The only Girl

Snow's parents died 3 years ago now she's living with her four brothers, after a heart breaking break up between her and Ryan her internet lover. She moves to Canada the country she was born in were her parents met and fell in love......Will she find love will there be drama will everything fall into place or will hell break through for her.



2. New house

“Were moving to Canada, where mum and dad grew up, and tonight.” My jaw dropped I jump onto Kyle screaming in excitement “I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO MOVE TO CANADA YES THANK YOU!” I yelled making everyone cover their ears in protection of my voice. “Calm down Snow, were living in mum and dad’s first house they bought our child hood home.” Kyle said with a shaky voice mum and dad are a very touchy subject for all of us especially Kyle since he’s the oldest.

We moved to Australia when I was about 5 so I don’t remember to much but enough so I didn’t really live there but from what Kyle say and what mum and dad used to say it sound amazing and have you seen Canada is frickin beautiful.

I sat in my room figuring out what is going to go I what box once I labelled everything the removalist will put them in what box. “Snow come here!” Kyle yelled from mum and dads room I walked out of my room down the hall into their room to see him sitting down my there bed with a box in his hands it’s about 30cm by 30cm. “Mum and dad told to give this to you on a special day.” He said them left the room shutting the door behind him giving me some privacy.

The box is made out of wood with their voles carved in them then a diamond shaped of a heart in the top of the box for you to push to unlock it, so the lid opens. The first thing I see is a massive silver box with J, Jace, Kyle, Tom and my name engraved on in it. I pulled the jewel box out and open it to see 5 gold rings with seven small diamonds in the rings,All identical when I  saw a small note.

Hi bubba its mum and dad if you can’t tell the two different type of writing on this note, when your father and I got married we didn’t actually use rings we had gold necklaces because we wanted to be different then when you and Jason was born we got gold rings. Before the accident your father started to have dreams of it so we got a jeweller to melt make a 5 rings with sevens diamonds on it one for each of use to wear when we pass away a little something for use to have of us, we love you so mum love Juliet and Romeo Queen.*


I placed my ring on my left middle finger it fitting perfectly as tears spill down my face the other thing that caught my eyes is a gold box with Juliet carved in it. I open the box to see mums golden locket with R and J carved in the locket heart with a picture of mum and da in it of when they were 15.
Dad gave this to mum on their first date I also put it on then last mum’s book we were never allowed to touch it not even dad. Its black leather I open the book to see list of things activities.

Camp in the forest for three days
*Fall in love
*have kids
*get married
*Build a secret hide out


Is all it said in it must have been mums bucket list from when she was a little kid I put everything back into the box and look at everything else when we get to our new home. I walked down stairs to see the boys sitting on the coach chilling out. “Mum and dad got their rings and necklaces made into a ring one for each of us with seven diamonds on it symbolising a diamonds for each person in the family.” I said giving everyone a ring each they all put it on their left middle finger.

Once we arrive at the airport I realise I have to sit down in this plane for like 16 hours and nine minutes like what the fuck am I meant to fucking do. Luckily I have ADHD so I can take cateress which is pill that help slow down my brain and makes me sleep so if I take like 5 pills I’ll be out like a light.

Once I get into my seat I take my pills and lay back as I shut my eyes letting the darkness take over I was woken with a massive bang. Making me jump up in fright once I let everything compute I realise I’m in my new room my eyes widen in excitement as I look around my room.

It’s a black and white boho good vibes theme room I frickin love it a king size bed with a white duna covers a black soft throw blanket on the edge of my bed. Black bed sheets and sleeping pillows, my cover pillows both white with black bold print writing. My left says dance all night my right says sleep all day, with a black mesh cushion in the middle.

Above my bed is a massive rectangle canvas that has sleep in capital black bolds letters but the two E’s are eye lashes. My walls are crème just like my carpet next to my bed is two French bedside tables crème with black iron handles with black Eiffel tower lamps on each one, my left has a glass see through digital light led alarm clock, and my right bedside table is a family photo in a silver case.

My left two glass double French doors with a blackout curtail to block out the sun leading to my balcony, in front of my bed is a black leather long chair chest thing. About 1cm shorter than my bed then a black massive plasma wall TV, with a build in fire place glass coffee table on top of my black shaggy rug with four crème beanbags.
Either side of my TV are two white French doors with a black metal sigh on then one saying unsuit on my right and wardrobe on my left.

I as I walk into my bathroom to see its white marble heated floors a glass shower with its blurred out in the middle so you’ll only see my knees to my feet and my shoulder to head. A massive spar bath and bathtub a double vanity and storage its frickin massive, I walked out of my room to see the boys putting the last touches to the house.   

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