sad little people. wars tearing apart families and destroying planets. a desprete child was torn from her Imperial family and raised a Rebel. she knows she is to be with her Master who cares for her. he is the same age. but when her heritage is released, she is devastated. her whole life, a lie. she finds her family, but instantly regrets it. she now ha to deal with her problems.


1. torn away.

 there was explosions everywhere, in space and X-Wings going all over the place, TIE Fighters roaring in battle. Chimera was a demon in battle, Ion cannons disabling ships of the pesky Rebels troops.

" Rogue Dragon do you copy? you are disabled from battle. Retreat while you.." said the captain of Labyrinth Dead but didn't finish. Rogue Dragon exploded with the transmition.

"...still can. *sigh* I wonder if we'll get Charlie out of here." he finishes.

Rebels over whelmed us and took Charlie. at least we now we lost.

"what are you going to do to her?" i scream at the General.

"oh she'll be safe with us. All weapons at the ready!" he replies.

he hands my Daughter over to an aging man with mainly orange hair but turning grey. he had another child in his arms, fast asleep. a baby boy no older than a few hours. ours is a few months old.

we run on land with the Rebel Alliance on our trail like wolves hunting weak prey. the man had stayed behind, with the two babies craddleing them. shots fired everywhere, knocking down trees, setting fire to dry grass, burning animals alive and shooting down our troops. i don't know if i'll see my child again, but it will be one day.

one day...

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