Chandler Riggs x Reader have been best friends since preschool but things begin to become deeper than just that.


3. What If's

Your P.O.V

It's finally the end of the day and I get to go home. I texted chandler to ask if he needed a ride home but he hasn't responded yet. As I walk out of the main hallway of our school I see Chandler standing there but he is with another girl. I don't who she is but she is really close to him, it kind of upsets me. What if I actually do like him?I can't because it might ruin our friendship like it shows in the movies. Not that he isn't cute, funny, smart, kind, caring, and a fun person. I mean he is everything a girl could want in a guy it's just that I can't imagine him not in my life he is the only person I can be myself with like he really understands me. Oh my god! I think I like Chandler. 


Chandler's P.O.V

I haven't got the chance to text Y/N yet because everyone has been bothering me with questions, autographs, pictures, etc. I mean I know I'm the one who wanted to be a TV star but all I want to do is spend time with Y/N. I saw her earlier but I don't think she saw me, she was with some other guy. I had seen him around but I didn't like he was trying to get really close to her. It made me a little jealous. I don't know if I like her but what if I do. I mean she is beautiful, smart, funny, fun person, kind, and very caring. Like she is literally everything a guy would want in a girl. Holy shit! I think I like Y/N.


You wait a while to see if he will notice you but he didn't so you just go to the stadium and sit in the bleachers watching the soccer team practice. It's been almost an hour and a half since school has been out when Chandler finally replies.

Chandler: Yes, please.

Me: Alright, I'll call my mom rn.

Chandler: Where you at? I'll meet you there

Me: I'm in the stadium sitting up in the bleachers

Chandler: K

Chandler: I'm on my way


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