The Daughter of Death

Loki Wolves Fan fiction, Fang the Daughter of Death Suddenly shows up and things get rough


Author's note

please i need your advice

1. characters

Who is in Loki's Wolves? Matt Thorsen: descendant of Thor, a team player with a rebellious side, has a special amulet but is looking for Mjöner's hammer to help him in a battle Fenrir Brekke: descendant of Loki, nicknamed Fen, cousin of Laurie, a wulfenkind, is not good at following the rules or being "nice", mostly concerned with keeping Laurie safe Laurie Brekke: descendant of Loki, Fen's cousin, can open portals, is good at finding other descendants of gods Astrid Drake: girlfriend of Odin, unreliable Baldwin Osgood: descendant of Balder, has a lot of dangerous hobbies, is not injured by anything except for mistletoe Rey and Reyna Freitag: descendants of Frey and Freya, have magic skills, not really interested in being a part of the battle
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