Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


10. Court Dates and Planning Dates

By the time Monday rolled around I was sitting in a court room with Claire with my parents glaring me down with their lawyer while Claire had her lawyer. I felt so helpless and alone and had no idea what I was supposed to do; I mean besides the obvious. I would have much rather been in school yet here I was, here we all are. All I could think about is how I needed a friend, someone to hold my hand, and I was here alone. Sam, Matthew, and Jacob were all infuriated and shocked all at the same time, and so confused they had no idea what to think about all of this and here I was…just leaving.
After court was let out, Claire was my legal guardian, I was officially under her care, living under her roof, going by her rules, and this was a whole new thing to me. I had no idea what to do or how to think and it drove me insane. I wanted to know what was going to happen but now I was at a total loss for everything. Everything used to be so black and white and now it all seemed gray.
“Are you okay?” Claire asked me as we drove home.
“Yeah; I’m just kind of lost. This is all going to be very new to me.”
“Well, as I am sure you know, I’m pretty laid back. Pass your classes, get to school, help around the house, and that’s about it. Call me if you are too drunk to drive and no one else can get you, the basics really. There’s nothing crazy.”
“Yeah but that’s so different from my parents’ house…”
“I’m sure it was but it’ll all work out. There’s no rule saying you can’t still see your family.”
“Yeah but you saw how my parents looked at me, and my siblings, I mean besides Chris are all really confused and shocked about all of this so I don’t know how long it will take for me to be able to talk to them again without my parents filling their heads with lies.”
“I’m sure they are old enough to know the truth from the lies.” Claire said sadly.
“I hope so…or all I have left is you guys and Chris…” I felt tears prick my eyes and I could not stop them.
“We have the court notice so do you just want to go home for the rest of the day? It’s an excused absence…”
“Yes please, if you don’t mind.”
“Of course not darling.”
We drove the rest of the way in silence. I knew Claire could tell I was in no mood to talk about any of this at this point. All I wanted to do was go home, relax, try to breathe and forget this all happened today.
When we got home, I went into the guest room to finish organizing some of mine and Trevor’s stuff for the winter since that’s mainly what was in here. I figured if I was going to be home, I might as well be productive, you know? I was hanging things up, putting up some of my pictures in there, some movies, and some Bethany touches so that when I did want to spend time in here, it felt like my space.
After I finished that room, I went up to mine and Trevor’s room and looked around, seeing what he had cleared out for me and started unpacking. Same process, hanging clothes up, putting some away in dressers, and he had cleared out and off a whole dresser for me so I was putting some books and pictures up on there too.
By the time I had finished, I knew everyone would be home from school soon and it being Monday I knew Matt would want to go to the gym before band practice and I knew I needed it but before all that, I flopped onto the bed and started playing the guitar Trevor had in his room just to calmly blow off some steam for a bit.
“You play too?” I looked up to see Trevor leaning against the doorway.
“Uh yeah.” I said, putting the guitar down.
“Is there anything else I don’t know about you?” I smiled and looked down.
“Probably quite a bit but you know…I guess you’ll just have to stick around to find out all those things.” I said.
“I think I will stick around. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.” Trevor said, smiling.
“Well good.”
“So I see you did some more organizing today.” Trevor pointed out.
“Uh yeah, I needed something to keep me occupied after court. My mind was going crazy and I needed to keep myself busy.”
“So I guess its official now, huh? You’re like here officially now?”
“That is correct. It is signed off on and everything. I am no longer under my parents care and their rights to me have been taken away.”
“READY BETH?!”Matt yelled as he ran up the stairs. I looked at Trevor and gave him a sad smile.
“Yeah, just give me a second to change.”
“Cool. I’ll be in the car.”
“Sounds good.” He walked off and I got up to change.
“Are you going to be okay?”
“I’m here. Claire and I already talked about her expectations of me living here so honestly I’m not worried about anything here at all. I’m just worried about Sam, Matthew, and Jacob but I guess that will find its own way to work itself out.” I slipped on my sneakers and tied my hair up. “I’ll see you for practice though, alright?” Trevor nodded as I kissed him goodbye, grabbing my gym bag.

“Bro what are you doing?” I asked, calling Drew.
“Nothing, why?”
“I think we may have a new video for today if you want to come to practice.”
“What makes you think that?”
“Well I kind of just have a hunch this new cover we are working on is going to go really well and all so… kill two birds with one stone, you know?”
“Yeah sure; you want me to come over and get set up?”
“Hell yeah bro.”
“Alright; see you in 15.” I hung up and made my way to the kitchen to make a snack while I waited for 5 to roll around for practice. I was sitting at the table in silence eating pizza rolls, not really sure how to feel. It was official; Bethany was living here and it just felt insane. I mean, I was happy she wasn’t going to give up her days with my brothers, and she was still going to go out and do her thing, it just meant I had to do the same thing and honestly I was scared I wouldn’t be able to since I only wanted to be around her since she was all I could think about. She was like…she was that piece of me I felt had been missing all my life.
“Hey bro.” I looked up as Drew walked in. I looked over at the clock, shocked 15 minutes had gone by so quick. “Are you good? You look really distracted?”
“Yeah I’m like all over the place.”
“What’s going on? Does this have to do with whatever happened last week?”
“Yeah; Bethany’s like not under her parents care anymore, my mom took her in and is her legal guardian so she like legit lives here now.”
“That’s fucking huge bro…holy shit. And you two just started dating which makes that even more of a huge ass deal.”
“Yeah we already talked it out but it’s like officially real as of today so it’s like even more like huge. I don’t even know how else to describe this.” I said, shrugging.
“Let’s go downstairs so I can set up and we can talk about it.” We walked downstairs as I continued to tell him the whole story, sort of freaking out.
“Well she has her own space so that’s good. I mean it’ll be needed after the honeymoon phase wears off.”
“Yeah, that’s what my mom was thinking so the guest room is now her room as well when she needs her own space and like she still hasn’t given up her time with my brother and she seems to still be working on making plans with her friends once and awhile so like I’m not concerned about her…”
“You’re concerned about you, aren’t you?” I nodded, leaning my head back against the wall. “You legit think that you will want to spend all your time with her?”
“Hell yeah I do; I mean, you look at her and drool.” I joked. “Imagine knowing her on a personal level like I do, to the extent I do and then try and tell me it’ll be easy. Like she’s just so fucking amazing I don’t know what I’m going to do. Like I already feel weird when she’s not around me. Like I know she’s at the gym and will be back by latest 5, and I already miss the fuck out of her. This isn’t like me at all and I find this all insane.”
“You aren’t insane man. You just really fucking like this girl. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous as fuck but you also need to make sure you’re going out and doing you too. You can’t put your whole life aside just because of a girl. I mean certain aspects, yeah, put in the fucking grave for her, but you can’t lose yourself entirely.”
“I just really hope I’m going to be able to do that.”
“Hey, we are here.” We looked up and saw Alex and Tim walk downstairs.
 “Hey, are we doing a video today?” Tim asked.
“I think we might be so I asked Drew over just in case. I just have a really good feeling about the Maps cover we’ve been working on.”
“Did you give Beth and Matt a heads up? Because I mean, they are at the gym working out. Not sitting in a col basement.” Alex joked.
“Yeah I should probably do that.” I said, pulling my phone out, texting them both hoping one of them would see it.

“He’s cutting my gym time short. I’m upset.”
“Beth, we can go tomorrow if you really want to.” Matt said, rolling his eyes.
“Well I’m used to my full 2 hours!”
“I know you are but do you want to possibly shoot a video sweaty and gross?”
“No. No I do not. I just wish I had more of a heads up.” I pointed out.
“Yeah, of course you do.” Matt said, rolling his eyes at me again.
“Roll your eyes at me one more time Matt, I dare you.”
“Okay, okay, message received.”
“Thank you.” I said, laughing.
Once we made it home, I ran to the shower, straightened my hair real quick and did some simple makeup all while throwing on a crop top, a flannel, and ripped up jeans and some toms. I was in no mood to be going over the top tonight.
“And she has arrived.” Tim joked as I jogged downstairs.
“Yeah and I’m actually alive this time.” I joked back. “Yeah so what are we actually doing tonight? Like why are we doing a video? Have we practiced anything enough for this?”
“I think I was Drew to video tape our first official run of Maps. I really think this is going to be the best run we are going to get; call it a weird hunch.” Trevor said.
“That is weird but okay.” I said.
“Oh, and here.” Trevor said, handing me an electric guitar.
“What? You think I can play this?” I asked, smirking.
“Oh, I know you can.” I smirked even more and grabbed it.
“Fair enough.”
“You play?” Alex asked.
“Hell yeah I do. I can play a lot more than a guitar too though. So this is just stepping stones here.” I said, strapping it onto me. I stood next to Trevor liked directed and then Drew nodded when he was ready.
“…I was there for you in your darkest time, I was there for you in your darkest nights, but I wondered where were you when I was at my worst, down on my knees, and you said you had my back so I wondered where were you when all the roads you took came back to me…” I sang, jumping in at the first chorus. I sang along to every chorus and a few portions after and played my heart out on the guitar, not putting anything past me. I was giving this my all, really feeling the music today for whatever reason.
“Holy shit…” Drew said when we were done. “Beth, you singing while Trevor was screaming literally sounds fucking insane on tape…”
“Play it back.” Matt said. Drew nodded, playing it back and every video angle while we al crowded around to watch.
“Holy shit, you really can play.” Alex said.”
“Told you.” I half laughed. We all went quiet after that and watched, listened so intently.
“Damn…” Trevor said at the end. “That was fucking…”
“PERFECT!” Matt yelled, making us all laugh. “Dude, your hunch was on point.”
“I’m going to start editing this now, if you guys don’t mind.” Drew said.
“No, have at it. We have more songs to work on with you, Beth. We need to still work on Sunrise a little more and Fate.” Trevor said.
“Yeah, sounds fine.” We all walked back into the booth, working little by little on those two songs that I knew they really wanted me to have down for the next show which, knowing Isaac, would be this upcoming weekend.
After practice, Trevor and Drew stayed in the studio still working on the video editing while I got permission to kind of reorganize everything or clean up mine and Trevor’s room to make it feel more like ours since it still felt mainly like his and he knew that seeing as well, this was his idea. It was really appreciated and I immediately started getting to work. 
After an hour or so, I had cleaned up quite a bit and decided to just leave the reorganizing to another day because I was fucking exhausted. I had gotten ready for bed, crawled in, and pretty sure I was out shortly after.
The next morning, getting ready for school was a bitch. I was so tired from the move and now practice and just all the mental crap, I was struggling. Trevor was still sleeping but I didn’t hear him even stumble up to bed until 3 so he had to have been with Drew for most of the night so I wanted to let him sleep as long as he could.
“Wow, this is different.” Bree said as I walked downstairs.
“What?” I asked, confused.
“Normally it’s Trevor coming down to get the coffee.” Alexis said.
“Yeah he was up late with Drew so I’m letting him sleep as late as possible.” I said, shrugging.
“Aren’t you sweet?” Bree said, smirking.
“Yeah I guess.”
“Are you okay?” Bree asked, suddenly concerned.
“Yeah just having some troubles wrapping my head around all of this to be honest but as I said, I will be okay.”
“Are you sure?” Alexis asked.
“Yup. Thanks though, guys.” I said, walking upstairs with the coffee. I put it on his nightstand and laid out some clothes for him and shoes, literally everything so all he had to do was stand up and he would be ready.
“Fuck!” I heard him yell while I was in the bathroom finishing up my make-up.
“Coffee is there for you, I laid out some clothes for you too. You needed sleep.” I called out.
“What?” He poked his head in, already holding the coffee. “You did this?”
“Uh yeah, you didn’t get up to bed until like 3am so I was trying to let you sleep in a bit…is that not okay?”
“No I mean, this was great I just didn’t expect it.”
“Well you aren’t the only one who can make coffee in the morning.” I said, smirking as I pulled my hair into a bun.
“Well thank you. That’s…thanks…”
“Are you okay?” I asked, looking at him.
“No I just…no one’s ever done this for me…”
“Well coffee is simple so that’s pretty fucked up no one could ever make you a damn cup of coffee.” I said, pulling my timberland sneakers on to go with my flannel and leggings.
“Why do you always have to look so damn good in the morning?” He finally asked me.
“This is dressing down for me…” I pointed out slowly.
“Yeah, no, you still look way too good for my own well-being. Trevor joked. I giggled and sat on the bed while I waited for him.
“Are you okay? You seem really off this morning.” I said slowly.
“Yeah, just tired.” He said, getting dressed. I nodded, not fully believing him but didn’t want to push the issue right now. “Ready?” He asked, grabbing his keys. I nodded and grabbed my bag as we walked downstairs to grab Matt and leave.

“She knows something is up.” I said that morning at my locker with Logan and Drew.
“Bro, you’re just planning a date; what the hell do you need to act all jumpy about it for? Like what is the big deal here?” Logan groaned.
“Dude, when did I ever plan a fucking date?” I pointed out.
“True.” Logan said, nodding.
“He never fucking did.” Emily said, walking up, joking around.
“Fuck, Em. Of all mornings you chose to not bother my girlfriend.”
“Hey, I was on my way too but this conversation seemed very entertaining. What are you planning?”
“I don’t know. Like I want something special but shit she already brought me to the most important place to her so now it’s like how do I compete with that?”
“Don’t compete.” Emily said.
“What?” I asked, confused.
“Don’t try and out-do the date she planned. Literally just take her somewhere important to you and that to her will be more than enough.” Emily shrugged and looked over at her. “Plus, tattoo parlors are her thing too, you know.”
“Now listen Emily…wait…what did you say?” I asked. “She doesn’t have tattoos.”
“You don’t pay really good attention, do you?” Emily said, laughing.
“Where the hell does she have tattoos?!” Logan questioned.
“Dude…look behind her ear.” Drew said as Bethany turned her head.
“Holy shit…and she was standing in front of me this morning too with her hair up and I didn’t even notice…” I pointed out.
“That’s not her only one though. She only has a couple but still. Just an idea.” Emily shrugged as she walked off to meet up with Bethany.
“Dude, going to get tattoos together? They better not fucking match if that’s what you plan on going with.” Drew said, shaking his head.
“That’s the last thing anyone needs and it always dooms a relationship.” Logan said.
“Duly noted.” I said, still slightly shocked that I had never paid enough attention to notice that.
“I think you were just given the perfect idea though…” Drew pointed out.
“I think so too.” I said, smiling.

“I just don’t get it; everything was fine yesterday and this morning he was like just so jumpy and it makes no sense to me. Like we always talk about everything so like I don’t want to force him to talk about it since I know he will when he’s ready but like shit…” I sighed to Shannon, Sophie, and Emily. 
“I think everything will be okay, girl. Like this whole thing that just went down yesterday like holy shit it’s huge, I’m sure he’s a little shook by it too.” Sophie said.
“I hope that’s all it is. I don’t think I can handle anything else right now.” I sighed.
“I think everything is going to be fine. Can I ask your advice on something though?” Emily asked, jumping in.
“Yeah, sure.” I said.
“What’s your opinion on Logan?”
“Oh my god, Emily…no…” I said, laughing.
“What?! He’s so fucking cute!”
“This is one good way to distract me. But he is a man hoe and honestly it’ll take someone insanely special to make him like not be a man hoe. Not that you aren’t special, he just is really stuck in his ways.” I said, shrugging.
“Challenge accepted.” Emily said, smirking.
“How long has this been a thing?” I asked.
“The last month or so but shit I suck with guys. I mean, Trevor and all…”
“It doesn’t offend me, Emily. We both know how long you guys were together and how that all went so I’m not going to be acting any type of way towards the past unless you give me a reason which I’m really hoping you don’t…” I said slowly.
“Girl, believe us, she’s been trying to figure out how to get to Logan for the past like month and a half now.” Shannon said. “It’s utterly ridiculous. I said the same thing you did but she clearly is not listening.”
“I see that.” I said, laughing. The bell rang and I said my goodbyes, walking off to class.
At lunch, everyone had slowly started joining Aviana, Vienna, and I and it was beginning to get very crowded at our table but I kind of enjoyed it. It was nice to be able to have my friends mix with my new and old friends.
“Alright, so plans for tonight?” Trevor asked, sitting next to me.
“None that I know of; why?” I asked.
“Okay, I planned a date for us.”
“You planned a date?”
“Yeah, Drew was up with me all night trying to come up with ideas.” He said, making me laugh.
“Is that why you were so jumpy this morning?”
“Yes, but I got it and I need to make sure you didn’t have plans.”
“Uh, I do now I guess.” Aviana and Vienna were smirking and I knew they were like sitting there thinking that this was hysterical.
“Good. So like we need to go right after school. I already made the calls.”
“Uh, okay.” I said, going back to my lunch as Trevor turned back to Shannon and Jax. I looked up at Aviana and Vienna and they were nodding as if they were saying “fuck yeah” to me right now since this was one of my biggest fears when it came to Trevor and I; the whole date thing. So I was kind of impressed he did this all on his own.

As I was driving us to my tattoo guy after school, Bethany was peppering me with questions. She was clearly not into surprises but I found this really fun.
“Hey, listen, you’ll like it; I promise.”
“I never said I wouldn’t; I just want to know where the hell we are going!” She announced, crossing her arms.
“By the way, when did you get the tattoo behind your ear?”
“Oh, a while ago. Chris took me to get the 2 tattoos I have.”
“Where is the second one?” I questioned, actually curious.
“Oh it’s like a small one on my ribs. My bra pretty much covers it when I’m wearing one. It’s like a little moon; Vienna has a little sun and Aviana has a little star.”
“Oh the cliché best friend tattoos.”
“Fuck off.” I said as Trevor laughed at me.
“But what about the music notes behind your ear?”
“Oh, just because I love music. That’s really it; no huge story behind it.” I shrugged. “Why are you asking?”
“I literally never noticed the one behind your ear until today. So I literally was just curious.”
“Oh okay. So where are we going?” She asked again.
“You have no patience.” I said, laughing.
“Nope, not when it comes to surprises. I hate them so much.”
“I see that, but we will be there soon so just chill out for like 5 minutes, okay?” She groaned and just sunk into the passenger seat while I was just shaking my head and smiling.
“I hate you.” She finally mumbled. I could only laugh as we pulled into the parking lot of the tattoo shop.
“Here we are.” I said, turning off the car.
“Tattoos?” She asked, surprised.
“What? Was this not a good idea?” I asked, suddenly about to panic.
“THIS IS PERFECT. OH MY GOD I’VE BEEN WANTING ANOTHER ONE FOR LIKE THE LONGEST TIME!” She yelled, hopping out of my car. I laughed as I followed her in, almost breathing a sigh of relief.
“Hey Trev.” Blaine said when I walked in. “This must be Bethany.”
“Hi!” She said happily.
“Okay so what are we getting done today?” He asked her and she just stared at him.
“Yeah this would’ve been a good thing to warn me about so I didn’t just have to think this up on the spot.” Bethany said, looking at me.
“Some of the best tattoos are thought up last minute.” I said, shrugging, walking away to look at some of the artwork.
“Okay, I want “you can make it til the sunrise” right here with a sunrise, gray scale.” I heard her say.
“That was quick.” Blaine said.
“I’m impulsive; it’s a problem.” She said, shrugging. I was trying not to laugh at her as Blaine walked off.
“Really? The lyrics to Sunrise?”
“Yeah, so? At least if one day you guys run off without me I’ll always have you with me.”
“I like it.” I said, kissing her.
“What are you getting?”
“I haven’t figured that out yet.” I said. I know I want to start making this into a sleeve though.”
“Then start it today. We’re already here.” She pointed out.
“Okay, sure thing.” Bethany smiled at me as Blaine came back to bring her back to get her tattoo. She followed happily while I waited behind, still looking at ideas.
After she got her tattoo, I went back for mine. Mine took a bit longer but she patiently sat through it and I was loving every minute of this. I never thought I would be able to find a girl who would do this kind of shit with me to be honest. I know that sounds really fucking dumb cause plenty of girls like tattoos but it’s not like she was sitting here for 20 minutes, she was sitting there for a couple hours without complaining about a single thing.
“Let me see.” Bethany asked when we got home and we were going to clean them off. “OH I LIKE THEM!”
“Thanks babe, let’s get yours cleaned off too.” She nodded as she took the bandage off and I smiled, liking how it came out. “I love it.”
“Thanks babe…you know, you’re writing is pretty incredible.”
“I appreciate that.” She smiled at me as she sat on the sink counter cleaning her arm and me on the side of the bathtub cleaning off my arms.
I never thought I could ever plan a successful date and today made me realize it didn’t always have to be dinner and a movie; it could literally be anything, like she said. We could do anything we wanted and as long as we did it together, that’s the only thing that mattered to her, and I was starting to realize that it was the only thing that mattered to me too; was that we enjoyed every second, ever minute, every hour we had together and I was going to treasure those memories forever…

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