I'll Protect You In A Heartbeat

The town of Rosewood thrived with vampires, werewolves and humans all loving in a peaceful town which some people try to take for granted.

Jade has lived in Rosewood her whole life along with her little sister Matilda and human best friend Kaylee.

Helping Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam to keep their town safe from hunters and a mixture of bad creatures trying to destroy their peaceful town

But the question that everyone is asking, can they do it? Read more to find out


1. Prolouge


For as long as I can remember the town of Rosewood was filled not only with humans but with Vampires and Werewolves, everyone knew each other as it was a small country town filled with love. Rosewood was a place where no one hated each other and was only filled with the good vampires and good werewolves.

You could always tell vampires and werewolves apart - bad vampires had cracked skin and black eyes and of course bad werewolves were known as Rouges but in their human form they had red eyes and veined skin.

Rosewood was a peaceful town unless something was going to happen, the good thing about Rosewood was that the vampires and werewolves protected the humans whenever trouble hit the town. Hunters were always a problem here in Rosewood - they always tried to find a flaw in any of us but never seemed to find any.

I hated hunters after they had killed my parents trying to get information about the town but my parents never spoke. I was held captive too along with my little sister Matilda. You see my parents worked for a council of Rosewood along with my best friends Kaylee parents.

I had learnt over the years, that my family were special we were known as Blue Bloods. Blue bloods are rare and evil creatures are after us. Blue bloods have the ability to heal a vampire or werewolf with their blood making the person to drink from them to become stronger.

Hunters murdered my parents to try and kill us one by one but living in a protective town its hard for them to even get close - let alone kill us. No other human apart from Kaylee and her family know about us as its for our safety and there's.

Kaylee and her family are grown from powerful witches that restore peace to the land, they a good witches and only use their abilities when needed, so even if they know who we are, they can protect themselves.

Harry my main guy best friend, I have known him since year 1 as we went to the same school. We were inseparable in and outside of school and still are. Harry was there for me when my parents were killed, helped Matilda through her nightmares - Harry was a vampire and his parents are one of the original vampires making him so strong.

Louis I had met through Harry about 7 years ago, he is an Alpha to his own pack Silver Moonlight but the jokiest alpha ever - he always brings a smile to someone's face.

Niall was a vampire, I was also close to Niall like I was with Harry only we met again 7 years ago. Niall is the sweetest vampire in the town, always giving everyone the time of day. He is always smiling and laughing - Niall always manages to make someones miserable day happy

Liam was a werewolf and the beta of Louis' pack, Liam was fearless and never let anything scare him not even when Hunters held a silver dagger to his heart. He was always calm and collected which made him a great beta.

All of these boys, Kaylee and myself had something unique which made them gel quite well together. We were always together - no matter what we were doing, we stuck together - we were ohana and ohana meant everything to us all.

We lived in the same courted street making it easier to look out for each other, especially Harry with Matilda and I. Well Matilda was only 10 but she was so innocent and anyone of those evil bastards could take her without warning - Harry has always been protective of me since we met in year 1.

So I knew he would be with me and he proved the same way with Matilda but Matilda adores Harry anyway so it makes it seem worth while for us both. Niall, Louis and Liam adore Matilda as well along with Kaylee of course but to Matilda, Kaylee has always been a sister to her.

Kaylee and myself own a diner just at the start of the highway heading out of Rosewood, it was a famous little diner that the town goes to and hunters stop at. Hunters know not to attack us or them as everyone would fight back. A large family supporting each other was something everyone needed.

Kaylee's parents had set the business up for us once Kaylee finished school - Kaylee is two years older than me, so when our business the diner opened up - I had a job. I worked there before and after school 5 days and week and on the weekend, I spent my time with Harry and his friends.

After I finished school, I became Kaylee's business partner giving me a full time job - our diner was a 50's design with 50's prices so it was cheap and affordable for everyone. It also gave some vampires happiness to think back to the 50's even some elder werewolves loved to dwell on the past.

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