A Life Of Lies

Lies. Sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes people will kill for t o be a secret.
But nothing can be secret forever, or can it?


2. The Beggining

We're going back quite a few years for my first story i was 22 years old and and at that time i was working at the local wal-mart and i was driving home from the night shift that I did every friday and when I got home the was a note on the table adressed to me saying "stop lying or there will be repercussions" I was a bit worried because at the time i was quite an honest man and yes i did lie bu it wasn't that often.So for the next week I continued to do everthing i do normal exacly the same and on the friday when i got home from the night shift there was a dead body sat at the kitchen table looking at the door i came through with another note on the table saying "CONSEQUENCES!"  I freaked out and phned the police saying there's a dead body in my kitchen and they cane straight away. But they didn't believe me when i said it wasnt me so they arrested me for a week, on the third day in the county jail a tall heavy built man with no fat all muscle approached me and said "I see you got the note" confused i replied "what note?" then i realised what he meant and cut him off as he was about to speak "IT WAS YOU WASNT IT" I shouted furious at him calmly as if he expected me to react this way he replied saying "it wasnt me but i do know who did it and they paid me to deliver a message to you so here it is as im sure you've already been told STOP LYING" and then left he just walked out 4 days later i returned home and the house was clean but i could tell it had been searched "i have to think about moving this is too creepy for me." I muttered aloud. but what I didnt know at the time was that there was a camera in the corner recording my every movement and the enemy who was gunning for me knew my EVERY plan..

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