The Moon

A slightly depressing poem about a girl who is like the moon x


1. The Moon

She was like the moon,

A part of her was always hidden away,

But the more you watched her,

The more she revealed parts of herself.


Some days she was waning,

Making herself smaller and smaller,

To make space for those overbearing souls that dominated her life.

They would never let her get a word in,

They trampled her in more ways than one.


Other days she was waxing,

Growing larger and bursting with life,

Her light illuminating the world,

But she was always comparing herself to the sun.


There was beauty in her darkness,

Mystery in her patterns,

Somehow she made the world more beautiful,

Her light reflected in the stars.


Every night you looked for her,

But one night she was gone,

She thought no one would miss her,

But the world’s now a darker place.

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