The only Girl

Snow's parents died 3 years ago now she's living with her four brothers, after a heart breaking break up between her and Ryan her internet lover. She moves to Canada the country she was born in were her parents met and fell in love......Will she find love will there be drama will everything fall into place or will hell break through for her.



8. Mr Noodles

“Hey Snow you wanna come to the shops with us for school?” J asked walking into my room I gave him are you fucking dumb look. “Wow chill I was joking, you wanna stop at typo first?” He asked before he could make another move I sprinted down stairs and outside to see the boy’s ready to leave. “Wanna take my car?” Jonah offered before the twins could bags the front I jumped into the passenger seat. So its Jace, Tom, J and I going school shopping while Kyle works plus I think he just wants some alone time and I love stationary shopping. I picked out a Hanna black and white note book, French fries note book, fuck it lets party note book, ocean notebook, a black note book and a custom made one with the quote RUN LIKE YOUR PHONE IS ON 1%. “Snow you need anything else?” Jonah asked when I remember I lost most of my underwear and bras on the fucking move, the removalist guys must have pinched, those pervs. “Yeah I need to go to Victoria secret.” I said making then all blush idiots I mean seriously I’m 18 they should be used to it by now. “Fuck yes, you know how many hot chics would be in there?” Tom said making J and Jonah give each other smirks while I rolled my eyes typical teenage boys. As we walk through the mall my eye catches a guy and am is he mighty fine. About 6ft tall very well built like a NRL player his hair brown with blonde sun bleach at the top the sides are shaved but the top is curly like Raymond noodles. Then beautiful deep chocolate brown eyes defined jaw line like on fleek eye brown, and a good fashion sense. Black shirt with white print writing on it with black ripped jeans and white Nike airs and those vintage circle sunnies, like boi dam you on fleek. “Earth to Snow.” Jonah says then follows my eyes and raise an eye brown at me. “What I was looking at Macca’s to see if I was hungry.” I say defiantly trying to change Jonah’s thoughts. “Macca’s is on the other side of the food court.” He say I just give him the finger and keep on walking straight ahead, with the boys whispering behind me. “You know what if you have something to say, say it to my face oh and I don’t need you pervs to come to Victoria secret with me you can wait here.” I say in the bitchiest tone. They know if they follow me I’ll desex them on the spot after about 20 minutes and 500 dollars later I got everything I needed. I walk back out with about 20 bags I my hands but I really don’t care, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I walk back to Jonah’s car and pile everything into the boot with the rest of the school shopping I sit in the car, and Jonah drives off home but the whole car ride I couldn’t get that guy out of my head. We finally get home I take everything to my room and sort it all out, I check the time to see its 10 I get into bed closing my eyes my last thoughts was who was that guy before everything went black. I jolt out of bed as my alarm clock goes off, I check the time to see its 8 I bolt out of bed and take a quick shower. Then put on my school uniform with my black high top leather converse I put hair into two Dutch braids, and make my way down stairs. “Morning.” I say kissing Jonah on the cheek and quickly taking his cheese toasty I quickly ran away from him. “Snow, I swear to god if you ate my dam toasty I will hurt you in ways that don’t exist!” Jonah yells I see Tom and give him my best puppy dog eyes. “Sorry you’re on your own kiddo.” I roll my eyes and run into my bedroom trying to find my wallet once I found it I ran back down stairs to see a beyond furious Jonah. “Okay so here is 20 bucks and free I’ll do your homework.” I say trying to pull my million dollar smile. “Deal by the way you’re coming with me in my car for the first day cause Kyle said you’re not going to drive away if someone pisses you off.” I do a huff and slightly deal glare Kyle he just ignores me and continues to read the paper, I walk to Jonah’s car and get n while the twins get on their own motorbikes. Once we pull up at school quite a few people are staring but then again the twins are being complete show offs and did a wheelie I mean can’t they just be normal and fit in for once in their life’s. As I get out of Jonah’s car I notice a sick turquoise ford mustang Shelby Eleanor sitting in the front car park the closes one to the school. “Yo I’m going to find my locker see ya at lunch maybe.” I say and walk of finally getting away from my brothers like I love school only because I get to be away from them it’s like seriously I’m living with them 24/7. Once I arrive inside the halls I walk around trying to find locker 3 I open my locker door my combo 1.5, when the door smashes into something. “AH SHIT!” I look to see I smashed my door into some poor guy’s head fuck! “I’m so sorry I didn’t see you I was like of in my own world I’m new if it’s not noticeable.” I say talking a good a hit now bruised forehead. He’s about 5’8 just shorter than me blonde hair with brown roots nice grey blue eyes and pail skill his build is slim, but not scrawny. “It’s all good I’m Corbyn Besson seriously it’s like nothing the amount of times people smash their lockers into my head isn’t funny.” He laughs trying to make me feel better about myself I found my new friend. “So I’m guessing you’re a senior?” Corbyn ask I nod my head yep people either think I’m a senior or like 21 but I’m only 17. Authors Note I'm so sorry guys for taking forever to update So I'll give you guys two extra chapters please comment what you think don't be a silent reader. I would love to know your input on this.
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