Bangtan High School

4 girls go to Keora and meet their soulmates. They did not know what hit them when they meet.


1. First day


Janya~ I can wait to go to Keora.

Tyonna~ Me neither.

They were packing there clothes for there trip to Keora. 

Givinchie~ We have to get ready to go to the airport.

Kamorie~ Okay!

They had put their suitcases in the car and drove to the airport.

The next flight is to Keora.

Tyonna~ Let´s go.

They got on the airplane and they were in the first class section. It was so fancy. They were suprised thst they were the only ones there. 

Givinchie~ OMG!!

Janya~ I know why many people can be in this setion it is so expensive.

Lady and gentleman the plane will be pulling off now. Please buckle up you seatbelts. Thank you for riding! 

They buckled their seat bealt and relaxed as the airplane pulled off in the sky. Janya and Tyonna had fell asleep when they had pulled off. Givinchie and Kamorie had fallen asleep half way to keora.

We have arrived in Keora. Please exit right.

The speaker had woke Kamorie up. She had woken the others up and then they exited from the plane.

Givinchie~ (screaming) We are in Keora.

Tyonna~ Okay, clam down. 

Givinchie~ Sorry I can control myself.

Tyonna~ Well, you are gonna control yourself today.

They call a cab to go to there apartment thay will be staying in for now until they get jobs to get a home for all of them. They were there and they all got out of the cab. They walked in the tall buliding and they had to find what apartment they stayed in.

Kamorie~ What is it again? 

Janya~ B13

Komorie~ Oh right there 

Tyonna~ Really you got me stand here wait for you to find it and it was right here all along.

Kamorie~ Sorry I forgot what number she said. 

Givinchie~ Stop fussing and come in. 

She open the door to the two bedroom apartment. The living room was really big and the kitchen connect to it. They walked in the apartment. They had to share rooms it was Janya and Tyonna in one room and Kamorie and Givinchie in the other.

Tyonna~ I am so tried from that trip I am going to bed.

Janya~ Okay.

Tyonna went to their room and she fell asleep quickly. Givinchie, Kamorie, and Janya had went to the mall.

At the mall

Janya~ There are so many thing to pick for.

They were in the clothes section.

Komarie~ Girl, if you don just pick something already.

Janya picked this furry pick sweater and some ripped jeans to go with them.

Janya~ I am gonna wear this to school tomorrow. 

Givinchie~ WHAT? School I don´t  wanna go we just go here.

Janya~ I know. I don´t wanna go ethier but, my mom and dad said we have to go tomorrow. You know we are still in High School.

Kamorie~ What´s the name of the school?

Janya~ Bangtan High School.

Kamorie~ Oh.

They pay for there clothes and they start to leave. They get a cab and go home. They go to there rooms and go to sleep.

The next day 

Alarm clock goes off

Janya gets and takes a shower. Tyonna wakes up and wait for Janya to get out of the shower. Janya come out all ready for school. Then Tyonna get in the shower. Janya goes and gets her shoes on. Kamorie gets up aand  is banging on the door and tell Tyonna to come on givinchie starts to get up. Then Tyonna get out and Kamorie goes in the shower. Tyonna gets her thing ready to go to school. Givinchie waiting fot Kamrie to get out. Finally she gets out and then Givinchie goes in the shower. Kamorie goes and get her thing. Then Givinchie get out and then she get her things for school. They were all ready for school.

Janya~ Y´all ready to go.

Tyonna~ Yeah.

They had called a cab to drop them off at school.

At school

They all had they same classes. They all walked in the class room and it had gotten quiet. The studnets were all stareing. 

Teacher~ Hi. These are the new transfer student from America. Say hello everyone.

Everyone~ Hello.

Teacher~ Hi I am Ms. Woon your teacher and you can introduce yourselfs.

Janya~ I am Janya, I am 17.

Tyonna~ Hi, I am Tyonna I am 17 too.

Givinchie~ Hi I am Givinchie I am 17.

Kamorie~ Hi I am Kamorie I am 17 like them too.

Ms. Woon~ Well, Janya you can sit here net to Park Jimin. Raise you your hand Jimin.

He rasied his hand. When she notice the cute and adorable boy ahe started to fell nervous but, she sat next to him.

Ms. Woon~ Tyonna you can sit here next to Kim Teahyung. Raise your hand V.

He rasied his hand as the teacher asked him to. When she saw the boy she felt like she was gonna die because of his gorgeousness. She could even move or say anything but, she snapped out of it and went to sit next to him.

Ms. Woon~ Givinchie sit next to Min Yoongi. Suga raise your hand.

He didn´t raise his hand but, Givinchie already knew which one he was. He was sleeping in the back and she went to go sit next to him.

Ms. Woon~ And Kamorie go sit next to Kim  Namjoon. RM raised your hand. 

He rasied his hand and Kamorie just sat next to him.

I all Tyonna, Janya, and Givinchie minds were why did I have to sit here next to these gorgeous boy.

Until next time....

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