The only Girl

Snow's parents died 3 years ago now she's living with her four brothers, after a heart breaking break up between her and Ryan her internet lover. She moves to Canada the country she was born in were her parents met and fell in love......Will she find love will there be drama will everything fall into place or will hell break through for her.



1. The Move

* I’m so sorry baby but I will always love you*Is the last message I got from him before I slammed my laptop shut and smashed my face into my pillow crying my heart out. I don’t care what everyone else has to say I love him his words just keep on replaying in my head, over and over again like a time lapse.

We met online Ryan and I about 1 year ago actually I found this website for reading books and writing them called Movella, about 2 weeks after I got a message from a guy name Ryan he’s one of my followers. We dated for a year never met each other never face timed each other but he was moving to my school. Then he gave me a message saying how his mother has cancer that he has to move countries where too I have no idea but said that he loves me no matter what, blah blah.

So we had to end it my family thinks I’m a complete idiot that he’s  face and shit, but my gut told me he isn’t. You know I fell in love with someone for the first time in my whole life first boyfriend someone I told all my secrets to my life story to and now he’s gone with in a blink of an eye.

“Snow you in there?” Jason my older brother yelled knocking on my door about three times. I quickly got up and wiped my running mascara off and open my door “Yeah sorry I was asleep come in.” I said my voice sounding very raspy, but I don’t think he has notice yet, I walk over to my bed laying down letting out a shaky sigh closing my eyes. I could feel my bed dipping as Jason lays down next to me I could feel him piercing holes through my head but I know if I look at him I’ll break down and cry.

“Snow look at me.” Is all he said I let out a sigh sitting up looking at my brother as soon as my eyes meet his emerald green ones. I let out a sob then tears starts streaming down my face like a water fall, as he pulls me into a hug and I cry on his shoulder getting mascara, and snot all over his white shirt. “Y-y-y-you were r-r-r-right I-I-I’m s-s-s-so stup-p-pid!” I sob into his chest as his grip tightens on my waist he pulls away holding my shoulders looking into my eyes.

“No, you’re not you fell in love you can’t help it he’s the fucking stupid one Snow.” Jason said as he wipes away my tears laying me down on my bed pulling me close to him knowing I’m tired as fuck. I woke up to the sun blinding my eyes I hiss pulling my covers over my head when a thud came to my floor. “Snow…what the fuck are you a vampire?”

Jason groans yanking my covers off me as I made a sour face as my eyes adjust to the light. “Yes…Yes, I am vampires are my 5th spirit animal. ”I state walking into my bathroom looking at my reflection in shock. To see the colour has been drained from it my eyes are a dull green with red lines making it look like I’m either stoned or have been crying my eyes out all night. I have massive bags under my eyes, and my cheeks are tear stain and swollen, I guess this is what happen when your heart broken.

“Snow have yo-“ Jason said walking into my bathroom but stoped mid-sentence to see the state I’m in a pissed but pity look comes on his face as he just walks out probably to tell the twins and Kyle. Jason is my twin brother light brown hair with sun bleach blonde high lights about 6’2 tan and big build like goes to a gym for 3 hours a day build. Jake and Tom both identical 6’2 dirty blonde hair with emerald green eyes tan same build as Jason then Kyle has light brown hair with emerald green eyes tan and he has the biggest build out of everyone he looks like a body builder covered in tattoos.

Then me Brown hair with blonde sun bleach hair about 5’9 slim thick so big ass and boobs but small waist with abs, it runs in the family. My parents died in a car crash about 3 years ago Kyle looks after us he’s 22 the oldest taking over dads job he owns mega gym, 2,000 worldwide and is a doctor a brain surgeon. Then the twins both 18 in there last year of school with Jason and me the twins are 9 months older than us and Jason is 10 minutes older than me.

“SNOW!” Kyle yelled making me jump and look at my clock to see I’ve been zoned out for about 40 minutes, I let out a sigh opening my bathroom door only for everyone to come bludging in. Tom and J pinned me to the wall while Kyle and Jace check my body like creeps I kick them both in the balls and upper cut the twins. “What the fuck are use’s doing?” I yelled pulling down my sleeves and grabbing a pair of pants to put on. “Sorry Snow we thought you were hurting yourself you weren’t answering us and.

“J stops as he starts to cry so Tom takes him out to calm him down. I walk out of my bathroom sitting down next to J pulling him into a hug “J I will never leave you, I will never anything like that to my body I was just zoned out okay Ryan and I broke up.” I said then pulled out of the hug letting a few tears slide down my face.

“You’ll get over him, and he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.” Tom lightly said punching my shoulder as I rub my knuckles against him head. “ Okay, you two now that we know your kinda fine I have news to tell everyone.” Kyle said in parents mode making us all groan as he places his hand on his hips glaring at all of us.

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