Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


22. The Weekend

When I woke up the next morning, Bethany was gone so I had assumed she had gone downstairs to grab coffee. It took me a minute, but I finally got up and made my way downstairs to the kitchen to get some for myself. I was still so groggy but I was trying to get up so I could help everyone prep for tonight.
When I reached the bottom of the stairs the smell of bacon was hitting my nose and I poked my head around, seeing Bethany wearing headphones and singing and dancing to herself as she was making breakfast. I smiled to myself and had a little flash of what my future could be like, seeing this. I shook the thought away pretty quick and walked behind her, hugging her, making her jump a little.
“Morning babe.” She said, pulling out one headphone.
“What’s all this?” I said before kissing her cheek.
“Oh I just figured we should all get some food in our stomach throughout the day so we didn’t all die tonight and I mean, I woke up early and figured why not.”
“Do I smell bacon?” Matt asked, walking in.
“Yes sir, you do.” Bethany said. She had already started piling food high on plates. It was insane. There was a huge bowl of fruit, coffee was made, she just dumped a bowl scrambled eggs into a bowl, the plate of bacon just kept growing, and the toaster just popped with some toast where I saw a plate over there piled high with toast.
“Holy shit.” Bree said, walking in. “I knew something smelt fucking delicious. Literally the only reason I’m out of bed right now.
“Go ahead, dig in.” Bethany said, smiling as she started pouring everyone coffee and giving us each a mug. Within minutes, we were all at the table, shoveling food in as Alexis joined.
“Holy shit…tell me I didn’t miss anything?” We all laughed and Bethany shook her head.
“Nope, plenty more on the counter.”
“Thanks the fucking lord.” She said, going for everything within sight.
“At least we know Bethany isn’t going to let us die easily.” Matt joked.
“You know it.” She said, still smiling.
“Literally, she will be the reason I don’t die from alcohol poisoning tonight.” Bree said before shoveling more food into her mouth.
We all were laughing and enjoying breakfast and like as promised, once we were all done, Alexis and I started cleaning up while Matt, Bree, and Bethany started making a shopping list of everything we needed to get. Chris told me he’d hook us up with the alcohol and to expect a few of his friends, Noah, Mike, and of course, Kyle to come by with alcohol around noon. They were also coming tonight but were also a major source of alcohol tonight and we had already forked over a shit load of money for it too between Matt and me.
Once Alexis and I finished cleaning the kitchen, she went around basically drunk-proofing the house; taking everything that could possibly break and putting it in a safe spot where it couldn’t get broken so our parents didn’t kill us later. They may be laid back as fuck, but they did have some lines that you don’t want to cross. I started wiring the sound system from downstairs to the sound system upstairs so we would have our music.
“Okay, I’m be back; Matt, Bree, and I are going to go get everything for tonight.”
“What are you guys getting?”
“Well definitely a shit load of water and Gatorade, a bunch of different snacks, I plan on ordering food later but I mean…I don’t even know what tonight is going to end up being like so I highly doubt it will be enough so I’m also going to cook some stuff up too. Trying to get some things that are good for a night full of drinking so no one totally dies here. I don’t handle puke well.”
“At least you won’t be the one cleaning it.” I joked as Bethany laughed.
“Yeah, true, but still. But anyway, yeah just a lot of snacks, chasers, mixers, going to get a shit load of paper and plastic dining ware so we don’t make too much of a damn mess there…”
“You literally think of everything.” I pointed out.
“I’m trying. But yeah, we should be back in maybe a little over an hour, okay?”
“Sounds good babe; love you.”
“Love you too.” She said as she waved and walked off.
A half hour later, it was almost noon and I was waiting on Chris’s friends to show up with the alcohol so I could start storing it everywhere. Alexis and I literally cleaned the whole kitchen fridge out and put everything in the garage fridge so we would have the space for everything. We had done this enough times, we knew what we should be doing and how to get everything set up right.
“Hey.” I said, opening the door after hearing a knock. First person I see is Kyle, staring right at me.
“Trevor; this is Noah and Mike; guys, Trevor.” They all nodded as I let them in and went to help them unload while Alexis was covering up the couches with the “party” covers. After every party we got them insanely cleaned but they still came back always looking brand new.
“Hey, just put the stuff in the fridge.” I said, coming back in with a box.
“Yeah, that’s what Alexis said.” Kyle said, turning to me. He was giving me a half glare and I stepped back, putting the box on the ground.
“Uh, what’s up?” I asked slowly.
“Look; you fucked up with Emily; Emily just knew it wasn’t going to happen and accepted it, and I really try not to hold it against you after all you guys have been through, so don’t go fucking up with Bethany too. Dude, just don’t fucking do it. I know enough to know that between my step-sister and her, you can’t do much fucking better.” He said to me.
“Hey guys, home!” I turned and saw Bethany standing there, arms full of groceries. I reached for some and she smiled. “Thank you. Oh, hey Kyle; what are you doing here?”
“Doing you guys a favor per Chris.”
“Oh you know my brother?”
“Yeah; longtime friend. But yeah, see you both tonight.”
“Wait, so you were part of the problem?”
“Always am.” Kyle winked at her making me tense up.
“Uh huh…” She said slowly looking at me. “Well, nice seeing you again. I guess I’ll see you later.” She walked around the island and started unpacking everything as Matt and Bree came in after her, arms both just as full. I went out to check the car and saw that the guys were still bringing in boxes and there were still more groceries to be brought in; tonight was going to be one hell of a night; between the alcohol and Kyle…I knew this was going to be one god damn hell of a night.

“That was quicker than you planned.” Trevor said as Matt and Bree went to go help Alexis after dropping everything on the counters.
“Yeah, we split the list into 3 lists so it went so much quicker; it was great. But uh, why was Kyle here?”
“He was the alcohol delivery guy. I asked Chris if he knew anyone trustworthy and Kyle, Noah, and Mike were the first guys he told me to go too.”
“Right; I don’t really know any of Chris’s friends so…”
“Really? Why not?”
“Uh, obvious reasons; he hung around people who did drugs back when he was around our age and once he cleaned up, mom and dad like never let him leave and never let anyone in the house so…that there explains it all I think.”
“Yeah, Kyle used to be known for being the guy to go to for just about anything. Not so much anymore but either way, let me help you.”
“Thanks.” I started sorting through everything, deciding what the easiest way to go about how I was going to make everything I was planning on making.
After hours of me cooking and just getting everything set up food wise with Trevor, and everyone else setting up the house, we weren’t done until almost 3 in the afternoon. I was already exhausted and was making myself more coffee so I could try and survive tonight.
By the time five rolled around, everyone was helping me get everything set out on the counters- food wise and the delivery guy had already dropped off pizza, wings, everything you could ever want. It was a busy afternoon but I realized if they all went to school, I wouldn’t have been able to get half this shit done so I was very grateful.
By the time six came around and the sun was setting, people were beginning to show up. It was getting packed inside the house, and quick. I was already drinking, trying to mentally prepare myself for how bad, how crazy it was going to get probably within an hour or so.
“Girl, oh my god, this is the best fucking party they’ve thrown yet! Did you plan half this shit?!” Shannon said, coming up to me.
“Yeah, I figured we’d all need to survive somehow.” I tried joking.
“Oh my god, you are a genius!” Drew said, laughing. Everyone was already pretty buzzed at this point and I was still trying to get on their level so I could enjoy myself but I couldn’t drink as quickly as them; it took me longer to get drunk since I drank slower, but I could also handle my alcohol better and last longer than most kids my age.
“HEY SIS!” I turned around and saw Chris with Sam, both smiling and pushing through everyone to get to me.
“Oh my god!” I screamed, shocked, pushing my way to them. “How, what…how?!” I asked as we reached each other and I was pulling them both into tight hugs.
“Trevor invited us!” Sam said. I looked around, not able to see him so I just turned back to them.
“Oh my god…oh my god!” I couldn’t stop repeating myself and hugged them again. “How are you guys?!”
“Hey, a lot better now. I can’t believe this is your wonderful doing; they were never this good at least in a way to help us all not die.” Chris joked.
“Yeah that’s what a lot of people have told me.”
“This looks like so much fucking fun! Oh and this is my friend, Melanie. I told mom I would be with her tonight so…might as well not totally tie.” Sam said, laughing. I started laughing and shook her hand.
“Nice to meet you, Melanie. Well, I mean, everything is in the kitchen so help yourself!” I said, happily. I started looking around for Trevor as they walked off to the kitchen. When I found him, he was with Jax and Logan by the TV joking and playing beer pong.
“Hey!” I said, getting his attention.
“Hey babe!” He landed a sloppy kiss on me, making me smirk. “What’s up?!”
“You invited Sam and Chris?”
“Hell yeah! Are they here?!”
“Yeah, I just spoke with them…you did that for me?”
“Well yeah; you were so upset the other day I wanted to do something nice.”
“Well, thank you.” I said, still smiling.
“YOU’RE UP WALKER!” Logan yelled.
“What?” I said, turning around?
“YOU AND TREVOR; LET’S GO!” Trevor smirked and shook his head.
“Guys, she doesn’t know…”
“Let’s fucking go.” I said, smirking.
“Babe, come on…”
“Oh what, do you think I have no idea what I’m doing? Let’s fucking go.” Trevor laughed and shook his head.
“No ne beats Logan, love, but okay.”
“Challenge accepted!” A few cups in, people started to gather around and call who was playing winner since I was doing pretty well. We were pretty even the whole game and it came down to one cup on both side.
“Okay, you need to make that cup twice for us to win.” Trevor said.
“Okay…” I said, lining up my shot. I closed my eyes and I heard Logan making fun of me for it but I slowly blocked out all sound and then quickly opened my eyes and made my shot.
“OH MY GOD! BABE ONE MORE TIME!” Trevor was yelling. I was screaming and jumping around as he handed me the other pong ball.
“HOLY SHIT!” Everyone was screaming as I made the second shot, giving us the win. Trevor had lifted me up and I was laughing, actually enjoying myself.
For the next hour or so we kept playing until I had gotten tired and traded out teams. Trevor wandered off with Drew so I made my way back to the kitchen to get another drink and something to eat.
“Hey girl, we met Kaylee!” Shannon said happily while Emily, Vienna, and Kaylee were laughing.
“Yeah, she’s great, right?”
“SHE’S GREAT!” Emily yelled after me.
“OOH MY GOD, NOO!” Shannon yelled. We all laughed even more as I poured myself a mixed drink and joined them while I snacked on some chips from the bowl next to me.
“This shit is fucking wild as fuck!” Kaylee said. “Like, I’ve never been to a single party that could add up to this, ever!”
“Right! The Wentworth’s know how to fucking party.” Emily said.
“Hey guys!” We looked over as Matt walked over.
“Hey, where the fuck have you been?!” I questioned.
“Oh shit, there’s more drinking games going on downstairs; like those card games with shots.” Matt said, clearly fucking drunk.
“How did you do?” Shannon asked.
“I lost my pants at one point. I feel like that clears it up the best.” We were all laughing as I watched more people arrive.
“Oh my god…” I said slowly, as I watched Dariah walk in the door. “Be right back.” I said. Everyone turned to where I was looking and you could feel all the stares on me.
“Hey Beth!” Dariah said happily.
“Why the fuck are you here?”
“Hey, it’s a Wentworth party; I have to be here!”
“No one fucking wants you here!” I yelled. I noticed people started gathering around and staring but I didn’t care. Trevor said he didn’t want her here, I knew Matt wouldn’t want to see her, and I sure as fuck was not letting this shit happen. They couldn’t do anything but I sure as hell could.
“Oh, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to tell me I wasn’t invited?” She was taunting me and smirking at me like I was a fucking child and I hated that. Yeah, I was pretty fucking small but I wasn’t going to let someone treat me like that.
“I’m giving you one last chance to fucking turn around and get the fuck out of my fucking house!”
“You’re house? Oh so suddenly your banging Trevor, your parents are beating you, and this is your fucking house?” I could hear people’s gasps from behind me and I felt myself snap.
“You. Fucking. Piece. Of. Shit.” I snapped and I went at her. I threw her into a wall and was punching her over and over as she was screaming.
“BETHANY!” I felt people pulling me off her and people grabbing for Dariah, getting her away from me.
“Bethany! Look at me!” I was only seeing red and Trevor was holding my shoulders and shaking me. “It’s done, she’s gone; Drew and Logan got her out of here…she got in her car and drove away.”
“Fuck her.” I said, pushing him away from me. I was still furious. I grabbed a bottle and just started dumping it into a cup as literally the whole party was watching me; I mean, who would miss that? I started chugging it, trying to calm down.
“Bethany…” Emily said, sitting down in front of her.
“What?” She snapped.

I watched as Emily walked her through breathing exercises and Bethany listened just like she knew what she had to do, she just needed to be told.
“Good now?” Emily said.
“No, but I mean, as good as I can be.” She said calmly.
“Can we look on the bright side here for a minute?” Matt said.
“What?” Bethany asked as we all looked over to him.
“BETHANY YOU GO THOSE PUNCHES ON LOCK!” Matt yelled happily. Bethany cracked a smile and after a minute, started laughing. “I knew you were going to be kicking someone’s ass soon.”
“FUCKING SHOTS FOR THE GIRL THAT GOT THE CRAAZY ASS HOE TO LEAVE!” Shannon yelled. Everyone screamed with Shannon; just like someone would with Logan.
The commotion died down, attention was off Bethany after that and she was hanging out with Aviana, Vienna, Emily, Kaylee, and Sam off in the kitchen for a majority of the rest of the night but you could tell she was enjoying her night. Even after everything that just went down, I knew she was okay; maybe not tomorrow morning but tonight, I knew I didn’t need to worry about her.
The party started dying around 4 in the morning. Some people were passed out on the couches, most people got picked up by their designated drivers, I was helping Bethany up to our room, Bree was locking up, and everything was going just fine.
“Trevor…” She whispered as I laid her down.
“Yeah babe?” I said, looking for a t-shirt for her.
“I’m sorry I ruined your night…”
“What makes you think that?” I asked as I found one. I sat her back up and was helping her undress.
“That shit with Dariah…”
“Babe, you just did what everyone else wanted to do. You ruined nothing and honestly, it isn’t a Trevor and Matt party without something that fucking wild happening.” I said, trying to joke with her.
“Are you sure? I mean, that was pretty…”
“Uh over the top? Scary? Petrifying? Yeah, but you know what, I love you regardless and as I said, we all wanted to do it; you just beat us all to the punch, literally. But I know you were only protecting the people you care about and that’s what matters. It’s not like you picked a fight with like Shannon or something for no reason; you had a reason, you asked her to leave plenty of times; it may have scared me a little but it was more because I didn’t know how to get you to come back down to reality.”
“So you aren’t mad?”
“No, I’m not mad. Let’s get to sleep, okay? We’re both pretty drunk; you a lot more so than I am though.” She giggled and snuggled herself up in the blankets and pillows as I got changed before getting into bed.

When I woke up the next morning, I reached for my Gatorade, still blessed that I still didn’t get hangovers; I just felt wildly lazy and tired but no headaches or nausea to deal with. I slowly got up and went to the bathroom. I washed my face off and made my way downstairs where people were already cleaning up.
“Morning fighter!” Matt said, looking up.
“What’s going on?” I asked, getting coffee.
“Nothing much; Aviana and Vienna went to go get everyone breakfast and as you see, we’re literally cleaning up the house. How do your hands feel?”
“Fine, why?”
“That wild ass fight you got into…” Kaylee said slowly.
“Oh yeah…nope, I feel fine.”
“Shit, I had no idea you had that in you.” Kaylee said.
“Yeah, we’ve been going to the gym 3 times a week and we work on her fighting for self-defense and what not.” Matt said.
“Well that was some serious self-defense.” Kaylee said.
“Hey, we all wanted to do it.” Shannon said. “Bethany just beat us all to it. I mean, who brings up someone’s fucking family like that? I mean, especially with her brother and sister here? I mean, that’s so fucked up. I would’ve fucked her up if Bethany didn’t. No one talks to or about my friends like that.”
“Thanks Shannon.” I said.
“I got you girl, no worries.”
“Literally, hate that bitch. I fucking remember her.” Melissa said, walking in from the living room.
“Don’t we all?” Shannon said, rolling her eyes.
“Literally right here, guys.” Matt said.
“You pick some crazy ass girlfriends.” Melissa said, shaking her head.
“That was your ex?” Kaylee asked, turning to Matt, looking shocked.
“Yeah; she normally leaves us alone but whatever…it’s been handled. I don’t think she’s coming back to bother me.” Matt said, shrugging.
“I’ll fucking kill her.” Shannon and I said together, making us both laugh.
“You two frighten me.” Trevor said, joining us. “Like…I don’t know anyone who would bond and laugh over killing someone.”
“Oh calm down.” Shannon said, rolling her eyes.
“I’m well aware you guys are kidding but still. You guys got that crazy look in your eyes.” Trevor pointed out.
“I’m going to pretend that was not offensive.” I said, trying to joke about it.
“Legit though.” Shannon said, agreeing. I tried cracking a smile but still felt like crap.
“Okay, we are back!” Aviana said, coming in with a couple bags and Vienna behind her. “Oh hey you; how are you feeling?”
“I’m fine.” I said again, still drinking my Gatorade and sitting down on the couch.
“Here you go.” Aviana tossed me a bagel and I dug into it like there was no tomorrow while everyone joined me in the living room to eat; taking a break from all the cleaning.
We all inhaled our food before getting back to the cleaning. Chris and Sam had woken up for breakfast and started helping us after they finished. It was a very quiet morning; you could tell some were more hung-over than others but it was still a rough morning. I felt bad for Matt about Dariah and I could see on Kaylee’s face it bothered her.
“You okay?” I asked her, pulling her to the side.
“Yeah, sure.”
“Don’t lie to me.”
“I just…I don’t know. That was a wild side of you, one, and two, like…how am I supposed to compete with someone who looks like Dariah? I mean, come on!”
“Okay, first, Matt needs someone not like Dariah; hence, you. And I’m sorry, but don’t attack me like that the way she did and no one would have to see that side of me but…it pulled on of my strings.”
“I’m aware; there seemed to be a lot of people here who were willing to kick her ass for you to be honest so you must’ve done pretty well on the friend side of things when you started dating Trevor, finally.”
“You say that every time Trevor comes up, but we are focused on you right now. Look, right now, I know you have a crush on Matt; you don’t know him well enough. But let’s fucking try, forget Dariah even exists, and to be honest, you are so much better than her anyway.” I said, holding her shoulders. She half smiled and nodded at me.
“Okay, I can try.”

After a majority of the hefty cleaning was done, we all crashed in the living room and were watching some movies and still drinking coffee, still hydrating; you know, basically surviving. Everyone was talking and just kind of enjoying the afternoon. Bethany’s friends, her siblings, mine and Matt’s friends, I mean, it was a good time. I realized that after Tuesday and Thursday this week, I really loved doing this and wish I could do this more. It wasn’t always about the drinking like I almost felt like it was a lot of the time. This was just, fun.
After the movie and some relaxing, we all clearly felt a lot better and finished cleaning up. Shannon and Aviana ran all the covers for everything to the dry cleaners, Alexis and Bree were re-setting up the house, Bethany was prepping dinner with my help again, Matt, Kaylee, and Vienna were doing all the basic cleaning, and Chris and Sam were cleaning up all the garbage and recycling and taking everything out.
We were all finishing up as Beth and I had finished dinner. Everyone was grabbing food now that we had all started like really feeling better and we were all inhaling everything in sight. We were all laughing still and joking about the night before, wondering how on earth we got through such a wild ass night.
After we finished eating, Kaylee and Matt stepped up and did all the dishes while I went to go finish up all the laundry since you know, trust no one and nothing after a party; at least that’s what we all followed in this house. Bethany was putting new sheets and pillow cases on everything with the help of Sam while everyone else started either heading home or crashing in the living room all over again.
“You seemed to have fun last night.” I said to Bethany when I got up to our room.
“Honestly, besides Dariah, yeah I did. I mean, I enjoyed kicking her ass, I won’t lie but I mean it was a good night. I think having my friends around made it so much more fun and knowing your friends a lot better definitely helped on that end.”
“Well I’m glad you had fun. You’re okay with Kaylee and Shannon crashing here again?”
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? I mean, they have my room, Chris is crashing on the couch…like who can be mad? I wish Sam could have stayed but I knew that wasn’t really going to happen. It just would’ve been nice to have even more time with her.”
“You can always invite her over whenever and you know that.”
“I know; thanks babe.” She smiled at me as she pulled out her notebook.
“Writing again, huh?” I asked, half laughing as I got into bed next to her.
“Yeah…I guess.”
“You guess?”
“I think it’s going to be something a bit different though.”
“How so?”
“You’ll see.” She smiled and tilted her notebook away from me, making me curious but she respected my space when I needed it when it came to writing so I would do the same for her.

Writing, yes, music, no. I felt like I had so much I was thinking and wanted to say but I didn’t know how so the one thing my English teacher in middle school taught me was to write it all out. In all reality, I was writing a letter to Trevor. Whether I actually gave it to him was still in question but the last week has, the last few weeks actually had been so crazy I had so much I wanted to say to him and thank him for. I just really needed a way to get it out of my head, but in a good way.
After I finished writing, Trevor was already passed out, no surprise. He could not handle alcohol for shit and I thought it was hysterical. I folded up the letter and put it in his nightstand drawer quietly so he didn’t know. I turned the light off at this point and tried to fall asleep but something was telling me it wasn’t going to happen.
After a couple hours of tossing and turning, I went down to the studio to work on the song Trevor was helping me out with. I wanted it to be perfect and I still felt like something in the music, or lyrics was missing.
“Couldn’t sleep?” I looked up and saw Bree standing there. “I thought I heard someone walk by and you know, got curious; it’s usually you or Trevor so…”
“Yeah no, definitely cannot sleep. But I feel like something is missing so I figured I could work on the song Trevor is helping me with…”
“Let me hear it again. I only heard it a couple times but maybe I can help.” Bree said, sitting next to me. I nodded as I started the song over and we both sat there, listening.
“I mean, is it just me?” I asked when it finished,
“No, now that I hear you and Trevor on the track with the music, something is definitely missing. I 100% agree with you on this. Okay…”
For the next couple hours, we worked on the music, changed some of the lyrics, really trying to figure out what we were thinking could be done to fix whatever we thought was missing. We both agreed it wasn’t something huge, just something small that was just…off.
“Bethany? Hello?” I snapped my head up, realizing I fell asleep sitting at the studio chair with Bree on the floor next to me. “Hey sleepy head.” Trevor said, smiling.
“What time is it?”
“Around 10…what were you two doing down here anyway?”
“Oh, fixing some shit with Him & I.”
“Our song? What was wrong with it?”
“We both agreed something small was missing from it; we were trying to figure it out.”
“You’ve turned Bree into someone with good ears for music.”
“It’s pretty easy to be honest. I mean, she did want to learn, she asked me to teach her.”
“Ugh, why wake me up then talk about me?” Bree grumbled. We both laughed and looked down at her.
“Oh, brought you guys’ coffee.” Trevor said, handing us both mugs he had sitting on the stairs.
“Brothers; saving your life with coffee.” Bree said, sitting up. I took my mug and started sipping it, realizing how much pain my neck and back was in from sleeping sitting in a chair and hunched over all night. I don’t even know how the pain didn’t wake me up.
“Fuck…” I said as my back cracked from me stretching.
“Fuck girl; you should’ve slept on the floor with me.” Bree said, shaking her head.
“I agree with you completely but what’s done is done at this point.” I mumbled. Trevor was still smirking at the two of us and shaking his head.
“So, did you fix the minor issue here?” Trevor asked. I looked over at Bree, not remembering.
“Yeah, we got it fixed; the whole song is different; music wise at least. The lyrics are the same still.” Bree said.
“Good news there.” I said, turning back to Trevor. We just need to re-record with the new music.”
“Yeah, that’s fine. We can do that whenever you want.”
“So Drew called you; you left your phone upstairs so I answered; he wants to know how Blank Space is coming along?” Shannon said, walking downstairs.
“Gee, thank you Shannon; but uh, we took this week slow and worked on the other song Bethany wrote for us, and you know, the one she wrote for her and me.” I pointed out.
“Well Drew said you guys need to stop slacking with it; he gave your whole following a teaser; you need to get it done.”
“Is he our manager now?” Trevor joked.
“Hey, Isaac only books shows; we do everything else.” Bree pointed out as Shannon nodded in agreement.
“Facts; thank Bethany for that.”
“Thank you babe.” Trevor said, sarcasm coating his whole voice.  
After breakfast, Shannon and Kaylee left and I was sitting with Chris in the living room, watching TV and just relaxing. Trevor and Matt were cleaning up, true to their promise, and I really enjoyed the relaxing break from it all with my family. Chris was leaving later tonight and I was honestly really upset about all of it because I loved having my family around again.
“You alright?” I looked over and Chris was staring at me.
“Yeah, just like sad you have to go back to school today.” I said sadly.
“Hey, I can always come back and visit as long as Claire and Daniel are cool with it. And I mean, if parties like Friday happen, I’m like really down for this shit.” Chris said, trying to joke. I half smiled, not really in the mood for joking around.
“Yeah, I guess so. I just miss being around everyone and I miss you so much…like you were actually there when no one knew what was going on like as my shoulder to cry on and someone to hold me up. And yeah, I know I have everyone here as my family too but, you are literally my brother and it’s just different…”
“I know it’s different and you probably need time to adjust to it all still, wrap your head around it all, but you’ll get there and as I said, I will always visit if I’m welcome.”
“Okay…” I nodded slowly as he nudged my shoulder. I half smiled and leaned back onto the arm of the couch, trying to calm myself down.
After lunch, late afternoon, Chris left and it was back to just Trevor, his siblings, and I. It was a rough afternoon for me but I knew I was going to be fine. I was downstairs still working on some music while everyone was outside. I just was not in the mood today and they could all tell I wasn’t. I was so grateful they were all so understanding about it and just let me be for a bit since I definitely needed some alone, peaceful, quiet time.
“So how are you doing?” Matt asked, walking in while I was making dinner later that evening.
“I’m getting there. I’m still upset he had to leave but I knew he was going to have to so I mean, yeah it’s just a thing.” 
“Yeah but are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m okay.”
“What level of okay are you at?”
“Seriously Matt?” I asked, looking over my shoulder at him. He smirked and went to sit on the counter next to me.
“Yeah, seriously. I need to make sure you’re all good. Gym date tomorrow before practice?”
“Yeah, of course. I don’t know why that would even be a question.”
“I didn’t know if you, Trevor, and Drew were going to get together and work on your song after school so I wanted to make sure before you stood me up.”
“Have I ever stood you up? You’re the best date ever.”
“True; but I still had to be sure. Are you going to be ready by the time I get home from school this time?”
“I can try. I can’t make any promises; it all depends how distracted I am throughout the day.”
“I guess I can accept that answer.” Matt joked.
“So like what the fuck smells so good?” Bree walked in asking.
“Uh potato soup…” I said slowly.
“Fuck like it smells amazing.” Bree said again. “Do you need any help?”
“I don’t think so…it’s almost ready anyway.” I said slowly.
“I’ll get the dishes then.” Bree said, shoving Matt off the counter. I giggled as Trevor and Alexis came running in just as Bree brought over the bowls for me.
After dinner, I was sitting in bed finishing up my one book of poems; Moon Theory. I was trying to shake of the crappy funk feeling I had but it just wasn’t going away. I had been texting Sam on and off since dinner and she said he had the same feeling going so I knew it wasn’t just me, I wasn’t crazy for feeling the way I was feeling.
“Almost done I see.” I looked up as Trevor walked in, jumping down next to me.
“Yeah, only a few more pages.”
“Feeling inspired?”
“What?” I asked, suddenly curious.
“Well, are you?”
“I don’t know…” I said slowly.
“Come on.” Trevor said, pulling me off the bed.
“Where are we going?”
“Trust me.” Trevor said, smiling. I nodded slowly and followed him right out of the house and to his car.

She needed to breathe; today was one of those days where I knew wanting turned to needing and I wasn’t going to let her feel the way she was. I knew she wasn’t going to say anything either so I was going to surprise her. I had Matt, Alexis, and Bree working on the backyard and I was just driving her around as a distraction so it could all get done. I loved how they were all so willing to help me; to help Bethany out.
“Where are we going, Trevor?”
“Trust me. Just get in.” She slowly climbed into the car and I ran around to the other side before she could jump out.
Just like she showed me her favorite spot, I was going to show her mine. Maybe my place wasn’t as glamorous but it meant a lot to me and honestly I felt tonight was a good night to show her. I mean, not that she hasn’t seen it before but she just didn’t know.
“Why are we at the park?”
“Why are you asking so many questions?” I asked, half smirking as we got out of the car.
“Because…we are at a park…at like 8 at night. What is the point of this?” He was pulling me over to the swings and pointed down at one of them.
“Sit.” I sighed and sat down, pushing the ground with my feet, moving slowly.
“So again, why are we here?”
“Can you just relax for a minute; just take a breath, okay?”
“Okay, sorry…” You could hear how sad she was in her voice, and her face just screamed that she felt bad for peppering me with questions but she finally accepted it and sat there quietly before she slowly started looking around.
“You remember that slide, right?” I finally asked her. She shook her head and looked over at me, clearly confused. “That’s the first place I got the nerve to hold your hand; going down the big slide.” I said, smiling at the silly little memory.
“Got the nerve?” She asked before I shrugged and just kept looking around, remembering all the childhood memories that this place held.
“How about the monkey bars? You always wanted to race to the middle and I would always let you win because it always made you happy. Or the swinging bridge; you would always jump around and laugh at me when I started stumbling around, trying to keep my balance…”
“You remember all of these things? I barely remember all this. I mean, some of it, yeah but not…” I cut her off by reaching over and kissing her.
“And right here was where I kissed you when you were six and I was eight for the first time…”
“I remember that…” She said quietly. “I thought you were just like, I don’t know…being Trevor.”
“Nah, I like coming here. I knew since I was a kid that I liked you too. I just was too dumb to realize how great we could be and tried pushing you to the side. I mean, I wanted to keep you close, but I was too scared to do anything else beyond what we used to be. When I was smart enough to realize what we could be, I was years deep in a relationship that was falling apart that I was trying to save for whatever reason…but I mean, I come here a lot. I like looking back on all our memories here, growing up and it reminds me of everything that I wanted, that I have now, and how I shouldn’t take any of it for granted, ever. Because I mean, someone who would do that it dumb as hell. Just like I was. I like remembering all the innocent times, us making memories growing up, even if some of them are fuzzy to you.”
“I had no idea…”
“Just like you have your mountain, I have my park.” I said quietly.
“I love it.” Bethany finally said. “Thank you, by the way.”
“For what?”
“I don’t know…bringing me here.”
“I just wanted to show you something special.”
“Yeah, special to you so that makes it special to me.” She smiled at me and I kissed her again.
“Okay, ready to go?”
“Nah, we’re just going home but I have something there for you.” She nodded and we headed back to the car.
I was nervous the whole way home. This was the first time I had done anything even remotely romantic for anyone and this was way above and beyond just remotely romantic; as Alexis said, “it takes the cake” and that scared me. I mean, I wanted special, I wanted romantic for her, but it made me so nervous, wondering how she was going to react to all of this. I never have done anything this romantic and our dates honestly aren’t all that crazy so I wanted to mix it up a little.
“Okay…close your eyes.” I said, pulling into the driveway.
“Wait, why?”
“Because it’s a surprise!” I said.
“Uh, okay…” She slowly closed her eyes and I helped her out of the car, led her through the house, and to the back patio.
“Okay…” I said slowly, taking my hands off her eyes. “Open…”

I gasped when I saw what the backyard was transformed into. There were lights hanging from just about every tree, a small table on the patio with candles, the patio railing covered in candles, and soft music playing in the background. The whole backyard looked like something out of a fairytale book, a princess story…
“Want to dance?” I could hear his voice trembling but I smiled and took his hand anyway as he pulled me close to him. I rested my head on his chest as we swayed to the music.
“Why did you do all this for me…?”
“I wanted to do something special for you. I mean, something special that didn’t start with a fight like last time. I wanted to just do something special just because, you know?” I smiled and looked up at him.
“You know, you’re pretty great.” I kissed him and he was still holding me close.
“I really try…”
“I don’t think you have to try.” I said softly as I leaned my head back on his chest.
After a few more minutes, we sat down and he kicked his feet up, making me laugh since I knew this was probably the most cuteness I was going to get out of him for the night. He started talking to me and handing me little cheese squares and a glass of wine; I was trying not to act surprised about how someone, or him, went out of their way to find like the good cheese. You know, me, being a fucking cheese addict or some shit, obsessing over the little shit.
“You are really fucking focused on that cheese.” Trevor joked.
“Well…yeah, sort of…”
“Yeah you haven’t listened to a single word I said for the past 5 minutes.”
“Shit, I’m so sorry…”
“I called Melissa; she told me the kinds you liked. While we were gone, Bree went to go get it while Alexis helped set all this up. It’s really hard to surprise you now since you live here.” Trevor joked, smirking at me.
“My family must like you or something.” I started laughing and looked back over at him.
“You really are just…something great, Trevor.” I said. I knew he felt the sincerity in my voice. I watched him kind of lose focus before he ran his hands through his hair and sat back in his chair again.
“Yeah, well…I’m aware.”
“And you ruined it.”
“Sometimes I just have to.” Trevor was smirking at me and I knew he was right. He wouldn’t be him if he didn’t ruin some of the cute moments we had and honestly, I loved him for it even though it drove me fucking insane.

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