Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


14. Weight off my Shoulders

On Sunday, Bethany was out with her friends and I was at home in the studio working on this new song and searching for new songs we could possibly cover. It was almost like I never took a break from this but this is what relaxing to me was. It was like I just couldn’t stop no matter how hard I tried. I loved this stuff too much.
“Hey, you called?” I looked up and smiled.
“Hey, Em. I need your opinion on this…”
“You’re calling me for opinions on songs you are writing for Bethany, or about Bethany now? I didn’t know we were on this level of friendship.” Emily said, rolling her eyes. “Where is she anyway?”
“She said she was going out with Vienna, Aviana, and Shannon.”
“Shit, no wonder Shannon keeps blowing up my phone asking what I’m doing; sure as hell hope you told Bethany I was coming over because this is where I told Shannon I would be. But anyway, what am I looking at?”
“Here.” I handed her the song I was working on. She started reading it and was nodding.
“This is alright so far.”
“Just alright?” I asked.
“Yeah, I dunno; there’s something missing. I don’t know what it is, but something is missing.”
“You make it sound like this totally sucks…”
“No, it definitely doesn’t. Shit, if you ever did shit like that for me; but I mean, you’re trying to tell her how you feel, and this is like…only half assed it feels. If you want to write her a song, you need to literally pour your heart out completely.”
“Jeez, does that bother you that much?”
“I can’t lie, a little.”
“THERE YOU ARE!” We both turned and saw Shannon running down the stairs with Bethany, Aviana, and Vienna behind her, laughing. “YOU THINK YOU CAN DITCH ME LIKE THIS?!”
“Shannon, leave them alone.” Bethany said, laughing.
“I’m with Shannon.” Aviana said.
“Literally right here, Av.”
“I’m well aware of where you are.” Aviana said, nodding.
“I’M UPSET!” Shannon said, still yelling. 
“Literally here to give my opinion.” Emily said, shaking her head.
“Shannon, calm down.” Emily said, rolling her eyes.
“Nah, that’s all I needed; thanks for the help.”
“Okay, good luck.” Emily waved as she was being dragged up the stairs.
“Thanks for your help!” I called back. Bethany looked at me real quick before turning around and she looked a little upset but clearly wasn’t going to say anything and then few up the stairs behind her friends.
“What the hell was that?” Matt asked, walking downstairs.
“Uh, I invited Emily over because I needed her opinion on something real quick and Shannon came barging in with Beth, Aviana, and Vienna cause Emily was ignoring Shannon’s texts.”
“You didn’t tell Beth that Emily was coming over, did you?” Matt asked.
“No, why? Should I have?”
“Based off her face when I passed her on the stairs, probably.”
“What? I asked her opinion on a song I was writing, that’s it.”
“Yeah, she’s also your ex-girlfriend.” Matt pointed out. “Anyway, let me see the song.” I handed him the lyrics that were scribble all over, not really feeling the song anymore so I didn’t care who else saw it at this point.
“Emily basically said if I was trying to tell Bethany how I felt in this song, it sucked.”
“Yeah, I’m with her. I mean it’s really good, but it needs something else. Anyway, did you find out next cover to do?”
“Uh, yeah, Never Forget You I think is the next. I was working on the music right now too.”
“Multi-tasking? Seriously? You must really be starting to take after Bethany already. But either way, lunch is ready.”
“I’ll be up in a few minutes.” I said, nodding. Matt nodded before going back upstairs and all I could now think about was if Bethany was upset with me. I really did totally suck at this whole relationship thing when I tried to take it seriously…I always failed.

When I got home later that evening, I wasn’t sure I wanted to see Trevor yet. I was trying not to be upset but I kept wondering why he wouldn’t tell me something like that. I headed to my own room without even saying hi to anyone, really just frustrated. I mean, I trust Trevor and Emily and I don’t want to think anything happened but this was like too much for me. I wouldn’t hang out with Damian without letting Trevor know so it just really hit a small nerve in me. I flopped down on my bed and started reading a book, distracting myself for a couple hours before my phone started buzzing.
“Hello?” I answered, not looking at the caller ID.
“Hey, are you coming home tonight?”
“Oh, I’ve been home.” I said, realizing it was Trevor.
“Wait what?”
“I’m in my room.”
“When did you get home?”
“A few hours ago.” I said. “Are we just going to do this over the phone or what?”
“Oh right…you’re home.” He hung up and I rolled my eyes, tossing my phone down, going back to my book.
“You just standing there is freaking me out.” I said without looking up.
“Shit, sorry. I didn’t want to interrupt you.”
“Yeah you already did.” I said, folding the page over. “What?”
“Are you really that mad?”
“How would you feel if I hung out with Damian without telling you?” I asked seriously. His face fell and I think that’s when it really hit him what I was thinking. “Look, I trust both of you, but you need to understand that I’m going to always imagine the worst when I find you two in a sound proof basement alone together.”
“But nothing happened…”
“Emily already told me. She knew how it looked; she assumed you told me.”
“I just didn’t think it was a big deal, I mean, I just wanted her opinion on something I was working on for you…”
“For me?”
“Yeah…” He said, looking down at his feet before looking up at me. “She basically said it sucked and to fix it; I mean a lot nicer than that but that’s the basis of what she said.”
“Is that why you keep your notebook like under lock and key recently?”
“Yeah, pretty much. I mean, you know I have no issue with you going through all that stuff but I really wanted to surprise you with something and since you guys have been talking and I knew you were with Aviana and Vienna, I needed someone’s opinion...but uh, I fixed it and finished it up…”
“Finished it?”
“Yeah…like I have the music done, words done…I figured you were still out so I’ve been working on it like all night.”
“It’s literally 9pm.”
“Okay, so since you guys left with Emily I’ve been working on it to make sure the words were perfect. I pretty much had the music down.”
“And this is what you’ve been working on the past week or whatever?” I asked, almost skeptical.
“Yeah…I really wanted it to be a surprise though. I didn’t really want this to be how I told you but I just keep letting you down…”
“What are you talking about, you keep letting me down?” I asked, shocked.
“Like, I literally keep upsetting you. First it was at school on Friday, then the show, and now this…I feel like all I’m good and consistent at is hurting you and I feel like I’m failing at this relationship since that’s all I’ve done all week.”
“Trevor…you aren’t failing at all. You asked me to be patient with you from the beginning since this whole relationship that I was asking for was different, and I asked you to be patient with me because I’ve never had to set expectations like this, and I knew this would probably happen since as I said, you aren’t used to this. I mean, we’re both kind of failing if you want to look at it that way. Neither of us have really been patient with the other.”
“But you are being patient with me; I mean you haven’t lost it on me and you always forgive me and…”
“And you do the same with me, don’t you?” I said, cutting him off. “We’re both sucking right now because both of us are used to different things so…this is just us figuring it all out, isn’t it?” I pointed out.
“Yeah…I guess so…”
“I think it is. So I’m sorry too, for making you feel that way because in no way was that my intention.”
“And I’m sorry for not telling you.”
“Okay; that aside, we’re both good now, and if you don’t mind, I think you said you had a surprise for me and I literally have no idea what it could possibly be.” I said, cracking a smile. Trevor smiled back at me as I got up to hug him.
“You’re the best.” He kissed my head before heading back up to our room.
“Holy shit…” I gasped when we walked into the bedroom. He had all these candles set up and a little plate on the night stand with chocolate covered strawberries and little glasses of champagne. “What is all this?”
“Well I had to make something a surprise.”
“Okay, sit…” He led me over to the bed, sitting me down. I was still looking around in shock.
“How long did this even take?”
“Well I kind of enlisted a little help…but a good portion of the later afternoon, evening. You were probably home but I didn’t realize you were here since the door was shut.
“Trevor…this, this is amazing…” I said slowly, still looking around. Like it was almost too perfect to take in.
“I need your help though…” Trevor said slowly.
“With what?” I asked, turning my attention back to him.
“I need you to do that thing where you just…feel the music…I want you to sing this with me.” He handed me his notebook and I slowly started to smile. “I kept trying to think of what could possibly make it better and literally you were the only thing that came to mind; you have that special power.”
“You just like to make me feel so important, don’t you?” I joked.
“When it comes to me you are.” He said this so seriously I almost wanted to cry. I looked down at the notebook and started smiling.
“White Tiger?”
“Yeah, it makes more sense when you actually hear the whole thing…” Trevor sounded so nervous and I thought it was so cute.
“Why are you so nervous?”
“I’ve never written a song for anyone before…this is like…I don’t know…”
“How I felt the first time I did a music video with you guys, went on stage for the first time…”
“Yeah that probably compares.” He wipes his hands on his jeans, definitely nervous.
“Okay, you ready?” I asked. He nodded and started playing his guitar.
“Captivated by a perfect view, time stops and I found my muse, brighter than the morning sun, flames burned until the night was done, my faith in love was born again, from the clouds you were heaven sent, I could tell you were a different breed from the way you looked at me…” Trevor sang.
“And there’s no place that I’d would rather be when I feel your teeth sink into me, I bleed a color that I’ve never seen, a beauty that makes me complete, you’re my white tiger, my white tiger…” We sang together. Trevor looked up at me and smiled as he kept going.
“The first time I saw you standing there, butterflies’, all I could was stare, so flawless and original, my heart dropped and I fell for you, everything I was looking for, like your wave was crashing on my shore, suddenly I couldn’t speak, it’s like an angel walked into me…” We sang together, then we sang the chorus again together and I was still smiling.
“Our worlds collide, nothing can ever keep us from ever leaving this place, as our stars align, they fit together so perfectly…” Trevor sang before we sang the chorus once more and Trevor finished off the music and took a deep breath.
“Trevor…” I said slowly. He looked at me, looking nervous. “I love it…its perfect.”
“You really like it?”
“I don’t think anyone could ever give me, or get me, or write me anything more perfect.” I said, leaning over to kiss him. “I love you…” I whispered.
“I love you too…” He whispered back before kissing me once more. “Okay so like food?” I laughed and nodded.
“Yeah, I could totally fucking eat right now.” Trevor laughed and got up, walking over to the other side of the bed, handing me the plate of strawberries while he poured us champagne. We joked around for the next couple hours, cuddled, laughed, and just enjoyed out night until we both passed out from probably one too many glasses of champagne.

The next morning, both Bethany and I were right back into the honeymoon phase. We were at her locker and I had my arm around her and she was leaning on me as Aviana did her usual “ew fuck you, Trevor” thing and Vienna lectured her, like usual while Bethany ignored both of them, you know, like usual.
I missed this kind of morning because weirdly, between Aviana and Vienna going at it and Bethany ignoring them, it made my morning. It made me realize and wonder why I didn’t spend more time with them in the morning. They were always beyond entertaining together.
“Oh, I have something for later; don’t let me forget.” Bethany finally said, snapping me back to reality.
“Something for band practice, okay?” Bethany said as she started grabbing her books.
“And I can’t know what it is?”
“Not until everyone else does! You don’t get special treatment for being my boyfriend!” Bethany joked, smiling at me.
“He shouldn’t get special treatment, period.” Aviana said, rolling her eyes.
“Aviana!” Vienna announced.
“Damn, I miss the constant tear down every morning from you, Av. It’s like not a good morning without one.” I said, laughing.
“Well someone needs to keep you in your place.” Aviana grumbled.
“Aviana, do you have a damn nice bone in your fucking body?!” Vienna snapped.
“You two are fucking ridiculous.” Bethany said, rolling her eyes.
“I’m nice, just not to Trevor. It’s like a wonder Bethany over here likes him.”
“It’s a wonder I like you.” Bethany said, laughing back. “And yet, I love you to pieces.”
“Yeah, it’s because I actually am a human.”
“Trevor’s not human?” Emily said, walking up.
“No, not at all. He’s too full of himself.”
“Ah, that he is.” Emily said, agreeing as she laughed.
“As if one was bad enough.” I joked.
“Bro literally you guys are laughing so loud we can hear you down the fucking hall.” Jax said joining.
“Oh my god is this like where everyone hangs out now?!” Aviana announced.
“We go where Bethany goes.” Emily pointed out. “She’s great.”
“Nah, you’re great.” We both started laughing as Aviana rolled her eyes.
“Why is that funny?” Jax asked.
“They got a little too slap happy yesterday and just kept calling each other great yesterday.” Aviana said, smirking.
“Yeah it literally went on for like a good hour.” Vienna added in. “So just so everyone knows, Emily and Bethany are both just great.”
“You’re great!” Emily announced, making everyone laugh.
“No, but you’re great.” Bethany said, mid laugh.
“This is literally what happened yesterday? This is what I missed out on?” I joked.
“Oh you missed nothing. Shannon was ready to smack them both.” Aviana said.
“But we’re great!” Emily said.
“Literally, oh my god, you two are going to be the death of us all.” Aviana said, starting to laugh.
“It’s because we’re great.” Bethany said, winking at Emily. Emily was laughing while Aviana was rolling her eyes and Vienna was trying really hard not to laugh as the bell rang. “Alright, see you guys at lunch.”
“Okay goodie, goodie; love you.”
“Love you too.” She said, kissing me before walking off.
At lunch, everyone was joking around as more and more of our friends from the other table started to join and started getting to know Bethany. It was clearly a bit much for her but she did the best she could to talk to everyone. I knew it was a lot for her so I squeezed myself between her and my friends, Danielle and Gilmore, as we call her, but her name is Heather.
“Jeez, what do you want?” Gilmore asked.
“To sit by my girl, you going to fight me?” I joked.
“I just might.” Gilmore said, rolling her eyes.
“Literally, so rude.” Danielle joked as we all laughed. Bethany was laughing but she still looked mildly uncomfortable.
“You okay?” I whispered to her. She nodded, shoveling more of her lunch down her throat. “Do you need to like, take a break?”
“I’m fine.” She mumbled between bites. I sighed, knowing my friends could get to be a bit much and I knew she was just trying to be nice but sometimes she just let it slide a little too much. I could tell she was putting in the effort to get to know them all but shit, with my friends you need to be fucking prepared, especially if you aren’t as social; and Bethany has always been the person who mainly kept to herself so all these people were definitely beginning to get to her and I could tell. I looked over at Emily who could see Bethany was uncomfortable and she nodded, knowing if I said anything, it would be a big deal so Emily walked over, grabbing Bethany’s arm and pulling her up.
“Hey, where do you think you’re going?!” Shannon yelled at Emily.
“Bethany promised to help me with some French homework today and we only have like a half hour left in lunch!” Emily said as she dragged Bethany away, her lunch still in her hands.

“Thank you…” She said, as we walked into the library.
“Yeah, no problem.” I looked at her and she was literally shaking. “Are you really okay?”
“Uh, not really.” She shrugged it off, trying to pretend it was nothing.
“What’s going on?”
“Uh, my anxiety is kicking in with everyone trying to like get to know me all at once and it was loud and I felt claustrophobic and yeah, I don’t bring my anxiety medications to school since I’ve never needed them before.”
“Ah, social anxiety.”
“Yeah, to the max.”
“Well, it’s all good now. It’s just us and I’m sure Trevor will grab your books for you. It’s no big deal. I mean, like, you’re just that great.” I joked. She cracked a smile before she started to laugh. I smiled, happy knowing I could help.
“Nah, you’re great.” I started laughing with her before Trevor showed up, plopping her books down.
“What the hell is so funny?” He asked.
“Bethany’s great.” I said, making Trevor roll his eyes.
“You two are fucking insane. But anyway, Gilmore and Danielle are very offended you stole her away from them.”
“I’m sure they are, and I’m sure they will survive.” I said. “She needs to get home though.” Trevor looked over at her, seeing how badly she was shaking.
“Babe, are you okay?” Trevor asked. I was surprised he had to ask, I would have assumed he knew.
“Uh, her anxiety meds are at the house…” I said.
“Anxiety meds?” He looked back at her and she nodded. “I thought you stopped taking those?”
“Uhm, I really only take them as needed now but I haven’t needed them…”
“Fuck…why didn’t you tell me it was getting to you that badly?” Trevor asked. Bethany just shrugged and looked at me.
“Because no one was really bothering me or getting all up in my face. Everyone was always really nice and just kind of gave me space and slowly got to know me. Danielle and Heather just got all up in my face and started peppering me with questions.” Bethany said.
“Yeah, that’s typically how they do it.” I said, shaking my head. “Here you go.” I reached in my purse, pulling out a xanax and gave it to her. She thanked me, taking it.
“Why do you have xanax?” Trevor questioned me. I rolled my eyes and leaned back in my chair.
“I have anxiety too. This is the only thing strong enough that has worked for me.”
“Shit, I didn’t even know.”
“I know, I never told you. Anyway, how are you feeling, Beth? Do you need any water or do you want to go outside?”
“No, I think sitting here is enough. It’s quiet and that’s really all I need.”
“Okay, let me know if you need anything else.” I said. Bethany nodded and I sat back again. We all sat there pretty much quiet until the bell rang and then we both walked Bethany to her next class.
“Thank you.” Trevor said as we got to my locker.
“Yeah, no problem.” I said, shrugging. “It’s really not a big deal.”
“No, it really is. You’ve been really cool throughout all of this.”
“Well what am I supposed to do? Pretend to hate both of you? I like Bethany, you’re still one of my friends; it’s what friends do for each other no matter how weird the situation is. I relate to Bethany on a personal level and you, yeah I’m just forced to be your friend but you’re tolerable.” I said.
“I’m tolerable?”
“Pretty much.” I said, joking, half laughing. “Bethany’s the only great one around.”
“Holy shit; no wonder Shannon wanted to kill you two.”
“Yeah well, Shannon doesn’t get it like I do so… the minute you looked at me, I knew what was wrong. I was just doing what any decent human would do. I knew she wasn’t going to do it herself.”
“Well, I’ll see you around. Go to a class for once in your life.” I said, making Trevor laughed.
“Yeah, okay.” I walked off as I waved, thankful that Bethany trusted me, and Trevor had no issue with us being friends. It took a weight off my shoulders.

After school, I was waiting for Trevor and Matt like usual, this time I was just sitting inside by my locker, working on some homework. They normally take a good half hour before they finally say goodbye to everyone so I figured I would be productive. I was starting to fall behind a little, and I knew for myself that I couldn’t let myself do that in any right mind.
“There you are.” I looked up and saw Matt looking down at me. “Trevor has been looking for you everywhere. He said you’re normally outside waiting.”
“Normally, yeah. But I had some work to catch up on.” I said, shrugging.
“Of course you did…come on.” He gave me his hand, helping me up. We walked outside where Trevor was waiting by the car. We made our way home so I could get ready to go to the gym with Matt; like usual.
Once at the gym, Matt and I really focused on my punches now that my hand was really starting to heal up. It still hurt, but nowhere near as much as it did last week and I really wanted to get this down. It was the one thing I was really doing for myself right now and I really wanted to focus on it.
“You did really great today.” Matt said on our way home.
“Thanks…do you think my kicks are getting better too?”
“Yeah, no there is definite improvement.”
“Okay, good.”
“Why, are you planning on kicking someone’s ass?” Matt joked.
“Yeah, yours.” I joked. He started laughing as we turned onto our street.
“Hey, keep this up, you might just be able to. I mean, you already can out run me.”
“That’s because you can’t run right for shit.” I said, still laughing.
“Now that hurts.”
“The truth hurts.” I was still laughing and Matt was shaking his head while smiling.
We got downstairs and the guys were just finishing setting up for practice. I was putting my stuff down, getting my water, still kind of dying on the inside. But at least this time, we weren’t late since Matt loves to always make us at least 10 minutes late.
“You guys are actually on time.” Tim joked, making everyone laugh.
“Hey, that’s mean; between you and Bethany today, no one is cutting me any slack.”
“Learn to run right and there will be no shit coming from me.” I said, putting my water down.
“Alright so Trevor said Bethany has something to show all of us?” Alex said, getting right down to business.
“Oh shit, yeah. Uh, I like wrote something but if it really sucks you guys can be totally honest.” I said, shaking a little as I handed Matt my math notebook.
“You write this in math? No wonder you’re falling behind.
“I will kick your ass.” I said, making Matt laugh.
“Let me see.” Alex said. The guys crowded around Matt while I sat to the side, mentally freaking out.
“Wait, you legit wrote this?” Trevor asked. I nodded, still quiet.
“This sounds pretty fucking good, you even wrote the music too. That’s really impressive. Should we give it a run through?” Alex asked.
“Yeah, let me make some copies.” Tim said, going for the copier. “Here you guys all go…” Tim said, passing them out. We all went into the studio and Matt and Alex started up the song. I was standing by Trevor as he was going over the words.
“We’re setting fire to the weight that held us down, we’re burning brighter and you’re gonna hear us now, cause were singing wha-ao, wha-ao, this is the road, road, the road to the thrown…” We got through the first chorus before Trevor cut it off.
“You seriously wrote this?” He asked again, turning to me. “Music included?”
“Uh, yes…” I stammered.
“This is fucking good.” Tim said. “I know we only went a few lines in but I like it already.”
“Yeah, same here.” Alex said.
“You did good, kid.” Matt said, rubbing my head.
“Gee, thanks Matt; and thanks guys.”
“So this is our project this week I guess.” Tim said.
“Yeah, this is much better than working on a new cover or just going over what we already have; we needed something brand new.” Matt said. I smiled, really happy I did something good.
For the next 4 hours, we worked on perfecting and learning the song, Road to the Throne. I was really hyped about writing something they liked since, I mean, I wasn’t the best music writer in the world. I could write lyrics no problem, but music, now that is something totally different so I was happy they were happy.
Once 9 hit, everyone started cleaning up and getting ready to go while I was picking up all my gym crap and making my way upstairs. I almost tripped over my own two feet when I saw Sam sitting there, looking really upset.
“Sam?” I said, almost choking on my words.
“Beth, that was some killer shit today, keep it up!” Alex said, slapping my back as he walked out.
“Hey, are you hungry?!” Trevor questioned once he reached the top of the stairs. “Oh, hey Sam, what’s up? Are you hungry? I was gonna make like a frozen pizza or some shit.”
“I just wanted to talk to my sister; thanks though.”
“Yeah sure.”
“Uh, we can talk in my room…” I said slowly as I turned around and she followed me, leaving Trevor in the kitchen. “So uh, what’s going on?”
“Why did you leave?” She asked me once I closed the door.
“Uhm, mom didn’t tell you?”
“Oh she has her version, but I saw how she treated you and Chris so I don’t know if I believe her version and I need to know the truth.”
“Uh, did she tell you me and Chris have a different dad?”
“What, no?”
“Uh yeah, he left when she was pregnant with you. She uh, was abusive towards our dad and she cheated on him with your dad, my step-dad, so uh, yeah my dad left and she got married to your dad not long before you were born. She figured I was young enough to not remember, which for the most part I really don’t but I always knew he wasn’t my father. I found out the actual details one day when she was going at it with Chris screaming about how she wishes our father took us with him and that she hates us.”
“Yeah, and since, you know, she didn’t want us, she made sure we knew it. We got daily beatings so…a teacher at school saw the bruises one to many times and reported it and here I am; Claire took me in.”
“That’s not what mom told us at all but…for whatever reason, you’re story seems much more believable then mom’s. She always tells us that you were a deadbeat and she didn’t want you a child like you so she kicked you out. None of that sounded like the truth, I mean, you worked your ass off all the time to make them happy…”
“I figured she would do something like that. I was just hoping you guys would try to figure out the truth…” I said slowly.
“Yeah, I mean, it’s a wild, out there, story, but honestly, I saw how she treated you guys so like…I don’t know. I felt like something wasn’t adding up. Matthew thought so too, Jacob is still confused as hell as to why you don’t just come home since you always do; or always did.”
“I’m sorry Sam…”
“No, don’t be…I just…I’m happy you’re happy. I mean, you are happy here right, with Trevor and his family?”
“Yeah, I have to say I am.”
“And I heard you were in the band with him and Matt now?”
“Uh that I am.”
“Do you think I could come to a show some time?”
“You’d probably have to ask Claire that…I don’t think mom wants me on the property.”
“Yeah, I can ask her. She let me in so I’m sure she’s around.”
“She normally is…”
“You’re still my sister.” Sam finally said.
“And you are mine; I just didn’t want to…”
“No, I know why you disappeared as quickly as you did and I’m not mad at you, I just honestly really miss you. I had no idea how bad it actually was so I was upset with you for not trying to contact any of us. I needed to know why…”
“Well you know you are always welcome over here.” I said, half smiling.
“Yeah and I will be taking that to heart.” Sam hugged me tightly and I finally started smiling as I hugged her back. “But I should get going before mom starts to question me.”
“Yeah, probably. If you ever need a night away, you’re always welcome here. I typically sleep in Trevor’s room so there is always a room for you here if you need a sister sleep over or just some sister time.”
“And again, I’ll definitely take that to heart. Thank you.”
“Of course.” I said as I walked her out. Trevor was still in the kitchen, sitting on the counter.
“See you around, Trev.” He looked up and waved to Sam as she walked out and then he looked at me.
“Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, everything is going to be okay now.” I sighed. I was good to know that I had my family, or at least my siblings backing me; they understood and I wasn’t going to completely lose all of my family. “She wanted to know what happened because like we all predicted, my mom is trying to fill their heads with lies.”
“Typical; but you told Sam the truth?”
“All of it.” I said, sitting at the table. “So is that pizza almost ready? I’m starving and I’m tired as hell.”
“Yeah, like 15 minutes.”
“Okay, I’m going to shower can you just bring some up when it’s ready?”
“Yeah, of course.” Trevor said.
“Thanks.” I said before walking upstairs to take my shower.
I sighed to myself as I hopped into the shower, finally knowing some things were slowly starting to work out okay. It took one thing off my stress table knowing that Sam was still going to be there for me and I wasn’t losing everyone in my family. I needed them, and I hoped she felt the same for me. It was a lot to handle, constantly wondering how she thought of me. I felt a small weight lift off me after we talked and I needed it; damn did I really need that.

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