Taylor was just a school girl. Not too popular, but not too much of a loner. She enjoyed company, but she knew who needed to stay and who had to leave.

She never imagined herself in a situation where she suddenly taken from her home, forced to make it look like a runaway.

Her parents believe she ran off, but her siblings say otherwise due to the clues and hints.


1. Prologue

Where are you?” I sighed heavily into the phone, light breathing on the other end. It was about 10:30 PM, and my parents haven’t came home.

“Sweetie, I forgot to tell you.. please forgive me. But-“ slight shuffling and hums were heard in the back, “I have to go, I can’t get caught on the phone. Call up some pizza, or there’s microwaveable a in the freezer. I love you!” With that, she hung up. I groaned loudly, and tossed my phone on the bed. Calling my dad was probably much worse, since he would have the same excuse. I’m at work, stop calling me. You’re a grown adult. I could just hear him.

I pushed myself up, and went towards the kitchen, the house I lived in wasn’t really that big, nor small. Everything was on one story, and we had everything we could need in a house. A bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, and two bedrooms. We weren’t tight on money, we just found it really unnecessary to have a two story just for us three. We had agreed to move once my two brothers left for college, which saddens me because we barely saw them.

I looked at the little notepad on the fridge, my finger lingering down towards the pizza number. I nodded and debated whether or not I really should be calling them at this time at night. I heard stories that they get so annoyed they would purposely damage your food, and even though we could complain about it, they wouldn’t listen.

I turned on my heel, walking towards the pantry, and pulled out a microwaveable soup, better than nothing. I emptied the contents into a bowl, and slid it into the microwave with a quick swift motion. Tossing the can into the waste basket, I went towards my room to retrieve my phone. As I was walking towards my room, I heard a slight shuffle outside my window. “What the hell?” I mumbled to myself, but pushed the feeling away. It was probably a squirrel.

I went back and retrieved my bowl, heading towards the living room, and scoffing down the soup while binge watching The Vampire Diaries. I tossed the bowl into the sink, before I shut off everything, and double checked the locks.

I scurried to my room, and laid under the covers, the night seeming more chilly than the previous. That’s what it’s like to live in Hawaii and it becomes winter. People believe that Hawaii’s extremely hot, even through the summer, but my experience says the opposite. It beyond freezing in the winter, where people at school would bring a blanket, even when it slowly warms up throughout the day.

I began to drift asleep, and I wouldn’t say 10 minutes, but about 5 minutes after, I could feel the light in my room turn on. It must e been my mom, coming to see if I was okay. Pretty quick she had gotten home I must say.

It wasn’t until a few more seconds that I felt something cold touch my forehead, my eyes fluttering open.

“Get Up!”

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