Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


8. First Date

I was sitting at lunch with Vienna and Aviana later that day, still really nervous about going out with Trevor today. I still had a weird, nagging feeling, like he wasn’t gonna be here. I was just pushing my food around my plate, confused.
“Okay, what’s wrong?” Vienna asked.
“I’m just nervous about today with Trevor…” I said slowly.
“Why are you so nervous about him ditching you?” Aviana questioned me, reading my mind. I glanced over my shoulder, seeing him with his friends, obnoxious as always, all of them yelling about plans after school.
“That could do it.” Vienna sadly pointed out. “They aren’t really quiet about it and Trevor is always dead center of everything.”
“No trust.” I snapped my heard around and saw Trevor sitting next to me, eating.
“How in the hell…” Aviana started.
“I’m just magical, Av. Do not doubt me.”
“Literally so fucking obnoxious.”
“Hey so I almost finished the editing last night.” Drew said, joining us. This only caused a shit load of looks from Aviana and Vienna since this isn’t typically normal.
“Ooo how is it coming along?!” I asked, getting excited.
“It’s actually really fucking awesome; some of my best work yet. Are you guys free later to go over it?”
“Yeah, not today.” Trevor said, smirking at me. “I’ve got some plans.” I rolled my eyes, smirking.
“You two? You actually made fucking plans? To like go out? Bro no wonder Emily has been glaring her ass off at you two this week.”
“What are you talking about?” Trevor questioned.
“Dude, literally, you two. She’s pissed as fuck. But I can see why now.” Drew said, smirking.
 “What?” Trevor questioned again.
“You take Beth seriously, you never took Emily seriously. So hey, good for you man. How about tomorrow or later tonight then?” Drew asked.
“Yeah, I’ll hit you up about it later, cool?”
“Yeah sounds good.” Drew said before walking off. I looked over at Trevor who now looked upset and I sighed.
“You need to talk to her, don’t you?” I asked slowly.
“If you don’t mind…”
“Go…” I said, but didn’t let him leave before kissing him hard. He smiled and kissed my forehead before walking off.
“Is this a joke?” Aviana questioned.
“Nope. Every time someone points out how he fucked up in a relationship, he has to apologize.” I sighed.
“Well he better fucking be on time for your damn date or I swear to god I’ll have his fucking balls.” Aviana mumbled.
“Yup, not weird at all. But thank you Av.”
“No worries girl, I got you.” I nodded, finishing off my lunch before the next bell rang.
During French, I was trying really hard to focus since I had Trevor throwing pieces of paper at me and my mind was elsewhere. Normally I was very attentive in this class since I knew French almost fluently but today was just another story. I ended up excusing myself to the bathroom and just kind of stood there, feeling weird.
“Are you okay?” I looked up, seeing Emily in front of me.
“Honestly?” I asked slowly.
“Yeah I know the feeling. I felt that all the time when you were around.” Emily said, half smiling.
“Oh come on Beth, everyone knew Trev was like madly in love with you. You clearly hid it better but everyone fucking knew. He only stayed with me because he never wanted to tell you, or admit it to himself. I always liked you, always, you always treated me great and made me feel welcomed and I don’t want you to take my bitterness and take it to heart. Trevor apologizing to me, I know that was all you, pointing certain shit out, showing you have standards, which is something I never did and it makes him feel bad; I know its you. To be honest, Beth, you’re the best thing for him and I’m not going to try and interfere. I like you, I loved Trev at one point, and honestly, you shouldn’t need to worry about him.”
“Why do you say that?” Emily smiled and shrugged.
“Girl, he’s crazy about you. He’d cross oceans for you. He cancelled like 10 different plans he had today just because he said he made plans with just you and he never did that for me. He loves you, he just won’t admit it yet. And plus, I may be jealous, but it’s more of what you two have. I just tell myself that one day ill have that something special too.”
“Thanks…” I finally said.
“Of course, don’t worry about it. Ill see you around, yeah?” I nodded as Emily walked out. I stood there for maybe a minute or two more before making my way back to class, weirdly feeling better.
“You good?” Trevor asked, leaning over to me. I nodded and half smiled.
“Yeah.” Trevor definitely looked like he did not believe me but it was all going to be fine. I trusted Emily, as crazy as that sounded.
After class, I kind of flew out so I didn’t really need to talk to Trevor. I had way too much circling my brain to have a legit conversation right now. I have still yet to tell Aviana and Vienna about living with Trevor and his family now, I had all these built up, unnecessary thoughts I had to get rid of; none of it was a good time. And I now I had my meeting with the office and guidance about no longer living at home.
“Ms. Walker…” I said, walking into my counselors’ office. “How is everything?”
“Uh, could be worse I guess.” I said slowly.
“Well, we had Mrs. Wentworth call today to inform us you were no longer living at home and you were living with her and her family.”
“Yes, that is correct.”
“She should be joining us soon so we can hear both sides of the story.” I nodded, wanting to cry. This was all too much for one day. 

I walked into Aviana’s class that she was supposed to be in with Bethany but she was nowhere to be found.
“Mr. Trevor Wentworth…” I smiled, seeing my old teacher, Ms. Clark.
“What on god’s green earth can I help you with?”
“Oh, I need Aviana.”
“For what reason?”
“I just have a super important question for her.”
“And this can’t wait?”
“Was it ever able to wait?” I asked, smirking.
“Aviana?” Ms. Clark said.
“Oh fuck that shit.”
“Humor all of us.” Ms. Clark said, sighing. Aviana groaned as she got up and followed me into the hallway.
“You better have a damn good reason for this shit, Trevor.”
“Yeah, I do. Where is Bethany? She stormed out of last class like there was no tomorrow and now she isn’t here; what the fuck?”
“She said she had a minor issue and needed to go to guidance, why?”
“What was the issue?” I asked, getting nervous.
“I don’t know…she didn’t say…wait, you think you know what it is, don’t you?!”
“I might…”
“Well what is it?! Is it bad?!”
“Yeah, that’s not really my place to say; it’s all her. Fuck. I need to go. Thanks!” I said, already halfway down the hall. When I got to the front of the school, I saw my mom walking into the office and I knew, I just knew what was going on. I ran into the office and stopped next to my mom.
“Sweetie, shouldn’t you be in class?” My mom asked, without looking up.
“Yeah, what is going on?”
“Nothing; why aren’t you in class?”
“Oh god…what now Trevor?” Mr. Jay groaned when he saw me.
“Here with my mom.” I said, smiling.
“This is no joking matter. Was he a witness?” My mom sighed and nodded.
“So was my other son, Matthew Wentworth.”
“Would you be willing to testify if this goes to court?”
“Whoa, that’s how far this is going?!”
“Yes, Trevor. Bethany’s teacher noticed she had hand bruises on her arms and this is not the first incident so now charges are being pressed.” My mom said, turning to look at me.
“Well fuck.”
“This way.” Mr. Jay led us back to where Bethany was sitting, making a statement with a bunch of cops and teachers around her, looking like she could either cry or strangle everyone.
“This is Mrs. Wentworth and Trevor Wentworth; we will be calling Matthew Wentworth in momentarily.” Bethany turned around and saw me, looking almost mad. And I was only here by accident.
“So you two are witnesses?” The one cop asked.
“Yes, we are.” My mom said. They had us both sit down as Bethany continued to tell her story. I sat there, completely shocked this was even a damn thing right now. I never thought in a million years Bethany had been dealing with all of this here…
“Trevor, mom?” We looked up and saw Matt walk in, being sat next to us. “What is happening?”
“A teacher saw bruises on Bethany.” I said, nodding to her. “Me, being the dumbass I am, came to make sure she was okay and got us both warped into this.”
“Sweetie, don’t be so hard on yourself.” My mom said. “You would’ve ended up here anyway when they asked if there were any other witnesses.”
“True…” I said slowly.
“Well fuck…” Matt said, sinking into his chair. “And here I thought I was getting another lecture on skipping class.”
“Excuse me?” Mom asked, looking over at him as I tried not to laugh.
“Yeah, nothing.” Matt grumbled. I turned my attention back to Beth who was now having pictures of her arms, face, and neck taken as my mom was getting called over.

“Okay, so Claire Wentworth said she was willing to take you in?” Ms. Marie asked me slowly.
“Yeah, she said that.” I said, nodding.
“And I’m assuming you took her up on that?”
“Uh yeah, her two sons and two daughters ended up going to my house to get all my stuff with the help of my brother, Chris.”
“Oh yes, Chris…how is he doing?”
“A lot better now. He got into Penn and is on the Dean’s List.”
“That’s good to hear. You have your own room at their house?”
“Uh yeah, the guest room…sort of.”
“Sort of?”
“I mean, I’m dating her son.”
“Uh, yeah?”
“Not surprised there; okay, so you have a room you are just choosing to stay in Trevor’s room?”
“Why is this important?”
“The file…it says the household needs to have enough beds per person in the house.”
“Uh, then yeah, I have my own room.” I said, feeling uncomfortable about this whole process.
“Sweetie, everything is going to be okay.”
“And what about my half siblings?”
“Are they hurt?”
“No, never.”
“Then they should be fine. Chris is out, you’re now out; odds are your siblings will just be monitored more closely by the state, not taken away.” I nodded, still not liking any of this.
After it was all over, almost an hour later, I was sitting down by my locker, not ready to face class just yet. That was just way too much to handle in one day. I know it was out of concern but it still sucked going through.
“You okay?” I looked up and saw Trevor sitting down next to me.
“Uh yeah. Are you?”
“Yeah, I did not expect that. I mean, I just went to tell my teacher I needed to fill out address change forms and she saw my arms and old bruises on my neck and questioned me and yeah, all this happened.”
“Damn, that’s insane.”
“Just a little. How did you and Matt get warped into this?”
“Well, Aviana just said you went to guidance and I knew something was off so I came to make sure you were okay and turns out I would’ve been called down anyway when they asked you or my mom if there were any more witnesses so…I just sped that process up.” I looked down, still really upset. “Hey, are we still going on our date?”
“Of course!” I said, looking at him. “This made me need it even more so; but we’re both going to have to change before we go.” I pointed out.
“Oh that makes me nervous. Okay, not to go back to the downer shit, but uh, you never told Aviana and Vienna?” I sighed and looked back down.
“Yeah, no I didn’t. I didn’t know how to tell them. I mean, they don’t actually know how bad it was living there and then to drop the next bomb of now living with you…Aviana may have a heart attack.” I said, trying to make a small joke.
“All little jokes aside, I think she wouldn’t take it too bad if she knew what was really going on.”
“Probably not.” I said as he put his arm around me, pulling me into him so I could lean on his shoulder.
“Do you need to get to class?” Trevor asked after a few minutes, knowing me all too well.
“Don’t you know me all too well?” I said, trying to make another small joke.
“Just a little.”
“Yeah, but no; I was excused from my next class. I could go but I really just don’t want to go.” I said slowly.
“Wow, I never thought I would hear you say something like that.” Trevor said, surprised.
“Yeah, right? But I just don’t think I could mentally handle it right now. Plus, Vienna is there and I know for a fact Aviana probably told her something was up and I don’t want to handle that just yet. I have study with them both next period so I can just tell them then.”
“Okay babe…” Trevor said, rubbing my arm.
“Hey guys; you both okay?” Matt said, joining us.
“Oh we’re both dandy.” Trevor said, answering for me.
“Yeah, I figured as much. I’m right there with you guys.”
“So now I just need to go to court with your mom, and my parents will be there basically to sign their rights over and Claire is going to sign off as my legal guardian.” I said, sighing.
“Wait, what?!” Trevor questioned.
“Yeah. She talked it over with me earlier when I called her when I was told to go to the office. So like I have to go to court and testify, basically making myself a ward of the state and Claire taking me on.”
“Shit.” Matt sighed again.
“Yeah. So then I have to wait 2 more years until I can officially emancipate myself and then I’ll just be on my own, literally.”
“This got so damn complicated so fucking quick.” Trevor said.
“Yeah, you’re telling me…” I sighed.
“Do you need us to go to court with you?” Matt asked.
“I think it’s something I need to do on my own, you know?” I said slowly. “This is my fight. Claire is only going because she’s the person who is going to sign off as my guardian until I can legally be my own guardian. That’s what we decided.”
“What’s going to happen when you become your own guardian?” Matt asked.
“I’ll still be in high school, probably still living with you guys, or I could apply for assisted living and get my own place but that’s a couple years down the road; not something I really want to focus on right now to be honest.”
“Yeah, no, we get that.” Trevor said as the bell rang. I sighed and Trevor stood up, helping me up.
“Are you going to be okay?” Matt asked.
“Uh yeah. I don’t really have much of a choice. But uh, Trevor, I do want to talk to you about something later, okay?”
“Yeah, anything.” I nodded and then just walked off, still so confused.

“What do you think she wants to talk to me about?” I asked Matt.
“Bro, she just moved in and is about to become legally part of our family. Odds are, it’s about her living with us since you two just started dating.”
“Well how is that a bad thing?” I asked.
“You guys literally just started dating not even a week ago. Like that shit isn’t typically how it goes. It’s normally like “hey we’ve been dating for a few years, maybe we should try it” not, hey my parents beat me, I’m moving in since your mom just claimed me from the state and we just so happen to be dating.”
“Well fuck…I didn’t even think of it that way.”
“Yeah, you guys aren’t really going to get time apart from each other so it’s going to be crazy from the beginning; not just a honeymoon phase. You guys jumped like a few years ahead of time on the relationship timeline.” Matt pointed out.
“This is going to be bad, isn’t it?”
“No, it doesn’t have to be. You guys just need to make sure you aren’t stepping on each other’s toes all the time, you know?”
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“Like you need to have your life, she still needs to have hers, but you still need to make time together like not in the house kind of thing.”
“Okay, thanks for that.”
“What? The heads up on this serious conversation? Bro, I could also be really wrong. I’m literally guessing. This is not something she talked to me about.”
“Bro, you will be fine. Don’t over think it.” I nodded, running my hands through my hair, suddenly stressed about this future conversation.
“Where is she?!” Aviana demanded, running up to me.
“Whoa, fuck, Aviana. She walked away when the bell rang. I assume she’s in class right now.”
“What the fuck is going on?! There are fucking cops everywhere!”
“As I said earlier, it’s not my place to say.”
“Oh my god; the one time you could be helpful!”
“I wouldn’t be helpful, I promise you that. You need to talk to her. She really needs a friend right now; a friend that like isn’t her boyfriend.” I said.
“She went to class you said?” Aviana finally said, after a long pause. I nodded and she turned around, walking off.
“You’ll be okay.” Matt said, patting my shoulder. “Just get through the last 2 classes and then you and Beth will have your date and this will all be out of the way, okay?” I nodded.
“Thanks…” I said slowly, making my way to class.
Once I sat down in class, Drew came up and sat next to me, trying to show me parts of the video but I just couldn’t even look at it right now. I pushed his hand out of the way and slumped down into my chair, just not sure what to do right now.
“You good?” Drew finally asked.
“Yeah, no not really. But I don’t want to talk about it.”
“You and Beth are good, right?”
“Yeah, we are.”
“Good. So she looked really upset earlier. Like is she okay?” Emily asked, walking over. “I talked to her for a few minutes and she was fine but then like just a few minutes ago I saw her crying in the lunch room; or I mean, like she was about to cry.”
“Why do you care, Em?” I snapped.
“Listen, I always liked Bethany despite knowing how you felt about her, okay? She was nothing but sweet and nice to me and always made me feel like I was wanted around when I was with her so yeah, I’m concerned.”
“Fuck, make me feel like shit again. But no, she isn’t okay. We are okay, but her alone, and me alone, no, neither of us are okay.”
“What’s going on?” Drew asked.
“That’s not really something I should be answering. That’s more something you should be asking her if you really want to know.” I said, sighing.
“Wow. Good for you.” Emily said. “Thanks though.” With that, she walked off.
“Dude, really? What was that about?” Drew asked.
“I don’t know. But Bethany never said anything about talking to Emily before.” I pointed out.
“Shit.” Drew said as the bell rang and our teacher started taking roll call.

“Are you okay?” Aviana asked, running into study hall. Vienna was already there, questioning me.
“Not really…”
“What’s going on?! Trevor almost had a panic attack when I told him you weren’t in class earlier today!”
“Yeah, he told me.”
“So…?!” Aviana demanded.
“Shit, Aviana, calm down. This is clearly really huge for Bethany so don’t force it out of her…” Vienna finally said, reaching for my hand.
“No it’s…uh…so I’m going to court with Claire; she’s fighting my parents for custody of me. She wants to be my legal guardian.”
“WHAT!?” Aviana yelled, causing a few people to look our way.
“Uh, my dad isn’t actually my dad; he’s my step dad, my real father left when I was little because my mom was abusive. She was as everyone knows, abusive to Chris and as of late, me as well.” Aviana’s and Vienna’s jaws both dropped at this point. “Uh and I live with Trevor and his family now.” I took a deep breath and sighed. “I think that covers all the major points. Oh and uh the reason the cops are everywhere is because they were taking my statement and pictures of all the bruises.”
“Why didn’t you ever tell us?” Vienna finally whispered.
“It’s…it’s not something I’m actually like proud of. A teacher found the bruises so, she reported them like she should. But, yeah.”
“But like…you could have always come to us.” Vienna said.
“I know. I just didn’t want to believe this was like a thing.” I said sadly, looking at the table.
“Well shit.” Aviana said. “You’re living with Trevor now…”
“Oh come on Aviana, really?” Vienna snapped.
“No I’m just like…all of this is shocking. That is probably the least shocking thing so right now I’m trying to focus on that so I don’t lose my shit on everything else.”
“Then in that case, proceed.” Vienna said, nodding.
“Thanks.” Aviana said, still in shock.
For the next hour of study hall, I answered all their questions and they listened to me vent, or something just let me sit there and cry silently since I didn’t want anyone to know what was really going on. I was just still in so much shock I don’t think I had fully embraced everything about to happen. It’s like everything I know was turning upside down and being shaken around.
“Hey.” I looked up from my locker to see Emily standing there. I was kind of shocked but tried to smile anyway.
“Trevor said you guys were separately having rough days for the same reason?”
“Yeah; it’s been a shit show filled day to be honest.” I said, half laughing.
“Is this weird to you?” Emily asked slowly.
“Me talking to you?”
“Uh, I won’t lie, a little. I figured you would hate me at this point.” Emily half smiled and shook her head.
“Nope, I definitely don’t hate you. I actually wanted to stay your friend after Trevor and I broke up.”
“Wait, really?” I asked.
“Yeah, I did. I just figured it would be weird for him so I didn’t keep in touch.”
“He takes everything so personally.” I half joked, making Emily laugh.
“Uh, yeah. So true. But, if you ever need to talk, or just want to catch up, here’s my new number. I just wanted to give it to you, you know.” Emily smiled genuinely at me and I took the paper.
“Why now?”
“Because sometimes you just need a new face. I may not be new, but newer, and we used to be pretty close.”
“You sure that wasn’t a keep your enemy closer kind of thing?” I joked.
“And there’s that sense of humor; okay, maybe a small part of it was.”
“And why should I believe it’s different now?”
“True, you have a point. But I do miss talking to you. I know this seems like really odd timing with you and Trevor getting together but honestly, I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while and literally Shannon has been trying to convince me for months to talk to you.”
“Wow…I remember her hating me pretty hard.”
“Yeah well…let’s be honest, most of my friends did since Trevor and all…”
“Yup, can’t ever forget that shit.”
“Anyway; Shannon said she always liked you, just not Trevor’s hidden feelings for you so it was taken out on you so I apologize for her behavior.”  
“Hey, tell her no hard feelings.” I finally said.
“So, just hit me up if you ever need anything, okay?”

“Why are they still talking?!” Logan asked as him, Jax, Drew, and I were all legit staring them down from Logan’s locker.
“What could they even be talking about?” Jax questioned.
“This has to be a fucking joke.” We all turned and Shannon was standing there with Sophie.
“Hey Soph, Shannon.” Drew jumped as we all just shrugged.
“Like can they not fucking talk without all of you jumping down their throats?” Sophie questioned.
“Why are they even talking?!” I asked.
“Uh, Emily missed Beth? Is that a joke? Like Beth is fucking hysterical. Do you know how long it took me to convince her that it wouldn’t be weird if she tried to stay her friend after you two broke up? Like fuck; you and all your complex feelings towards Beth and shit.” Shannon said.
“Whoa, hold on now…”
“Yeah, yeah, you never cheated. But we all know how madly in love you are with Beth. Emily just accepted it and wanted to stay friends with Beth.” Sophie said. “Like is that so weird to you?”
“Uh, yeah, a little.” I said, shrugging. “Like you three are always up to something.”
“Yeah, up to making Emily not be so damn shy just like you did to Bethany. You know, push her outside of her comfort zone a little?” Shannon said, rolling her eyes. We all heard Bethany and Emily start laughing so we turned back towards them and we saw them watching us before they just shook their heads and looked away.
“They’re talking about me. I don’t like this.” I said.
“Oh you are literally so full of yourself.” Sophie said.
“Current girlfriend, ex girlfriend, staring and laughing; yeah that’s petrifying.” I pointed out.
“Yeah, I’d be flipping out.” Logan added in.
“Of course you would be since you’d probably still be sleeping with both of them.” Shannon rolled her eyes.
“That’s…that’s actually true.” Jax said, laughing.
“Literally, why does everyone need to start talking to Bethany now?” I questioned.
“You guys are dating now, and we are all friends so we want to get to know her even better. Is that so bad?”
“No but…”
“Why are you so freaked out by this?” Sophie asked.
“I don’t know. I’m just not used to it, I guess.” I said finally.
“Get used to it; legit everyone in our friends group is going to make their way to Beth if they haven’t already.” Shannon said.
“That petrifys me as well.”
“Why?” Jax asked.
“Uh, have you guys met yourselves?” I questioned, making Sophie and Shannon laugh.
“At least us girl’s aren’t that bad.” Sophie said.
“You guys are bad in your own ways.”
“How?!” Sophie demanded.
“You all liked Emily and befriended Emily first. Odds are, she finds it weird.” Drew said for me.
“Well I swear on everything, there is no ill harm intended. We literally just want to get to know her too, just like we did with Emily.” Sophie said.
“I really hope she sees it that way.” I mumbled as the bell rang. I turned back to Bethany as her and Emily went their separate ways.

After school, I was waiting on the front stoop for Trevor so we could go get changed for our date today. I was really nervous that forgot or that he would chicken out. I was starting the get jittery every time someone passed by me.
“Okay, so where are we off to?” I looked up and saw Trevor next to me, alone. “Why do you look so surprised?”
“You know why. Okay, we need to go home and change. Neither of us are in proper clothes for what I have planned.”
“Okay, so home if the first stop.” Trevor said as we walked to his car. Once we got home I was changing into gym clothes and Trevor followed in suit, changing into basketball shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers. I tossed him a water and grabbed one for myself as we left.
“Oaky, ready?” I asked.
“Are we going to the gym?” Trevor joked.
“No.” I said, laughing. “Just get in the car.” I said.
“Okay, direct me then.” Trevor said. I smiled as I directed him to my favorite hiking spot.
“Here we are.” I said as he pulled off into the wooden parking lot.
“Is this where you kill me?” He joked, making me laugh again.
“No… come on.” I said as we headed up my favorite trail. It was a pretty rough one but it was really nice and never really busy.
“Holy shit…” Trevor mumbled only a mile or so into the hike.
“What?” I asked, smirking.
“I am definitely not in enough shape for this shit. This is something you do in your spare time?”
“Yeah, I’ve just never brought anyone else up here with me to be honest.”
“I would feel more honored if this wasn’t such a fucking bitch.” I giggled as we continued up a rock hill that was more like a wall. “So…what did you want to talk to me about?” Trevor finally asked once the ground leveled out a little.
“Oh uh… this whole living together thing…”
“I figured as much.” He said, panting. “Look, I know this is like a huge jump in relationship time but I think we can do it.”
“What makes you think that?”
“Well, you still have your friends, I still have mine, you have your own space at my house, and like we just need to make sure we still can figure out how to separate this whole living together thing, the honeymoon phase thing, and like just still making time for ourselves, and each other all at once which like yeah, you normally don’t do a week in but I think we can do it.”
“You talked to Matt.” I said, half smirking.
“What makes you think that?”
“That sounds like something Matt would say. You asked his opinion and that was his first thought, wasn’t it?”
“Uh, yeah…is that bad?”
“No. But do you agree with everything you just said to me?”
“I mean, yeah I guess so. I think it would be easier keeping parts of our lives separate would be easier not living together, yeah, but I mean, I am up for the challenge. Like shit, I want to spend all my damn time with you but I know we have to make sure we still make time for ourselves and with our own friends so it doesn’t get in the way of us either.”
“That sounds more like you.” I said, smiling. “But I agree. As long as we can keep ourselves at a normal relationship pace, I think we will be okay even though we had this like huge jump right now.”
“Okay, good. Was there anything else while we are in the serious mood here?” Trevor asked.
“Uh yeah.” I said finally.
“Okay, what’s up?”
“A few things actually.”
“Okay, shoot.”
“Okay first; Emily.”
“What about her?” Trevor asked.
“Do you think she has bad intentions trying to talk to me out of the blue?”
“No, I don’t think so. I talked to Shannon and Sophie about it already and they were very convincing about how she wanted to stay your friends after her and I were over.”
“Okay, then my next question; does it bother you?”
“Uh, not going to lie, it’s really fucking weird having my current girlfriend talking to and hanging out with my ex, but I mean, she is still technically in my friends group and I am still around her a bit so I guess since you deal with that, I can handle you guys being friends.”
“Okay.” I said simply.
“You said there was a few things?”
“Okay…the next one?” Trevor asked, getting confused.
“You have to promise not to over react.” I said slowly.
“Okay, I promise I will not over react to whatever it is you are about to tell me.”
“Okay so I thought about what you and Alex said the day we first recorded the cover…and…if the offer was real and still stands…I think I would like to be a part of the band…”
“This is over reacting.” I said as I pulling myself over a fallen tree.
“Okay shit, sorry but uh, yeah no I will talk to the guys tomorrow at practice. Like I’m sure they would all be down though. I already know Alex is, I’m sure Matt will be so that just leaves Tim but you know, we need to have every one agree on all decisions.”
“Yup, I get it.” I said.
“So, I have a couple questions now.”
“Sure, shoot.”
“Okay, how do you know my cousin, Melissa?”
“Oh I knew that was coming at some point.”
“Well Bree or Alexis said you guys met in Paris…”
“Yeah, do you remember in 8th grade I was gone for a full year because I was studying abroad?”
“Yeah, that was a shitty year.” I laughed and shook my head.
“Yeah, well I was studying music abroad.”
“Music?” Trevor raised an eyebrow at me and I nodded.
“Yeah…I was part of a music program which is where I like really learned how to sing and that trip was the trip I really discovered I wanted to get into music one day and it just so happened that uh your cousin’s school was our partner school on that trip. Melissa is still a part of the program but I left once I started high school because it was a hug e commitment and I didn’t really have it in me to keep up with school and the program.”
“So where does Damian come in?”
“He uh, goes to the same school as Melissa and Kaylee and I met him through this program and through Kaylee back in middle school and we dated for a couple of years but cut it off halfway through my year abroad because you know…you…”
“Seriously; me?”
“Yeah, I was pretty hung up on you still and I knew I was leading Damian on and it wasn’t fair to him so I broke it off. He didn’t take it very well, he was really upset and I guess still is but that’s his own problem to be honest.”
“Damn…I didn’t know you were that into music.”
“Yeah, I always have been but it’s always been like your big thing so I didn’t want to like make my thing a huge deal.”
“Why would you even think that’s a valid reason to not show what you’re interested in?”
“Because…I didn’t want you to think I was just doing it or saying it to impress you or get you to like me or anything. I wanted to tell you on my own terms.”
“Well shit. I guess we aren’t all that different.”
“Nope, not really. I mean, other than I am in so much better shape then you.” I joked, looking back at Trevor who was sweating like crazy while I had barely broken a sweat.
“Oh fuck off!” He yelled. I laughed as we reached the top and were overlooking the side of a cliff. “Holy shit…” Trevor said once he got next to me.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” I sighed. I felt him looking at me but I was too scared to look up at him, especially with how intense the stare felt.
“I think you’re even more beautiful.” He finally said, pulling me to him, kissing me hard. I sunk into him, playing with the tips of his hair as he held the back of my neck, keeping me close. “So why bring me here now?” Trevor asked after we stepped apart and sat down on the edge of the cliff.
“Uh, because I felt like it was time.”
“Yeah; I figured if you could handle hiking up this with me and still like me, it would work out.”
“You decided this would come down to a mountain?” I smiled and leaned back onto my arms.
“No, not really. It was more it just felt like the right time to show you where I disappear to when no one can ever get in touch with me. There’s no cell reception, nothing. When you can’t find me, can’t get in touch with me, I’m here.”
“And I’m the only one honored enough to know this?”
“I figure if we ever get into a fight, we all know my stubborn ass won’t come to your first.”
“And we all know I would come running to you…” Trevor said, laughing.
“Yeah, so I figured you should know where I would be.”
“Well if I can haul my ass up this mountain for you, than I think our relationship is going to work out just fucking fine.” I laughed and leaned onto his arm.
For the next couple hours, we sat there just talking, sometimes sitting in silence, and just watching the sun slowly go down behind all the mountains. It was almost too perfect, too relaxing, and I didn’t want to leave.
“We should get going.” Trevor finally said.
“Yeah, it’s getting dark and this really isn’t the best trail to hike down, or up for that matter if you aren’t familiar with it.” I said, sadly agreeing.
“We can always come back, okay?” I nodded as we started our way back down.
When we got to the car, Trevor was driving us home and at this point it was totally dark and both our phones were going off due to not having service all those hours on the mountain and to be honest, I didn’t care. I had my date, my day with Trevor and for whatever reason, today made me feel like we really could get through anything.
“Thank you.” I said, once we got home.
“For what?” He asked, looking over at me.
“For today, you know. It meant a lot to me.” Trevor smiled and grabbed my hand.
“You know, I never thought I would see the day where I would actually go on a date with someone and then come back down being even more in love with them than I was before…” I saw his eyes go wide, realizing what he just said and he looked down.
“I’m waiting.” I said, almost painfully.
“For what?”
“You to take it back.”
“Uh, not going to happen.”
“What?” I asked.
“Yeah, I can’t take it back. It’s true.” I looked over at him and he was still staring at his feet.
“You look like you regret it…”
“Yeah I had no idea I was going to say it out loud.”
“Yup, okay, inside we go.” Trevor said. He hopped out of the car and I slapped my forehead. I literally am an idiot. I never said it back.

I literally sped walked into the house, past everyone, literally shaking. I told her I loved her, was in love with her and she painfully waited for me to take it back and when I didn’t she froze. This was literally petrifying on so many different levels.
“How was the date?” Matt asked as I passed his room.
“Great, awesome, fantastic.”
“Dude, what happened?!”
“Yup, told her I was in love with her and she froze. Life is fucking awesome. Didn’t even mean to let that slip out and yet it did so that’s awesome.”
“Yup, just gonna jump off a cliff. This is fucking great.” I walked into my room, closing the door, flipping out still, running my hands through my hair. How could I just let that slip out the way it did? Like this was terrifying. I never told a girl I was in love with them. Like we all joked about it when it came to Bethany but I had no idea it was actually fucking true until like right now and she froze.
Like I did love her; everything about her. Her hair, her hands, her personality, her voice, her drive, the way she makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room when she looks at you, how she makes you feel when she touches your hand, how my body tingles when she plays with my hair when he kiss, how we could go from serious conversations to joking in no time at all, how she always just looked so fucking perfect…I was so fucking in love with her it hurt.
“Trevor…” I looked up and she was standing there, closing the door behind her quietly.
“Yeah?” I asked, probably a little too quickly.
“Calm down…” She said, reaching for my arm. And there it was, her fucking touch that just killed me inside and made me just want her.
“Yeah, I’m calm.”
“No you aren’t…” She said, slowly pulling me to her. “You are full blown, freaking out.” She was whispering and it was killing me.
“Can you stop that?!” I snapped.
“Trevor…calm down…” She held her grip on me and I literally felt like I was either sweating like crazy or at least very fucking red.
“No! How am I supposed to calm down when literally everything you do drives me fucking insane like to the point where it’s just…”
“Just what?” She was still whispering and I had to close my eyes; I couldn’t look at her.
“It just makes me love you even more…” I said quietly. “Every time you do this, every time you touch me like this, every time you look at me like that, every time you open up and tell me something new, every time I wake up and see you doing something different, wearing something different, hearing your sleepy voice, everything you do makes me love you that much more…” I finally looked at her and she almost looked like she could cry. “But all you did was freeze…” I whispered, trying to step back from her.
“I didn’t freeze, Trevor.”
“What are you talking about?! Yes you did!”
“You jumped out of the car before I could say anything. I honestly thought you were going to take it back after seeing your face so I didn’t want to tell you that I’m fucking in love with you too.” I stopped and stared at her and she was still just staring at me.
“You what…”
“I love you too, Trevor.” She said again, her voice shaking. “One week or not, I knew from the age of 5 that I loved you.” I grabbed her and started kissing her, unable to hold myself back anymore.
We fell onto the bed, still kissing each other and pulling at each other’s clothes like nothing else in the world mattered more than this moment, right here, right now.
When I woke up the next morning, Bethany was still sleeping, clothes still tossed all over the room. I half smirked before nudging her awake.
“Hmm…” she mumbled rolling over.
“Hey, we have school today.”
“Five more minutes.” She mumbled. I smiled and kissed her forehead as I got up. I put on clothes and stumbled downstairs to where Alexis was smirking at me.
“What the hell?”
“Oh you two went at it hard as fuck last night.” Alexis said.
“Yeah, shit kept me up.” Matt grumbled. I just smirked and grabbed coffee for the two of us. “Like you come home freaking out and then next thing I know, everything is fucking good; literally.”
“Hey, it was a few years overdue so what did you expect?”
“OH SHIT!” Alexis said, laughing.
“Bro, next time, like I don’t even know; choke her, she likes that shit.” Bree said.
“Whoa what?!” Matt asked, laughing.
“Guys, the conversations we have are too kinky even for you two to hear.” Bree said, rolling her eyes.
“It’s so true.” I turned around as Bethany grabbed the coffee out of my hands. “It’s fucking ridiculous. I don’t think you could keep up, Trev.”
“I think Beth’s right.” Bree said, shaking her head.
“Please for the love of god, tell me you’re the one who found the box?”
“No, I did.” Alexis said, smirking. “I almost had a heart attack.”
“I’m sure you did.”
“Why, just why…” I groaned.
“Where is it?”
“Oh shit, my room. You think I was just going to toss that in the guest room, or Trevor’s room? Hell no…I kept that shit hidden.”
“You’re a god send.”
“Can you put pants on?” I finally asked Bethany.
“Oh, sure. I guess so. Not that they were required last night or anything.” Everyone started laughing while I rolled my eyes.
“You literally, are fucking screwed.” Bree pointed out. “Like she will literally screw your brains out.”
“I think she did last night.” Matt said.
“Anyway; band practice tonight still?”
“Yeah; okay cool. So Bethany said if the offer still stands, she wanted to be a part of the band.”
“Wait she really said that?”
“Fuck, about damn time she said something.” Bree said.
“Oh did she tell you about that abroad thing?”
“Yeah, yesterday.”
“Oh good. Now I don’t feel like I just blew up her spot.”
“Wait, you knew?” I asked.
“I feel like every time Bethany comes up in conversation, this happens. How much is there to know about one person?” Alexis asked.
“Apparently a lot…” I said slowly.
“But yeah, I’m down if Tim and Alex still are.”
“Alright; we can talk about it tonight then with them, or at school. I forgot that was a thing…” I said.
“Told you she screwed your brains out.”
“Yup. I’m fucking ready for today.” Bethany said, coming back downstairs. “And yeah, I already did, thank you for pointing that out, Bree.”
“No worries.”
“Babe, you’re like in pajamas?” I pointed out.
“And no fucks are given because I was not told I had to go to school after last night.” She laughed and grabbed my keys and walked out. “I’m leaving if you want to come with me!”
“Is she serious?” Matt asked.
“I think she is…” Bree said as Matt and I ran outside, getting in the car with her.

I was at the gym after school with Matt, running off all my stress of this whole court case bullshit. I thought last night would’ve done it but apparently not since I still felt like a fucking twisted up mess. I needed to get this all out of my system. I went from running, to weights, to punching bags, and honestly nothing was helping me blow off all the steam I had built up.
“You okay there?” Matt asked, joining me.
“I’m. So. Fucking. Stressed.” I panted.
“You’d think with the hike, last night, and right now, you’d be good.”
“I thought so too but apparently not.” I finally fell to the floor, giving up.
“Shit, your hand it literally swelling up. We should get you some ice and maybe head home. I have practice soon anyway.”
“Oh, yeah I forgot. That’s my bad.”
“Nope, I lost track of time too.” Matt helped me up and grabbed me a bag of ice on our way out. He wrapped it to my hand for the car ride. “Did it help just a little?”
“Coming here? Oh it always helps. I just wish none of this was even happening right now. Like I literally only wanted to change my address and this is what goes down. Like it’s crazy. I’m just…it’s a lot for me to handle.”
“Yeah, I believe it.” I sighed as we pulled up to the house and I saw Tim and Alex were already here. “I’ll see you later, okay?” Matt said, making his way downstairs.
“Yeah, sounds good.” I said, falling onto the couch with Bree.
“Girl what the hell? You’re still having hand issues?”
“Yup. Apparently I punch too hard.” I groaned.
“Well shit, no one is going to fuck with you, huh?”
“Thank you for that, Bree.” She smirked and turned her attention back to the TV.  
“BETHANY?! CAN YOU COME DOWNSTAIRS?!” I groaned as I pulled myself off the couch, feeling sore already as Bree laughed. I made my way downstairs and just collapsed on the bench, so drained.
“Wow that was effort.” Matt said.
“Dude, I am so fucking sore.”
“Why is your hand wrapped in ice?” Tim asked.
“Still from punching Becky.”
“Right…” Tim said, nodding.
“Anyway, we uh, all agreed. We want you in.”
“Oh good. I’d show more excitement but I think I killed myself at the gym.”
“Well you’re going to have to get up; we have a list of songs you need to get down in 2 days before our next show.” Alex said.
“Fuck me.” I groaned, getting up.
“Already did.” Trevor said.
“Fuck off.” I rolled my eyes, joining them as the guys started teaching me the songs, mainly covers of other songs that I will be performing with them now, or starting in 2 days, on Friday.

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