1. The Rain


     The rain.

     The sky was dark grey,

     The clouds weeping the ground sodden and churned

     With dancing feet.


     The rain.

     The rain had come at last,

     A storm the people waited for and welcomed

     With joyful song.


     The rain.

     The night was hard and long,

     The rain hitting at the doors with a million hands and

     The people hid.


     The rain.

     The rain continued,

     The cattle froze in drowning fields and the sun

     Didn't shine.


     The rain.

     Those dreadful days,

     When the children went nowhere, couldn't play in the fields

     The sodden fields of mud.


     The rain.

     The doors blocked,

     Sealed with tar to stop the demons, but sealing also,

     Themselves inside.


     The rain.

     Their celebrated guests,

     Turned the keys in their doors and

     Left them alone.

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