Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


17. Shows of Apologies

“Did you decide what to do?” I asked Aviana that morning.
“No, I have no idea…” Aviana said slowly. “Like what if she doesn’t want me there?”
“I can tell you for a fact she wants you there.” I said, shaking my head.
“Yeah but…it’s been a whole week without us speaking and that’s not normal for us…”
“So make it normal again and just come to the show.”
“I just don’t know yet.”
“Fine, I won’t force it.” I said, closing my locker. “But I’d like you to come either way.” Aviana stayed quiet as Vienna walked up to me, joined by literally everyone else. Everyone started talking about how excited they were for tonight. I just kept looking down at Aviana who still looked confused.
“Is Aviana coming?” I asked Vienna after school.
“I’m not sure, I’m still working on it here.”
“Okay…please get her to come; they both need it.”
“Yeah, you’re telling me; I know they do. They’ve been friends for as long as I can remember. Them fighting like this is not okay.”
“You’re telling me…I live with Beth and she’s literally going a tiny bit crazy. She’s literally only hanging out with my siblings, and it’s all music involved somehow.” I pointed out.
“I’ll figure something out.’ Vienna said before I waved goodbye, heading back to the house to pack everything up for tonight.

“Hey babe, you’re home early.” I said when Trevor got home. I was on the couch watching TV with Bree and Alexis and was staring at him upside down.
“Does that no feel weird to you; all the blood rushing to your brain?” Trevor joked.
“Yeah a bit but you’re home early and I didn’t want to get up so this was my only option on positioning.”
“Yeah; we need to get ready to go.”
“Well, we need to do a couple more run through’s, get cleaned up, then pack up so we can head out so yeah…the guys should be here any minute.”
“Ugh, fine.” The guys showed up not minutes later and we were downstairs going over the set list a couple more times before getting ready and packing up. After the run through’s, me and the guys got cleaned up while Trevor started packing then once I was done, Trevor switched over with me so the guys finished loading up and I helped Alexis and Bree get their stuff done as Emily, Sophie, and Shannon showed up. Bree had gotten more merch from school so they added it to the leftover shit from last week and I was helping them get all that ready and packed up.
Bree had said her teacher made this a down time, extra credit kind of thing now so we would never really be out of stuff and since they had more time this week, we had a few different items for this show. They had made up some hoodies as well and it just meant more income for the band.
After we finished organizing, we all started carrying boxes to Shannon’s car. I was super excited about the new merch and the guys hadn’t even seen them yet so I was excited for them to see them since it was starting to get to chilly season here. It would be perfect.

“Please come with me…” I begged Aviana when I got to her house that night. I was all ready to go and she just looked miserable, in her pajamas.
“I just can’t do it, Vienna. I don’t know…I just can’t.”
“Yes you can! You stubborn little bitch!” I snapped. “Like shit! You and Bethany have been friends for fucking years and you’re going to throw it away because she made a fucking choice to leave school? She didn’t fucking want to leave you, she wanted to do shit in her life, her fucking way and you blamed Trevor, and she fucking took it like a champ, and then you didn’t even have the balls to apologize when you realized the truth was it was her own damn decision! Suck it up, but on your big girl pants, and come with me tonight to apologize and make up with her!” I sighed, shocked that all of that just came out of me. I was normally more on the quiet, reserved side.
“Well shit V…”
“Get changed and get in the fucking car.”
“Yeah, sure.” I followed Aviana to her room as she got ready then we walked to my car to head over to the show. I even made sure she brought her ticket so she couldn’t find any last minute excuses not to go in there with me. I was taking no risks.
When we got inside, we went over to the bar to get drinks as the first band was coming on. So we had a bit of time to spare and I was not letting Aviana out of my sight. She looked nervous but I knew everything would work out after tonight. They just needed that time to talk.
We mingled with some people from school and listened to the first few bands playing. It was a good time but I was waiting for Bethany, wondering what the hell she was going to do tonight since she shocked me the last time she went on stage.

I was working on vocal exercise while Bree and Alexis were getting me ready. The guys were still in the back working on the set but since I was opening for them, I was up next in about a half hour and I was beginning to freak out a little. It was moments like this I needed Aviana’s bluntness to get me through but we still weren’t talking.
“Are you ready?” I looked up and saw Isaac standing there as Bree helped me into my heels.
“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I said slowly.
“Damn babe!” I smirked as Trevor walked in. “You look good!”
“Thanks. It was my handy work.” Bree said.
“Yeah, leave me out.” Alexis joked, rolling her eyes.
“Either way, you look fucking amazing and you are going to kill it. I’m going to be like right here for a majority of it, okay? I’ll just be in the back getting ready and then I’ll be right here, okay?”
“Thanks babe.” I said, nodding.
“You’re going to kill it.” He only squeezed my hand, knowing Alexis would have a fucking fit if he screwed up my makeup just slightly. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” I whispered as he walked off. I was beginning to freak out because I didn’t have a single person going on stage with me tonight like I did last time. This time it was me, all me…
“OUR NEXT SINGER UP, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, SHE’S PART OF OUR LAST NIGHT, BUT TONIGHT, ON HER OWN, BETHANY WALKER!” People started screaming as I heard the fill-in band start playing Stand in the Rain. I took a deep breath and walked on stage, starting my set.
Halfway through my first song, I felt the energy of the crowd and my fears were gone. I was going with the music just like I always had and was having the time of my life. And I can’t lie, I saw Aviana out in the crowd and that helped me just that much more, even though we weren’t talking.
“THANK YOU EVERYONE…THIS LAST SONG HERE, I JUST FINISHED WRITING AND IT’S UH, ITS CALL TELL ME YOU LOVE ME…” At this point I saw Trevor and everyone standing at the side as the music started and I smiled to myself, bringing the mic to my mouth, ready to kill it.  

“This is her new song, right?” Matt asked. “The one she wouldn’t let anyone hear?”
“Yeah, this is it.” Alex said, kind of pumped to see it. I glanced over, seeing Alexis and Bree getting prepped over on the other side of the stage. I looked back to Bethany and she had taken off her jacket and was literally just wearing a crop top and torn up leggings with like 4-inch heels, looking hot as fucking hell.
“Oh no here we go again, fighting over what I said, I’m sorry, yeah I’m sorry, bad at love, no, I’m not good at this, but I can’t say I’m innocent, not hardly, but I’m sorry, all my friends they know it’s true, I don’t know who I am without you, I got it bad, baby, got it bad…”
She was getting really into it, like she was reallllly getting into this song. I was literally mesmerized by her. It almost felt like she was trying to say something, like send a message. I watched as she was running her hands through her hair, just…I don’t know how to explain how into this she was getting.
“Oh tell me you love me, I need someone on days like this, I do on days like this, oh tell me you love me, I need someone on days like this, I do, on days like this, oh can you hear my heart say no, you ain’t nobody til you got somebody, you ain’t nobody til you got somebody…”
I knew it…she was talking about her; she was talking about her and us but in more of a way, herself…
“All my friends, they know it’s true, I don’t know who I am without you, I’ve got it bad baby, I got it bad…”
She started the chorus again and I was standing there just watched her as she held her head, knowing exactly what she meant; she never meant this in a bad way, she meant it in a…in her mental health way she had says where she couldn’t survive without me and she knew it was bad, or could be…
“Everything I need is standing right in front of me, I know we will be alright, alright, yeah, through the ups and downs, baby I’ma stick around, I promise we will be alright, alright…”
She went back into the chorus and she started singing like she knew she was going to get better. I was mind fucked how she could write a song that sounded just like a love song until you really listen and break it down and I don’t think anyone else was really getting it the way I was.
“Everything I need is right in front of me, I know that we will be alright, alright, yeahh…” She sang, moving her hand down as everyone was screaming for her. She smiled and waved as she walked off to side stage where Bree and Alexis were as we were about to get announced as the fill-in band was clearing out.
“She fucking kills it, every time.” Tim said.
“Literally though. No wonder she didn’t want anyone to hear it before tonight; that would’ve ruined the fucking hype.” Matt said, shaking my shoulders.
“She fucking kills it every time.” I said, smiling. I looked over to where she would be but she was so crowded around since, odds are, she was being stripped down right there, I couldn’t see her.
“OUR LAST NIGHT…” I heard as the guys and I all went flying out, really fucking hyped.
“Alright guys…this is a new song, our very own, Bethany Walker wrote…brand new, here it is, Road to the Throne!” I said, as everyone was screaming.
“Push us out like a stranger in the crowd could cut so many times, I don’t bleed out and you keep trying, but you can’t hold me down, I always knew we could make it through but you can have your doubts, you can have your doubts, I think it’s time for you to move along, move along…” I sang, still not seeing Bethany.
“We’re setting fire to the weight that held us down, we’re burning brighter and you’re gonna hear us now!” I heard Bethany join as I looked to the side of me and she smiled as she kept going.
After the show, everyone was fucking screaming; between Road to the Throne and White Tiger, I think we have upped the ante for the next show we did. This show seemed to be like…fucking wild compared to all the other ones. Well, actually, they just seemed to get more and more wild as of the last couple shows since Bethany has joined.
“Hey babe!” I said, meeting her in her dressing room where she was changing, yet again. But this time into regular leggings, a lacy cami, and heels; so I guess more comfy compared to what she was wearing.
“Hey babe! You fucking killed it!” She said throwing her arms around me.
“No, you killed it. I fucking loved your new song.” She smiled and kissed me.
“Thank you. I loved our new songs.”
“Come on, I think there’s someone who wants to talk to you.” I said. I knew she had already seen Aviana but I knew she wasn’t going to talk to her unless I dragged her along.
“Okay…” I knew she knew; that said it all. You could hear the hesitation in her voice, like she really was nervous just to go talk to her.

I knew he meant Aviana and honestly I wasn’t so sure about this. Like yeah, I missed the fuck out of her, but she made me feel like crap for my decision and also blamed it all on Trevor which is nowhere near true and it just…I needed her to understand that. She was so stubborn I didn’t know if she would or not and it scared me since I didn’t want to lose our friendship.
“Hey there.” Aviana said when we reached her and Vienna. Trevor smirked, standing there for a couple seconds before dragging Vienna off.
“Hello…” I said slowly.
“Look, I’m sorry.” I nodded and looked down.
“Can you just tell me why you got so mad and why you blamed Trevor?” Aviana sighed and looked at her hands and feet.
“I was upset. I used to see you all the time, then you joined the band, and then I never saw you ever, so school was like when I got to see you so when you said you were dropping out, I thought it was because Trevor and all them were too so I accused Trevor since…I don’t know, he makes you…more outgoing and more of you when I met you. It’s almost like you on steroids when you’re with him so I assumed it was all his doing. I didn’t think you actually put thought into this whatsoever. And I just…I miss you. That’s a good part of it too.”
“Aviana, I love you, and I miss you too. But d you think at any point in my life I would let Trevor convince me to drop out? I mean, you know I would probably include him in on huge decisions, but let him convince me? That’s totally different.”
“Yeah, I realized how much of an ass I was when I came into school the next day to see Trevor at his locker and no you. I realized I had fucked up I just didn’t think you would want to talk to me. I mean, I rag on you for him all the time, I assumed you thought I was taking a really low blow this time.”
“It felt like that, at the time, but you also didn’t know the whole story either so I tried not to let it get to me, but you know…over thinker here; I let it. But you just need to accept that I am dating him, I did drop out, and that I just fucking miss you.”
“Okay, I think I can learn to accept the first two; but I’ve already accepted that you miss me.” I smiled and hugged Aviana tightly, happy to have my friend back.
“Now, do you want to come to the after party?”
“Wait, seriously? Are you allowed to do that?” Aviana asked, surprised.
“I am a part of the band now…I feel like I can invite who I want and I want you and Vienna to come.”
“Girl, best not be leaving me out.” Emily said, walking up with Shannon and Sophie.
“Oh absolutely not; girls night at the after party.” I joked.
“FUCK YES, FINALLY!” Shannon yelled. We all laughed as I got passed around for a bit before we actually left.  

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