Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


6. Sunday Night

While Trevor was downstairs, I was just lying there with my eyes half open, half closed, still crying. I wasn’t sure what I had done to be monitored so closely by my parents. I mean, what Claire said almost made sense; being extra strict because Chris had a huge habit of getting in trouble but I fought so hard to make my parents happy and it was never enough…
“Hey, I figured you would need some clothes for school tomorrow…” I looked up and saw Alexis holding up a bag. She was half smiling, not really sure what to do.
“Oh thanks…I didn’t even think of that.”
“I figured as much. Do you want to talk about it?” I sniffled, wiping my nose.
“I just don’t understand why I have such a tight leash on. I mean, I didn’t do anything wrong…”
“No, no you didn’t, but your parents have always been super strict. Chris kind of fucked all that up for all of you.”
“Chris was just a fucking dick when he was younger.” I said sadly.
“Yeah; I mean, the drugs, the alcohol, the arrest record, the juvie record, the pregnancy scare… he really made it hard on your parents.”
“And yet, look at him now? Like he go this life together so why am I still being harassed constantly?”
“That I could not tell you, but just now you are always welcome here, even if I’m the fake reason you give them.” I half smiled and sat up a little.
“Thank you Alexis.”
“Yeah of course. Like I’ve always thought of you as a sister so I want you to be happy; even if that means you’re with my wild ass brother but I mean, whatever floats your boat.” Alexis joked.
“Even though it’s half assed sarcasm, I still appreciate it.” I said, smiling a little.
“No worries; do you want a drink or anything? I mean, I got stuff in my room.” I went silent and looked out the window where Trevor still was.
“Yeah, I think I do.” I said finally. I followed Alexis to her room and she pulled out a box of alcohol and drugs, making me roll my eyes. “Do did this shit with my brother, didn’t you? Because my parents kept pretty damn quiet about Chris and his shit.”
“Hell yeah I did. However, no one else knows I was involved so shut it.” I giggled as she pulled out a couple blunts. “Want one?” I started to hesitate, unsure of what to say.
“How do you get away with all of this?” I asked, changing the subject.
“Oh, our parents think we should make our own mistakes. They are always there for a designated driver or something but to an extent they won’t step in. they’ll make us figure it out ourselves so we learn our own lesson on our own; but I’m going to take that as a no?”
“Yeah, maybe another time when I’m really losing it.”
“I’m going to keep that in mind; here you go though.” Alexis said, passing me some beer. I opened it as we sat on her bedroom floor, still discussing the differences in our families, making me wish I was a part of theirs, even though I technically already was and have been for a long ass time.
After a short while, we were both a bit tipsy, both laughing about our lives, silly ass jokes, just anything we could or would find funny. Since I never saw Kaylee or Vienna today, this was the girl time I had definitely been needing; I mean, I know there was Taylor but I don’t exactly count that since I don’t know her all too well, so this…this is what I needed to make myself feel better.
“There you are…” We turned around and saw Trevor and Matt standing in the doorway.
“Here I am!” I said happily, holding my hands up. Alexis was laughing, almost rolling on the floor since she did smoke and was now drinking so she was just a bit more fucked up than I was.
“What have you two been up to here?”
“Doing illegal things!” Alexis laughed out.
“I see this, do you want to go to bed or are you having too much fun?” Trevor asked, smirking.
“Do you want this? Alexis said it was mine but I don’t want it.” I said, laughing.
“RAINY DAY, YOU FUCKER. GIVE IT BACK TO ME. I AM KEEPING THIS HOSTAGE FROM YOU!” I giggled at Alexis trying to grab it from me as I was just rolling around with it in my hands.
“What the fuck am I even watching?” Bree asked, walking in. 
“I don’t even know where to begin to stop any of this.” Matt commented.
“I don’t either.” Trevor said.
“MY BEER!” I yelled again, still laughing.
“FUCK!” Alexis said as I scrambled away from her and crawled to the other side of the bed, peaking my head over it.
“Like how much did you two drink and smoke?” Bree asked.
“Those ones.” I pointed to a massive pile in the corner.
“Fuck; okay, bedtime for the both of you.” Trevor said, walking over to me, picking me up.
“Oh this is like a ride!” I said happily, putting my arms out like I was a plane.”
“You’re too much; can you please stop pretending you’re a plane? This makes life so difficult.” Trevor said, trying not to laugh.
“That’s the sound a car makes.” Trevor said as he carried me out. “Good night guys; Bree, get Alexis to bed and help Matt clean up all that shit.”
“Got it.” They both said.
“Ooof…rough landing.” I said as Trevor plopped me onto the bed.
“Must have been.” He said, starting to change.”
“Well that’s not okay.” I mumbled, covering my eyes with the blanket.
“What, me changing?” I heard the smirk in Trevor’s voice as I snuggled up to the pillow, still under the covers.
“I agree nor disagree to anything.” I said happily.
“Of course you don’t.” Trevor said, pulling on the covers so he could get into bed. “What are you doing after school tomorrow?”
“Homework!” I said happily.
“Fuck; goodie, goodie.”
“As always. But why are you asking when you know the answer?”
“Because me and a bunch of people were gonna head over to the watering hole and I wanted you to come with us.”
“Nope, sorry sir. I have to keep my grades up.”
“You’re parents are already mad, why not just go?”
“Because I like having good grades for myself too.”
“Okay, fine…I won’t fight that. But how about after?”
“What ever happened to me getting to pick what we do, huh? Like…I don’t know. I feel like you’re over here making all the plans and they all involve other people. What happened to going on our official first date?” I asked, clearly upset. “That and I thought we were going to do the music video tomorrow?”
“Shit, okay I’m just not used to like…this whole dating thing. I don’t know. I don’t remember the last time I took a girl out on a legit date…”
“What do you mean? What about Emily?”
“Emily and I did the whole going out with all our friends thing. We never really did the whole date thing to be honest.”
“It’s a mystery you guys lasted as long as you did.” I said as I slapped my hand over my mouth.
“Why do you say that?” Trevor questioned.
“No, tell me. You opened your mouth now you have to tell me.” I sighed before sinking into bed.
“Well like…girls like to feel like the priority sometimes. Like yeah, we like the whole group thing, but we also like our one on one time because it makes us feel like we were the most important thing in that moment…whether it be a movie night, a walk, going to dinner, shopping; no matter what it is, as long as it’s just the two of us going and spending that time together, it makes the girl feel good. I don’t know. It could just be my personal opinion but that’s how I feel.” Trevor went quiet and I just sat there, suddenly feeling very sober even though I knew I wasn’t.
“Well…that explains a lot of our arguments then…” Trevor said after a long ass pause.
“She always said I spend too much time around everyone and how I only spend time alone with you and always fought with me about it. I just thought it was because she was insecure about you and I being friends…”
“Nope. I mean, that could have been a part of it but definitely not the biggest reason.”
“I feel like I am the shittiest boyfriend to walk this earth right now…”
“Oh hell no; don’t you dare say that. You started that relationship when we were all young and dumb as fuck. You just kept doing what you were doing because in the beginning that was what made her happy so it worked. But it’s not how it all works now.”
“Okay; so in that case, I want to take you out on a date on Tuesday and you can plan it since I’ve planned the last few things.”
“So Monday, music video, Tuesday a date, just you and me.” I said slowly.
“Yes.” Trevor said, sounding sure of himself.
“Are you sure you can plan that far ahead?” I questioned slowly since Trevor was never much of a planner.
“Okay…I’ll be holding you to this…” I said slowly.
“Do it!” I nodded slowly before getting comfortable all over again. “Okay, now let’s get some sleep.” He said, kissing me goodnight. I snuggled up to him, feeling better already, and yet almost worse, like I had a nagging feeling in the back of my head I was trying to force away but it just wouldn’t go away.

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