Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


5. The Family

After practice, I went to shower and get ready since I was meeting up with Bethany again soon. It almost surprised me since normally I had to convince her to go to Logan’s parties with me, not her say that were going to go so it was interesting to say the least, but nonetheless, I was excited to see her, again
I walked over to her house when I was ready and hung out with her brothers and sister until she was ready, playing video games in their basement. This was the kind of stuff we did all the time until I got overly busy so it was nice to actually relax with them again.
“Oh hey.” Bethany said, coming downstairs.
“Hey, are you ready?”
“Did you tell mom and dad where you were going?” Chris asked her.
“And that would be a no.” Bethany said.
“Fuck, am I going to be covering for you again? Like what on earth has gotten into you recently?”
“I’m just going to a party with Trevor, nothing insane.” Bethany rolled her eyes and I laughed.
“Anything involving this kid is going to be insane so like yeah, just be careful I’ll tell her you guys just went on your first official date or some shit, cool?”
“Yeah I guess. I just didn’t really tell them yet.”
“Oh good, that’ll be fun to go through if they ask.”
“And yet I’ll be the one dealing with it tomorrow so you can’t even complain that much.”
“She has a point.” Sam said; Bethany’s sister. “Mom and dad are going to have a fit.”
“This could either go so bad or so well; there is literally no in between.” Jacob pointed out.
“Thank you everyone for your input; we are going to leave now.” Bethany said.
“See you guys later.” I said, laughing as we walked out. We got in her car and she started driving us over to Logan’s house. She was pretty quiet which mildly concerned me.
“Are you okay?” I asked her.
“Yeah, why?”
“You’re weirdly quiet.”
“I tend to be more on the quiet side compared to you.” She joked. I smiled and shook my head.
“Yeah but I can tell when you’re being quiet to be quiet and when you’re being quiet because something is actually bothering you though.”
“Fair enough; just a little freaked out by what my parents will say if they ask them anything and honestly, Logan irks me.”
“Everything with your parents will be fine and of course Logan bothers you, Aviana bothers me but I still love her so that’s normal.”
“No like, it bothers me how he flirts shamelessly with me literally all the time.”
“Yeah well he does that with literally everything that walks for the most part. But I’ll make sure he lays off that shit tonight.”
“Well yeah, you are my boyfriend. I wouldn’t want my best friend hitting on my significant other.”
“Okay I see where you’re going with this now. Look, everything will be fine, okay? I promise.”
“You shouldn’t make promises you aren’t sure you can actually keep.” Bethany was smirking at me and I just rolled my eyes.
“You know, this was your idea, if you remember correctly.”
“Oh I remember. I am mildly regretting it but I don’t back out of plans unless it’s serious.”
“Yeah I know. But we’re going to have a good time because you and I are together and that’s really all that matters right now, right? And then maybe next weekend or possibly during the week we can go on like an actual date? Like one where we can do something you want to do or something you like since apparently I’m notorious for bringing you along on all of my adventures.”
“Okay, fine; it’s a deal.”
“Good; so are we staying here or are we going to end up calling Matt because he wants to know if we’re going to be waking him and Alexis up to come pick us up later.”
“Yeah I’d have him on standby. The odds of me wanting to stay here are like slim to none.” She said as we pulled up to Logan’s house.
“Okay, solid answer and I’m sure both of them will agree with that.” Bethany smiled at me and squeezed my hand a little. “Ready to deal with everyone?”
“As ready as I will ever be.” She said as we got out of the car.
“Let’s try to be positive; I think you’ll actually really get along with Logan’s sister.”
“He has a sister? Bethany asked as I reached for her hand.
“Yeah; she goes to cosmetology school with Alexis. Her name is Taylor. I’m sure you’ll know who she is immediately.”
“Why do you say that?”
“They basically look like twins, but they aren’t. But they could definitely fool anyone who doesn’t know them.” I said as we walked in the door. There were already a shit load of people here, like you could barely move through the house it was that packed.
“MY MAN!” I looked up, waving to Logan. “Beers for the friends here.” Trevor took them, dropping my hand and then giving me one. “What took you guys so long?”
“Sorry bro, she takes like 10 years to get ready.” I joked as I nudged Bethany. She rolled her eyes and shook her head before she started looking around the room.
“Looks like it paid off.” Logan smirked.
“Dude, I will kill you.”
“Okay, see you guys around.” Bethany said, walking off.
“Dude, what’s the issue? Are you guys like actually a thing now? Because as far as I knew, you two were both fucking single on Friday.”
“Yes, we were and now we are not and it’s only Saturday. A lot can happen in 24 hours. So lay off, okay?”
“Sorry, my bad man. I thought it was like a joke.”
“No, it isn’t…now, fuck this bullshit and let’s fucking have a damn good night!” Logan screamed, raising his cup and everyone in hearing distance did the same, but that was Logan for you, always the life of the party.

I was walking around the house, definitely feeling very out of place. I know I had been to a few parties here but I never lasted very long before calling for a ride and I basically knew no one here. I knew a few of Trevor’s friends but that was about it. Logan on the other hand, knows fucking everyone; literally.
“Hey, you look like you need a shot.” I looked up, looking at the female version of Logan.
“Yeah, how’d you know?”
“Oh, Trevor told me you’d look just like Logan if I was to run into you.”
“Yeah, it’s accurate. I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before though.”
“Uh not very often. I’ve come a couple times with Trevor but I maybe last an hour before I call for someone to come pick me up.” 
“And you make it sound like you can’t do that tonight?”
“I was the one who kinda made these plans tonight so I can’t bail this time.” Taylor laughed and poured me a shot.
“Here.” I took it graciously. “Okay so you know my name, but I don’t know yours.”
“Oh, Bethany.” I said, putting the glass down.
“Oh the infamous Bethany.”
“Excuse me?”
“Logan, Jax, Trevor…those three are always talking about you. You’d think they all have a thing for you or something.”
“Trevor and I recently started dating…”
“Oh really? How long has it been?”
“Oh like 24 hours.” I said, smirking. Taylor started laughing and shook her head.
“Wow, so super recently. His sister is pretty cool, I know her from school. But anyway, I’m going to get to wandering around. I’ll catch up with you later, ok?”
“Yeah, sure.” I smiled as she walked off, putting me right back to where I was before; alone. I know I should try and be social since this was all my idea to begin with but it was just so nerve wracking to be around so many people at once.
“Why are you over here alone?” I turned around and saw Jax.
“Uh just wandering I guess.”
“Too many people, huh?”
“Good guess.”
“Nah, I’m just more observant than most people. But why don’t you come join us over in the living room. We’re just hanging out on the couch and whatever; nothing too crazy. Trevor has been looking for you too.”
“Okay, I’m back.” I turned to my other side and Taylor was back with a couple other people. “Hey Jax. So we’re all going downstairs to shoot some pool, want to join? It’s quieter down there.”
“Uh, yeah. Jax just tell Trevor I’m with Taylor.”
“Yeah sure, no problem.” Jax wandered off and I followed after Taylor.
“Okay so guys, this is Bethany, Bethany this is Andie, Annmarie, and Katie; we all go to school together.”
“Hey, nice to meet you.” They all said.
“Nice to meet you all too.”
“You want to play the first round?” Taylor asked me. “Sure.” I said shrugging, putting my beer down. She was also right, there were less people down here. A few hanging out outside the door smoking but that was about it; nothing crazy down here like upstairs.
“So not to sound rude or anything, but you kind of stick out like a sore thumb here; is this not your kind of thing?” Katie asked.
“Uh no not really. I’m kind of here because of Trevor. He likes to push my outside my comfort zone so for a while I do look really out of place.”
“Yeah well now you have us, so like don’t even worry about those guys upstairs. Logan literally has the wildest friends, and like how he knows everyone blows my fucking mind. I feel like your whole school is upstairs right now.” Andie pointed out.
“Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me.” I joked.
“So, I have to ask; how did you and Trevor even happen? You guys are literally polar opposites.” Taylor asked me.
“Oh uh, we grew up together, our parents are best friends, so my siblings, him and his siblings, we all grew up really close. Trevor and I are the closest in age so we got along the most so yeah.”
“Shit, that’s a long ass time to know someone and just start dating like now. Fuck, I mean, why did it take so long?” Taylor asked.
“We both didn’t want to tell each other we liked each other in fears of ruining our friendship and making it awkward.”
“So what happened that it finally happened?” Annmarie asked.
“Uhm after his show on Friday he kissed me.”
“Like out of the fucking blue, just kissed you?!” Katie asked. I nodded.
“Well fuck, how come no one every just grabs me and kisses me? Like fuck, so jealous.” I laughed and shook my head as Andie and I continued to play.
“BABE! I FOUND YOU!” We all looked to the stairs and saw Trevor running down with Logan, Jax, and Drew behind him, laughing.
“Yeah, you win this round; you’re turn to hide.” I joked, smirking. The girls started giggling and Trevor hugged me.
“Jax said you left me for Taylor.”
“Hey Trev; how are you?”
“Drunk as fuck, but pretty fucking good. How are you?”
“I’m doing good. I think I’m going to keep your girl.”
“But she’s mine so no. I claimed her first.”
“Fucking Christ; why don’t you like go sit down and relax?” I suggested.
“Okay; what are you going to do?”
“Finishing playing pool with Andie.”
“Okay.” He sat down and the girls giggled again.
“Does he always listen to you like this?” Andie asked, leaning towards me.
“Always, no questions asked.” I said, smirking.
“Bro, I could only dream to have such an obedient drunk boyfriend one day.” Andie joked. I laughed as I took my turn, hitting 2 into the holes at once.
“It’s literally pool, babe. It’s not like I just conquered Mount Everest…” I pointed out.
“The sarcasm is so fucking real.” Drew laughed.
“True.” I said, taking my next turn. “If only everyone was impressed by the little things in life.”
“I try.” Trevor said, smiling.”
“You succeed, Trev.” I said, making a hole my next turn to.
“Thank you.” He said, cracking open another beer.
“For what?” I asked, nailing the 8ball, winning.
“For appreciating my appreciation.”
“Yeah, that makes sense.”
For the rest of the party, I mainly hung out with Taylor and her friends but once and awhile would wandering back to wherever Trevor had wandered off to just to see him and make sure he was doing okay. It wasn’t until almost 2am that I had called Matt to have him and Alexis get us. I wasn’t too drunk but I knew I had enough that I shouldn’t be driving and there was NO way Trevor should have been driving either.
When they got to Logan’s, Alexis drove her car home with Trevor and Matt was driving my car to my house since he didn’t want Alexis walking back to their house this late. I was sitting in the car quietly as Matt drove and Matt knew me just as well as Trevor so I knew I was going to be questioned soon.
“Why are you so quiet?”
“Damn, like clockwork.” I said.
“I was waiting for it; both you and Trevor know me too well.”
“Well why are you so quiet? Did you not have a good time?”
“I really don’t know if I did or not. I mean, Logan’s sister and her friends seemed really nice but it’s like, I mean, you know me, that’s not my outing of choice there.”
“Well I know that much but you still went.”
“Yeah, I know. I just, I had fun, to answer your question, but as I said, it’s not what I would want to do with my time normally so…yeah, it was just a little too much tonight for me. I knew it was going to be wild there, it always is, but this time I actually put up with it instead of calling you to come get me.”
“This is true; I was waiting for a call at like 10 asking for me to come get you to be honest.”
“Yeah, believe me, I wanted to but I wanted to see if I could actually make it through one of those parties.”
“Why though?”
“I mean, if Trevor is willing to do activates that I enjoy, shouldn’t I be able to compromise and suck it up and go to a party once in a while?”
“I see your point.” Matt said as he parked my car. “Are you parents going to be mad?”
“I have no idea; I guess we will find out, wont we?”
“Well they know you went out right?”
“Uh, yeah. If Chris told them. I don’t know if he did or not. But, I’ll see you later. Thank you for driving me home, love.”
“No problem.” We both got out of my car and he tossed me the keys before making his way back to his house. I sighed before heading into the house, being as quiet as possible. Thankfully, making it to my room without causing anyone to wake up. I changed out of my party clothes and just threw on an extra-large t-shirt before crawling into bed.

By the time Alexis and I got home, she was exhausted and I was beginning to sober up a bit and was starting to actually wake up a bit. My mind was running in circles as I went down to the basement, looking through our system for the song we had with Bethany on it. Once I found it, I started playing it and it was perfect in the first take, but hearing her voice, just so perfect. I closed my eyes, listening to her voice.
“You good?” I looked up, seeing Matt.
“Oh yeah, why?”
“Uh you’re sitting down here alone, listening to the cover we did with Beth. Normally you make it two steps into the kitchen before falling asleep in front of the fridge.”
“Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on to be honest. I’m still pretty drunk.”
“Well of course you are. But this isn’t where to food is.” Matt joked.
“I don’t know, I needed to hear her voice. It’s like…even though I was just with her, I couldn’t hear it enough. Does that sound weird?”
“No, not really.”
“Yeah but I never felt like that with Emily or any other girl, mainly Emily since I was with her the longest.”
“Yeah no I don’t think it’s weird.”
“It’s definitely weird.”
“No, it just means you really fucking like her. That’s all. You’ve liked her for a long ass time and didn’t even realize it for a majority of that time so like now it’s all overwhelming feelings since they’ve been buried for so long.”
“Are you sure?”
“Nah, I mean, I’m half telling you the truth. You’re too drunk to hear the second part so I’ll tell you tomorrow. Get some sleep though, you need it. Tomorrow we have family dinner and everyone is coming over so you’re going to have to be alive.”
“Oh shit…why tomorrow?”
“Because that’s when everyone is available so, literally get some sleep if you want to be able to sort of handle the rest of the family. At least it’s an outdoor barbeque though; there are some plus sides.”
“oh yeah, this is such a plus side. All our fucking family coming over like a god damn reunion; sounds exactly how I want to spend my Sunday.”
“Dude, I’m just saying, get some sleep. Everyone is getting here around noon-ish.”
“Fuck; thanks for the heads up.”
“No problem.” Matt headed upstairs after that and I listened to our song a few more times before actually heading upstairs since I felt myself begin to crash.

When I woke up, I hopped in the shower almost immediately since I probably smelled like alcohol and smoke from last night. After my shower, I got dressed and made my way downstairs, waiting to see if Kaylee or Vienna was still available today as I went to eat breakfast and drink coffee.
“Morning sweetie; what time did you get in?”
“O h like around 1.” I said.
“Oh good. So Chris said you and Trevor are like official now?” My mom was peppering me with questions way too early.
“Uh yeah, we are.”
“Oh it’s a good thing we knew this before later today.”
“Wait, why?”
“Oh, The Wentworth’s invited us over. They are having a family barbeque and wanted us there.”
“Oh, I kind of had plans…”
“What? With who?”
“Kaylee and Vienna.”
“Hang out with them later tonight; we said we would all go.” My mom said, sounding upset.
“Alright yeah, fine.”
“Good. We were all going to head over around 1 if that works.” I looked at the clock, seeing it was already noon.
Yeah, let me just get ready.” My mom nodded as I carried my coffee upstairs.
“Hey girl!!” Kaylee said happily into my phone.
“Yeah, we need to push our plans back to later tonight.”
“What, why?!”
“My mom is making me go over to Trevor’s for some kind of get together his parents are having.”
“You make it sound like you don’t even want to see Trevor.” Kaylee joked.
“No, you know what I mean. I just fucking miss you; it’s been way too long since I’ve seen you and I was really looking forward to hanging out today.”
“Girl, next weekend I’m free too so don’t get so worked up about it. Get all cute and shit, and go blow your fucking boyfriend’s mind away!” I laughed and smiled to myself.
“Okay, that’s something I can do.”
“Good; send me pics of the outfit so I can approve it.”
“Will do; see you later.”
“See you later!” Kaylee said, hanging up. I sighed and stared into my closet, at a total loss. Every day this damn weekend; I was getting tired of having to come up with badass outfits, or in this case, now I needed a cute outfit. 
“Need help?” Sam asked, walking in. I nodded, looking helpless. “Literally, this is why I’m single. But here, I think this is perfect.” Sam pointed out a pair of high waisted shorts, a peach colored lace crop top, and cute sandals. “And maybe throw in your cute floral headband…I don’t know, it could work.”
“Thanks sis.” She nodded before walking out to get ready herself. I started curling my hair as I was doing my makeup, trying to make it look like I made no effort whatsoever.

“OH TREVOR, LOOK HOW BIG YOU’VE GOTTEN!” My Aunt Lola announced. I winced as I hugged her since she was always very over the top; same as her wife though, my Aunt Rose.
“Nice to see you Aunt Lola.” She kissed my cheek before wandering inside to get herself some wine.
“Dude, I need some fucking alcohol. I don’t think I’m going to make it without it today.” I groaned to Bree.
“Yeah, you probably won’t make it through.” Bree sounded like she was laughing.
“What is so damn funny?”
“So uh, apparently this isn’t just a family party.” Bree said, nodding towards the back door. I turned around in my chair and saw Bethany and my Aunt Nadine speaking. My jaw dropped as I started looking around, seeing Bethany’s whole family here.
“When the fuck did they get here?!”
“Like 5 minutes ago, literally.” Alexis said, joining us. “Here, I got you this. Its beer but I dumped the root beer out for you. I figured you would need it.”
“Fuck you are a lifesavor.”
“Dearie, come, let me get you a drink.” I heard my Aunt Nadine getting closer.
“Oh, no thank you.”
“Oh no, you’re parents won’t mind one bit. Here you are.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bethany sniff it and almost laugh.
“Oh my parents would mind this, Nadine.”
“Oh please, it’s just lemonade.” Bethany laughed as my aunt walked off. Bethany just stood there taking in the fact that my whole family was here, not seeing me yet.
“BETHANY?! OH MY GOD, BETHANY?!” I snapped my neck this time and saw my cousin, Melissa running at her. 
“Holy fucking shit, Melissa?!” Bethany announced, putting her drink down before Melissa practically jumped on her. “How the hell have you been?! Where the hell have you been, actually…?”
“Oh shit, around. I just got back from Italy this time around.”
“Why are you here?”
“Wait what; you don’t know?”
“Know what?” Bethany asked, picking her drink back up.
“Trevor, Matt, Bree, Alexis, they’re my cousins…”
“Well shit, learn something new every day. But shit, tell me everything. How is Collins and everyone? I miss everyone so much, it’s unreal.”
“We miss you too! Oh my god, I can’t wait to tell the girls I saw you. Are you still singing and everything?”
“Uh no, not too much. I pretty much keep to myself at this point.”
“Damn, you changed a hell of a lot. You used to be fucking crazy, but I can smell that drink from a mile away so not all things changed.” Bethany was laughing and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how they knew each other.
“How is Damian?”
“Uh, still hung up on you, like he always has been. I mean, are you ever going to come back?”
“I don’t think so, my life is pretty great here.”
“Well you know we would take you back in a heartbeat.”
“Yes, I know you guys would, and I love you for it.”
“What are they fucking talking about?” I said, turning around, looking at Bree.
“Damn, curious as fuck; but uh Bethany and Melissa met in Paris, they did a whole year in 8th grade abroad. Their schools were matched together so they’ve known each other for a little bit, year and a half maybe.”
“And how did she not know we were related?” I asked.
“I don’t know, maybe they didn’t talk about you since Bethany was dating some guy back then.” Bree pointed out.
“Yeah, what’s that about?”
“Seriously? You can have exes but I can’t?” I looked up and saw Bethany.
“Oh hey babe, how long have you been here? What?”
“Nice try.” Bethany smirked at me. “But yeah, I had no idea Melissa was your cousin that’s so fucking cool. But yeah, Damian, my ex, he goes to the same school as Kaylee, like the town she moved to, same school, whatever.”
“Chill out; so does your aunt think I’m a damn alcoholic?”
“Based off how strongly she made that, yes.” Alexis said. “I can smell that shit from over here.”
“Fuck it.” Bethany said, laughing. I looked her up and down and it was like every time I saw her, she got more and more beautiful. It was almost annoying. The more we all sat there, the more of my family and cousins that showed up and the more people paid more attention to Bethany like she was the reason they were there before saying hi to any of my siblings or I.
“How does our family love you so much?” Matt asked, laughing.
“I’m just so likeable.” Bethany joked. I laughed, pulling her into my lap was she wasn’t standing anymore. She leaned back into me and finished off her drink. I could hear my family started pointing it out and I knew before long this was going to be the hot topic since pretty much since we were children this has been like a huge topic. I tried to shake it off but for whatever reason, it kind of bothered me at the same time for whatever reason.
“Want to go on a walk?” I whispered to Bethany.
“Sure.” She said. We got up and she threw her cup out on our way around the house to the front. “Are you okay?”
“I don’t know. I just feel like my whole family is going to make a huge deal out of this and I don’t want to be around for it.” Bethany just looked at the ground, looking sad. “Wait no I didn’t mean it in a bad way.”
“Yeah, I know, I just…I just feel like it bothers you in some way, everyone knowing.”
“No, not at all, I just don’t feel like being bombarded with the questions, especially since I’m still hung over.” Bethany shrugged and just kept walking.
“Yeah, but you know when we got back it’s going to be like that.”
“Yeah, I just need some time before it starts happening I guess.”
“But you aren’t ashamed of me?”
“No, not at all. Why on earth would you think that? If I was, I wouldn’t bring you around anyone, shit I wouldn’t have even, or better yet, agreed to being with you.”
“Yeah, it was just kind of decided at the after party when you were drunk; you said I was your man and that was about it.” I said, laughing.
“Well fine, then it doesn’t count.”
“Wait what?”
“Neither of us officially asked one or the other.”
“Really? That’s how it’s going to be?” I said, raising an eyebrow.
“Want to be my boyfriend, Trevor?” She asked, laughing.
“Well hell yeah, I do. Like that’s even a valid question.”
“Okay, so now it’s official.” Bethany said, laughing with me.
“Okay, so you aren’t upset?” I asked after a pause.
“Nope, I’m good. I just thought you didn’t want me around them at first but I’m me, you know I literally overthink everything.”
“Yeah, I know. Are you ready to head back?” I asked.
“Well, are you?”
“We have to at some point, don’t we? Why don’t we just get this shit over with? Oh, and you still have to tell me when you’re going to want to do the music video.”
“Yeah, I know. When is your next practice?” She asked as we turned around.
“Uh, Monday…so tomorrow.”
“So let’s just do it tomorrow then.”
“Okay, I’ll hit up Drew to have him come over with his set up.”
“Alright, sounds good.” We walked back to the house in silence the rest of the way just holding hands as she hummed to herself quietly. I couldn’t help but smile. She made me so damn happy. Everything about us felt right, felt perfect.

When we got back to the party, Trevor wasn’t kidding about us getting bombarded with questions and the whole nine yards about our relationship. It seemed so silly but we humored everyone and answered all their questions like it was a damn interview or at some points, an interrogation but it is what it is. We made it through a whole hour or so of this before people started leaving us alone and we went to go join some of his cousins in a game of volleyball to get our minds off everything.
After dinner, Trevor and I ended up in his room, needing some quiet since we  were still hung over and we was writing on his bed and I was laying on my back, on his floor reading one of the books he had sitting on his dresser; no clue what it was but it was interesting enough to keep reading. It felt right, just this moment felt right. It was nice to know that we could be together but literally just be together and in silence as we did our own things. It was such a relaxing feeling to me. To me this was super important since I have my moments where I want someone there but I don’t want to talk or anything, I just want the silence, just with someone else.
“Hey, everyone is looking for you guys.” Matt said, walking into the room.
“Why on earth would people be looking for us? We literally did what was asked of us, joined dinner. We are both so hung over, we need some quiet time.” Trevor groaned.
“Yeah, I think it’s more they think you guys are fucking.”
“Yeah, from across the room, mentally.” I joked.
“Yeah, I don’t know. It’s mainly Bethany’s parents to be honest.”
“Who is actually fucking surprised by this?” Bethany groaned. “Can you like take picture proof I’m fully fucking clothed so I don’t need to move? This is ridiculous. I had fucking plans today.”
“Wait, the anti-social human, Bethany, has plans?” Trevor joked.
“Yes, to see Kaylee and possibly Vienna and yet here I am with you for literally the third day in a damn row. It’s like I’m going to get sick of you.”
“It’s a good thing I know you so well or I may have taken that to heart.” Trevor said as I started laughing.
“Hey, you know I like you. But I need my friends too you know; you’re friends are wild as fuck and I need shopping therapy from all that wildness.”
“Why didn’t you invite Kaylee over? I always liked her too.” Matt said.
“Yeah, my parents said no. You know how they are.”
“Yeah, a little too uptight.” Trevor groaned. “Am I ever going to be able to have alone time in silence while fully clothed with you?” Matt and I started laughing.
“Odds are, unless we lie, no, it will never happen.”
“I can lie like a damn champ so it’s fine.” Trevor nodded, going back to his writing.
“So are you guys going to come down or…?”
“Tell them I just died and that it’ll all be okay.” I joked again. Matt laughed, shaking his head.
“Yeah, I’ll do just that.” He said, closing the door behind him as he left. After Matt left, I resumed my reading, really enjoying how much I loved Trevor’s company but like this, it was perfect like this.
“WHY ON EARTH DID YOU THINK IT WAS OKAY TO WANDER OFF TO HIS ROOM LIKE THAT?!” MY mom was screaming at me later that night when we got home.
“Mom, I was on the floor, reading. Trevor was on his bed writing music. What the hell is the issue? Like we were both getting headaches and needed some quiet!”
“Uh yeah, it was relaxing? Mom, why are you being so over dramatic about this?!”
“You heard me.” I said, crossing my arms. I saw all my siblings peering into the kitchen as this was going down but I didn’t care. I was tired of being treated like a child. It’s not like I was running around, constantly in trouble. I got good grades, I never got in trouble in school or with the law; there was no reason to even worry about me. “You and his parents are the ones who wanted this shit to fucking happen so why are you making me feel bad for it? Because I refuse to feel bad about seeing someone who makes me happy, who makes me feel like I actually have people who care, unlike this shit where I get lectured and screamed at about every little damn thing when I’ve done nothing but fight to make you and dad happy. This isn’t fucking fair to me that I can’t be alone with my own boyfriend, FULLY FUCKING CLOTHED WHILE I READ A FUCKING BOOK!” With that, I rolled my eyes and walked out of my house and just kept walking, just so infuriated.
I made it back to Trevors and some of his family was still there, but I didn’t care. I knocked on the door, to which Claire answered, seeing me in tears.
“Oh no, what happened love…”
“Can I have some tea please?” I sobbed.
“Yes, of course; come in sweetie.

“Uh, you know Bethany is back, right?” Annie, another one of my cousins said, walking over.
“What, why?”
“I don’t know, but she’s crying in the kitchen with your mom.” Mia, anther one of my cousins said.”
“What the hell…” I said, getting up, making my way inside.
“I just don’t get it, Claire. Why would they be so mad? Was I doing something wrong? Did I ever give them a reason to do this to me?”
“Sweetie, no…they’re just scared you’re going to end up like your brother. Parents get like that after they see one kid go through a rough patch like Chris did. Some parents keep an open mind, others tighten their grip; they only care for your well-being.”
“I just don’t understand.”
“Is everything okay?” I asked quietly, walking in. “Mia and Annie got worried and grabbed me.”
“Oh, just some stuff with her parents. Do you mind if she stays the night love?”
“Uh, no?” I said slowly, wondering if it was a trick question.
“Okay. Why don’t you get her some warmer clothes to change into? It’s getting a bit chilly and she is still in her shorts.”
“Yeah, sure.” I said, making my way up the stairs to grab her some sweatpants and a sweatshirt. After I grabbed some clothes, I turned right into Bethany who was already standing there.
“Your mom said I could stay the night.” She whispered. I handed her the clothes and she just started changing right there. I whipped myself around so I was facing the wall, still nervous as hell around her.
“Wow you really are in a bad mood.”
“What makes you say that?”
“I didn’t get a single sarcastic comment or joke about me turning around.”
“Oh, yeah, sorry.”
“You don’t need to apologize. Come here.” I pulled her into a tight hug as she cried into my chest. I slowly moved her over to the bed where she finally collapsed and I started to tuck her in. “I’ll be back up in a little bit, okay?” She nodded and I made my way downstairs to say goodbye and goodnight to everyone else so I could stay up with her, to make sure she was okay. 

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