Sixteen year old Elizabeth has De'juvs all the time, heres why.....


Author's note

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1. The Dej'uv

Elizabeth Mason was seven she had a crown on and galloped around a castle then the vision changed to see a tombstone," Here Lies Princess Elizabeth Gean, Age seventeen ," The it changed to a 5 year old pilgram girl same as the other one only carry water then the tombstone."Here lies Lizzy Johnson ,Age seventeen'' then again and again, Reborn just to be killed.AGE SEVENTEEN AGE SEVENTEEN ! over and over again until the message was clear Elizabeth was a mistake in the timeline, will die at age Seventeen again and again.

Elizabeth woke up with sweat dripping down her face. Not Real just a stupid dream. Im 16 born on March 6th 2003 and my birthday is coming up and  everything is going to be fine. She thought frantically. "Ms. Elizabeth! Why were you screaming," Ms. Hasbird her maid came rushing into the room."Nightmare, nothing--" "Elizabeth your literally sweating buckets. Get up and wash your face. And i don't supposed it was the same dream eh?" Elizabeth lied and shook her head. She got up and ran cold water on her red freckled face then got dress and went downstairs  her tutor was there waiting. "Today We are going to learn about Lizzy Gillian, i thought you may like her, she remind me of you..." Mr.Baly said. the picture made my heart stop. i looked over the obne of me as a baby.




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