The Daughter of Death

Loki Wolves Fan fiction, Fang the Daughter of Death Suddenly shows up and things get rough


Author's note

please i need your advice

2. "Arcade games

Fang Jagged the trigger pointing at the screen, of the Walking Dead She sighed annoyed when a hand tapped her shoulder, She turned to see a girl  with one eyeball and a broken face, The girl,Rachel was dead. "What?!" Fang asked."Where do you want us to look again?" The zombie asked." Listen_ i don't care and honestly i don't want to know how you get it you just better have when i want it ." Fang hissed her black long hair swinging in it ponytail that swept the floor. "Yes,Master."The Zombie said and Inched away from the Girl. Fang sighed. Raising people from the dead was such a waste of my time!!! she thought. Just then her phone ranged. Her idiot half  brother Kyle."What do you want?" She asked. "No you can't use my computer!" "Yes i mean all of them, Listen man i'm busy. Yes 'mm saying go away !" she sighed and hung up on him." She's a Jerk!" A male's voice behind her.  She whipped around To see a dark haired boy with a bored expression a Blonde next to him step up."Sorry He's.....Different. "The girl said. "What ever."Fang said.Rachel came back with a group of Zombies." Did you get it?" She asked the Captain. He whimpered and shook his head. Fang snapped her fingers and he disapeared into dust. His hat remained.She picked it up and dust it off giving it to Rachel."Your captain!"She said."Why me?" Rachel asked." Uhh because Your my best friend and i love you (No homo) " Fang said as if it were obvious."Thanks Fang!" Rachel beamed."No Big deal Rachel" Fang said.They walked off into the game room. Fang chewed intensely on her mint bubble gum. "So it was Fang right?" Matt's voice said. "We need you." Laurie Explained." No you don't I work alone."Fang Snapped." Theres no I in we." Matt said." Oh but theirs a U in lunatic " She singsonged.Fin cracked a small smile. He liked this girl so far." She ran off outside and they tried to follow when 

Laurie ran right into Skull

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