Goddess Of The Sea

Abigail's task was easy well she thought. Abigail was supposed to go to high school, make friends and than rule the throne. But falling for her guy friend made her task harder. Abigail wants nothing more them to protect the man she loves and her friends.

Can she?

Read more to find out

A Harry Styles Love Story


1. One

Having so much on your plate was hard for some people but for me it was any regular day. I was the goddess of the sea - I was made by my father Poseidon and one day rule when he didn't want to know more. When I was 4 my father was murdered by his brother Ares in a fight of revenge, I remember the day just like it was yesterday.

The day my father was killed, I was sent to Themyscira where I was trained in combat, ancient studies and much, much more. I was given strict instructions by Hippolyta Queen of Themyscira that I must go to mans world when I turn 16 to know mans world - so here I am in mans world a place known as London in the United Kingdom where I was staying with Diana also known as Wonder Woman - and Hippolyta was her mother.

Diana was sculpted by sand and brought to life by the gods to one day protect them meaning Diana was a goddess like me, Diana has lived in London for over 100 years protecting the world from evil and making some friends along the way.

Today I was starting the new school year at Castle Hill High, where I will be learning mans world subjects which I was happy about. Diana has gotten her friend Bruce to do a school profile of me so that I have a 4.0 GPA.

"I know starting something new is going to be hard but it doesn't take long to adjust if you need me, call me okay" Diana said.

I nodded and swung my backpack over my shoulder and headed to my car - getting inside once I unlocked it and drove off.


Entering the halls of the school, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed there were so many people standing in groups around lockers, I could hardly believe this was a school. I grabbed out my locker number and timetable from my bag and headed towards my locker. Locker number 62.

Arriving at my locker, I turned the combination that was on my sheet and opened it up to see that there was already books inside for me, taking over the books I saw a note on the first one.


Abigail I know starting school is going to be hard but just remember even though I am not here doesn't mean I'm not watching over you.

You are the sun to my heart and I know you will make me proud. From your very first breath, I was proud.

With all my love,
Your Father


I smiled warmly at the note before shutting my locker and placed all my books in my bag turning around, only to jump when I saw two beautiful girls standing there.

"Hi" I said sweetly.

"Hi, I am Stacey and this is my friend Alexia, we wanted to welcome you to Castle Hill high" Stacey said.

"Thank you, I am Abigail Prince its lovely to meet you both" I said.

"Did you want us to give you a tour of the school?" Alexia asked.

A tour would be lovely - but before I got the chance to answer, I was pulled by Stacey and began walking with them. They showed me around the school but I was lucky Stacey had the same lessons as me. We were now at the front of the school and walked to a section where you had girls in a uniform and boys in varsity jackets.

"Abigail we wanted you to meet two of our guy friends, this is William Stacey's boyfriend and this is Harry, he is the captain of our schools football team" Alexia said.

The two boys looked up at me and smiled, but I couldn't take my eyes off Harry, he was really good looking. He had brown curly hair and emerald green eyes and every-time he smiled - his dimples would show.

"Welcome Abigail" Harry said as we shook hands.

I blushed lightly as I felt a few sparks hit us, "Thank you."

Just as we pulled our hands away, the school bell rang making students head into the halls once again, I followed Stacey to our classroom to notice Harry had the same class as well.

Once we got into the classroom, students piled in after us all taking their seats - I sat in between Harry and Stacey, they didn't seem to mind as it was there idea in case I got stuck. But this was history and I knew basically everything about history. The teacher appeared not to long after all the students got settled.

"Morning class and welcome back to another year, I am your teacher for this year Mr Harper" Mr Harper said.

We all nodded, lucky I didn't have to get called out as the new student as its a new year.

"This semester we will be learning about both World Wars as we have some new information on the wars especially world war I" Mr Harper said.

I shivered as his eyes landed on me, something was telling me that he wasn't human, like something else but I couldn't pick it.

"I want you to turn to pages, 242 as these are your new text books with updated information" Mr Harper said.

We all did so and slap bang in the middle of the page was a picture of Diana in the first world war, I felt my heart quicken but no one else knew which was good.

"Anyone got information they can share?" Mr Harper asked as he scanned the room, "Abigail do you?" He asked.

I cleared my throat, "In the first war there was a woman named Dr Poison who created Hydro-based  formula that the gas masks could be useless against" I said.

I watched as Mr Harper wrote it down on the whiteboard behind him, I knew everyone was staring at me for my answer but what was I going to do? Not answer? Mr Harper turned back around before making us read certain paragraphs from the textbook.


School had finally entered but all day, I couldn't work out who Mr Harper is and why I get this weird feeling inside - and it scared me. Just as I reached my car, I heard Harry shout my name.

"Yeah" I said as I turned around.

"Hey, I am having a party on the Friday night if you wanted to come?" Harry asked his smile popping out his dimples.

Why did he have to be so handsome?

"Sure, what time?" I asked.

I watched as Harry gave me a piece of paper, "At my house at 7 pm, my address and phone number is on there anytime you want to hang out or text me you can too" Harry said.

"Thank you! I'd really love for us to hang out" I said as I grabbed note from his grasp.

Harry smiled as he gave me a quick hug which I returned, it was so nice of Harry to invite me to his party on the weekend. As we pulled away, Harry walked to his parked car which was only three parks away from mine. This is going to be a long year.

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