Chandler Riggs x Reader have been best friends since preschool but things begin to become deeper than just that.


6. Surprise Pt.1

It's been about 8 months since you and Chandler started dating. Not much has happened besides you guys hanging out a lot, becoming the power couple of your high school, and him leaving to film another season of the Walking Dead. 



Your P.O.V

It's been a month since he left for the filming of another season of The Walking Dead. Don't get me wrong I'm happy he is successful in his work, he really loves acting but I can't help but miss him. I am supposed to go to set to surprise him soon but I can't stay for long out there because of school. And, I am really excited to see him and meet the cast of my absolute favourite show ever! 


You're sitting on your bed binge watching past seasons of the Walking Dead(which is something you do everytime a season ends and you're waiting for the next one) when your phone buzzes. You pick it up off of your bedside dresser and see its Chandler

My Baby<3: Hey beautiful:)

Me: Hey cutiee :):)

My Baby<3: I have great news for you!!

Me: What is it?!?

My Baby<3: Well, you're going to have to push up your "surprise" visit

Me: How you know about that? And what for?

My Baby<3: Jess told me. And because......

Me: Because what?!?





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