The Seeing

Mirabel Bromithius never asked to have magic. It was all just kind of thrust upon her at birth. She always knew she was destined for something great, but being the return of a lost magical race was not exactly her first choice.
Her powers have never really been too exact, anyway. First light would dance on her fingers--then a glass would shatter.
One day, in a fit of anger, she accidentally kills a man and burns down a tavern, and the Royal Guard believes Witches like her must be hanged. Mirabel manages to escape to a safe place, only to discover that she's not the only one with powers.
They're Belqs--powerful, supernatural humans--and they live under a river. They're more surprised to see her there than she is.
The only way to stay with them and avoid persecution from the Royal Guard is to train like a warrior, for something she'd never believe was coming.

Something bigger than the Belqs.

Bigger than the Royal Guard.

The Keepers of the Mountains have awoken. And they're hungry.


1. Dedications

For my sister,

who, as an avid reader, always gave me advice when I was stuck.

A whole year younger than me,

but a whole lot more responsible.


Special thanks to my other sister,

who listened to me as I read her my drafts,

even if it was three o’clock in the morning.

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