Chandler Riggs x Reader have been best friends since preschool but things begin to become deeper than just that.


2. New Beginnings

When you arrive home Chandler informs you that he came home early because he got the producers to shoot his scenes earlier so he could come back home and start high school.But, you don't care how he was able to get here because you are just happy because he his here and starting school with you in three days.But, all that didn't matter for those three days because you guys just spent them together catching up on everything.


*****Three Days Later*****


It is finally the first day of school you are kind of happy that Chandler is there to start school with you but bummed that summer is over.You have set out your outfit the night before which is a white long sleeve crop top, some ripped light blue overalls, and red Adidas shoes. You start off the morning by taking eating breakfast, brushing your teeth and washing your face, doing your makeup which is brow gel, light foundation, bronzer, and mascara followed by you getting dressed, and then putting your hair up in a messy bun and adding on a black bow( your signature hairstyle). Just when you are about to leave Chandler texts you.

Chandler: Heyy, so do you think you can give me a ride to school?

Me: Yeah of course. Just come over I'm about to leave in five minutes

Chandler: Alright thanks:) I'm on my way.

Your POV

When he arrived we left for school but when we arrived what I thought was going to be a normal day quickly changes.After we got our books and schedules we went to go to find our lockers to put our stuff in them but, as we are walking down the hall swarm of girls surround Chandler, asking for autographs and pictures when two girls possibly sophomores pull him away leaving me alone in the hallway.All I am thinking about is how nothing is the same and this is the beginning of what things are going to be like from now on. I just hope he doesn't want to stop being my best friend.

Chandler's POV

I thought everything was going to be normal but boy did that change. We couldn't even get to our lockers without people surrounding me asking for autographs and pictures. Then, they pull me away from Y/N leaving her standing there alone. I felt so bad and I can't stop thinking about how everything has changed and knowing this is the new beginning. I just hope she doesn't want to stop being my best friend. 

Your POV

It's the sixth period and I haven't seen Chandler all day. He hasn't even texted me, I just hope he is okay. I'm kind of upset not with him but with everyone else because they took him from me and we didn't get to spend time together. Like he is my best friend, not theirs! They weren't there for him for basically 10 years and they want to pretend like they care about him and pretend they have known him for years when they haven't like WHAT THE HELL! Honestly, I don't know why I am getting so upset like, he wouldn't replace me, he is my best friend. Like I'm acting like a jealous girlfriend but I don't even like him like that. Or do I? 

Chandler's POV

Ughh, it's already the end of the day and I didn't even get to see Y/N. I didn't even get the chance to text her either because everyone has been all over me asking questions, asking for autographs, and taking pictures. All I wanted to do was spend the day with her. None of these people knows me like she does and it's upsetting because they want to act like they do. I came home for her to be with her and nobody is letting me do that. They act like they care about me but if they did they wouldn't be doing this and would let me be with her. Wait, why am I acting like it's not like we are together or I like her. Wait, do I?

Authors Note: Thank you guys for all the reads on my last chapter, I really appreciate it. And, i really hope you guys will continue to read and enjoy this fanfiction as much as I enjoy writting it:):)



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