My Boyfriends Bestfriend

Amanda Todd has the perfect life. She’s the top of her class, has a loving family, is extremely beautiful and of course has the most amazing boyfriend anyone could wish for. Except...we forgot about Nic Williams. Her boyfriends best friend...


2. Chapter 2

Nic was Marc’s best friend of 5 years. They did everything together. Drink beer together, played video games together, picked up girls together. Until Marc met Amanda. That’s when Nic started getting flirty.

Nic would flirt with her from time to time as a joke. But sometimes it was hard to tell if he was just kidding around. Let’s face it, Nic was extremely sexy. Thick curly brown hair atop his head and sparkling blue eyes as deep as the ocean. He was tall with broad shoulders, a sharp jawline and rock hard abs to match.

Of course Amanda didn’t feel anything for him. To her all she thought he was was a side piece. A third wheel if you will. But it was clear he felt something for her...not that Amanda noticed.

“What do you want?” Amanda asked sternly, still facing her locker. “Can’t a guy say hi?” Nic said flashing a charming smile. From the corner of her eye Amanda could see he checking her out from behind. Amanda whirled around.

“The hell do you think your doing?” Amanda asked clearly pissed. “Saying hi” Nic replied catching a glance at her chest. “Fuck you” Amanda said incredulously. “I’d fuck you anyday” he said smirking. Amanda scoffed. “Hey, I’m kidding” he said apologetically. “Okay” Amanda said rolling her eyes sarcastically. Marc finished up his call and walked back over to them.

“So, I can’t come over tonight. My mom called and I have take care of Steph” he said sadly. Steph was his younger sister. “Okay, Saturday then?” Amanda questioned. “Of course” Marc said smiling.

After school, Amanda was greeted by her mother in the kitchen. “Hey sweetie, how was school?” Amanda grimaced. “I have to tutor someone”. Amanda’s mother shrugged, “I did it in high school, it’s that bad” Amanda sighed. “If you say so”

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