Straight Ahead

Nora is just the average girl. She has a few friends, a loving family, and loves riding her bike. But she has a passion for tight roping that nobody understands.


1. Balance

        Balance, look straight ahead, I thought, as I spread my arms out. My leg began to shake as I peered at the my red converse, struggling to balance on the narrow wire. I managed to pick my head up, blowing my brown hair out of my face. I gazed upon the Alder tree, convincing myself that the tree would help me balance, as it clenched it's roots among the earth, though the wind blew it's leaves, as my foot tilted, and I fell on my ankle. I brushed the dirt off of my ankle immediately, pulling up my sock to clot the blood that was rapidly oozing.  

        I pulled my rigid hair into a pony tail, before using my hands as support off the ground. One more time, I thought, hugging the Alder, as though below me was a pit of lava, while once again stepping on the wire. My hands shook, as if they were holding onto an electric wire. I could hear my heart pounding like a drum, as I reluctantly closed my eyes. Though so scared, I felt so ... happy. I felt the sensation of my adrenaline rushing, like when you're on roller coaster. I began to slightly loose my balance, as I heard my Mom yell through her window, "Nora, dinner honey!'

        I ran into my house full of chaos. My Mom was rocking my baby sister Calla, while using her shoulder as a fulcrum to hold up her phone, while she was calling one of her workers. Meanwhile Dad was just as busy, entertaining my younger brother Kace while cooking up what seemed to be mashed potatoes and broccoli. Dad and Mom are vegetarians, so they always eat healthy stuff. 

        When Mom finished talking on the phone, she noticed the my bloody sock and immediately looked concerned.

        "Nora," she gasped, hands over her mouth, "are you all right dear."

        "Yes, Mom" I replied in a what-does-it-look-like sort of tone.

         I know that my Mom wants to look after me, but she ALWAYS overreacts.

         "Nora, honey, "she said, still holding Calla, "I told you that all this dangerous stunt stuff isn't good for you."

         "Mom," I insisted, as she rinsed a paper towel, "I'm fine."

         She dabbed a paper towel over my ankle. I know that Mom is a nurse, but she seriously gets SO worried.

          "Hun," she added, "If I didn't clean that, you could have gotten an infection."

           I just sighed. 

           Dad called us in for dinner, and after Mom whispered to him he said, "Nora, you're not still thinking about pursuing that rope walking thingy are you?"

           I rolled my eyes.

           "First of all, it's called funambulism. And second of all, yes, I am pursing it."

           I could tell he wasn't happy, but he didn't say anything. I knew he wanted me to have a high paying job someday, like a doctor or a lawyer.

           But that's not what I wanted. I wanted to pursue my dreams. And that didn't mean being a doctor or a lawyer.



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