Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


16. Feelings

At practice the next day, we had pretty much got Road to the Throne down and started working on White Tiger; with everyone involved it sounded really fucking good and the fact that Trevor kept the idea of him playing guitar was really cool too. I had done my run through and before they even got home I had worked on my newest song and finished off the music for it. I practiced it a couple times just so they couldn’t say shit to me later, but they just had to take my word for it since no one was here to witness it. This was literally why I liked doing this school thing from home. I could do my school work and then whatever I wanted. The bedroom was starting to come together, my song was coming together perfectly and since I had been cramming all my classes in, I was almost done and had one more class this week and then I could focus on all the other shit I wanted to do. It was literally the perfect fit for me. I had even gone for a run all before practice today; literally perfect.
“Alright, guys everything seems to be coming together pretty fucking great.” Matt said when we did a full run through. “I mean, we still need to work on White Tiger and Road to the Throne a little more but everything else seems pretty solid.”
“Let’s do those 2 songs once more and then one last run through.” Alex suggested. Everyone agreed and that’s how practice ended.
When it was all said and done, I was upstairs finishing up my math course for the week so all I had left was history and my minor elective courses that were nowhere near as long as these courses. I could fly right through all of them probably in a day.
“Hard at work I see.” Trevor said joining me upstairs.
“Yeah, just a couple more questions and my math course will be done for the week.” I said slowly, really concentrating.
“You seem to really like this whole online thing a lot.”
“Yeah, it makes it easier for me and honestly I’ve never felt less stressed in my life.”
“That’s good.” I paused when I heard his voice; he almost sounded sad.
“Are you okay?” I asked him.
“No yeah, I’m good. I just miss seeing you in school every day. Like that was what felt like our fun, relaxed time together but I never knew how much stress it put on you I guess. Can I ask you something though?” Trevor asked slowly.
“Of course, anything.” I said, looking over at him.
“Why didn’t you tell me how much stress this was putting on you? Like why? You can tell me anything and honestly when you told me you dropped out due to all the stress of the band and school together was taking on you, I was shocked. Like…I just want to know why you never told me.”
“Because I didn’t want to stress you out I guess. I didn’t want you to try and convince me things would be easier when we all know that it wouldn’t be. I also wanted to make this decision pretty much on my own, figure it out on my own; I mean, I really do love music, and I love being in the band, but I also know myself; I couldn’t live with myself knowing I didn’t finish school so I figured if I dropped out early and started this shit now, I would be done sooner but on my time; and I mean, let’s be honest, you probably would have thought I was joking.”
“That last part is sadly true. I’ve always known you as my little goodie two shoes so I probably would’ve thought that. But I mean, I do want what’s best for you and if this is it then as I said a few days ago, I’m going to support you.”
“Thank you Trevor, that really does mean a lot.” I said, leaning my head on his shoulder as I turned back to my work.
“Is this the new normal?” Trevor asked after a couple minutes.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Like you doing school work while I’m trying to cuddle my girlfriend after a long day?” I laughed and looked back over at him with his cute little puppy eyes.
“No, I just did other shit during the day to be honest.”
“Oh like what?”
“I went for a run, working on my new song, did a few run through’s of it, then I started my school work.”
“Shit, must be living the dream over here.”
“Hey, give me like 10 minutes and I will be done.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“But I’m not patient enough to wait.” Trevor said, snuggling up to me, making it difficult to focus with how cute he was being.
“You’re making my life difficult.” I joked.
“That’s my job as your boyfriend…” I laughed as I tried to focus on my last few worksheets that were literally 2-3 questions each. “I want my girlfriend to pay attention to me.” He said, in like a cute, whiny voice still staring at me with his puppy eyes.
“You’re killing me.” I said, laughing.
“But just love me…”
“Okay fine, you win.” I said, still laughing as I saved my work and put my laptop down and rolled over to him.
“Yay.” He said happily as he pulled me close to him and started kissing me.
The next morning, I had already finished my math course, finished up all my elective courses and had time to spare. I did some more work on the bedroom before going on a run since I was missing this gym this whole week before making my way into the studio to work on my run through. Bree came down before the guys came down and waved at me.
“Hey, you want to do a run through of your newest song?” Bree asked. I nodded and she want digging through the music to pull it up. When the music started I was beyond ready for this; I knew I had this down.
“Oh no, here we go again, fighting over what I said, I’m sorry, yeah I’m sorry, bad at love, no, I’m not good at this, but I can’t say I’m innocent, not hardly, but I’m sorry, and all my friends, they knows it’s true, I don’t know who I am without you, I got it bad baby, got it bad…”
Once I ran through it a couple times, Bree gave me a thumbs up and nodded. I smiled, putting the headphones down and walked out. She stopped the music and looked over at me, shaking her head.
“This song is fucking fire.” Bree said.
“Thanks girl.”
“No like you have no idea; this is just fucking fire. I have no other way to word it.”
“What is fire?” Matt asked, jogging downstairs.
“Beth’s new song.” Bree said as everyone else got downstairs.
“Let’s hear it then.” Trevor said, smirking.
“Oh hell no!” I announced. “I’ll go over the rest of my set list though.”
“I tried.” Trevor said. “And we almost made it in time to hear it too, so that’s just devastating.”
“Yeah, you tried.” Bree said, laughing.
“Yeah, I have another song I can use to replace the one we cut too.” I said.
“Fuck yes we do! The IDGAF one, right?” Bree asked.
“You know it.” I said, smirking.
“This is going to be the best one yet.” Bree said.
“Well let’s hear it then.” Alex said, laughing. I walked back into the studio as Bree got all set to play the music for me.
“You call me, all friendly, tellin’ me how much you miss me, that’s funny, I guess you heard my songs, well, I’m too busy for your business, go find a girl who wants to listen cause if you think I was born yesterday you have got me wrong, so I cut you off, I don’t need your love, cause I already cried enough, I’ve been done, I’ve been moving on since we said goodbye, I cut you off, I don’t need your love so you can try all you want, you’re time is up, I’ll tell you why…”
“Damn…” Tim said when I finished. “Do you produce this music yourself?”
“Hell yes she does!” Bree said for me as I walked back out.
“That’s fucking real talent.” Alex said, nodding.
“Thanks guys.” I said, smiling.
“Just wait until you get to hear the new song.” Bree said, smirking.
“Fuck off Bree; too far.” I said, laughing.
“I’m just saying; that one is by far my favorite.” Bree said, shrugging.
“Thanks love.”
“Okay, yeah so you did your run through, time to get some work in.” Matt said. “We have a lot of work to do before tomorrow night.”

The next day at school, I had joined Aviana and Vienna, needing a break from all my friends for once. I could tell it surprised them but coming here was just kind of boring now.
“You okay?” Vienna asked me.
“Yeah I just still find all of this weird. Like Bethany is done with her classes for the week and we’re over here still trying to make it through the week. That and she isn’t here…”
“Yeah, tell me about it. I mean, it’s quieter over here again.” Aviana said, stabbing her salad with her fork.
“You still haven’t talked to Bethany, have you?” Vienna asked her.
“No, I don’t know what to say to her. I feel like crap for screaming at her but like…I don’t know. I was just super upset by all of it. I don’t know how to tell her that.”
“You know you could just come to the show on Friday and talk to her there.” I said.
“Oh god, you want me to come see your show?” Aviana groaned.
“You haven’t been to once since Bethany has been on stage and I think it would mean a lot to her if you were there. Vienna’s been going.” I said, shrugging.
“You’ve been going?” Aviana asked, looking at Vienna. She shrugged and nodded.
“Yeah, I’m going to support a friend and the last show, Bethany had her own little segment and she’s really fucking good; I never even knew.”
“So that explains why you can’t hang on Fridays anymore…”
“Yeah, you should just come to the show tomorrow night. I think you’ll really like it.” Vienna said.
“I don’t really know. I legit only went for Bethany’s sake and to try and convince her to tell you how she felt since she barely saw you to begin with.”
“Yeah, now you should go to support her.” Vienna said.
“She’s actually opening for us tomorrow night. She has her own little set list of songs she wrote and produced on her own.” I added in.
“Come on, I’m sure she misses you.” Vienna begged.
“Yeah she’s kind on been burying herself in her music and work since you guys stopped talking. It’s not really easy on her either, this transition. She just knew it was better for her.” I said. “She could use a friend.”
“I’ll think about it.”
“Well, here’s a ticket, on me, just think about it.” I said, going back to my lunch.
After school, we were really going through everything with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything was perfect for tomorrow. Bethany was killing it, as always, the guys were like on point with everything; I don’t think we could have had a better run through of everything and we literally got both new songs down before the end of the week so that was even better. It was a damn good practice. We had even been able to add Bethany in with the guitar on some songs since she had an ear for this shit; she literally was beyond killing it. I had never seen anyone pick up on everything as quickly as she was.
“Where are you going?” I asked her after practice.
“A run.” She said, sounding stressed.
“Are you okay? I though you went on a run earlier?”
“Yeah I need another one to be honest.”
“What’s bothering you?”
“Just Aviana.”
“Yeah I picked up on that a good week ago.” I said slowly.
“Yeah, I don’t know. It’s just really getting to me tonight.”
“Alright; that’s fine, do you know when you’ll be back? Should I wait up for you?” I asked her.
“That’s up to you; I’ll be back, I don’t know how long I’ll be out for though.”
“I’ll try to wait up.” I said as she finished tying her sneakers.
“Okay.” She said, pulling her up. “See you later.” She said before jogging out.
I don’t think Aviana fully understood how badly Bethany was taking all of this. I knew she was good at hiding shit and I knew both she and Aviana were stubborn as fuck but this was getting ridiculous. Aviana needed to just talk to her and Bethany should have at least tried to reach out. I know that isn’t what she does but this was getting to be a lot on her and I could see it. I sat up, working on Road to the Throne by myself while I was going to try and wait up for Bethany to see if everything was going to be okay.
I was still up when Bethany got back. She literally looked beyond perfect and it was killing me. She had this look about her every time she came home from working out that just made me want her.
“How are you feeling babe?” I asked when she walked in, trying to focus on the matter at hand and not my feelings towards her right now. 
“A little better I guess.” She said, walking into the bathroom.
I sighed to myself trying to tell myself that this was more important that my feelings and fuck it was not that easy. I don’t know why it was so difficult with her but it really just was. I waited for her while she took a quick shower before coming back out into the room.
“Are you sure? You still look a little stressed out.”
“I’ll be okay, I promise.” She said crawling into bed with me.
“Are you okay, you seem distracted?” She asked me.
“Yeah I’m good.”
“You suck at lying.” Bethany said, half smirking. It was like she could read my mind based off her facial expression right now.
“Well shit; you walk in looking like that, I don’t know. There is something about how you look after working out that drives me insane but I was trying to focus on you and what was bothering you.”
“How about you just focus on me right now?” She said crawling on top of me, kissing me.
“Fuck…” I mumbled as she kept kissing me. She slid her hands down my side making me want her even more. I grabbed her hips and she kept kissing me all over, making her way down. At this point I was really trying not to squirm since she seemed to know every single one of my spots without even trying to get them.

I could feel him grabbing and pulling on my hair as I finished him off before kissing my way back up. He flipped me over, pinning me down. I saw in his eyes that I knew this was going to be one of the longest nights, but in a good way. He let me go for just a second as he pulled at my clothes before pinning my wrists back down, kissing my neck, shoulders, everywhere he could reach, making me start to squirm. I wanted to touch him and he knew it because I could feel his smirk as I was squirming.
He worked his way down on me, making me moan as I was pulling on his hair. It was almost like he was making this the slowest process ever just to tease me, and I loved it but damn did it make me need him even more.  I was trying not to scream as I finished off as he came back up. He slid his hand to my throat, as he slid in me as I took my last breath before he was choking me. My eyes were closing as he was slamming into me. He let go just before I could pass out and I was right back to moaning and grabbing his back, digging my nails into him. He was kissing and sucking on my neck, making it that much more difficult to not scream. He knew just what to do to me to drive me insane and I had never felt this kind of pleasure in my life and I’m sure he saw that in my face as I was almost gasping to breathe even though he only had my wrists pinned at this point.
I started shaking and that’s when he knew. He kept going and was whispering in my ear as I finished off and not seconds later he had finished too. We laid there, both almost too tired to move after that. At least I knew I probably wasn’t going to be moving. My whole body felt it and I felt like I was on cloud 9.
“Round two?” Trevor joked.
“You don’t have to ask me twice.” I said, smirking, getting on top of him.
“Well shit.” Trevor said, looking at me with want in his eyes as I slid him in me, making us both moan together.
After we finished again, I think we both just passed out in each other’s arms because I woke up and he was still clinging to me like he was last night. I sighed, smiling to myself remembering how great last night felt. I needed more, craved him all over again seeing his hair all tossed around and seeing how just fucking cute he looked, and just…everything. I don’t know what came over me last night but it was the most amazing night.
“Trevor…” I said, nudging him knowing he had to get ready for school.
“Mmm…” He said, pulling me to him, lightly kissing me with little sleepy kisses.
“You have school.” I whispered.
“Oh god no…” He groaned. “I want to stay here with you.”
“I want you to as well, don’t get me wrong, but yeah, it’s Friday; school day.”
“Fuck.” He groaned again, slowly sitting up. He looked back at me and shook his head. “I can’t even look at you.”
“Well that’s rude.” I joked.
“Oh no, I can’t look at you or I will never get out of bed. Like where the hell did all that come from last night?”
“Oh don’t even get me started on last night. I won’t let you leave bed if you do.”
“Fuck. That was…amazing…” He ran his fingers through his fair making me slide down in the bed even more.
“Get the fuck out of here.” I joked.
“Yeah, yeah, I get it. The whole hair thing with you.”
“Don’t even get me started on what it does to me.” I said, biting my lip. Trevor laughed and shook his head as he slowly got out of bed.
While Trevor got ready for school, I was just lying in bed trying not to replay last night in my head as badly as I wanted to. I knew it wouldn’t end well. Before he left, he gave me a long, lingering kiss, making me melt.
After he left, I did my run through’s on my songs and worked on all the new songs and my guitar for all the songs I was added into just so I knew I would be on top of everything tonight. That and I definitely needed the distraction. Tonight was going to be one kick ass show.

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