Taylor was just a school girl. Not too popular, but not too much of a loner. She enjoyed company, but she knew who needed to stay and who had to leave.

She never imagined herself in a situation where she suddenly taken from her home, forced to make it look like a runaway.

Her parents believe she ran off, but her siblings say otherwise due to the clues and hints.


2. Chapter 1

His voice was harsh and raspy, as if he was screaming. But he wasn’t. He was pointing a gun, and scoffing towards me. I never felt so many emotions at once. My mind was confused, but scared. It turned from sadness to anger. But I had to quickly think, but I couldn’t.

I said, get up!” He spat behind the mask that wasn’t any help to me viewing who he was. His clothing was baggy, making it even harder to see his shape, not like I could tell who he was off the bat.

I slowly pushed the covers down, revealing my thighs, cold air hitting them. I raised myself to a sitting position, holding my hands up. “P-Please don’t hu-“

“Shut the fuck up, go put some pants on.” He scoffed, as I could feel his eyes boring into my thighs. I nodded before I quickly rushed toy dresser, scavenging for some sweatpants. My cheeks rose with heat, realizing he had seen me half naked. I was thinking quickly, how could I escape this? Is people near me not witnessing this?

I turned slowly, in time to see him tossing a luggage at my feet. I flinched back, having a fear of him launching it at me. I could hear him laugh, “put your clothes inside. Make it look like nobody came here. Don’t pack anything that can make contact.” He demanded. I furrowed my eyebrows, slightly baffled by how he spoke. Anger rose inside me, overpowering how scared I was. “Why?”

He groaned, marching towards me. Jump. At. Him. My mind hummed, but I knew what would happen. He had a weapon that can kill me. I shook my head, “fine.” I quickly shivered before turning and pulling out my contents.

I wanted to sneak in my phone, but when I looked back towards the end table, it was gone. I mentally cursed at myself, as I shoved my clothes into the luggage. Tears burned my eyes, realizing what was actually going on. I was leaving. My mom. My dad. All because this dude told me to. I did it for my safety, and I hope that they would investigate on this.

“Let me carry that,” he hummed as he lifted the luggage onto his shoulder. He turned to me, and realized what he had done. I let out a snicker, as I stood my ground. “Shut up,” He spat, as he pulled out a rag. I eyed it, before I felt his hand grab my head, yanking my head back, causing great pain as my mouth opened to yelp. The rag was stuff into my mouth, causing me to slightly gag. I tried to shove it out with my tongue, my arms flinging to hit him. His hand barricaded the rag so I wouldn’t be able to push it out. I could feel bile rising up my throat, as the room began to tilt.

I blacked out.


My head throbbed as I opened my eyes. The room was dark, but I could tell it wasn’t a big one, it was just a vibe. I rubbed my eyes with my fists so harshly that I saw sparkles, even in the dark midst of the room.

“Hello?” I called out unexpectedly. I caught myself by surprise as I knew from watching so much horror movies to never speak out loud. Everyone who does that gets killed. I immediately wish I didn’t say anything.

Instead of being killed, a bright light turned on, causing me to shield my eyes as if I haven’t seen light in ages. It felt like so anyways. I looked around as the lights dimmed down to a bearable level. The room wasn’t what you see in movies. Everything was organized.

The bed was made perfectly, the floor was spotless, it being marbled tile and such. Everything had its own place. I could see the luggage in the corner, but my contents neatly folded onto the bed stand. I slowly stood up, my knees shaking like they were jello. “Goodmorning, you slept longer than I would’ve liked.” The same voice beamed as the wooden door swung open.

I flinched, as I looked at the guy. It was as if his mask was his real face, it seemed like it fit so smoothly. I shook that focus off and laid it on another one. He was acting as if we were close friends.

“Go, sit on the bed. Unless you’re weak,” he laughed, as if he made the funniest joke in the book. I didn’t make a sound as I wobbled towards the bed, eyeing him down. He was wearing the same outfit, but I could see the gun tucked in the belt, a shirt tucked behind it as if he wanted me to see it.

I finally made it to the bed, collapsing on it. Exhaustion is what I felt, I didn’t care about the growing fear in my stomach, the bile in my throat, the headache. I just wanted to sleep. I could hear him snickering right besides me, as he shuffled around the room. “I’m so lucky that I have so much of that drug,” he spoke towards himself. “It makes you feel like you’re high on pot,” he laughed. He was absolutely right.

“Aren’t you hungry? I made you a sandwich.. ham and cheese.” He hummed, and I could feel the cold plate pressing against my forearm, indicating he placed it besides me.

I felt a harsh growl from my stomach as I could just smell the scent of the ham and cheese mixed with mayonnaise. I glanced at it, before taking it in my hands and biting into it. My mouth tickled with more flavor and I basically swallowed the sandwich whole. “Water,” was the one word that I heard right after my last bite.

I looked at him, my back leaning against the headboard, as the room swayed. But I took the large cup and chugged down the liquid, the smoothing liquid tickling my throat. I handed him the dishes, staring at him. “Go sleep,” he muttered, exiting. I was listening closely, even though I was tipsy over the drugs. If he hadn’t put a lock on here, I could escape. There was no windows in here, but I’m glad he had kept the light on.


I groaned quietly as I went back to laying down, stuffing my face into the pillow. I had to force myself to stop thinking of my mother. How she had walking into my room to find me gone. I hoped with every bit that she nor’ dad would believe I’d run away. They knew my love for them.

I felt the tears traveling down my nose, and into the pillow, and another. Along with a few more. Next thing you know I was full on bawling into the pillow, resulting in my eyes slowly shutting.

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