Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


4. Band Practice

“Did you go to Trevor’s after leaving Aviana’s?” Chris, my brother, asked when I got home.
“How are they? I haven’t see them in a while.”
“Yeah they had a meeting today about getting signed but turned it down. They all felt something felt off about the company.”
“Damn; at least they didn’t let the excitement go to their head and sign anyway.”
‘Hey hun, you’re home earlier than usual.” My dad said, walking in.
“Yeah, just had an early start to the day. I have a few pages of homework to do before Monday so I want to get them done as soon as possible.”
“That’s my girl.” I nodded and took the stairs two at a time to my room to get started on my history homework and call Aviana.
“Hey girl, what’s up?”
“How did last night go? Was it any fun?”
“Oh yeah; we ended up in the ER.”
“What?! Why?! Is everyone okay?!”
“Yeah I just have some bruised fingers is all; badly bruised.”
“What did you do?!”
“Punch Becky.”
“Wait isn’t that the girl that Trevor has hooked up with in the past?”
“Yeah, she was salty because Trevor wanted nothing to do with her last night.”
“Oh my god; so you punched her?”
“Yeah, she kept trying to tell me that Trevor had been cheating on me. Like no bitch, we just started dating last night like how the fuck has he cheated on me? She made me angry.”
“So you punched her?”
“Well yeah.”
“Of course you did. Whenever it comes to Trevor you have always been so over the top.”
“Oh shut up.”
“But since you guys are official, it must’ve gone well with you two.”
“Yeah, I spent the night at his house.”
“Damn, and his parents didn’t care?”
“Well no…they were just kind of like next time don’t lie to your parents and they let it slide this time.”
“Damn that’s so weird. But like good I guess at the same time.”
“Yeah, I actually stumbled across his collection of songs he’s been writing and he’s like actually really good at it. I didn’t know he legit did all of the writing for them.”
“He writes? Like actually writes?”
“Yeah, he does.” I rolled my eyes, knowing Aviana was just being her sassy ass self.
“I’m just saying. He slacks off so hard in school, it’s kind of hard to believe he could actually be good at something to be honest. Like he never does anything. Whenever I see him he’s just hanging around the halls and not doing his work so like…I just don’t want you to pick up some of his bad habits.”
“I’ll be fine; don’t worry about me.”
“If you say so…” Aviana said slowly.
“Oh calm down; you worry too much. I’m going to be just fine, okay?”
“I hope so. You know I worry about you a lot.”
“Maybe a little too much, maybe?”
“Sometimes, yeah. But look who you’re friends with. Like I get you have Vienna and I but you also hang around Trevor and his friends and they aren’t always the best.”
“Maybe not but it’s not like I actually hang out with them all the time…”
“Okay, fair enough. I just get nervous. So, what are you doing?”
“The history homework. I just wanted to call you to let you know I was okay since, you know.”
“Yeah, yeah. Thank you, I appreciate it.”
“No problem love. But Matt is trying to call me so I’ll talk to you later.”
“Okay love.” I hung up and went to call Matt back since I missed it.
“Yes Matt?”
“So are we going to the gym today? Yu and Trevor legit just took off before I could even ask you while you were still at the house. And, I mean, we definitely need to work on your punches still.” I started laughing hysterically while nodding to myself.
“Yeah, we can go. I just need to finish up some homework.”
“Okay cool. I’m here anyway so I’ll be right up.” I hung up, shaking my head. I looked back down at my homework and started answering the questions from the text book as I was flipping through to refresh my memory as Matt walked in.
“What’s up?” I asked without looking up.
“Yeah just chilling. I didn’t know Chris was home from college.”
“Oh yeah he got back a couple days ago. He’s literally just taking a couple days off before going back. It really isn’t an official break or anything.” I said as Matt flopped down onto my bed.
“How’s your hand feeling?”
“It hurts like a bitch and it’s sore as hell but I guess that’s normal.”
“Uh yeah, I’m surprised you didn’t break your hand or at least a couple fingers. Let me see.” I turned around and held my hand out for Matt to see. “Yeah, this isn’t pretty. We need to work on your form quite a bit here. Why did you have to punch an ugly ass bitch over my brother? Like my brother of all people?”
“Oh shut the fuck up.” I said as I saw Matt smirking at me.
“I mean, Becky isn’t even pretty.”
“Yeah but she was bothering me and apparently drunk Trevor likes her when he’s single; oh and she was being a hoe.”
“Of course, that totally validates all of this.”
“I think it does.”
“Did your parents see?” Matt asked.
“I don’t think so. I just came up here to start on this after saying hello to Chris.”
“That’s smart; no one needs to know what was going on last night.”
“This is super true.” I pointed out. “But let me finish this stuff up really quickly and then we can head over to the gym. But do you think my hand can handle it?”
“I think you’ll be okay.” I nodded as I turned back around to pay attention to my homework.
I was finishing up the last few questions as I heard Matt sigh dramatically behind me; just like his brother, impatient as fuck. I smiled to myself as I finished up my last sentence before closing my book.
“Let me change and we can go.”
“Cool; we have like an hour and a half before band practice.”
“Yeah, you’re coming.”
“Because we’re working on a new cover and I’ve heard you sing and we need a girl and Trevor keeps claiming they all aren’t good enough. Plus he’s never heard you sing so it’d be fucking great.”
“And you have?”
“Yeah, plenty of times. Like when I come over to see your brother and you’re up here fucking rocking out; like you’re good, like really fucking good so yeah, you’re going to come.”
“It’s like I can’t have any secrets between you, your brother, and your sisters, can I?”
“Nope, not from us. We all know our fair share about you just like I’m sure you know a fair share about all of us. I mean, we did grow up together.”
“Fair enough. Okay, one second, I’m going to change but I need to think about this whole singing thing.”

“HERE, I’M HERE!” Matt yelled, running into the studio we made in our sound proof basement. Bethany was behind him, in gym clothes, laughing.
“Dude, you can’t even fucking run right. We need to work on that shit.”
“Fuck off.” Matt said, turning to her.
“Hey, I’m just saying.” She was only in a sports bra and shorts and I literally had no idea how she made literally everything she wore look so fucking good.
“Yeah, we still haven’t found anyone.” Tim pointed out.
“Oh, I did.” Matt said.
“Who? Like, I literally don’t see anyone here except you two.”
“Yeah, her.” Matt said, pointing to Bethany.
“You can sing?” Alex questioned.
“Don’t question it. Beth, here are the lyrics, all you have to do is…”
“Yeah, I can figure it out. I’m not a fucking idiot.” She said, taking the papers. “I still hate you though.”
“Okay but you need to follow the music and…”
“Matt, shut up. Play your fucking guitar.” Alex set her up with a mic so we could record her so we would be able to play it back, just like we did every other girl. But the fact that she didn’t even want a test run surprised me.
“No test run?” I asked.
“Trevor, do your cute little screaming thing and leave me here in my corner as I mentally stab your brother, okay? Thank you.” Beth was shaking her head like she really could stab Matt right now but I found it kind of funny.
Matt shrugged and started playing and I saw out of the corner of my eyes, Bethany closing her eyes like she knew exactly what was going on.
“Fighting flame with fire, hang onto burning wires, we don’t care anymore; are we fading overs, we keep wasting colors, maybe we should let this go…” I snapped my head back at her as she sang along with me right away. No one had ever done that, and that was definitely not what me and the guys discussed.
“Cause this is all we know…” I sang.
“Cause this is all we know…” I couldn’t stop staring at her and at one point there was no singing and out of nowhere, Bethany just jumped in.
“And this is all we know…” She sang out, like really into it as I watched her. I couldn’t stop staring at her as we sang together and separately and I watched as she just was there flowing with the music with her eyes closed and jumped in at points where we didn’t plan, where we did and she never did and just went with it.
When the song ended, the rest of the guys turned to look back at her and she just sighed and opened her eyes. She looked around at all of us just staring at her.
“Uh, so why are all of you like staring at me?”
“WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT EVEN COME FROM?!” I shouted. “Can we play this back please?!” I asked, without waiting for an answer. Matt nodded and went to go hit playback on the recording which brought us all back to staring at Bethany again.
“Literally, what?” She asked again.
“What did you just do?” Trevor asked me.
“I just felt the music; you can’t always plan it all out down to a T, sometimes you just need to let it happen, you know.”
“Can I just ask like one thing?” Alex asked as we all turned to him.
“Yeah?” Matt said slowly.
“Why isn’t she in the band?” Bethany scoffed and shook her head.
“Me? On a stage? Yeah, okay; you guys got that pretty fucking covered. You don’t need a socially awkward weirdo on the stage with you.”
“No, he has a point…” Trevor started slowly.
“Trevor, don’t start with that fucking thought process of yours and convince me to do it because that’s legit all you’ve done your whole life is convince me to do wild ass shit.”
“Trevor…” Bethany said slowly.
“Trevor, let her process what on earth you are proposing. This literally went from one cover to “join the band” like she is going to need some time to even think about something that huge.” Matt said, jumping to my rescue.
“Sorry, shit, sorry babe…” I said, seeing how uncomfortable she looked.
“This is like literally why I never told any of you guys…” She finally said. She was staring at her feet. “Like I literally did not want this to happen; I did this as a favor to you guys. Not for…that little blow up of excitement you just had there. But uh, I’m gonna head home, I’ll see you guys Monday.” With that, she grabbed her gym bag and ran up the stairs quicker than anyone I’ve ever seen.
“Fuck.” I mumbled as I chased after her. “BETH!” I yelled as I got out to the driveway and saw her halfway to the street. She barely turned around, just kept walking. “SHIT; BETH COME BACK!” I chased her down the driveway and caught her arm. “Fuck, when did you get so fast?”
“Since I started working out…”
“Right, okay; look I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention to make you uncomfortable and I just got over excited when Alex made that comment and I’m really sorry…” She shifted uncomfortably and looked around.
“You just…you do this a lot…” She said quietly.
“Do what?”
“Like…push me out of my comfort zone and it’s like, it can get overwhelming but I still do it for you…”
“Well shit, then tell me to shut the fuck up every once and awhile! I didn’t know it bothered you that much…”
“I mean, it does and doesn’t. I love spending that time with you but its nerve wracking as fuck sometimes and I don’t think you process that since you’ve always been really outgoing and always wanted to be the center of attention.”
“Okay, so why don’t we do something you want to do sometime, instead of something I pretty much force you into doing, okay? Because apparently there is a lot I don’t know about you…and I thought I knew everything.”
“Well…” She started to smile and I knew we were okay. “A girl does need to keep some secrets.”
“Fuck, okay then.” I ran through my hand through my hair, not really expecting that as her answer.
“But anyway, yeah I would like to do something like that.”
“Yeah that was more the answer I was expecting.”
“Exactly my point.”
“So, are you going to come back or are you really going to go home?” I asked her.
“I guess I’ll come back. But I refuse to sing for the rest of the night.”
“You won’t have to. That first recording was fucking solid. We just need to shoot the video…” I trailed off after seeing her face. “And you can let us know when you want to do that.”
“Thank you.” I nodded as I grabbed her hand and dragged her back inside for the rest of our practice.

I just sat off in the corner during the rest of their practice, texting Kaylee and Vienna about plans for tomorrow since I hadn’t seen Kaylee in a really long time since she moved a couple towns over. I half ass listened to the guys though since I was invited here. But honestly, sitting here, listening to them was really relaxing; and of course I loved watching Trevor really get into the songs. It was like the cutest thing I could ever watch happen, literally.
“What’s up Logan?” I said, once I saw my phone ringing.
“Where’s Trevor at?”
“Uh, he’s practicing right now, why?”
“Well where are you?” I rolled my eyes, hearing the flirting in his voice.
“I’m with him, douche bag; what do you want?”
“Damn, can’t blame a guy for trying.” I rolled my eyes as I leaned my head back, ready to smash in into the wall.
“What do you want, Logan?”
“Yeah, no I literally just need to talk to Trevor though.”
“On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is this?” I asked. At this point the guys were starting to look in my direction, seeing my frustration, again.
“Like a 12.”
“Okay, so it’s really fucking dumb then?” I sighed.
“That’s rude!” Logan announced.
“And so are you, Logan. Literally I’m sure that asking to Trevor to go to a party tonight can wait.”
“How did you know?”
“Because Jax texted me.”
“Damn it, Jax…”
“This was literally an excuse to call me, wasn’t it?”
“Uh, no.”
“You fucking suck at lying.” 
“You okay babe?” Trevor asked, walking over.
“Babe? Oh really now?!” Logan said, hearing Trevor.
“Like get a hobby; see you tonight Logan, byee!” I hung up and rolled my eyes. “You’re friends literally suck.”
“Yeah, I’m aware; Aviana likes to remind me, but why are you seeing Logan tonight?”
“Oh no, we are. Jax is throwing a party tonight. And I actually can tolerate Jax.” Trevor laughed as he shook his head. “But either way, I’m feeling gross so I’m going home to shower and get ready and I’ll be back later, okay?”
“Yeah, sounds good.” Trevor said before kissing me goodbye and before we rejoined the guys. I smiled as I walked up the stairs. Maybe Aviana had a point, maybe Trevor did bring out a little crazy out of me after all… 

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