeing each other for a while. 
Elaine glared at Elian with murder in her eyes, and mumbled something about him keeping his fingers for himself, not noticing Andrews half wave behind her. 
"Calm down Elaine" Ember said, standing in front of him leaning up against her desk chair "Elian didn't mean any harm by it, you know that". 
Castor chuckled at the desk besides Elians "He's just looking for a lunch partner, if you know what I mean" For once Castor raised his eyes, to suggestively wiggle his eyebrows at her, making her stare daggers at him. 
"I'm sorry if I surprised you" Elian quickly intervened, and helped Andrews with the heavy books to her desk in the back of the class "How's it going at home with your parents?" 
Andrews sat down at her desk smiling back at Elian. They had known each other growing up, but she was still getting use to everything, and if anyone knew anything about problematic parents it was Elian. 
"They are still having trouble with... everything" Andrews admitted, and started scribbling on her paper. It was a little flower. "But my brother is very supportive. He turned around last week, after you had a chat with him". 
"That's good" Elian padded her on the head with a smile playing over his lips. Up until last weak Andrews have had no one else but their classmates, seeing as how the older generation had a tendency to not be the slightest open minded. He had found her hiding in the gym, crying about it. By now she was sleeping most nights at either Billie or Elaines place, seeing as how her own family was treating her. 
"Thank you" Andrews mumbled while blushing "It means a lot to me".
"Don't worry about it"
Elian gave his signature smile, before dumping down in his own spot, ignoring Embers heated shouting match with Elaine. 
"Don't you think Andrews family is stepping way out of line?" Castor asked without looking up from his drawings. 
"I do"
"Wanna do something about it?" Castors eyes were filled with a mysterious mischievous glint few knew he could get. He already made a plan last week after Elian told him about them, so he was ready. 
"Not yet" Elian denied "I already talked things over with her brother. I say a month, if things haven't changed for her we do something about it-" 
Castor frowned but nodded along. Elian was used to dealing with families with narrow minds. Since he had outed most of his classmates, he often dealt with the families after. His charm was helping him a lot, but some had been more stubborn. Corbins family had no idea they had ever been together, something Elian had hated but respected. 
As the class filled, he could see the back of his exboyfriends head. His mind were no where near Math, and before he knew it, it was time for break. 
He went to his locker and opened it up, happy to fine a note written in cursive writing, telling him to meet someone in the gym in a few minutes, for some alone time. Ember told him to use protection, and Castor made a bet with Ember about who it was. 
Corbin watched from his locker as Elian strutted hastily in the direction of the gym with the note in hand. He closed his locker with too much force, as it was bend around the edges. 'Crap' he thought, and abandoned his friends surrounding him as he bolted towards the bathroom to calm his nerves. He hid in one of the stalls, trying to breath carefully out through his nose. 
Compared to the others, his consequences for growing up near the portal was hard on him. His height had been amplified, his muscle unnaturally strong. Every movement, every touch he made on others, he had to be incredible careful with. He had once wanted to push his dad away from himself and ended up flinging him across the field. He was 8 years old at the time. 
It still took a lot, and the worst thing would be to see someone hurt because of it. His friends didn't know about it. 
SKREEEEEEE, the door to the bathrooms opened up, an a familiar clicking noise from an electronic pen hitting a tablet sounded throughout the otherwise people empty room. Flick. The bathroom door was locked. 
"I fixed your locker" Castor said out loud, not bothering to look up at the stalls "So don't worry about it. I let your friends move on before doing it, so they wouldn't realize what you did". 
"Thank you" Corbin got out, his breathing heavy from holding back the tears. 
"Are you alright?" Castor glanced up at the only locked stall, where he could hear a ragged breath, from his childhood friend. 
"Yeah just..." Corbin got up and opened the door out to lock eyes with Castor. Castors eyes were warm and his gaze that was normally analytical were on guard. Corbins cheeks were puffed red, his eyes wet and resembling the glass marbles they played with as kids. 
"I'm sure Elian would take you back if you said the word" Castor noticed, looking at the big blurry window with the gym behind it.
Corbin moved over the sinks and turned on the water to wash his face. Out the corner of his eye he saw a pink top in the mirror, but before he could get a closer look it was gone. 
"Elian and I shouldn't be together" Corbins eyes hardened, just like the grip on the sink he had. "He cheated. You know it"
"No" Castor intervened, watching the grip on the sink carefully "You think he cheated. You know Elian he would never do anything to hurt you".
Corbins face hit the sink as his lean on the sink disappeared under him. All he was holding on too now was dust. 
"I caught him" Corbin whispered, tears streaming down his red glowing cheeks "You know I did. He cheated"
Castor sighed loudly, and put away his tablet before helping the big guy get back on his feet. After handing him paper towel after paper towel, Castor carefully tapped the mirror a few times, before smiling at him.
"It's no good if you don't listen to reason" Castor mumbled then hugged him carefully "The bell will ring in five minutes, so wash up"

"Are you certain about this?" Elian whispered in her ear, with an arm on either side of her. She had invited him, but he was always ready to stop. Her face was flushing red, and it wasn't going to be their first time together. They were hiding behind a madras for the gym class, dust and darkness all around them. No one was going to use it soon, so they would have plenty of time before they would go to class. 
She removed a blond hair from her mouth, then nodded. 
"Are you absolutely certain?" He asked again, "Is it okay if I kiss you?"
"Ye... yes" She blushed and pulled on his t-shirt so his mouth would hit hers. Elian took his time with this, always to do it properly so he was exhausted afterwards and the other part would be leaving happy. He took a glance at his watch, then broke contact with her mouth to whisper in her ear once more "Class will start soon - are you okay with missing it?"
"Ye-yes!" She said franticly, almost panicky as she tried pulling him closer again, trying to pull down his pants and capture him in her arms at the same time. Elian pushed her slightly away, smiled smirkingly, almost careful, at her, while pulling up his pants she almost had ripped off. 
"Breath Niea" he pleaded "I'm just making sure you are okay with missing class. So please think about it. Are you okay with missing class?"
Niea took a deep breath, then nodded determined "Yeah, I am"
Elian nodded, and guided her fingers to the edge of his t-shirt, then helped her take it off him, as much as he could before he needed his arms to get it completely off. 
"Lean forward" He asked her, and placed the inverted shirt behind her, so her own clothes wouldn't get too dirty. Niea grabbed the edge of her own shirt, but Elian caught her hands before she could pull it off. "No wait~ not yet" 
Her breathing became ragged, as he placed her hands on his chest. "Can I touch you?"
Niea already knew he was like this when she had given him the note, it was one of the things she really liked about him. He wouldn't ever joke about these kind of things, and his biggest fear was to do something to someone without their consent. 
"Yes" She said, and suddenly felt warm by his hug. His mouth found her neck, and his fingers were under her shirt, but just barely at the edge of it. It was so little, but it was so nice at the same time. 
Elian panted, but held his breath as he carefully nibbled on her ear, and began whispering compliments about her. He let his finger graze her thigh, "May I?"
"Please... do" she answered back, and watched him go down on his knees kissing her thighs as he carefully parted them without using much force. 
"HIHIHI" The loud giggling of what sounded like little kids alerted Elian, and protectively he pushed her further behind the madras so she couldn't be seen. 
"No one is supposed to be in here" Niea whispered breathless "Maybe if we wait them out, they'll go away"
Elian nodded, but froze as a familiar scent came across his nose. It was sour, bitter like lemons, and stung in his nose a way only ectoplasm could. His eyes feel on the still blushing Nieas face, and fear crept up his spine. 
If the kids were ghost, then the alarms outside the school would have alerted his parents already and they would have five to ten minutes tops before the ghost would stand face to face with the towns ghost hunters. 
"Seveeeeeen matches it will take"  Something in the bottom of his stomach started turning, and he peaked around the madras at the little kids running around in soccer clothes, joyfully dancing arm in arm, a young six year old girl and boy levitating up in the air.
"Burn it down to ashes!" The girl sang along.
"1 for the bleachers, 1 for the stalls"
"Burn it down to ashes!
Niea stopped in shock and handed Elian his shirt back. "We need to get out of here" He whispered to her, and together they moved over to the back door behind the bleachers. Niea pulled on it carefully but it wouldn't budge. "Crap!" Elian turned around towards the main entrance, which were sealed shut with a large metal chain. 
"1 for goals and 1 for hoops!"
"Burn it down to ashes!
Elian lead her behind the madras again, and watched her eyes get wet with tears. Elian knows most spirits aren't vengeful at first, and these could just have something against gym class, what did he know, he didn't like it either, but burning living humans was a little harder than just lighting a building on fire. 
Desperate he looked at the wall beside him. "Niea I can get us out, but please don't tell anyone how?
She nodded desperately along, and watched confused as he drove his hand through his hair, so it changed to a bright white colour. 
"What the f-" He covered her mouth, his blue eyes were glowing green back at her. His normally spiked hair had grown longer, and were covering laying over his right eye. 
"And the last 3 matches we will use
To burn the rest to ashes-
She watched as he disappeared in front of her, but then slowly watched as her own body became see-through as well. It felt weird, like something was spreading her out. Like she was dough and a cake-roll was rolling over every inch of her body at once. After being pulled through the wall of the gym to the outside, she could see herself again, shivering scared in his arms. 
Muffled she could still hear their song.
"The floors, the sweat and tears, the roof
We'll burn it all to ashes!
"I'll have to talk with them" He whispered "are you alright?" After swallowing a lot of spit she nodded, and ignored the feeling of wanting to cry. Even she could recognize a ghost when she saw one. "I won't tell anyone... so please... explain it later" She ran before she could get an answer for him, running straight to the bathroom.
Elian sighed and flew through the wall again, then walked out into the open to look at the small kids. They both had unbelievable curly hair, and a lot of missing teeth. 
"La lala la la lala,
Burn it all to ashes!
They stopped and stared at him, almost in shock, until the brother shouted for him to get out. 
"Listen" Elian smiled at them "I don't really care if you burn down the gym or not. I don't like P.E. So it would be awesome if you did, but... when you entered the school you set of an alarm at the ghost hunters house. They can be here any minute, and they are not nice. They will hurt you. So please run away, and next time, please check there is nobody in here before doing something like this". 
The girl told him he was a stupid head, but the boy asked if he was serious. After nodding, Elian watched them talk in another language before the young boy nodded. 
"Thank you mister!" The little girl and boy flew to him and kissed his cheeks before fleeing out the locked door. Finally feeling a bit at easy he went through the wall and changed back to his black hair and blue eyes.  "They were just kids" He mumbled. The spirits of young kids always freaked him out. 
He turned around the corner, just in time to see his dad and mom swing a butterfly net around the twins, splitting them into each their cages, hearing them scream as the net's started pulsing over them filled with energy. 
He froze where he stood, hearing them scream for help, for them to be let out. I should help them. They need me. His parents threw them into the back of their van, and Elian glided down the wall of the gym, tears streaming down his face. He didn't know how long he sat there, but suddenly the light that hit him came from the descending sun, and Castors spookbooks light. He and Ember pulled him into the closed school - all of them ignoring the locks - as they cleaned up his tears, and filled him up with water. 
"I hate it" He mumbled, sitting on a chair, Ember handing him crackers. 
"Why don't you do something about it then?" Castor smiled at him "Your parents are busy with the ones from the other night right? Free the ghost tonight and... they'll be fine". 
Elian had thought about it many times. Sneaking into their basement, and letting the ghost out so they wouldn't have to be tortured by his parents. He would rather take his parents whining over the screams he could hear each night. 
"If they see me..." Elian began. 
"Just choose the right time" Castor shoved the spookbook in Elian face "You parents will be out from 1 to two today, since they are getting material for more of their webs, you know they don't have any assistants, and around that time your sister will be sleeping, so there would be no one at home to catch you". 
Ember nodded along and handed him a little ten centimeter plant "This one can fix the lock to the basement, open the door right up"
Elian pulled them into a hug and thanked them before they each walked home. He was lucky to have friends like them. 

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