Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


3. Meeting

The next morning when I woke up, Bethany saw sitting on the edge of my bed reading more of the songs I had written. I half smirked, finding this funny. I had no issue with people reading these things but she knew me so damn well she knew she would find out stuff I felt about her that I would never say.
“It’s almost like you know me too well.” I said. She turned around and smiled at me.
“I have no idea what you mean.”
“Oh I know you do.”
“Hey, you…Bethany?” We looked to the door and found Matt standing there. “Bro, you know mom and dad are going to kill both you and her if they see this…”
“Nah, they were cool with it last night.”
“WHAT?!” Bethany gasped.
“Oh I told them you got hurt and were drunk and you couldn’t get in your house.”
“They believed that?”
“Oh they believed you got hurt and were drunk but they did not believe me for a damn second that you couldn’t get into your house so they asked what happened. So I told them what happened at the show, they laughed and basically said about time and they wouldn’t tell your parents…this time.” Trevor shrugged as if it was nothing and threw the blankets back.
“Are you serious?!” Bethany questioned.
“Yeah; I think the only rule they gave me was my pants had to stay on and it looks like they did.” He shrugged and started getting ready. Matt was laughing and I was sitting there shocked.
“Anyway, uh…we need to get going soon.”
“Coffee, kids?” Claire, Matt’s and Trevor’s mom asked, walking upstairs.
“Thanks ma.” Trevor said, grabbing two mugs. “Here you go.” He handed me a mug and I was still in shock.
“Good morning Bethany; how’s your hand?”
“Uh, still in pain.”
“Do you need some advil?”
“I think the shock I’m in is a good enough pain killer.” Claire smirked and shook her head.
“What? You think we haven’t seen this coming? Please…just tell your parents next time, okay?”
“Yeah, sure thing…wait…what? Next time?”
“Of course; there’s breakfast downstairs when you kids are ready; Matt and Trevor, you better tell me how today goes.” They nodded as she walked off.
“I didn’t see that coming.” Matt said.
“Oh and you think I did?” I said. “Bethany seems more shocked than either of us though.”
“Fuck off. Whats for breakfast?” She got out of bed and I was shocked to see that she was no longer wearing pants.
“Uh, shorts?”
“Oh, no I don’t sleep with pants on. It’s so uncomfortable and from what you told me, it was only you who had to wear pants.” Bethany smirked and made her way downstairs with her coffee to get food.
“You’re beyond fucked.” Matt said, laughing.
“Did you even see that coming?”
“Sort of, not really…but it was funny. I’m going to eat; we leave in 15.” I nodded and pulled a shirt and jeans on before heading downstairs.

“Are you going to hang around here or go with them?” Alexis, Trevor’s sister asked.
“I’m not sure yet.” I said. “I don’t really have a change of clothes.”
“You could borrow some of mine.”
“Borrow what of yours?” Trevor asked as he entered the kitchen.
“Some of my clothes, what does it matter to you?”
“You almost ready Bethany?!” Matt yelled.
“I think that was an answer to your question.” I said. Alexis smirked and pulled me off to her room. She was a really sweet girl; she was in the same grade as me and we always got along just as well as I did with her brothers and other sister, Bree.
“So, you and Trevor finally like, got it all out in the open last night I hear.” Alexis said as she tossed me some leggings.
“Uh, yeah…how did you hear?”
“Oh Matt was talking about it last night with Alex and Tim, and then when Trevor came home I heard him talking to mom and dad.”
“Well shit, nothing is sacred here, huh?” Alexis smiled and held up a really cute, lacey peach crop top; I nodded and she tossed that to me.
“Hey, I’ve been rooting for you two since we were all kids playing in the dirt so…to be honest this is long overdue. I remember our parents talking about it all the time; how one day this would happen.”
“Yeah, apparently everyone else has been talking about it too.”
“Hey, take it as a compliment…everyone already approves of you guys.”
“Yeah, true. I said, pulling on my ankle boots from last night.
“Fuck, please let me fix your hair.” I laughed and nodded as Alexis sat me down on her bed and she came up from behind me to braid my hair up into a bun. “At least make my brother know what he’s going to be fucking missing if they get signed today.”
“Thanks for that.”
“Girl, this is why I go to cosmetology school instead of actual school. I was made to make sure people knew what they would be missing.” I laughed as she quick did my hair. She touched up my makeup really quick as Matt started yelling for me. “FUCK MATT, JUST LET ME FUCKING FINISH!”
“FINISH WHAT?!” Matt screamed before walking into the room. “Jesus, are you trying to give Trevor a stroke?”
“Maybe.” Alexis said, smirking.
“To be honest, none of this was my idea. She claims it’s her job to make sure people know what they’re going to missing if they leave.”
“I’m never letting you near any of my girlfriends again.”
“Fair enough.” Alexis said, smirking. I giggled as Alexis stepped away from my face. “All done; have a good day and I’ll see you later.”
“Yeah, I’ll make sure you get your clothes back.”
“Don’t bother; they don’t fit me anyway.”
“Are you sure?”
“She’s sure, let’s fucking go.” Matt grabbed my arm and dragged me out to the car where all the guys were already piled in. He opened the passenger door for me and I climbed in as he walked around.
“Jesus, where do you think we are going?” Alex asked, causing Trevor to look up from his phone.
“I dunno; ask Alexis.”
“Fucking hell.” Trevor mumbled. I smirked over to Matt who was smiling back at me as we took off, speeding to make it to the meeting on time.

I felt like I was going to puke after seeing Beth get in the car. I literally could not look at her or I knew for a fact I would never drop out of school. Alexis was pulling her “show you what you’re going to be missing” shit and she went above and beyond with Bethany and I knew why and I thought I was going to die. She looked too fucking good and now she was going to be at a record label and with all those damn musicians, I knew they were all going to be all over her as she waited for us. Fuck.
When we got to the record label, we took the elevator up and I was holding Bethany’s hand tightly and she was holding mine. I was beyond nervous for this meeting and she was the only thing holding me together right now. I looked down at her and she was already smiling up at me as the elevator doors opened.
“Welcome, Our Last Night, I presume.”
“Yes ma’am.” Matt said.
“Right this way.”
“I’ll be right here.” Bethany whispered as she sat down and we got lead away from her. I looked back one last time and she was still smiling at me.
When we got out of the meeting, we weren’t really impressed. They seemed really sketchy and none of us got a good vibe from them. I mean, yeah they were a smaller label but we all agreed something seemed very off about them.
“How did it go?” Bethany asked when we walked back out.
“Not a good fit for us.” I said.
“I’m sorry love…” She said.
“It’s okay; we’ll find a good place for us one day but today wasn’t that day.” She smiled and grabbed my hand.
“That’s a good outlook; how are you guys feeling about this?” I asked the other guys.
“We’re going to be okay. We all want the right fit for us so, we’ll survive. We just got really hyped up about actually having a meeting like this. I don’t think any of us processed that it wouldn’t go well.”
“Well that makes sense but it’ll be okay.” Bethany said to us. We all climbed back into the car to drop Alex and Tim off before we dropped Bethany off.
Once we got back to our house, Bethany had gathered her clothes into a bag and I started walking her home. We were both walking really slowly and taking in the fresh air. We were holding hands and looking around us.
“So…” I finally said.
“Yeah?” She asked, looking at me.
“I don’t know I just feel like the past 24 hours have been really crazy.”
“How so?”
“Like us, the hospital, the meeting…”
“Yeah it is crazy but can you even be angry? Things will be okay and work out. And regarding us, I think we can figure this out. I mean this feels natural to me. Does it feel weird to you?”
“No, it feels natural, like we should’ve been doing this the whole time.” I said, smiling down to her as she smiled back up at me.
“That’s what I was thinking. I think we got this thing down.” She joked. I laughed as we reached her driveway.
“I’ll see you in school on Monday?”
“Yeah, as always.” She smiled as she headed up her driveway as I waved goodbye.

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