I'll Protect You In A Heartbeat

The town of Rosewood thrived with vampires, werewolves and humans all loving in a peaceful town which some people try to take for granted.

Jade has lived in Rosewood her whole life along with her little sister Matilda and human best friend Kaylee.

Helping Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam to keep their town safe from hunters and a mixture of bad creatures trying to destroy their peaceful town

But the question that everyone is asking, can they do it? Read more to find out


2. ONE


It was a busy day today at the diner, every table was taken - we had to Kaylee's dad to buy us some chairs and tables to fit outside so people didn't have to wait to be served. Matilda was helping today as it was a pupil free day at her primary school - I had just placed the last order down at Harry's table.

Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall come almost everyday to the diner, I don't know if its for being protected or that they just love coming here. I gave Harry a little wink before heading back to get more table orders - Harry and myself are always flirting with each other whenever we get the chance.

Hell even Kaylee knows how much I love Harry but I worry that Harry might not feel the same, I mean we flirt but he hasn't given me any hints as to if he loves me or not - shaking my head as I reached the table in the back.

"Hello my name is Jade, how may I help you today?" I asked with a smile.

The four men smiled and peered up at me - one of them smirked before clearing his throat, "We would like four of your big breakfasts and a black coffee each"

I nodded and wrote their orders down, I saw one of the men shift revealing his hunter gun. I felt my heart-rate pick up - shaking my head once more to calm myself down.

"Anything else?" I asked this time with a force smile.

"No" the hunter said firmly.

I nodded and turned around - heading into the kitchen to give the order when Harry pulled me aside.

"What happened? I heard your heart-rate blow up?" Harry asked.

"I explain in a minute, let me out their order in" I said.

Harry nodded and stepped back so I could give Billy our chef the order to the table. I could see the hunters eyes on me and I couldn't help but shiver slightly making Harry's eyes fill with worry.

"Jade?" Harry asked.

"The table in the corner the ones I just came from, they are hunters. The leader is there too, he is wearing a different colour than the rest" I said as I looked over at the table to see the four hunters smirking.

They knew they had freaked me out and that's what they wanted to do, Harry turned his head to see the table of hunters staring right at us - before he looked back at me.

"They won't dare attack you in here, come on we have to get you and Matilda home" Harry said as he stroked my cheek. "It's going to be okay."

I nodded and walked over to Kaylee explaining everything to her making her worry.

"Go home, go be with Harry. I'll cover the rest of your shift" Kaylee said.

"Thank you" I said but Kaylee simply shook her head and smiled, "I will see you at the house later?"

"Of course" Kaylee said.

Matilda had grasped Harry's hand tightly as he stood up from the table, the boys were staying back to keep an eye on the hunters to see if they are going to follow us.




I was sitting on my couch with Harry - we were watching Jurassic Park, it was our favorite movie we liked watching together. Matilda was reading quietly in her room as I didn't want her watching this movie - it would scare the living crap out of her.

"Harry can I ask you something?" I asked.

"Yeah of course, you know you can" Harry said as he shifted his eyes from the TV and looked at me once he had paused the movie.

Crap?! How do I word this?

How do I ask Harry?

I thought for a few moments before breaking away from our hold so I could speak with him, "What are we?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked with a frown.

I frowned, how did Harry not know what I meant?

"I mean, we always flirt with each almost everyday and you always hold me like we are together" I said.

Harry cleared his throat before looking at me once more, "I don't know what do you want us to be? Have I not given you an indication that I have feelings for you?"

I was struck for words but blushed, "You have but you never said anything"

Harry chuckled before placing a strand of hair behind my ear. "Can I show you how I feel?" Harry asked.

I nodded and again blushed, "Of course."

What was he going to do?

Before I knew it Harry's lips were connected to mine, fireworks erupted from my body when our lips touched. I kissed him back almost instantly our lips molding perfectly together - Harry pulled away a few minutes after we kissed before he smirked slightly

"Does that explain my feelings towards you?" Harry asked.

I nodded my head as no words came out of my mouth. I heard Harry's phone ding I was so glad that it didn't ruin our moment - Harry pulled his phone out from his and checked the message, it was from Harry's cousin Lauren.


Lauren: Hey Haz, just letting you know I have entered Rosewood

Harry: Alright cool, I am at Jade's house. Here is her address 24 Willow Court, Rosewood Gardens

Lauren: Alright haz, be there soon


I have heard Harry talk about Lauren a few times, Lauren's father Richard who is Desmond's brother married a witch Hazel. So Lauren was a hybrid making her half vampire and half witch - but Desmond hated hybrids with a passion so when Richard married Hazel and had Lauren - Desmond stopped Harry and his sister Gemma from seeing them. But it was only a couple of years ago when Harry and Lauren had reconnected.

"You don't mind Lauren coming here?" Harry asked.

"No of course not. She's your family" I said with a smile.

"Thank you"

"Harry you don't need to thank me, family is important no matter if you are siblings or not"

Harry smiled and pressed a small kiss to my lips, we heard a knock at the door making us stand up. We made our way to the door and just as I opened it - Lauren had collapsed into Harry's arms. She had blood over her body and gaping wounds.

"Get her settled into the guest room" I said.

Harry nodded and moved as fast as he could, I could already tell who had done this. I trailed behind Harry and watched him lay Lauren down. I could tell he was angry.

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