Chandler Riggs x Reader have been best friends since preschool but things begin to become deeper than just that.


1. Home Coming

Back Story: You and Chandler Riggs have been best friends for as long as you can remember. Today is the day he comes home from the set of The Walking Dead to visit you but you don't know he is coming.



Chandler: Dude, I miss you a lot:( I can't wait to come home in a few months.

Me: Honestly same, things are so boring without you. On top of it I have to start high school without my best friend:(

Chandler: Hey, but if you really miss me and want to see me you can just watch the new season of The Walking Dead lmaoo

Me: Yeah I guess but it isn't the same. 

Me: Anyways, I have to go do chores before my mom gets on my ass. But talk to you later 

Chandler: Okay, and tell mom I said hi. But yeah of course

Me: Alright byeee bestie love you <3<3

Chandler: Byee best friend love you too<3<3

         "Y/N, come downstairs I need to talk to you!"

          "Coming mom!!" I respond wondering what she could possibly want now.

                *Walks downstairs slowly*

           "Yes, mother of mine," you say as you reach the bottom of the stairs.

           "Get ready we have to go pick your brother up from the airport, we're leaving in 20 minutes," mom states suspiciously.

           "Alright, I guess," you say reluctantly wondering if that is where you guys are actually going.

You go upstairs to the bathroom to brush your teeth as you had just gotten up like an hour ago. After, heading back to your bedroom to change. You throw on a light blue pair of jeans from Hollister, a black crop top, a flannel and putting on your favourite pair of timberlands. Then, going to your vanity in the far corner of your room to quickly throw your hair into a messy bun, adding a black bow, and putting on a thin layer of mascara and chapstick. Finally grabbing your purse putting a charger, perfume, chapstick, mascara and mirror in there. Grabbing your headphones and phone and heading back downstairs to leave.

You get into the backseat of your car plugging in your headphones and putting some music. Before, you know it you have fallen asleep as the airport is like 2 hours away. Quickly waking up to the sound of your phone going off. You look down at your phone to see you have received a message from Chandler.

Chandler: Can't wait till I finally see you:):)

You sit looking at the message very confused trying to figure out wait the heck he is talking about

Me: Yeah me too:) Wish we didn't have to wait so long.

Never receiving a message after that you just sit in the car looking out the window when you finally arrive at the airport.The whole family gets out the car and heads inside to wait for who you think is your brother. You have been sitting for almost 2 hours when you get another text from Chandler.

Chandler: So excited...

You sit looking at your phone very confused about what he means by that.

Me: For what Chandler? You're really confusing me right now.

You go back to watching videos on youtube when he texts you again.

Chandler: Look up

You look up to see him standing about 20 feet away from you. You drop everything getting up running to him. He sets his bags down and opens his arms as you jump onto him hugging tightly. You are crying as it has been like a year and a half since you have last seen him. Once you finally decide to let go he grabs his bags and you, him, and your family leave the airport.


Authors Note: I'm sorry this chapter is so long.I hope you guys enjoy the chapter and continue to read.If you guys have any suggestions for the next chapter and the rest of the storyline please feel free to tell me. And I will be adding another character male or female so if you guys would like to send in charcter ideas let me know. When doing that please include a name, age, gender, background information on them, and picture so I can have a general idea of what they look like. Thankyou:):)













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