sad little people. wars tearing apart families and destroying planets. a desprete child was torn from her Imperial family and raised a Rebel. she knows she is to be with her Master who cares for her. he is the same age. but when her heritage is released, she is devastated. her whole life, a lie. she finds her family, but instantly regrets it. she now ha to deal with her problems.


2. 24 Years Later... Charlie of Kessel.

 i don't know why. i don't know how.

but i know what...

i know what is happening around us. i know what's happening to me. i know who's rescuing me.

A Jedi Master's busting me off this airless rock so i don't get killed. he isn't much older than me. in fact, he's a few months younger.

he knew ObiWan Kenobi and so did i.

when we left Kessel, he turned to me and asked me a few things.

"how come you knew Obi Wan?"

"he visited Kessel sometimes, but often caught troubles eye."

"when did you first meet him?"

"when i was five, he told me the Rebels rescued me from the Empire when i was just a few months old. he said that the Republic had fallen just before and he was taking you to Tatoonie."

"Oh, OK. When was the last time you saw him?"

" Five years ago before he left again. he visits every two weeks and doesn't let me know if he can't visit. but most the time he visits. but i noticed he wasn't visisting after that. i heard the Death Star got blown up. i have a bad feeling about it."

"i know why you have a bad feeling about him not coming.we got caught by the tractor beam and got into the Death Star. he said he would go to disable it, but after we rescued my sister, he got killed by Darth Vader."

i just stare at the young man.

"we saw it happen. two droids, a wookie, Leia, Luke and I." yelled a man from the corridor.

i sensed truth in it. Obi Wan was dead.

i think i looked like i was about to faint so someone got a chair and i plopped down in it. i felt like alot of time passed before i came to my senses and looked up. nearly 10 people were just watching me, concerned. the most concerned one was Luke.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"yes i am. i am just stunned by the way no one tolld me. How long ago was this?"

"Three years."

goodness me. and i thought everyone told me everything.



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