Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


20. Free Weekend

Matt was freaking out as soon as Kaylee and Bethany got home. I thought it was kind of funny to be honest. I mean, after all the shit he gave me over Bethany, it was my turn. I had a hunch, based off how Bethany invited us that Kaylee liked Matt too but I wasn’t about to say that yet. I wanted to see how tonight went in case I was wrong. I didn’t want to end up lying to him on accident.
“Bro, calm down; it’s literally just a concert. You need to relax.” I said.
“Yeah, but she invited like us; why not Aviana and Vienna? I man, they’re all friends!”
“I think you’re overreacting just a little.”
“Hey, you guys almost ready?” Bethany yelled down the stairs.
“I think we should get ready.” I said jokingly. Matt nodded as we went upstairs to finish up getting ready.
Once we were ready we all got into my car; it was easier to drop Kaylee off then her drive us all here and then have her drop us off since we all had school in the morning. We were used to not getting a lot of sleep, Kaylee was not. We put Kaylee and Matt in the back together but she and Bethany were still singing along to the State Champs the whole way together anyone, like we weren’t even in the car at all.
Once we got to the stadium, Bethany and Kaylee were in front of us with their arms linked, almost skipping. I thought it was cute as I laughed with Matt about it. It was nice to get out and do something this fun since we haven’t in a long ass time. I don’t remember the last time we were able to go to a concert so this was really exciting.
“Dude, this is petrifying.” Matt finally said to me.
“Now you know how I felt every time I saw Bethany outside of school…and in school to be honest.”
“This isn’t a joke!”
“You turned my feelings into a joke.” I said, laughing.
“Okay it was funnier when I was doing this to someone else.” Matt pointed out.
“I’m sure it was. But that’s fucking life. I’m sure everything is going to be fine though. You just need to relax, enjoy tonight. I’ll kind of steal Bethany away so you guys can have some time tonight, okay?”
“That’s even more terrifying.”
“You did it to me all the time and it ended up working out pretty well.” I said, shrugging.
“I think I liked it better when I was making fun of you and not in the situation myself.”
“Yeah well, if you want to get to know Kaylee even better then you’re going to have to suck it up. I think those were your words to me to be exact.” I said, laughing even more.
“Fuck; this is totally backfiring on me now.”
“Yes, yes it is.”
“I hate you.”
“GUYS KEEP UP!” Kaylee called back.
“Come on. They are doing a solid job at making distance between us.” Matt nodded as we jogged to catch up with them.

When we got inside, we found our seats; right by the stage, thanks to Kaylee’s parents. We settled in and I sat next to Kaylee and Trevor while Matt was on the other side of Kaylee. I was talking to Trevor, purposely forcing Kaylee to talk to Matt. I was not leaving here until they were at least talking to each other. That was my mission today; and literally after how Trevor sounded on the phone when I asked what they were doing, I had a hunch that Matt liked Kaylee too so I was going to make this work out.
“How are you day out?” Trevor asked me.
“Oh it was a lot of fun. I needed a shopping day without your annoying ass around.” I joked.
“Wow…I’m lightly offended.” Trevor joked.
“Good; you should be. But no, it was really good. I really did enjoy seeing Kaylee and just being able to hang out. It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to see each other.”
“Good, I’m glad you had a good day.”
“How was your day at home?”
“It was relaxing. I mean, I got to listen to Matt whine about Kaylee.” Trevor said, lowering his voice to a whisper.
“Wait seriously? I mean, I thought that’s what was going on the way you said you guys would come but I wasn’t positive.”
“Nope, that would be it. He said he wanted to talk to you though before he did anything.”
“Of course; Kaylee said the same thing.” I whispered.
“Two loyal ass friends you got there.” I laughed and rolled my eyes, leaning my head on his shoulder.
“But I am happy we get to actually do something fun like this. God only knows when we will be able to again. I mean, a day trip, yeah it’s great but this is almost better.”
“How so?”
“I don’t know. Like I know this is something we won’t be able to do a lot so like…I really love it. I’m going to extra enjoy tonight.” Trevor smiled and put his arm around me.
“Believe me, I will extra enjoy tonight too for those same reasons.”
After the concert, we were all really hyped even though it was like a little after midnight and would take us a little over an hour to get home; none of us cared. We had so much fun and Kaylee had gotten over her cute little fear of boys and was hanging out with Matt while Trevor and I walked behind them with his arm around my shoulders. 
After we dropped Kaylee off and started driving home, I turned around in my seat and started eyeing Matt down. He was smiling for a bit before we finally noticed me staring at me and he quickly went back to not looking like love struck almost. I smirked and he glared at me.
“So how did things go with Kaylee?” I questioned.
“They went fine.”
“So you got her number, right?”
“What the hell, Bethany?!”
“Permission granted to go after Kaylee, by the way.”
“Hell yes I did; I mean you were already with her tonight! Where is the harm?” Trevor said, smirking.
“I hate the both of you.” Matt grumbled.
“So did you get her number?” I asked again.
“No, I did not. I wanted to talk to you first.” Matt said, glaring at me.
“Okay well what was I supposed to do? Tell you in front of her that I was cool with you trying to get with Kaylee?”
“Okay fine, fair enough. But seriously. Why?”
“Why what?”
“You really don’t care that I want to date your best friend?”
“Nah; you didn’t care that I wanted to date your brother and you’re like my best friend so…”
“I thought I was your best friend?!” Trevor asked, butting in.
“Okay, but like my best friend that I wanted to fuck; there really is such a huge difference.” I pointed out.
“This just escalated so quickly.” Matt pointed out.
“I’ll accept that answer though. I think it was pretty solid.” Trevor joked.
“But yeah, anyway, I think you guys could work out. Here’s her number and like hit her up or something and it’s all good.” I handed him my phone with her number on the top. “You can tell her I gave you her number, she won’t be mad.”
“Are you sure?” Matt asked.
“Yeah, why would she be? I mean, she’s literally the definition of going with the flow so it’ll be fine.”
“Okay…” Matt said slowly before taking her number down. I took my phone back as we pulled up to the house. We all headed right to bed since, at least Matt and Trevor had to be up early. Me, on the other hand, could get up whenever the fuck I pleased.

I woke up the next morning definitely hating life. I was used to this whole no sleep thing but today I was just extra tired. I was up late with Bethany and lucky her, she didn’t need to be up. I still made her some coffee and left it on the nightstand before I left for school though for when she woke up so all she had to do was heat it up.
“Did you ever text Kaylee?” I asked Matt as he drove us to school.
“Dude, why not? Just tell her you had a good time last night and thank her for inviting you. Where is the harm in any of that?” I questioned.
“I don’t know. There isn’t any but it’s still fucking weird. I haven’t been with anyone since Dariah.”
“Yeah, we all remember that wild ass hoe.”
“Come on, seriously?”
“Well yeah, she was fucking insane and she cheated how many times?” I pointed out. “She was a wild ass hoe and everyone knows it. Which is probably why she knows to stay away from all of us at school.”
“Anyway, I don’t really know how to pick girls nor how to like figure out how to get with one. I mean, no offense bro, but you’re a fucking player, it’s no problem for you. It’s a wonder you even got Bethany in the first place with your history that she is all very aware of.”
“Shit, I’ll try not to take offense to that. But Kaylee is Beth’s friend…she doesn’t seem to have the wildest, crazy kind of people in her life so I feel like Kaylee isn’t going to suck. I think she’s going to be good for you. And I mean, the few times we’ve been around her she’s been nothing but fucking awesome.”
“Yeah, still not good with the whole girl thing.” Matt pointed out. “My track record isn’t all that great over here.”
“Yeah, not really good at all, to be honest.” I said, pulling into the school parking lot. “Look, just text her thanking her for inviting us and tell her you had a good time; stop over thinking this shit.” Matt nodded as we headed inside. I half rolled my eyes and made my way to my locker where I already saw Vienna and Aviana.
“Good morning!” Vienna said happily.
“Hey guys…what’s up? Is this like your new spot in the morning now too?” I joked.
“Well, yeah. Where else will I insult you?” Aviana said, rolling her eyes. I smirked and shook my head.
“Valid point; what would I do without you putting myself in my place every fucking morning?”
“Exactly my point.”
“Hey guys!” Shannon said, walking up with Jax and Logan.
Everyone slowly began to crowd around my locker and Aviana and Vienna seemed a little out of place, you could tell by their body language. I know they’ve hung out with Emily, Shannon, and Sophie enough but not enough to be comfortable with literally everyone else around. I glanced over at Sophie who had already noticed and pushed her way to them so she could talk to them more one on one.
I liked that everyone was starting to get along more now and I knew Bethany would like it too. She was always trying to get everyone to get along, that was just her so the fact that I could do that now for when we had the time off, we could all hang out, everyone, together.
At lunch, I had moved back over to sit with Vienna and Aviana while almost everyone I hung out with joined us. You could tell Aviana wanted to kill everyone but that’s just her; it was almost funny. Vienna was making the most of it and you could tell she was really trying to get to know everyone better. 
“Hey, did you hear from Isaac?” Tim asked, sitting down next to me.
“I haven’t checked my phone, why?”
“No show this weekend; we actually have a damn weekend off.”
“Well fuck…that’s the first time in a long ass time.” Alex said, chiming in.
“Yeah, and in other news, mom is going out of town.” Matt pointed out.
“Wait what?” I asked, kind of shocked. “Mom like never leaves town…”
“Yeah, dad has like a couple days off but I guess it doesn’t make sense for him to come home due to where he is travelling to next so mom is going to see him. Mom said if we throw any parties to get rid of the evidence so I’m thinking we have a party if no one is going to be there and we have no show.” Matt said, smiling.
“I’m fucking down!” Logan said. “About time someone other than Jax and I had a damn party; and your parties were always the fucking best anyway.”
“Alright; party this Friday then.” I said, laughing. “Are you guys going to come?” I asked, turning to Aviana and Vienna.
“What? A party?” Vienna questioned.
“Yeah, my place.”
“And like you’re actually inviting us?” Aviana questioned.
“Shit, like yes? Bethany is going to be there…”
“Bro, even previous ones Beth was invited to, you never invited them.” Matt pointed out. “So I think their shock is valid right now.”
“See, one of the many reasons I know you’re an asshole.” Aviana said, shaking her head.
“Aviana!” Vienna said, smacking her arm.
“So is that a yes?” I asked.
“Yeah, we can be there.” Vienna said. Aviana only rolled her eyes and I was trying not to laugh as I turned back to my lunch.

“Morning sweetie.” Claire said as I made my way downstairs to heat up the coffee Trevor left for me.
“Good morning.”
“So I already texted the boys, but I’m going to be gone this weekend so if you guys do anything wild, please get rid of the evidence before I get back Monday night.” I laughed as I waited for my coffee.
“Yeah, sure. That won’t be a problem.”
“How are the classes coming along? Do you like them?”
“Actually yeah, I like doing things on my own time. I really do feel like this is one my time but so much better and I feel so much less stressed because of this. I also like how I don’t really have to do it first thing and can do other things and do class later. I really do like it.”
“That’s good. I knew you would make the right choice for yourself.” I grabbed my coffee and headed back upstairs. I started working on some of my elective courses since I had another appointment in a couple hours before the gym and band practice.
Once a little after 10 rolled around, I started getting ready and was out the door by 10:30. I was on my way into town to waste some damn money from the past couple shows we had done and they had actually added up to a pretty decent amount of money and I wanted to splurge and treat myself for once in a long time.

“Hey mom, where is Bethany?” I asked once I got home with Matt behind me.
“Oh, she said she had an appointment in town around 11 and said it would be about 3 hours.”
“What fucking appointment takes like fucking 3 hours?” I asked, turning to Matt.
“I don’t know but we have a gym date so I’m offended that she is standing me up.”
“I wouldn’t do that.” She said, walking in. I looked over at her and she was pulling on her arm, which was wrapped up.
“Did you just get a tattoo?” I questioned.
“Yeah, today was the first session.” She said, slowly peeling the wrap off to revel a fucking whole quarter sleeve of a dragon.
“Damn.” Matt said. “That would definitely take 3 hours.”
“Holy shit babe…did you go to Blaine for this?”
“Yeah, I did. He was really cool the whole time since I was super freaked out by the fact that this is like my first like big tattoo. But yeah, I really like it.”
“It looks fucking…awesome.” I said.
“Thanks babe…I have 2 more sessions but like you know, I wanted to spoil myself a little, you know? So yeah, this is what I decided.”
“It legit looks fucking sick.” Matt said. “Do you still wanna go to the gym though? Like your arm is really swollen.” 
“Yeah, I still wanna go; I’ll probably just stick to running though until the swelling is down.”
“Works for me.” Matt said. “I’ll be in the car.”
“I’ll be right out.” She smiled at my mom before heading upstairs with Trevor behind me.
“So did you hear the good news?” I asked her.
“What good news?” She asked, looking over at me as she struggled to change before I jumped in to help her.
“We don’t have a show this weekend and since I’m sure my mom already told you, she’s going to be out of town, we’re having a party.” I said as I helped her as gently as I could into her gym clothes.
“I assumed you would come home with something already planned.” She said it almost like she was excited about it at all but was trying to be.
“Is it cool with you? I mean, I thought you would like the idea of being able to have a weekend off and doing something fun?”
“Trevor, parties are fun to you; I tolerate them for you. That’s all they are to me.”
“But you always seem to enjoy the after parties after a show…” I said slowly.
“Yeah, because I’m fucking hyped from the show, have the adrenaline still going, and my friends are actually there. A house party, I’m a socially awkward person standing in the corner. I used to do it at your parties all the time and Matt would literally sit with me in that corner until I felt good enough to literally push myself through a crowd to go home. And when it came to Logan’s or Jax’s parties, Matt typically got a call around 10pm to pick me up. But it’s not a problem; you guys have fun and I’ll go to like Aviana’s or Vienna’s or something.”
“Uh…I invited them…” I said slowly. “Vienna said they would be here…”
“Wait, you actually invited my friends this time?”
“Okay, Aviana already in her Aviana way already pointed out I was an asshole about never inviting her and Vienna when I would invite you so yes, I got that lecture already.”
“At least someone remembers these things.” Bethany pointed out as I reached down to tie her sneakers for her.
“You can literally invite whoever you want to this thing, all your friends, whatever, I don’t care. I want you to have fun too. I just…suck at remembering how much you really hate parties…especially since you love the after parties…”
“Yeah, I get that but still, try to keep up and remember some of the little things I tell you…”
“I’ll try babe; okay, you’re all set.” I said, standing up.
“I need to clean this.” She said, pointing to her arm.
“Shit, yes we do. Okay, you’re gonna do an easy run today, okay? You don’t want to get it more dirty than necessary.” 
“Yes sir!” I laughed as I cleaned off her arm for her as gently as I could as she winced in pain.
After I finished cleaning off her arm, she kissed me and practically ran out the door to meet up with Matt who was probably very impatiently waiting for her. I cleaned up the bathroom a bit before the bedroom before heading downstairs to watch TV with Bree and Alexis while I waiting for 5 to roll around for band practice.

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