A Life Of Lies

Lies. Sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes people will kill for t o be a secret.
But nothing can be secret forever, or can it?


1. Life

Everyone lies and if you say you don't then your lying, seriously don't argue with me, back to the story I've lied ever since i was a kid at school  would lie to make things i did sound more interesting some of them lies were believable, most weren't though.
my friends used to call me the joker because i would over exaggerate everything to make it more funny and i would isolate myself from the group trying to figure out new ways to enhance my stories, it was like being a writer but me being the main character,
you may be wondering what is my name well my name is Tim, Tim Parker.

i'm now 34 years old and i want ti tell you the stories of my life 

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