My Boyfriends Bestfriend

Amanda Todd has the perfect life. She’s the top of her class, has a loving family, is extremely beautiful and of course has the most amazing boyfriend anyone could wish for. Except...we forgot about Nic Williams. Her boyfriends best friend...


1. Chapter 1

“Amanda can I speak with you after class please?” Said Miss Warren 5 minutes before the bell rang.

When the bell sounded for class, Amanda walked up to the teacher as the rest of the class left for lunch. “You wanted to speak with me Miss?” Amanda asked politely, curious as to why she had been called back.

“Now, I’m sure you’re aware that you have made the Honour Roll this year?” Amanda nodded in agreement. “Well, the other teachers and I decided that some of the Honour Roll students should tutor some of our...less intellectually progressive students”

Amanda’s mind whirred. She had never tutored anybody before. From what she had heard from her friends tutoring was a laborious task that required a lot of energy. “Uh...who would I be paired with?” Amanda asked tucking a curly brown strand behind her ear.

“That’s still up to me to decide, but of course you would be paired with someone in your year. Plus it would earn you some extra credit” Miss Warren said. “Okay, I’ll tutor someone. When would I start?”

Miss Warren checked her timetable. “Today is Monday, you would start next Monday” She said cheerily. “Thank you, Miss” Amanda said strutting out of the classroom into the busy locker area.

Let describe to you what Amanda Todd is like. Amanda is average height with glassy green eyes and soft curly brown hair down to her mid back. Amanda was a nice energetic person who was liked by many people. Including her boyfriend. Marcus Donavan.

As per usual Marc was waiting for Amanda at her locker. “Hey you” he said as he always did. “Hey babe” Amanda said opening her locker, throwing her books in. “Am I coming to yours tonight...?” Amanda kissed him softly on the lips. “ You know it” Amanda said winking.

“Hey dude” said a voice behind her to Marc. “Sup’” replied Marc nodding. The voice was Nic Williams. Marc’s BGF {best-guy-friend}. Marc’s phone rung. “Sorry, gotta take this” He went outside taking the call. When he was gone Nic finally looked at Amanda. “Hey” he said biting his lip looking at her up and down. “Hello, Nicholas” replied Amanda flatly trying to avoid looking at Nic’s annoyingly sexy face.

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