The Daughter of Death

Loki Wolves Fan fiction, Fang the Daughter of Death Suddenly shows up and things get rough


Author's note

please i need your advice

3. the walking dead attacks

Skull had Laurie's neck in his hand in seconds, Hattie snort "What are you going to do now princess eh?" Fang appeared to be running in front of the group. "SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH!"  She shouted in the phone. She ground trembled and the zombies erupted from the ground. Fang hung up again and allowed the Wolf pack to attack her dead army."YOU IDIOTS THERE DEAD! YOU CAN"T KILL THEM!" She hollered  they turned towards her."Guess we just have to kill the one we can." Kris said. She shrugged and held her hand,a force brought Skull's neck in Fang's death grip. Skull slowly turn purple. "You forgot something." She said." I can kill faster" She informed them. They growl but didn't move. "I'm going to need you attention, I'm going to squeeze the life out of this mut until you FLEA BAGS SHUT UP!" She squeezed harder and Skull had blood dripping from his mouth." There we go. Give me The girl and I'll give you Skull." She offered. The zombies stopped fighting. "How can we trust you?" A voice from the pack asked.She smiled a dangerous smiled." Darling, You can't ". she said. Skull coughed more blood. "Fine Give us Skull then we give you Laurie''. Hattie offer."  No. You give me Laurie then you get the Mut." Fang narrowed her eyes. Laurie slowly walked back to her cousin." Now Skull." Hattie demanded." Fine but if i hear so much as a whine, one of you will die a horrible death and probably burn in hell if you lucky." she said.she Dropped Skull who clutch his throat. The ground opened taking her army and the pack."Bye then." She had tricked them. Once gone she turned to Matt."You the leader?"She asked as if nothing had happen. Matt unfroze as Fang wiped blood from Skull's Body on her shirt. "Y-yeah," he said." Well what do you want?" she asked 

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