Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


1. The Show

~~Common Ground:

 “Look at them, acting like they’re the shit and all…”Aviana said, shaking her head. “I don’t know how you’re friends with Matt and Trevor.”
“We grew up together, it is what it is. I still don’t why they bother you so much.”
“They’re just so full of themselves.” Aviana said.
“Yeah well…”
“HEY GIRL!” Trevor said as him and Matt walked over.
“Hey you.” I said, smiling. Trevor draped his arm around my shoulders and Matt leaned up against my locker.
“Aviana.” Trevor said, smirking.
“Pleasure seeing you too.” Matt said.
“Oh yeah, always. I’ll see you later, Bethany.” I nodded as she walked off and Trevor laughed.
“Why does she hate us?” Trevor asked.
“She claims you guys are full of yourselves.”
“This is true.” Matt said. “At least you are.”
“Hey!” I giggled and looked up at Trevor smiling.
“He has a point.”
“Yeah, whatever. You coming tonight?”
“To your show? Of course I am, why wouldn’t I?”
“I don’t know. I didn’t know if Aviana was going to let you.”
“She’ll be there too.”
“Yeah, like always, looking miserable.” Matt pointed out.
“Oh come on guys…”
“Yeah you know we love her even if she hates us. It keeps us on our toes!” Trevor said, laughing.
“Of course it does. Alright, well I’ll see you guys tonight, okay? I have to get to class.”
“Goodie, goodie, as always; see you tonight.” Trevor said, smirking. I smiled back and slowly walked off to my class; damn was I a fucking idiot.
After class, Aviana and Vienna were at my house getting ready with me. I was like freaking out over what outfit to wear while Vienna and Aviana were already ready for the show.
“Why are you so freaked out by this show?” Aviana sighed. “Like Trevor has shown no interest in you so this makes no sense!”
“Aviana, come on!” Vienna yelled. “You never know!”
“Aviana, really? Why can’t you just let this go…”
“Because I just don’t like them but okay, I’ll try to stop.”
“Thank you.” I sighed. “But please help me guys…I can’t seem to find the perfect outfit…”
“Here…how about this?” Vienna said, pulling out a pair of leggings and a crop top with some booties and a black leather jacket. I smiled and nodded.
After we were ready and loading up into Aviana’s car, I was shifting in my seat, really nervous. I was always nervous for one of Trevor’s shows because it was one of the few times I actually saw him outside of school anymore. He was always so busy with practice and spending his weekends with his band mates and trying to get signed, I never saw him anymore so this was like my only chance to get to see him.
“Girl, calm down!” Vienna joked.
“I’m so nervous…”
“You’ll be fine.” Aviana said. “You guys will hang out after the show like always and it’ll all be good. You can confess your love for him or some shit this time, like you were supposed to last time.”
“AVIANA!” I snapped.
“Listen, you have to be honest with him…I mean you guys have known each other for years and he’s a junior, we’re freshman, and then to throw some icing on that cake, their band has really gotten a huge following and you know him and Matt have no issues with dropping out for the band…”
“I know, I know…” I whispered.
“Just try this time?” Vienna asked calmly.
“I’ll try.” This is why I loved these two; Aviana was blunt as all hell but Vienna was my calm, sensitive friend. I needed both of that in my life. I was sitting there trying to pump myself up for this so I could finally tell him tonight how I felt.

“Dude you ready?!” Matt asked me, jumping on my back.
“So ready!” I said, peaking out of the side to see the crowd.
“Bro, Bethany will be here, quit worrying.”
“I’m not…”
“Yeah you are!” Alex said.
“Guys!” I said loudly.
“Are you ever going to tell her?” Tim asked.
“Guys, we literally grew up together. I don’t want to ruin anything!”
“Hey, it could end well. I mean does she dress up like that just to see anyone?” Matt pointed out. I looked back out to the crowd and saw her walk in with Aviana and Vienna and I felt my heart skip a beat.
“I mean, I don’t think she does to be honest. I only see her looking that good when you’re involved.” Tim pointed out.
“See what I mean?” Matt pointed out.
“You know I really do hate that you’re my brother sometimes.” I groaned.
“Yeah, I know. But I’ll tell her if you don’t tell her.” Matt said, smirking. I shook my head and looked back out and saw her as she was drinking and watching other guys flirt with her. I had to turn around before I got too angry.
“You ready?” Alex asked a few minutes later. I nodded as I joined the rest of my band mates near the stage.

“You ready?” Vienna asked, walking back over to me as the guy who was talking to me then rolled his eyes and walked away.
“Yeah.” I nodded as I finished my drink. “Let me just grab another drink.”
“Okay, who was that guy before anyway?”
“No idea. He was just trying to hit on me.”
“And of course it didn’t work, right?”
“You know me too well.” I said, laughing.
“Right by the stage, like usual?” I smiled and nodded as Aviana walked over, joining us.
“We heading up now?” Aviana asked. We nodded and pushed our way to the front.
When the guys came on the stage we went crazy and I was smiling up at Trevor as he started with their covers of a couple songs and I just kept staring at Trevor and a few times when he would wink or smile at me I would feel the glares but I didn’t care. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He always looked so great up there on stage, having the time of his life. He always seemed like him the most when he was on stage.
After the show, Trevor came running over to me and lifting me up, spinning me around, and hugging me while laughing. I was laughing and smiling like crazy. When he put me down we were just staring at each other before quickly taking a step back realizing how close we were.
“You were great tonight.” I finally said.
“I’m so happy you made it tonight…” Trevor finally said back.
“Me too…” I said slowly, trying to look away from him.
“Dude the sexual tension is so real here!” Matt said, running up. Trevor started laughing and I looked down at my feet trying to laugh. “Are you coming to the after party?” Matt asked, turning to me.
“Oh I don’t know if I’m going to come tonight.” I said slowly.
“Why not?” Trevor asked, sounding upset.
“Oh I’m just really tired tonight.”
“Oh come on, you always come!” Matt exclaimed.
“I don’t know about tonight guys…Aviana drove this time…”
“I’ll drive you.” Trevor jumped in.
“I don’t know guys…”
“Why don’t you want to go?” Aviana asked, walking up. “It’s no big deal; just tell your mom you’re staying at my house.”
“Yeah, see? You’ll be covered.” Trevor said. “I can drive you!”
“Yeah, go have fun.” Vienna said. “Aviana and I will cover for you. It’s Friday, go have fun.”

I wanted her to come, she always came to the after show parties; I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t want to come out tonight. She was turning red and looked like he was almost embarrassed about something but I couldn’t figure out what. She looked great…
“Hey guys, can you guys give us a minute?” I asked. Everyone shrugged and wandered off. “Hey, what’s wrong love?”
“Nothing, I’m just pretty tired…” She wouldn’t look at me so I was getting a bit upset.
“Look, I’m really just tired, Trevor.” She looked up at me and looked really sad.
“Don’t lie to me.” I said sternly.
“No it’s just something Aviana said before…”
“What did she say?” I asked.
“Hey, I don’t mean to interrupt but uh there is a couple people here that want to talk to all of us.” Alex said, walking over.
“Yeah just give me a minute.” I said.
“No, go…we can talk later.” Bethany said.
“Are you sure, love?” I asked slowly.
“Yeah, this sounds important.”
“No, go…this sounds important.” She kept persisting like she didn’t want to tell me what happened.
“I’m not leaving this spot until you tell me.”
“Okay so should we just go without you?” Alex asked. “Because they are specifically asking for you to be there…”
“Just go Trevor…I’ll be fine.”
“I’ll go if you promise to come to the after party.”
“Fine. You’re obviously driving though.”
“Good. Don’t leave.” I nodded as he walked off with Alex. I stood there, mentally freaking out.
“Girl what happened?!” Avaiana asked, running back up with Vienna.
“I almost told him…”
“Why didn’t you?!”
“Alex came over…apparently there’s people here who want to talk to them all.”
“Girl, you know what that means, right?” Vienna asked.
“They’re from a record label, they’re probably going to get signed…” Vienna said.
“I hope it works out for them then.” I said simply.
“Bethany…” Aviana said. “I may hate them but damn, you and Trevor? Now that’s a damn power couple right there, as much as I don’t want to say it.”
“Yeah that must have tasted like vinegar coming out of your mouth.” I joked.
“Oh, it did, believe me. But you like him! Tell him!”
“I agree with Aviana; you guys are literally perfect for each other!”
“You can do this!” Aviana said, trying to boost my confidence.
“Guys I really don’t know…” For the next like 30 minutes this is all I kept getting from them, them trying to hype me up and all I felt was nervous and nauseas.
“BETH!” I turned around to see Trevor running to me with his band mates behind him all looking hyped as fuck.
“What?” I asked slowly.
“WE HAVE A MEETING TOMORROW ABOUT ACTUALLY GETTING SIGNED!” He picked me up once he reached me and kissed me, shocking the fuck out of me. But damn did I kiss back.
When he put me down everyone was staring at us and we were staring at each other, both in shock over this. It was a deadly silence that felt like it was sucking all the air out of the room and suffocating me.
“Well that was one was to do it.” Matt finally said.
“What?” I finally said, voice cracking.
“I mean, we’ve been trying to get him to tell you he likes you but I mean that’s one way to do it.” Alex chimed in.
“GIIIRRRRLLLLLLLL!” Vienna and Aviana yelled.
“Fuck off.” I said.
“WAIT, WHAT?!” Matt exclaimed. “WHAT DID I TELL YOU, TREVOR?!”
“What just happened…?” I asked, shaking my head, still in shock.
“So Trevor likes you, and you like Trevor, and neither of you would say anything to each other? Am I getting this right?” Aviana asked, smirking.
“Girl, you have no idea how right you are.” Vienna said, smirking.
“What did I fucking tell you?!” Matt said, shaking Trevor’s shoulders who was still silent.
“Uhhh…” Trevor looked like he was at a loss for words and confused.
“So like I think I’m going to go home…” I said slowly.
“Oh hell no! You are coming, you said you would!” Alex announced. “Trevor said he would drive you.”
“See you guys there!” Matt announced.
“Yup, we’re out!” Avianna said, grabbing Vienna’s arm and dragging her away, leaving Trevor and I alone with each other.
“So…” I finally said slowly.
“Yeah, want to go to the party still?”
“I kind of don’t have a choice, I am stranded here with you…”
“Right…uh yeah, cool. So uh…”
“Okay, really Trevor? You’re making this fucking weird.” I snapped.
“That wasn’t weird to you?!”
“Uh no? I don’t know. It took me off guard, for sure.”
“I was just really hyped up; I’m sorry.”
“You don’t need to apologize.” I said slowly.
“So like is that what you were going to tell me before; that you liked me?” Trevor asked slowly.
“Uh, yeah...but you know me, not great at that kind of stuff…”
“Yeah, I remember you asking for advice on guys and stuff, I definitely remember it killing me to help to be honest.”
“So what’s your excuse for not saying anything?” I asked.
“Yeah, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, make things weird…I didn’t think you felt the same way and I didn’t want to tell you and you say you didn’t feel the same way and then me just be like…left here…”
“Well…looks like it’s the other way around now…” I said slowly.
“What are you talking about?! I never said I didn’t like you I mean…were you not here like 5 minutes ago?!”
“No I mean like…I’m just gonna be left here. You’re going to get signed tomorrow and I know you and Matt would drop out in a second for that and I’m just gonna stay here and watch you get all famous and shit and I’ll be left on the sidelines to just watch, you know? I’m not a memorable person when you have something that great going for you.”
“No, Beth, come on…you are most definitely memorable.”
“Oh shit don’t try and make me feel better. I feel great knowing that for just 30 seconds it was just me and you and I’m happy but I’m even more happy that your dreams are about to come true and you deserve all of this, you do, and you know I’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way.”
“There is no but’s here, Trevor. You are literally going to kill it out there in the world and you’re going to be great like I know you are…”
“Bethany, stop.”
“I want you there with me.”
“You want me to drop out and go with you??”
“No like…I mean, yeah I would really love that but I know you, you would never do that. You have way too much to live for, you are so much better than me in that way, but I mean I want you there with me, every step of the way, a phone call, a text away…”
“So…what exactly are you saying here…?”
“I’m saying we both like each other, no matter what happens tomorrow I still want you there.”
“In what way?” I asked slowly. Trevor looked at me for a long time before pulling me close and kissing me again.
“I want you here…if I knew you felt the same way I did, I wouldn’t have been such a bitch but shit you make me nervous as hell.”
“You’re telling me…like since we were kids I had this huge crush on you. Like I just never thought I would have a chance with someone like you…”
“What does that even mean?” Trevor asked, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards his car.
“Have you looked in a damn mirror, Trevor? Like have you ever?”
“Well sure, every morning to make sure my hair is on point.”
“Oh my god seriously Trevor? Every girl we ever passed, like they legit stare you down like crazy, every girl flirts with you like crazy!”
“Oh and you’re trying to tell me that you’ve never looked in a mirror then? Because the same shit happens to you. I watched it happen from backstage today.”
“Oh so you were watching me?”
“Well hell yes. Have you looked in a mirror recently?”
“Fuck off.” Trevor smirked and opened his car door for me.
“I’m just saying. I watched at least 5 guys attempt before we even went on stage and watched it happen after the show was over, oh and even during the show…you were just not giving them the time of day.”
“Oh please, you always give girls the time of day.”
“Okay, so I flirt but I never knew how you felt and I had to bury it someway…”
“Yeah, whatever you say.”
“Are we already having my first fight?”
“I am simply stating you are a damn flirt and you always have been.”
“Okay yeah, but when I have a girlfriend?” Trevor questioned.
“Okay, fair enough. You’ve always been loyal to the few girls you’ve dated.”
“Thank you; give me some credit here.”
“So what does this mean?” I asked when we pulled up to the bar for the after party.
“What does what mean?”
“This…” I said slowly.
“I don’t know…I thought we were cool.”
“Cool?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“Okay don’t give me that look. I always feel like you’re mad at me when you give me that look.”
“We’re cool though.”
“Okay shit not like that. Fuck. Okay, what is this then? I kissed you twice now, like I get that, we both like each other. Like shit I never thought this would happen.”
“Okay, then let’s make it through the night, neither of us getting with someone, which you know always happens, at least with you, and then we can go from there.”
“So you’re testing me?”
“Hey, I’ve left your after parties with people before.”
“Okay but you have more self-control then I do.”
“Okay well then let’s see how strong it really is. Because if you’re going to be on the road and away for long periods of time let’s see how you can handle yourself for one night. I need to know you’re dedicated to this and this isn’t like some…weird we’ve been friends forever kind of thing and it’s actually a real thing.”
“Okay and what about you, huh? You have self-control…how are you getting tested.”
“I guess we’ll see if I knock a bitch out tonight then.”
“Shit I’d actually would love to see that happen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a fight.”
“Let’s test my jealousy levels then. We all know you’re going to get hit on like crazy; perks of being the front man in a band. It’s something I’m going to have to deal with on the daily if we decide to take this further.”
“Okay, deal. Self-control and jealousy control; you got yourself a solid deal.”
“Let’s go.” I said, hopping out of the car. We walked into the bar and everyone was already pretty drunk since we came a little later than usual.
“THERE THEY ARE!” Matt yelled. I smiled and walked over as Trevor hung back.
“Hey Matt. What am I getting?”
“Oh shit jack and coke! You’re favorite!” The bartender laughed as he started making my drink. He slid it to me and I nodded knowing it was already on Matt’s tab. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Trevor already swarmed by the basic groupies and girls and I was biting my tongue. “Bro, what is he doing?”
“We’re testing if we’re actually meant to be dating or if it’s just a we’ve known each other for so long we have weird best friend feelings.” I said, sipping my drink.
“What? That’s crazy.”
“He’s testing his self-control, I’m testing my jealousy.”
“You two are fucking weird. Why not just be together?”
“We need to know it’ll actually work if you guys get signed and actually go on the road.”
“You two are fucking insane.” Alex said.
“Yeah, I’m kind of with those two.” Tim said, shaking his head.
“Haven’t we always been fucking insane?” I pointed out.
“Okay, true but this is a whole new level of insane.” Tim pointed out.
“Yeah, new relationship level, new level of insanity.”
“Whatever makes you two happy.” Matt said, laughing. “Now fucking drink that drink I know went on my tab. I’m not wasting any damn money.” I laughed and kept drinking.

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