Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


7. "All We Know" Cover

When I woke up the next morning to my alarms, Bethany was already out of bed and I heard her in the shower singing to herself. I smiled to myself before opening the door.
“Hey, can I pee?”
“THE FUCK TREVOR?!” Bethany screeched.
“What? This is my bathroom…”
“Fuck; no need to scare the shit out of me just too fucking piss!”
“So I’ll take that as a yes I can pee.” I said, laughing.
“Why did you even have to make it weird like this?” She peaked her head out of the shower and glared at me. “Like I can’t even believe you right now.” She said going back behind the curtain as I washed my hands, laughing.
“You want coffee, right?”
“Yes please.” She said happily as I walked downstairs to make us both coffee where everyone else was getting ready for school too.
“Hey, is Beth up?” My mom asked.
“Yeah, she’s taking a shower right now.” I said, as I grabbed a second coffee mug for her coffee.
“Okay, her mom asked if she was going to be going back home tonight?”
“Asked or demanded?” I said, nonchalantly.
“Trevor Michael!”
“Anyway, we’re hanging out after work then coming to band practice; by the way, I called Drew for the music video tonight; I forgot to tell Alex and Tim though.” I said, turning to Matt. “But yeah, after that I have no idea what she’s doing, or what I’m doing for that matter.”
“I can’t believe you actually have your whole day planned out.” Bree joked.
“I have Tuesday planned out too just to make it better.”  I joked.
“Yeah, fuck you.” Bree laughed, making everyone else laugh.
“So what should I say to Beth’s mom?”
“I dunno; say whatever, let me know what you say so I can tell her. I really have no clue what to say to this at all. We haven’t spoken about her parents.”
“Alright…” I rolled my eyes and walked back upstairs where Bethany was now doing her makeup in the bathroom all while humming to herself still. She was just so memorizing I could only lean in the doorway and stare at her and smile to myself.
“Coffee.” She said, stopping mid hum, holding her hand out.
“Shit, I thought I was quiet too.”
“Not quiet enough. Plus I haven’t had coffee yet; I’m going to smell it from a mile away.” I handed her the mug and she went right back to her makeup and humming as she sipped away like nothing ever happened.
“Anyway, are you going to be ready soon? Matt and I are ready to leave.” I said a couple minutes later after getting dressed.
“CAN YOU GIVE ME 30 SECONDS TO FINISH GETTING DRESSED PLEASE?!” She yelled through the bathroom door.
“Dude, seriously? And I thought Alexis and Bree took forever.” Matt said, standing in the doorway.
“Babe, is this like legit an everyday process for you?!”
“Okay, just wondering.” I said, smirking. “Dude, this is crazy. I had no idea this was even a thing.” I said, looking at Matt.
“You’d be surprised what you learn about a girl when you’re around her a lot; day and night.”
“Okay, we need to stop to get more coffee on the way to school.” She said, walking out in heels and a skirt like it was just normal.
“Where the hell did those come from? Do you have a closet here I’m unaware of?!”
“Nah, you are very aware of it; it just isn’t mine.” She straightened her leather jacket in the mirror. “It’s called Alexis’s closet.” Bethany said before grabbing her mug and purse before walking downstairs.
“Is this going to become a thing? Where like every time I see her I’m going to be mind blown?”
“Yeah; she is your girlfriend now.” Matt shrugged. “So now you’re just going to notice everything else just a little bit more now.”
“She’s going to kill the both of us.” I said, laughing. Matt, laughing along, agreed.

When we got to school, I walked off leaving Trevor and Matt with their friends as I went to find Aviana and Vienna since I had no seen them at all this weekend besides Friday which is actually really weird for me. When I got to my locker, they were both waiting for me like usual.
“Hey guys!” I said happily.
“Hey you…did you want off the runway this morning?” Vienna joked.
“Alexis dressed me.”
“And she always fucking kills it…damn; have her take us all shopping one day.” Aviana said. “But anyway, how was your weekend?!”
“Uh, saw a lot of Trevor actually; more than planned.”
“Yeah, you had to ditch our plans; what actually happened?”
“Yeah my mom got mad that I was reading a book in Trevor’s room, on the floor, while he was in there so she screamed at me and I just left.” 
“Well, your mom has always been pretty strict since Chris and all that shit…”
“Yeah except there’s no reason to worry about me so it upset me and I just kind of left and that was that…”
“See, I knew Trevor was going to change you.” Aviana said, shaking her head.
“What do you mean?!”
“Okay, maybe this is better than what I thought but it’s been a weekend and you’re already a hell of a lot more ballsy then you were like 4 days ago.” Aviana said, smirking. “You literally used to just put up with that kind of shit.”
“Okay well why don’t we all go out like Wednesday after school to make up for this weekend?” I asked.
“Wednesday? Girl, what do you have planned today and tomorrow?!” Vienna questioned, smirking.
“Tonight I have band practice and tomorrow Trevor and I are going on our first official date.” I said, smiling.
“About damn time.” Aviana said. I laughed as the bell rang.
“See you guys later.” I said, walking off.

“Bro, you’re fucking drooling.” I said, shoving Drew.
“I mean have you looked at your own girlfriend though? I would be too.” Drew joked.
“Did she always look this good?” Jax joked.
“Dude, I’m telling you, she has ears like a fucking hawk. She’s going to hear you guys talking.” I said, since she was going to walk past us to her class.
“Nah, she can’t be that good.” Logan joked.
“Literally, still drooling.” I said, taking Drew’s shirt and wiping his face off. “Fucking gross.”
“Look at those fucking legs!” Jax joked.
“Thanks Jax; Drew, Trev’s right…it’s not fucking attractive.” Bethany said, continuing right on by us.
“What did I tell you guys?” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Yeah no, she’s going to call you on your shit.” I rolled my eyes again looking at Logan. “Like how she legit calls you out on your shit 24/7.”
“True, this is true. I forgot about that.”
“Of course you did.”
After they were done with their bullshit, Drew and I started talking about the music video we would be shooting today; probably the basic in studio shoot but it still takes a lot of work, more than people think necessary just for everyone still standing still.

After school was over, I had finished my homework at the school library then Matt picked me up and we went to the gym, like we do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- for him before band practice. He was working on boxing with me even though my hand was still pretty badly bruised and then after that I did some running just to clear my head just a little bit more.
“Damn killer; you ready?” I pulled my headphones out and looked over at Matt as I slowed the treadmill.
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“Well we do have that video shoot in a couple hours and knowing you, you don’t want to look all sweaty and to be honest, I don’t want to be all sweaty either.”
“Fair enough.” I said, hopping off the treadmill. We grabbed our gym bags and started towards his car, me, growing more and more nervous by every passing second.
“Huh…doesn’t look like Trevor is back yet; you can shower in his room.”
“Oh gee, thanks.” I rolled my eyes as Matt walked inside, with me behind him. “Alexis and Bree typically do the outfits so you’ll be fine.”
“Again, thanks.” I said, laughing. I walked off into the shower as Matt walked off into his room and I just was a god damn nervous ball.
Once I was out of the shower, Alexis found me and pulled me into her room with Bree so the two of them could get me ready. They were extra excited this time since they actually had a girl to get all dolled up instead of just their brothers and their friends.
“THIS IS GOING TO BE SO CUTE!” Bree announced.
“I know, I’m so excited for this!” Alexis exclaimed.
“Oh that makes two of us.” I sighed.
“What, you aren’t excited?!” Bree asked.
“More like a nervous wreck. Singing a song is one thing, being physically recorded while singing it is something totally different.”
“Don’t over think it, love!” Alexis said.
“Yeah, just be you; one the music starts just do your thing like you did the last time.” Bree added in.
“Thanks guys.” I said.
“Well, I think she looks ready.” Bree finally said.
“I agree. Plus, if we spend any more time with you, our brothers might kill us since they’ve all been waiting downstairs for like an hour.” Alexis said.
“What? Trevor’s home?”
“Yeah, he got home when you were in the shower. But they’re all waiting on you.” Alexis said.
“Fuck everything.”
“You got this; don’t over think it.” Bree said, smiling. “Plus, you look fucking great.”
“Thanks again, guys.” I said, walking downstairs.
“THERE SHE IS!” Tim yelled.
“Fucking finally; girl you’re showers take 10 years.” Drew said before stopping short.
“Fuck, it’s like every time I see you it’s like my 10 yearlong showers are put to justice every time you look at me.” I said sarcastically.
“Hey babe.” Trevor said, reaching for me, kissing me. “You look great, by the way.”
“Yup, so your sisters keep telling me.” I mentally slapped myself and shut my eyes. “Fuck.”
“Yup, she’s nervous.” Matt said, leaning back into his chair. “I thought we got all of this out at the gym earlier?”
“Yup, nope, I wish. Fuck everything. Let’s get this shit done.” I said. “Where am I going?”
“Uh, next to Trevor, there.” Drew pointed.
“Fucking great. Please everyone stop fucking looking at me like I have seven heads and please let’s just get this shit done.”
“Alright guys…the rest of you know the drill…” Drew said, already having a shit load of cameras set up and three of them alone pointed at me. This didn’t make me feel worse or anything. Drew had one handheld and then the music started…
I was trying to feel the music but this time with Trevor even closer to me then last time and it was making me even more nervous. I was going back and forth with singing with Matt and Trevor and holy shit by the time we had to do this a sixth time, I was beginning to get less and less nervous and I think it was very obvious which is probably why we kept going.
“Two hearts still beating, on with different rhythms, maybe we should let this go….” Trevor and I sang together, looking at each other, smiling. I faded out as they kept going and then it was almost as if I knew, when the music break came through…
“And this is all we know…” I said as Trevor joined in right after, then the song ended.
“Okay, so was like the sixth time a charm?” Why did we go that so many times?” I questioned, slightly out of breathe still.
“Different angles, editing, all that fun shit; oh yeah, and then to get you to loosen up which worked by like the third time around.” Drew said.   “So I have three takes to go off of here before they upload this shit.”
“Is that normally less than what it typically is?”
“Yes and no. I normally don’t have a fifth person to film.” Drew said, wandering off.
“Oh, okay…can I get some water?” I asked. Trevor nodded as I wandered upstairs to get a bottle of a water.
“There you are.” I looked up to see my mom sitting there with Claire.
“Where the hell else would I be?” I asked slowly.
“Do you plan on coming home?” You could tell she wanted to rip me a new one but wouldn’t because she wasn’t under her own roof.
“I have no fucking clue…” I said slowly, making my way to the fridge, waiting for her to grab me.
“HEY BABE, CAN YOU….oh…” I was still staring my mom down as she was watching me and Trevor like fucking hawks.
“Do you guys want water too?” I asked, still watching my mom.
“Yeah, I can get it though.” Trevor said, slowly stepping between the two of us.
“Pam, she isn’t Chris, doing to her what you did to him isn’t going to work…” Claire said, now stepping in.
“She’s my fucking daughter.” My mom snapped.
“You know what, mom. Do it.” I shoved Trevor out of the way and got in her face. “You want to treat me just like you did your fucking son, like you did your fucking husband before he fucking left, then do it. I fucking dare you. Hit me.” Trevor’s jaw dropped and everyone came running into the kitchen, hearing us yelling. “I FUCKING DARE YOU TO LAY A FUCKING FINGER ON ME MOTHER. I FUCKING DARE YOU!” I SCREAMED, GETTING CLOSER TO HER.
“Mom, it’s time to go.” Chris said, walking in. “You guys are not fucking quiet and if this was the whole purpose of me driving you here, this was ridiculous. I can’t believe you would even think Bethany deserved that.” Chris said, grabbing my mom’s arm. “I did, but not…”
Before Chris could finish, my mom slapped him across the face, knocking him back into the door.
“PAM!” Claire yelled as I started screaming, going for my mom as Matt and Tim grabbed me, holding me back, Chris and Claire going for my mom to get her out of the house.
My mom finally left, kicking and screaming, no surprise but then again, I wasn’t surprised. Not everyone sees the crazy side of my mom but that’s because she’s normally not this bad. But the truth of the matter is, she handles every little thing physically so beatings were honestly not rare in my house.
“Sweetie, are you okay?” Claire asked me finally as I was sitting on the kitchen floor, not letting anyone touch me.
“Why did my dad leave me, Claire? Was it me?” I asked.
“No sweetie; and just wondering here, how did you know your step father, isn’t your real father. Your mom never said anything to you…”
“Wait, he’s not her real dad?” Matt asked.
“No, he’s not. He looks similar from what I remember but he’s not my dad. Chris and share a father, Sam, Matthew, and Jacob…they’re from my step dad.”
“How did you know?”
“Cause my dad was loving; this man is a fucking monster, just like her.” I said, standing up, cleaning myself off.
“Mom, you knew it was like this?!” Trevor questioned, sounding mad.
“Of course; why do you think I let them all go so freely, in and out of here?”
“It’s never like this when we are over there…” Matt pointed out.
“Because apparently we’re the perfect family.” I said. “Claire…?”
“Tea?” I nodded. She nodded and went to make me some and I just stood there almost in shock.
“I take it you don’t stand up to her, do you…” Bree finally said slowly.
“No; if I did that anywhere but here I would’ve walked into school tomorrow seriously caked with makeup to hide at least a black eye.”
“Sweetie, I sadly can’t take in your whole family but…”
“No; I’m not going to stay here.” I said, cutting Claire off. “I’m not putting that on you.”
“Wait, what? You’re going back?!” Trevor exclaimed. “Like hell you are! I’m fucking clearing out some of my closet and dressers. Like shit I’ll march over there and get your fucking shit if I have to!”
“I’m going with him.” Bree said.
“Me three.” Matt and Alexis said at the same time.
“Hey, just because they’re all doing it, I’d go too.” Drew said, looking at me.
“You already know we got you.” Alex said, Tim nodding in agreement.
“This clearly isn’t a question anymore.” Claire said, handing me a mug.
“I’m calling Chris.” Matt said. 
“Want me to show you how to edit videos?” Drew asked me. I knew he was trying to distract me so I graciously agreed as him and I went back downstairs to leave everyone else to the adventure of getting all my stuff.

“Thanks for your help, man…” I said as Chris was helping Matt and I load up as much of Bethany’s shit as we could into our cars.
“No, thank you for helping her. I can handle this but she can’t.”
“What about Sam, Matthew, and Jacob?” I asked.
“Yeah, they don’t deal with the stuff we do since their dad is here. I don’t even know how Bethany found out to be honest.” Chris said sadly as we walked back upstairs. Chris was digging around for all her secret stuff, while Matt was grabbing clothes, and I was grabbing knick knacks while Alexis and Bree just grabbed anything they saw while Bethany was home with Tim, Alex, and Drew.
After an hour or so, we cleared out all of Bethany’s room. He sighed as he walked us all out so his mom wouldn’t freak the fuck out since here, here was the nice place, no problems apparently. I barely looked at them as we walked outside and I finally felt like I could breathe.
“Again, thank you guys.”
“You know I would do this whether her and I were dating or not, right?”
“Yeah, I know. You guys always had that special bond so I know no matter what, you will always take care of her so I’m not worried about her at all.” Chris said, nodding at me. “I mean, otherwise, you have me to deal with, and probably your own family.”
“Yeah, that I would.” I said as they were all hanging out by the cars. “Are you leaving for college soon?”
“Yeah, tonight actually. I was going to leave tomorrow but this was kind of the last straw. Unless something changes with Bethany, I probably won’t be coming back. So…I’ll see you guys around.”
“See you…” I said as he went back inside. I turned around and we got into our cars and drove back to the house.
After unpacking all of Bethany’s shit into my room, it was then I realized how much shit she actually did have. My mom already said the guest room could be like her room in case she ever needed alone space so we put lot of my old stuff in there and her older stuff in there to make space for the newer stuff in my bedroom currently.
“So did you have a good day?” I asked, trying to joke with her.
“Honestly, overall, I did.”
“Wait, really?”
“Yeah, I mean, school wasn’t bad, I went to the gym with Matt, I got to feature in my first ever music video which I guess is pretty cool, I stood up to my mom, now I don’t need to go back…now I just have a problem.”
“Which is what…?” I asked slowly.
“Yeah, I don’t want to get into it tonight, or really anytime soon at this moment so maybe another day, okay?”
“Yeah, sure.” I said, hesitating a little.
“Oaky, I’m tired of packing and unpacking shit and I just want to relax now…” She said slowly.
“Yeah, whatever you need. I mean, tonight was fucking wild.”
“Yeah, seriously. How was the watering hole?” she asked as she started changing in to pajamas.
“It wasn’t all that great to be honest. It felt like a weird déjà vu feeling the whole time…”
“Because you do it all the time?” I joked.
“Eh, probably do to be honest. I just never realized it until you pointed it out.” I said, shrugging. “Like how do you do it?”
“Do what?”
“Find something different to do every single day?”
“I don’t know. I just like new things I guess. Maybe its part that, part I don’t mind doing nothing either so every day I do something new it’s just that much better.”
“Shit. Maybe I should hang around you more. Why didn’t we ever hang out that much outside of like my shows the past couple years?”
“Part of it on my end was Emily, another part was I didn’t want to distract you from your music or just being you. I knew I wasn’t much like you and I would clash with that so…”
“I don’t think you’re a distraction to anything at all. In fact, I think you make me concentrate even more….” I said, pulling her down into bed with me. She giggled and snuggled up to me.
“Yeah, maybe in small doses.”
“Yeah but now you’re all mine and there’s no one to take that away from me and if anyone can keep me on track, it’s you.” I said, nuzzling her neck.
“Okay so about tomorrow…”
“No, don’t tell me; I know, we have our first date planned.” I said, happily. She smiled and nodded.
“I’m proud of your for remembering.” She joked with me, making me smile.
“I told you I wouldn’t forget. So, what are we going to do?” I asked.
“Well you can find out tomorrow. You just actually have to come home after school tomorrow instead of going out.” She pointed out, like she felt like I was going to ditch.
“Look, babe, I know you’re worried about this, I am too, this date thing is a whole weird concept with me, but I will NOT ditch you, I promise…”
“Don’t start making promises you can’t keep just yet, Trevor. Don’t set that bar yet…”
“Why do you keep thinking I’m going to fail at this?” I asked, honestly hurt and curious.
“Because, you did it to Emily.”
“So what? You aren’t Emily.”
“No, that’s true…but you ditched Emily for me…”
“Oh shit…that’s…okay, that’s not where I thought this was going, okay. Okay but at the time I had no clue what was wrong with us and you were my best friend, you still are, yes, but at the time you were my best friend and you knew I just did whatever. That is different now because the girl I wanted then is the girl I have no and you need to trust me…please…”
“I’ll start to, in time. You just need to show me I’m not like all the other girls…I know that sounds like so out there but you know what I mean...”
“Yes I do. Not like how I treated Emily and all other ex’s; yes, I know.”
“Yeah; and the other part is I just have trust issues and you’re just going to have to work with me.”
“Yup, sounds good. So tomorrow, after school. I’ll pick you up from school.” I winked at her and she started laughing, getting my joke. This is part why I was crazy about her. She got all of the little, insignificant jokes I made; she got every single one.

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