It was nothing but trouble when Yusa woke up in a different world. Nothing but the very clothing along her back and another survivor by her side, Yusa has to fight and survive the unknown world that was laid upon her. With the large stomps and hefty bellowing roars, she can only imagine the worst. Join Yusa in her unique adventure along the Obelisk.


1. The Drop

It was warmer than usual. Way hotter than what Yusa was used to. She twitched slightly as she began to awake from her usual heavy slumber. Her throat dry and mind completely fuzzy of what she had done the other night to cause her to feel so heavy. Drinking? No.. Not on a Sunday. Her mother would have rolled in her grave if she even thought of doing such a sinful act. Opening her lightened blue eyes, blurring and focusing slowly she yawned and began to stretch her tired muscles. Small cracks could be heard from her back, legs and arms as she did the daily roll which would usually throw her off her own bed but this time only off a creaking thatch bed. Thump. Her once slowly waking up mind was now sprinting as she realized that she wasn't in her normal bed. Jolting up she looked around frantically. 

"what.. the hell.." She mumbled under her breath as she felt up along her tanned body, trying to just take a small survey of herself to even see if she was normal when it came to anything along her body. Normal for now, but it still didn't explain her sudden jump to a new location. Her breathing was very irregular, heart beating fast as she tried her best to keep calm and survey the area now. Thatch. It was a thatch building. Certainly not her regular home in florida. She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, she wanted to run but WHERE that was her issue. Getting to her feet Yusa sighed, trying to get a deep breath in to keep herself somewhat calm. "Ok.. Ok.. Yusa.. listen, Remember what your mother always told you. Do. Not. Panic." She continued to whisper to herself which was slowly working when it came to soothing her nerves. In the thatch make shift of a house all she could see was a small pestle sort of bowl, Some cloth looking clothes that clearly looked torn and very worn, A few dulled looking spears and leaves, lots and lots of leaves that looked to be used as storage boxes in a way. It was obvious to Yusa now that she was not alone. Her heart dropped to even think that someone else had gone through the same shit she was going through at the moment yet the bright side was possibly they knew what was going on. Without hesitation she stood to her feet, not even caring for the dirt that was littering her body, bolting out of the thatch building with ease and slight bravery only to skid to a stop to see the bright bold world that she was inhabiting. "d..dinosaurs?.." the words lulled from her mouth as she stood in awe to see a large green and yellow marked Parasaur that stood above her, huffing and chuffing at her. "what.. happened to me.." 

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