Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


21. The Week Before The Weekend

I was doing a light run at the gym and just couldn’t stop thinking about literally everything that was going to go on this week. The practices were gonna be pretty easy according the Matt; working on new music, new covers, stuff like that, I didn’t need to cram all my school work but we all know I probably would anyway, and the party this weekend. For once, it almost felt like a normal high school weekend for me at least.
On the way back from the gym, Matt was going on and on about how great this weekend was going to be while I sat there quietly. I was kind of nervous for this weekend to be honest. I mean, this time would be a little different since I was able to invite my friends too but I was still nervous. I had never really been able to get comfortable at a house party so I was just worried it was just going to be the same even though it was different at the same time. And I also know Matt and Trevor; they always throw the craziest parties; without a damn doubt.
When we got to band practice, we were, as usual, 10 minutes late and everyone was waiting for us. The guys were all sitting in the studio going over some ideas when we joined. I was sitting their quietly as they all went back and forth on what to do next and ideas.
“Bethany?” I looked up and Alex was staring at me.
“What’s up?”
“You haven’t had a single thing to say this whole time.” Alex said.
“Oh shit, sorry; uh what were we talking about?”
“Shit Beth, are you okay?” Matt asked me.
“Yeah, sure. What was the question?”
“The question was how is the music coming along for the song you and Matt have been working on, but Matt said he stopped working on it cause you had it under control so…” Alex said, clearly annoyed.
“Oh, it’s finished; here.” I pulled the song out of my gym bag and handed it to him.
“That was quick.” Trevor added in. I shrugged it off and leaned back on my hands.
“Yeah, well all I needed was some pointers from Matt and I pretty much had it down.”
“Trevor said he pretty much had all the lyrics done so we can get working on this, yeah?” Tim said.
“I never learned the lyrics.” Matt and I both pointed out.
“Well Trevor can work with Bethany on lyrics, we can get the music down then throw you in on vocals later.” Alex said. “I think that’s the best way to do it.”
“Yeah, getting the music down first agreed.” Matt said.
“Think you can handle learning lyrics, Beth?” Alex asked, turning to me.
“Sure.” I said, nodding. “Like, am I supposed to say no or something?”
“Sarcasm; funny.” Alex joked.
“I’m full of it.” I said as we Trevor and I headed out of the studio into the main room while Matt, Tim, and Alex worked on the music.
“You sure you’re okay?” Trevor asked me once we were outside the studio.
“Yeah, just got a lot on my mind; nothing bad though but apparently distracting. But anyway; the lyrics, you finished them?” Trevor nodded and unfolded papers he pulled from his pocket. We started going over them, where I would come in, Trevor would be, and where Matt would be; you know, the usual.
After practice, I was sitting in the living room working on my school work since I got almost none done today since I decided getting a tattoo was more important. I needed to get something done or I would feel like a slacker. I had my tea with me and the TV on quietly, playing one of my favorite movies, Safe Haven.
“Are you coming up?” Trevor asked, sitting next to me.
“Oh sure, in a little bit though; I didn’t do much of this today, just a couple elective courses so I want to get through at least half of an actual class tonight.” I said, barely glancing up.
“Okay, well I’m going to try and get some sleep. Today was rough after going to the concert last night.”
“Okay babe; good night, love you.” I said, giving Trevor a quick kiss.
“Love you too babe; don’t stay up too late.” I smirked up at him and laughed.
“Okay; I’ll be up in a bit.” He nodded and kissed my forehead before walking upstairs, leaving me to my school work.
I was up until about 11 doing school work and half ass watching my movie. I had finished my math course completely for the week and had finished up the last couple minutes of my movie before heading upstairs. Trevor was still awake and looked up when I walked in. I smiled at him as I tossed my laptop onto the chair and changing into pajamas.
“I thought you would be sleeping by now.” I said as I crawled into bed.
“Yeah, I did too but I guess my body had other ideas.” Trevor joked. I laughed as I took a book out of my nightstand. “Did you finish anything tonight?”
“Oh yeah, all my electives and math. I guess I’m moving quicker than I thought I was through the classes.”
“That’s not a bad thing; get them done and over with before this weekend!”
“You’re way too excited about this.” I mumbled.
“Well have you invited anyone? I mean, besides the obvious Emily, Shannon, Sophie, Aviana, and Vienna crew?” Trevor asked.
“No…I was thinking about Collins, Mikayla, and Kaylee though. I would like to invite Melissa but would that cause problems with your Aunt Jill and Uncle Tyler?”
“No, probably not; they know how laid back my mom is so…it shouldn’t be an issue.”
“Okay, so then probably Melissa too. I wouldn’t mind if Taylor came either to be honest.”
“Really, Logan’s sister?
“Yeah, I really got along with her and her friends when we went to Logan’s for a party that Jax hosted; which by the way, still makes no sense to me.”
“Yeah, that’s how they are though. But I mean, I can give you Taylor’s number if you want to text her.”
“Whose number don’t you have?” I joked.
“I have everyone’s number. I need to keep myself in the loop since you took my center of attention position in this world.”
“Oh yeah, that was totally my intention.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“I’m just saying; I’m pretty upset that everyone only wants to be around you now. Do you know how many people a day ask me how you are and tell me how much they miss you daily? Like so many times; that’s all I hear anymore.” I laughed as I settled back into bed, getting comfy and opening my book. “Oh what’s that?”
“Oh, one of my books. Do you not know what a book is?”
“Okay, miss sassy over here; what book?”
“It’s called See Me.”
“That’s too large for me to even contemplate reading.”
“I’m well aware.” I laughed. He made it too easy to make fun of him.
“Jesus, I can’t get away with anything with you, can I?”
“I’m sure Aviana get you while you’re at school too.”
“She does; between the two of you I can’t get away with anything.” I looked down at Trevor who was facing me, slightly propped up on his elbow.
“It’s out of love…at least from me. I couldn’t tell you what it is with Aviana; it really all depends on her mood to be honest.”
“I’m well aware. But anyway, are you going to be up for a bit more? Should I leave my side light on?”
“Oh no, you can turn it off; get some sleep. You need it.” I said.
“Will you still be able to see your book with just your light?”
“I’ll be fine babe; thank you though.” He smiled at me before turning his light off and snuggling into my side as I turned my attention back to my book.

When I woke up the next morning, I noticed Bethany wasn’t next to me but coffee was waiting for me, still hot. I grabbed it and noticed the window was pushed open. I got up and walked over to the window where I saw Bethany humming along to the new song we were working on while playing guitar.
“Good morning.” She looked over at me and smiled but kept going. I crawled out the window to sit next to her as I started singing along with her. “Did you get any sleep?” I asked when she finally finished the song.
“No, not really. I couldn’t really get comfortable. But I mean, I got science finished for the week and I think I broke down a good portion of the lyrics; like where we should all be going here.”
“Did you now?”
“Yeah, I was out here for the past couple hours playing the song and figuring it all out to be honest.”
“You can’t seem to save anything for practice, can you?” She started laughing and the light reflected off her eyes and I couldn’t help but smile at how she looked like she was practically glowing.
“I mean, this is what I like to do; it’s relaxing to me so…I have no issue working on music no matter the time or day. I don’t need a designated time or days to work on this stuff.”
“Saves us all a lot of troubles; we just need to agree with you and honestly I don’t think anyone has disagreed with something you’ve come up with yet.” I pointed out.
“Yeah well…I’m still new so…”
“No, I think it’s going to be a thing; you really are fucking good at this stuff; none of us were joking when we originally wanted you to join.”
“I’m sure…you all sounded way too excited about it. But don’t you need to get ready for school?”
“Yeah, sure; but I can spare a few extra minutes to sit here with you.” She smiled over at me before going back to the song. I sat next to her just watching as she scribbled things down while playing. I knew she was something pretty damn special.
At lunch, everyone was already talking about this weekend; what everyone was bringing, who was going, who was inviting who, and I knew this shit was going to get out of hand real damn quick but part of me didn’t even care. Part of me was worried how Bethany was going to handle being around this since she made it very clear she wasn’t even excited for this party. Oh and throw in the fact she knows the house parties Matt and I throw are always the biggest and craziest; she knew this and hands down would probably end up dipping at some point to get peace and quiet. I actually wanted her to stay, try and actually enjoy it. I know she made it through Jax’s and Logan’s last party but I know she wasn’t fully having fun. I wanted her to have fun and make memories that would be dumb as all hell but they would end up being a funny story in the long run.
“You okay?” Vienna asked me, leaning over.
“Yeah just trying to figure out how the hell to make Bethany actually stick this party out and actually enjoy it. She hates them and was less than happy when I told her we were having a party this weekend and realized she wasn’t able to escape to your house.”
“Ah, typical; but I mean, that’s just Bethany for you. She may come around this time since she has friends coming to this one.”
“Yeah, but just so you know, if you’ve ever heard about Logan’s and Jax’s parties…this one will probably be a thousand times worse. For whatever reason they always go extra hard and get extra crazy when it’s me and Matt hosting…”
“Somehow, that really doesn’t surprise me but I’ll try to brace myself and try to help Bethany actually have a good time.”
“Thank V; appreciate it a lot.”
“No problem. But that means you don’t make her clean up any shit if you’re making her go through this.” Vienna said, pointing at me.
“Damn; okay, that’s a deal.”
“Good. Not cleaning will probably be a selling point for her on staying.”
“Fucking shit, Vienna…”
“I’m just saying. She doesn’t mind cleaning until it’s over the top; you and Matt are very over the top.”
“Good point…okay, still a deal.”
“Good.” Vienna smiled and went back to her lunch while I was only shaking my head.

I spent the morning working on my history class; might as well stay really ahead and really have a long ass weekend at this point. I had all my electives, math, and science done so why not? I was also drinking my coffee, second cup at this point, and texting my friends about the party this weekend so I wasn’t going to be all alone in a damn corner, or at least only hanging out with a couple people. I wanted to be able to actually enjoy this and I was going to try my hardest to do so for Trevor since this clearly was really important; to have a killer weekend off.
After I finished off my history class, I noticed I had an email from Drew and he had also been blowing up my phone, which was weird seeing as he was supposed to be in school. I sighed and texted him only for him to call me again.
“Aren’t you in school?” I asked.
“Yeah, but I knew you were home so I’m outside with Trevor right now; clearly trying to get in touch with you.”
“Okay well I answered; what’s this email?” I asked as I opened it.
“It’s the attachments to the All I Know cover, the Maps cover music videos, and the be honest, one that you may or may not like; I uploaded them to YouTube and your web page. Watch them and call me back and let me know what you think.”
“Okay, I will do so right now.” I was kind of curious about the last one that just had my name but I decided to save that one for last right now.
“Thanks girl.” I hung up and watched the cover music videos and was really impressed before I finally grew the balls and watched the one with only my name.
Once I started watching it, I realized it was the last couple shows I had done an intermission and opened for them all in one video. I didn’t even know Drew was videotaping me during these shows but honestly I was surprised how easily it was for me to get into the music while on stage. I was actually smiling the whole time I was watching this and to be honest, when I saw what it was, I didn’t think that would be my reaction.
“Hey, so how did you like them?” Drew asked when I called him back.
“The covers were great.” I said. “And honestly, I really like the last one; more than I thought I would once I realized what it was.”
“Yes!” I heard Trevor yell in the background.
“Okay so now I just need you guys to stop slacking on Blank Space so I can get that one uploaded since now your whole fan-base has a sneak preview of it.” Drew said.
“Yeah, sure. But uh, why isn’t his ass in class? I could care less about what you’re doing but his ass should be in class.” I said, joking around.
“He said that he’s in nature class in the parking lot; he’s learning about fresh air.” Drew said, laughing. I started laughing too, knowing he probably had that prepared since he knew I would ask.
“Okay well tell him I’m working on a new song and since we have all this extra time this week, it’s a Bethany song with just him on it and I need him to work with me today and Thursday if he doesn’t have plans.”
“Wait, you’re writing a new song?!”
“Oh hey babe.” I said, realizing Trevor was either now on the phone or I was on speaker.
“Hey; what’s the new song about?”
“You’ll see; I’m about to go start messing with some music but I started it last night when I couldn’t sleep too.”
“Damn; you were busy last night when you didn’t sleep.”
“Yeah, a bit. But this is a little different than what you’re used to so be prepared.”
“Yeah if it’s a Bethany song, I assumed so.” Trevor said.
“Okay well is it cool for you to help me out Tuesday and Thursday or did you have plans?”
“No, I’m free.”
“Cool; Drew can come too.”
“Why me?” Drew asked.
“You want more shit for your application to college?”
“Well yeah…but all I got is your music videos…”
“Okay, so get one of the music video and song in progress; it’s a little different but still kind of the same so it slowly helps you branch out a little.”
“Wait, applications?” Trevor asked.
“Yeah dude; she’s a good listener. Oh and I also created your own tab on the new web page with Shannon too so that video of you performing is on there. We can figure out what else we can get on their later, cool?”
“Works for me.” I said, nodding to myself. “Okay well I’m heading down into the studio so I’ll see you guys later.”
“Bye!” They both yelled as I hung up and made my way downstairs.
I spent the rest of my afternoon downstairs messing with different kinds of music as I sang the song to see what would work best but I honestly needed Trevor for all of this if he was going to help me after realizing what kind of song this was since it wasn’t his style at all. I assumed he would do it no matter what since I knew he could kind of rap but I didn’t know how well so this was all to be seen in a couple hours when he got home.
“Hey girl.” I looked up, surprised to see Shannon and Vienna.
“Hey guys; what are you doing here?”
“Oh, Drew said he was coming over cause you were helping him grow his portfolio and that Trevor was gonna feature on one of your songs so I figured Vienna could help with work on the web page and shit since we added a whole new page. Drew and I kind of rushed it so…it doesn’t look great so far. But we’re also thinking we need some Bethany music videos to add on here.” Shannon said.
“Bethany music videos?”
“Yeah, like real ones though; not studio ones. That’s clearly the band thing and you need your own thing.” Vienna added in.
“Uh okay then…I guess we can do that at some point.”
“Yeah, that’s part why Vienna is here too; she’s going to write up some ideas and scripts and direct them. And Drew can do those too.” Shannon said.
“Wow you guys are clearly getting into this over here.”
“Oh hell yes; we need to. This is going to be the best shit ever!” Shannon said happily.
“Hey guys; I see you beat us here.” Drew said as him and Trevor came down the stairs.
“I told you we would.” Shannon said.
“She did.” Vienna said, smirking. I saw the flirt in her eyes and suddenly I got an idea.
“You know, Vienna, I don’t need to be the star of all these videos, right?”
“No, I can mix it up a bit.”
“Cool.” I said, still smirking. “Anyway, Trevor; this is what I have so far music wise and lyric wise…I mean the lyrics are pretty much set. I may want to tweak it a little but not much. It’s the music I really need to get down but here’s what I have.” I hit play and he was listening as Drew was getting ready.
“Shit, okay so yeah definitely different than what I am used to here…but I’m fucking in anyway. This could be awesome.”
For the rest of the later afternoon into evening, we were working on the song, Drew was videotaping us, Shannon was working on the web page, and Vienna was working on her soon to be discovered directing skills and writing skills. Overall, a really productive afternoon in my eyes. I was really excited about all the new stuff going on and how Trevor was willing to branch out a little to help me. I figured it would end up being really fucking awesome when it was all said and done.
“Hey guys, dinner.” Matt said, coming downstairs. We all wrapped up what we were doing and cleaned up before heading upstairs. Claire had places set for everyone as we all sat down ready to inhale whatever Claire made.
“So what the hell is going on that everyone is like going Bethany and Trevor crazy right now?” Bree asked.
“Oh, I asked him to feature on a Bethany song.” I said, talking in third person. Everyone laughed and looked over at Trevor.
“And you agreed?” Alexis joked.
“Yeah; something different won’t kill me, you know? And it’s actually really good.”
“So why the hell you two here?” Matt said, motioning to Shannon and Drew.
“Wow, rude.” Shannon said, throwing up her hands. WE were all laughing before Shannon answered.
“I’m here because I’m fixing up your website again since we added Bethany’s tab finally. Vienna is working on ways we can get more shit on her section of the site so…we’re going to be working on music videos for her.”
“She’s helping me expand my portfolio.” Drew said, shrugging.
“Damn, so everyone is busy as hell down there.” Bree said, still laughing.
“Yeah, are you two up for another project?” I asked, looking at Alexis and Bree.
“What? You want help with the music videos?” Alexis asked.
“Hell yes!” I said happily.
“Well duh; we would do anything for you.” Bree said.
“You don’t even get me a fucking glass of water when you’re sitting next to the sink but you’ll take fucking hours to work on a fucking video?!” Matt announced.
“Yeah, you’re not Bethany.” Alexis said making everyone laugh all over again.
Dinner was just a whole lot of fun. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. And after dinner, we all gathered in the living room to watch Footloose. It was good to have a productive and yet relaxing day with friends, all while snuggled up with Trevor. I needed this more than I thought I could have.
After everyone left for the night, Trevor and I were sitting out on the roof outside our room. We were sitting quietly just listened to the bugs and looking at the stars. It was just so peaceful, I didn’t want this perfect night to end.
“Today was perfect.” I whispered.
“You had fun?”
“Yeah; I mean, a good productive day music wise, a fun dinner and movie with friends...right now, here with you, I mean, today is the definition of a perfect day.”
“I’m surprised you made it through the day without napping since you didn’t sleep last night.” Trevor joked.
“Yeah, same here but I guess I kept bus enough, I didn’t need to nap.”
“But I agree; today was a really great day and this just makes it better.” I smiled at him as he pulled me to him, kissing my forehead.
“I wish we had more time to just relax like this…” I whispered as I leaned my head on his shoulder.
“I do too but…look at it this way; if we did this all the time, we wouldn’t enjoy it as much like we do now since we would be able to do it all the time.”
“I hate when you’re right.” I felt Trevor laugh softly
“Yeah but days like today don’t happen all the time. I mean, time with friends, working on stuff we all love, a fun dinner, a nice movie, and now just us…I mean, I see what you mean by their need to be balance now.”
“What do you mean?”
“Like…balance; time with friends, time together with friends, and time just together; today showed me how important all that really is and I loved it. I got all three in one day and it felt amazing. I wish I could have that every day but as I said before; we wouldn’t appreciate it as much if it was something we could do every day, all the time. There’s the separation…and I know it sucks sometimes but at the end the of day, it’s the best thing ever at the same time.”
“You know, you’re starting to get the hang of this.” I joked.
“I mean, it’s all thanks to you; showing me how great everything can be when you just…learn how to do it the right way.” Trevor said, kissing my head before lifting my chin with his finger and kissing me softly.
“I love you…” I whispered.
“I love you too, babe.” Trevor said, kissing me again.
We stayed outside for a little longer just holding each other before actually heading back inside. It was too peaceful and you could tell neither of us wanted it to end, we just knew at some point it had to since we both needed the sleep.

Wednesday. It was finally halfway through the week and only two more days until the weekend and the party. I was dreading the next couple days since it felt like this whole week was just dragging on. I wanted to just call it quits for the rest of the week and stay home with Beth. I felt like I needed a damn vacation.
“You look lively this morning.” I winced hearing that voice, knowing exactly who it was.
“What do you want, Dariah?”
“Well I heard there is a party this weekend and you know I never miss one.”
“That was like before you and my brother broke up; you are no longer invited to my house. Logan, Jax, that’s on them, but not my place.”
“That’s no fun; you guys always threw the best parties though.” She was pouting at me like it was supposed to help her case but this bitch honestly just angered me.
“No, Dariah; now please go the fuck away.”
“Not until you say yes to me!”
“He said go the fuck away.” I turned and saw Bethany standing there, only very shocked. “So walk the fuck away, bitch.”
“Excuse me?!”
“Oh Dariah, you are a fucking bitch and we all know it and honestly if I punch you it will only get me kicked off school property since I don’t go here anymore. Walk the fuck away and no, you are not welcome to the fucking party. We don’t like lying ass, cheating ass, bitch ass hoes in our house.” I smirked as I watched Dariah turn red and noticed how everyone started to slow down and stare. “I said walk the fuck away.” Dariah with that, stormed off and Bethany smiled at me.
“Why are you here?”
“How’s your day going?” She asked, kissing me.
“Uh, it’s better now, but again, why are you here?”
“Oh I just came to finish getting the rest of my stuff that I have been putting off for the past week since I didn’t want to come back. But now I’m getting emails about how I’ll need to pay hundreds of dollars for the textbooks if I don’t return them, so here I am.”
“Well, okay. I think I can live with that being the actual reason you are here.” I said happily as all our friends slowly started showing up, all excited to see Bethany. It was almost funny to be honest. I loved how for maybe one last morning, I would get this. I never got my last day of this with her since it was just a bomb drop; at least this way I had my one last morning of her being the center of attention and me just being here, watching her, and just loving every minute of what I wished our mornings still were.
After the bell rang, I sat with Bethany at her old locker for a while before she even started going through it. We were talking about the memories and how much she missed this and how she didn’t even know it until she walked in the doors. I knew it wasn’t going to change anything but I was okay with this; this was a good morning to me.
“How are your classes for this week coming along?”
“I’ll be finishing French and English up today and I’ll be done; long weekend for me here.” She said, smiling.
“Lucky you…I still have today and two more days after this.”
“Sucks, huh?” She joked. I smiled at her and nudged her with my shoulder.
“You know, I miss this.”
“Hey, you get the snuggles and talk at home now.”
“Yeah, but I liked knowing I was going to be able to see you after class and hanging out right here for a bit before and after class and I don’t know…it was a good break in my day. Now I just have all my obnoxious ass friends.” I joked.
“Yeah, but they’re pretty great too.”
“Yeah, but I still miss you.”
“You’ll see me at home. But either way, I need to start getting these back to my teachers so…I’ll see you later.” She kissed me before getting up and going through her locker, pulling out all her stuff.

After I finished returning all my crap from school and lugging the rest of what was mine to my car, I sat there for a minute taking it all in. Except for my exams, this would be the last time I would step into that school. And honestly, I was almost at mid-term point if I kept going through courses the way I was. It was bitter sweet when I was finally able to get myself to drive away. It was nice though to see every one, one last time all in school together. I know I would see them all this weekend but there was something special about seeing them all here; the only place that we saw each other every day for sure.
When I got home, I dragged my stuff inside and saw Claire beginning to pack. She looked up and smiled at me, seeing my face. She came over and gave me a hug as I hugged back, tightly, trying not to cry. I was a little more upset about this than I really thought.
“Bitter sweet, huh?” She asked as she let me go.
“It really was…” I said slowly, wiping away a couple tears.
“It makes seeing them outside of school more special; just remember that. And when that isn’t enough, they are always a phone call away if they aren’t already here.” Claire half joked. I laughed and nodded.
“You’re right.”
“Okay, so I’m actually leaving tonight, earlier than planned. So do something for me, please?”
“Please keep them fed. You’re the only other one in this house who cooks something other than pizza rolls. Also, tell all of them I called them all out of school on Friday; I figure if I get to play hooky from work, they can from school for one day. But only Friday; I said we were all going to see their father. But I didn’t tell them that yet. My taxi is going to be here soon. But just call if you have any questions; I’m leaving you in charge since you’re the most responsible.” Claire joked. I started laughing again and nodded.
“Anything for you, mom.” She smiled and kissed my head. I just realized I had called her mom, not Claire, or ma like I normally would.
“Thank you sweetie. I’ll be out of here in a little bit.” I nodded and went up to my room to finish off my classes then go through the rest of this crap to see what I actually needed and what I didn’t; oh and to process that I actually called Claire my mom…

When I got home, Bethany was assed out in bed. I looked over at Matt who was with me since he was supposed to be going to the gym with her, but now we didn’t even know what she was doing.
“Shit, we thought you were sleeping…” Matt said slowly.
“Are you okay?” I asked her. She was sitting up now, looking pale as fuck.
“What’s wrong?” Matt asked.
“Why do you keep like emphasizing that she’s our mom?” Matt asked.
“BECAUSE SHE ISN’T MY MOM!” Bethany was yelling, and we were both still really confused on what was going on.
“Did you call our mom your mom?” I finally asked. She sighed and nodded.
“Okay, well she is and has been for years.” I pointed out. “Just because she didn’t give birth to you changes nothing. She is a mother figure to you and that’s normal to think that.”
“Fuck off. By the way, mom said you guys don’t have to go to school on Friday. She already called you guys out.”
“Wait, hold on; just like that, you’re fine?” Matt asked.
“Yeah, I just needed someone to tell me I wasn’t crazy. And you know, I had to tell Trevor to fuck off since I haven’t in a long time. It’s been really building.” I rolled my eyes and smiled.
“You’re a fucking piece of work.” I said.
“Yeah, so are you. But yeah, you guys don’t need to go to school on Friday and apparently I’m supposed to fucking feed you all so I can’t go to the gym tonight. I have to get dinner ready. We can go Thursday night.”
“Excuse me? Did you just make plans for me?” Matt joked.
“Yup, I did. And seriously though…I need to make dinner before practice so none of you food fiends go hungry since none of you can cook and mom left this afternoon.”
“Wait she already left?” I asked.
“Yeah, she got a flight today instead of Friday morning so…yeah, she left already.”
“Wait, you cook?” I asked, kind of surprised.
“Who the fuck do you think makes our meals when mom’s working nights?” Matt asked, turning to him.
“Shit, I didn’t know…”
“You’re fucking clueless.” Beth said, rolling her eyes. “Now please let me nap before I have to cook shit for all five of us. I was not mentally prepared for this shit.
“When do you want me to wake you?” I asked.
“Shit like 4:30 ish.” She said, already snuggled back up in bed.
“Okay, no problem…” I said, quietly closing the door and turning the light off for her so she could relax.
I went to the living room to tell Alexis and Bree what mom told Beth and they were beyond pumped too, to not have to go into school Friday. I mean, all of us want to sleep in so we could go really hard Friday night; that’s what we were all about.
After finishing off whatever Bree and Alexis were watching, Matt and I started playing video games while they just sat there and talked about who they invited Friday. This is why; this was literally why parties here got way too crazy. There are four of us, we all have different friends, in different grades, and all in different schools so it was never a quiet night if we were throwing a party. It was a good thing we lived in a more secluded neighborhood or we would be fucked, badly, more than once.
Once 4:30 rolled around, I headed upstairs only to find Bethany already awake and sitting up. She looked like hell and I couldn’t figure out why. She said she was fine after her mini panic attack earlier today so I was a little worried at this point. She looked up at me and I saw how sunken in her eyes looked and how miserable she looked and immediately went over to her.
“Babe what’s going on…?”
“I don’t know…I just, I miss my family…” She whispered quietly. “I know it wasn’t a good place for me to be but shit, Sam, Matthew, Jacob, Chris…I miss them all so much…”
“Well then, invite them over Friday.”
“All of them? Seriously? My mom would never allow them all to come here for a party.”
“You’re siblings don’t need to tell the truth. And honestly, Sam is a solid liar.”
“Yeah, and probably the only one who would be able to get here.”
“Okay, so invite Sam. I know it isn’t all of them but it’s someone.” I said quietly as I rubbed her back.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right…”
“Yeah, come here.” I pulled her into a hug and she clung to me a little. “Have you just been up here along crying about this the whole time we were downstairs?”
“Yeah sort of…I mean after I slipped and called Claire my mom, I mean, mom, she is but you know what I mean, I realized just how much I really did miss my family and I needed to see them.”
“I’m sorry babe…” I whispered, suddenly feeling bad.
“It isn’t your fault. I’m not mad. I probably needed that good period of time to cry it out to be honest. I should get started on dinner now though.” She whispered.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I need to get out of bed. Literally all I did today was finish my classes for the week, go through school shit, sleep, and cry.” 
“Okay babe.” I said, helping her up. She still looked miserable but she knew what she needed. I followed her into the kitchen as she started pulling out stuff for pasta and sauce. I offered to help and she gladly accepted. She started the water while she taught me to make sauce from scratch and weirdly, I enjoyed doing this with her.
After dinner, Alex and Tim had showed up and we were all in the studio working on the new song still, getting it slowly put together. Beth and I had pretty much figured out the lyrics and the guys were finishing up the music aspect to things and it was coming together great. Since Beth and I finished early, we started working on the song she was writing for herself. This is what made not having a show great; we literally were in no rush to finish something new, cramming our brains, and could do some other music related stuff too. Honestly, to me, these were the best practices.
After Alex and Tim left, Bethany headed back up to bed while Matt and I cleaned up the kitchen. If Bethany was going to feeding us this whole week, the least we decided we could do was clean up for her.
“So I texted Chris and Sam; I invited them to the party.” I said.
“Shit, seriously?”
“Yeah, when I went to go wake Bethany up, she was crying. She misses her family and honestly, Sam and Chris should get to see her. I mean, she should see her family too but Matthew and Jacob are still kinda young to be coming to our parties.”
“I agree with that 100%.”
“Yeah, but she’s really upset. Chris said he would come for the weekend and stay here since he doesn’t want to go home either and Sam said she would just tell her mom she was staying with a friend of hers. I just told her to bring her friend with her since it’s going to be a party.”
“Smart. So Sam isn’t totally lying either.” Matt joked.
“Seriously though.” We finished up the dishes and I headed up to the bedroom where I found Bethany sitting up, reading her book that she was now halfway through.
“Thanks for helping with dinner and the dishes.” She whispered slowly, looking up.
“Hey, I actually enjoyed learning how to cook something and the dishes is no problem. I already promised Vienna I wouldn’t make you clean a single thing while mom is gone.” Bethany half smirked and shook her head.
“Typical Vienna there. But still, thank you.”
“Of course babe. How’s the book?”
“It’s really good…how’s the music for Blank Space coming?”
“It’s getting there. I’m thinking of starting it off calmer than building it up and not just jumping all in.”
“I like that idea, as long as you can get it to sound good.” I laughed since I knew that was her trying to joke her way through her emotions right now.
“You know, you don’t need to use humor as a way to hide what you feel. You can tell me anything and honestly, I know you’re emotions are through the damn roof. I have known you a long ass time now.”
“Yeah, I know. I just…its force of habit I guess.”
“Yeah, I’m sure. But come here.” I slowly took the book from her, putting the bookmark back and pulling her too me. I reached over and turned her light off and kept her close to me. She sighed into my chest, and I knew she needed this. I knew her; I heard her say more than a thousand times that after a really rough day all she needs is a really good hug and someone to hold and listen to her and that’s what I was going to do; hold her tightly all night.

I spent my day Thursday prepping dinner and finishing my book. I didn’t have much to do other than that. I cleaned up the living room and our bedroom but that didn’t take long at all. I wasn’t up to going anywhere, and I knew after school Vienna, Shannon, and Drew were coming over to continue Tuesdays work. I needed some laid back, relaxing time before I knew shit was going to get crazy later tonight.
When everyone got back from school, it was right down to the studio. Trevor and I had worked on the song a little without Drew so there was a bit of progress and a lot less editing for Drew to do later on in this process; cutting a shit load of unnecessary crap.
“Okay, so first run through of the music?” I finally said.
“Let’s do it!” Trevor said, hitting play. We listened to the music as Trevor and I went along with it, test running it- no recording.
“That sounds fucking sick!” Bree said joining us downstairs. Okay, so you guys get in the studio; Beth showed me how to work all this.”
“Really?” Trevor asked, turning to me.
“Yeah, I needed someone’s help and Bree was here so I taught her. You ready to do the first test-run that’s recorded?” Trevor smiled and nodded and we went into the studio. Shannon and Vienna stopped what they were doing to watch and Drew came into the studio with us to record.
We did two run through’s of the song- one with Drew in the studio with us and another with him behind the glass with Bree so he could get it from her point of view. We called it quits for the night after that since I still had to make dinner but everyone still stayed behind to join.
Shannon was still working out some glitches in the website, Drew was helping her, teaching her new ways to go about things while Vienna half watched them and half did her thing with Bree; planning everything out. Trevor though, he learned a few new things about cooking and helped me out.
After dinner, they all stayed for another movie night; this time we watched the new Star Wars movie that came out. After the movie, everyone cleared out and the guys cleaned up while Alexis, Bree, and I watched The Other Woman. When the guys finished, they joined us. Once the movie was over we all headed upstairs, happy that the week was over for all of us and it was our weekend; the weekend I had started off dreading but was now kind of excited for. Tomorrow was Friday.  

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