The only Girl

Snow's parents died 3 years ago now she's living with her four brothers, after a heart breaking break up between her and Ryan her internet lover. She moves to Canada the country she was born in were her parents met and fell in love......Will she find love will there be drama will everything fall into place or will hell break through for her.



9. Mr Smith more like Mr Asshole

“I have math first what about you?” I ask grabbing my math books and pencil case out of my locker shutting it making sure I don’t get Corbyn again. “Yep, and we have to hurry unless you want Mr Smith to give you a detention.” Corbyn says grabbing my hand and running down the hall dragging me with him. We reach room 201 and Corbyn opens the door just as the bell rings “Sorry Sir we’re late.” Corbyn says making everyone at class look at us, just as I spot Jonah and the twins sitting with the guy from the shops and some other guy with brown hair pale skin and brown eyes. “Detention.” Sir says not even glancing up at us “Look Sir it’s my fault we’re late if you can’t tell I accidently hit Corbyn in the face with my locker door, plus its my first day and he was just helping me?” I say waking taking the blame. “Your Snow Marais right?” Sir says looking up I let out a sigh of relief the office must of told him “Yes Sir.” “Correct me if I’m wrong but do you a twin brother name Jonah Marais and another set of brother who are also twins name Tom and Jake?” He ask out of nowhere I see how this is irreverent “Yes they’re over there.” I point out very confused. “Well it’s their first day too yet they have come to my class on time, which gives you no excused on why you’re late, but if you wish to talk more about this I suggest you go talk to the principal and not interrupt my class with your poor excuses.” I want to beat the living shit out of this guy I mean what the fuck I’m like 2 seconds late get the fuck over yourself you old asshole. I make eye contact with Jonah but he shakes his head mouthing it’s not worth it, I then look at Corbyn to see the same look on his face pissed off. I take a deep breath knowing if I go to the office they school will kick me out of call Kyle and I’ll be in deep shit. “Yes, Sir.” I say giving him my fake smile and walking off to the back of the class taking a seat next to a guy with gorgeous blue eyes brown hair and Corbyn. “I’m Daniel Seavey, Corbyn’s friend and I love your accent.” Daniel gushed like a little girl he’s so cute. “Thanks.” I say and start to play on my phone I’m so not in the mood for this. “Snow what’s the answer?” I look up from my phone to see every one looking at me I lok at the board. A man has $ 10,000 to invest. He invests $ 4000 at 5 % and $ 3500 at 4 %. In order to have a yearly income of $ 500, he must invest the remainder at: (a) 6 % , (b) 6.1 %, (c) 6.2 %, (d) 6.3 %, (e) 6.4 % I look at Sir and do a laugh “Well Income from $ 4000 at 5 % in one year = $ 4000 of 5 %. = $ 4000 × 5/100. = $ 4000 × 0.05. = $ 200. Income from $ 3500 at 4 % in one year = $ 3500 of 4 %. = $ 3500 × 4/100. = $ 3500 × 0.04. = $ 140. Total income from 4000 at 5 % and 3500 at 4 % = $ 200 + $ 140 = $ 340. Remaining income amount in order to have a yearly income of $ 500 = $ 500 - $ 340. = $ 160.Total invested amount = $ 4000 + $ 3500 = $7500. Remaining invest amount = $ 10000 - $ 7500 = $ 2500. We know that, Interest = Principal × Rate × Time Interest = $ 160, Principal = $ 2500, ate = r [we need to find the value of r], Time = 1 year. 160 = 2500 × r × 1. 160 = 2500r 160/2500 = 2500r/2500 [divide both sides by 2500] 0.064 = r, r = 0.064 Change it to a percent by moving the decimal to the right two places r = 6.4 % Therefore, he invested the remaining amount $ 2500 at 6.4 % in order to get $ 500 income every year. Maybe next time you decide to try and embarrassed me instead of stalking my family maybe you should look at my grades and see the reason why I actually attend this school, then you’ll realise that I don’t just bark but I bite.” Jonah Leaned back and gave me a fist bump “See bro, I told Kyle I listen to the teacher sometimes when they’re not always talking bull.” That’s when you know what I’ll just call the hot guy from the shops Noodles, he turns around and looks at me for a split second we made eye contact and I swear the radiation of this guy hotness is seriously effecting me. I look beside me to see Corbyn raising his eye brows at me I can tell my face is red as a tomato “Dam is it just me or is it hot in here.” I say fanning my face being way over dramatic making Dan laugh a little but cover it up with a cough making a couple of people in class look at him thinking he’s aspartic. Finally the bells ring meaning this stupid class is over I can’t wait to get some food into me I’m bloody staring.
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