The only Girl

Snow's parents died 3 years ago now she's living with her four brothers, after a heart breaking break up between her and Ryan her internet lover. She moves to Canada the country she was born in were her parents met and fell in love......Will she find love will there be drama will everything fall into place or will hell break through for her.



3. Prides Acadmemy

   “I see sleeping beauty is finally awake.” Jace snickers while tom elbows him in the gut I look at him in confusion, how long was I asleep for.

“You were out for a whole day, next time you decide to over dose I’ll beat the shit out of you.” Kyle threatens then storms off I just give him the finger and walk back upstairs into my bedroom slamming my door shut. “Asshole!” I yelled as I walk on my balcony looking at the view of our street, which is cool really posh houses like ours.

“SNOW GET CHANGED YOU HAVE A SCHOOL INTERVIEW!” Kyle yelled from down stairs I let out a sigh walking into my wardrobe looking at my options for today. I pulled out a white tank top with my ripped blue high waisted denim jeans, and my black leather jacket with black ankle boots.

I let my hair flow to my waist leaving it in its natural curls then grabbed my phone and walked of down stairs to see the boys getting into their cars. The twins on their Harley Davidsons bike Tom’s is black J’s is silver, then Kyle in his mustang 2018 model is a royal blue.

Jace is in his matte black farri 458 with gold essentials then mine the exact same but with rose gold essentials. “Follow me, behave school is still on.” Kyle said revving his engine to life as we all pull out following him towards the new school.

Once we arrive at Black Moore high I realise its lunch time which means other humans which also means I have to socialise maybe….I could just pretend I’m deaf and maybe no one will talk to me yep good pep talk me. I got out of my car walking next to Jace flowing the twins and Kyle inside through all of these corridors when finally we found the blood y office I mean how bog does a school to be for god sakes.

I walk in the office and take a seat on the chairs next to some random guy with a split open lip ext. to him is two more guys with bruised bloody knuckles and a girl with blonde hair with a black eyes they all must of gotton into a punch up.

The blonde girl has light blue eyes about 5’9 hair going to her boobs fairly decent body the guy on her left with the fucked up left hand has black hair and blue eyes good build, then the guy on the right of the girl has brown hair blue eyes covered in tattoos and a pissed off facial expression.

The guy with the fucked up face and split lip has a blonde hair green eyes and pedo looking like seriously his eyes hasn’t left my ass since I’ve walked in. “Yes I understand Kyle but I need to talk to Snow about her record to clarify a few things.” The guy at the front desk said making eyes contact with me licking his lips he’s about 30 salt and pepper hair fit yes but um no thanks.

I stood up walking up to the counter giving Kyle a slight death glare pushing him out of my way “Yes Sir.” I said giving him my million dollar smile its lie he’s a teenage girl just me smiling at him makes him melt its really funny. “I can see here you’ve been kicked out of 6 school and but 4 students into hospital with critical brain damage within the past three years.” He said raising his eyes brown giving me a stern look great.

“I wasn’t kicked out O was suggested to other schools sir and with those four students decided to smash my dead parents grave stone as a prank, so I smashed them with my car and a few rocks as a self-defence might I mention it was 1 week after my parents were killed in traumatic car crash that I was in and I have no regrets.” I stated crossing my arms over my chest raising my eyes brow.

Kyle was called into the principal’s office they have been in there for like an hour “It’s okay.” Jace said sitting down next to me putting his arms over my shoulder letting my rest my head in his shoulder. “Yeah Snow, plus if you don’t get in we’ll find another school if you can’t go here then we won’t go here.” The twins said giving me a goofy smile as I roll my eyes at how stupid they sound.

Eventually Kyle came out of the principal’s office with a very pissed of expression Kyle didn’t say a work to us just walks out of the school towards his car and speeds off home. Once we arrived home I could hear Kyles voice he sounds so grown up and mature, I found at the pool area talking on the phone to someone probably about work.

“Yes thank you Steve Monday it is.” Kyle said then hung up his phone I he turns around letting out a sigh, he jumped back in fright realising I was standing here the whole time. “Way to give someone a heart attack Snow.” Kyle scrolled as I laugh a little bit to myself he sits down on at the bar patting the seat next to him.

“I found another school that has accepted you and the boys, its called Prides academy unlike Black Moore high Prides is a private school so you need to pull your act together got it I’ll email you your subject list and you can choose your classes.” Kyle said then dismissed me like some lower class person, but I just bit my tongue and walked away up stairs into my bedroom.

I logged onto my laptop checking out my school list
I selected Art, technology, science, English, H.P.E, and Sport I then checked out the school uniform I was excited to not wear a uniform but oh well. It’s a white button up shirt with a pocket on the left side with P.P.A embroider on it in royal purple colour and black lining.

Then a purple tie with an almost a copy of a high waisted black skater skirt, skin colour stockings and purple blazer or jumper, and black pants for the boys with black leather shoes. The sports uniform is a black polo shirt with royal purple lines on the side of the shirt with short purple shorts and any type of runners, then a black and purple jacket.

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